MarkovFilter generates comments based on a Markov Chain model of mefite comment histories. This idea was implemented once previously by majcher under the name Genefilter (origin), since abandoned.

Plug in a username or number and MarkovFilter will put out a synthetic comment based on that user's commenting history on mefi, askme, metatalk, and music. Add a keyword and it'll kick the comment off with words containing that string, if it can.

keyword: username or number:
Ah, man, looking through the wikiquote original and the culture that know best how something of supernatural nature will be an absolute increase in tourism? Marfa lights, anyone?

I wish I pursued my childhood once again. Is it a lot, and generally can be fairly unintelligible. Personally, I thought I'd soon have the right to Select and create Freedom Little Bobby Tables In a column filled with Raucous characters Got dropped on the radio, but not everywhere.

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