MarkovFilter generates comments based on a Markov Chain model of mefite comment histories. This idea was implemented once previously by majcher under the name Genefilter (origin), since abandoned.

Plug in a username or number and MarkovFilter will put out a synthetic comment based on that user's commenting history on mefi, askme, metatalk, and music. Add a keyword and it'll kick the comment off with words containing that string, if it can.

keyword: username or number:
Took an Amtrak train with constant droning and claustrophobia and fear of the Americas had immunity to Old World disease. Can you find other things. The mild experience I've had is the point of "aha, what if a comment following the comment stand for what it is.

Last time I ever tried some stunt to impress a girl. Holy moly, Plutor, thanks for the inexperienced webcomic artist to start lacking the building was weaker using bolts, but that seems to support the notion that you dig through the archives and see if we want with it.

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