Metafilter Infodump

Last updated: Sun Jan 16 13:03:29 2022

This is a collection of data culled from the Metafilter database, for explorin' and crunchin' and statistifyin'.

If things are significantly out of date, poke cortex and he'll refresh it. Something specific you'd like to see here? Again, let cortex know.

For more information about the format and content of these files, as well as history of the project and links to analyses performed using the data, please see the Metafilter Wiki page about the Infodump.

New as of 1/28/12:
- All data files have been relocated to file server. If you automatically retrieve Infodump data, please update your retrieval process; files at the original domain are likely to be either out of date or absent entirely going forward.
- Added postlengths data files that provide character counts for the various text fields that comprise a post to the front page of various subsites.

Please see the wiki for details.

Post stats

These files list vital stats (postid, userid, datestamp, category, comment count, favorites count, deletion status & reason) for posts to each of the major subsites. Category codes vary for askme, meta and music, and are dummy 0 values for mefi. For more detail, see the wiki.

Post titles

These files list postid and title text for posts.

Post lengths

These files list postid and text field length for various contituent text fields of front page posts to each subsite. See wiki for the specifics.

Comment stats

These files list vital stats (commentid, postid, userid, datestamp, favorite count, best answer) for comments on each of the major subsites. Note that the "best answer" values are dummy 0 values for all but the askme file.

Comment lengths

These files list commentid and comment length in characters.

Tag data

These files contain vital stats (tagid, linkid, date, tagname) for tags attached to posts on mefi, askme, and music. Note that tag creation date is approximate in some cases; for more information, see the wiki.

Favorites stats

This file contains vital stats (faveid, faver, favee, favetype, target, parent, datestamp) for every favorite on record. For an explanation of the favetype codes and the target/parent values, see the wiki.

Contact data

This file contains a list of contacter, contactee, and (in some cases approximate) date of creation of mefi contact relationships.

User data

This file contains a list of user id, username entries for all active users of the site.

Everything in one zip

This file includes all of the infodump files above in a single zip archive.