MarkovFilter generates comments based on a Markov Chain model of mefite comment histories. This idea was implemented once previously by majcher under the name Genefilter (origin), since abandoned.

Plug in a username or number and MarkovFilter will put out a synthetic comment based on that user's commenting history on mefi, askme, and metatalk.

username or number:
I could find a place that should grip our minds with frenzied desire for flight. Google makes my heart die a little insensitive towards white people. I'm conflicted on this sort of ache in my life, and then for no more than interested in acquiring a new outlook on life and his gay recruiting exploits or the way shoes messed up backs that it isn't usually a good security model for executing flesh scripts. Probably would need a machine intermediary. I don't use teh flikrs.
posted by mister cheese at 2:20 PM on May 3 [+] [!]