MarkovFilter generates comments based on a Markov Chain model of mefite comment histories. This idea was implemented once previously by majcher under the name Genefilter (origin), since abandoned.

Plug in a username or number and MarkovFilter will put out a synthetic comment based on that user's commenting history on mefi, askme, and metatalk.

username or number:
Well, that explains a lot slicker about it.

Also groovy: Naked Eye. Mazzy Star's Fade Into You is so naturally static and dreamy in its construction that I came up with blew my mind on presentation but in my apartment.

Nope; the antenna is attached to that concept of hell as not being intrinsically hurtful itself, but self-imposed hell due to a half-hour that really kills an otherwise capable student. It's just picking random candidates for each reemvoweling, without any attention paid to the insanity of the M/s dynamic. He has long service accrued and will take it.

posted by cortex at 4:12 PM on August 18 [+] [!]