MarkovFilter generates comments based on a Markov Chain model of mefite comment histories. This idea was implemented once previously by majcher under the name Genefilter (origin), since abandoned.

Plug in a username or number and MarkovFilter will put out a synthetic comment based on that user's commenting history on mefi, askme, and metatalk.

username or number:
User: I thought the video and really liked it. Didn't comment because there is discussion taking place between the intra and inter cultural attitudes, the role of the dinosaur thing as well, but realized that I'd grown into different tastes and then going to turn out to your neighbors who may be in the USA. We came to life." But it couldn't have been forced to reconsider my convictions. I can envision the combinations that Pantone posits without any shuddering, save red/turquoise. Complementary my ass! More like the existential problems now are short to medium term nuclear war or medium to long term smoking?

Also have the temerity to ask you if you categorize them widely.

posted by mister cheese at 9:17 PM on January 16 [+] [!]