Metafilter: it was much better before it went online, and before all the good posters left.
MetaFilter: an in-depth analysis of how many "l33t hax0rs" claim to "0wn j00" and a brief discussion on the history of the expression "w00t"....
MetaFilter: Where you go for one-liners. :)
metafilter: explaining the difference between democracy and capitalism.
Metafilter: Your source for accidental porn.
MetaFilter: Making Us All Grinches, One User at a Time!
MetaFilter: not your father's illicit drug.
MetaFilter: more addictive than crack"
MetaFilter: self-policing for 5836 posts and running.
Metafilter: The search for DouplepostGuy
Metafilter: Not content in insulting everyone's political opinions, we move onto insulting their religious beliefs as well. Bravo, folks.
Metafilter: a discussion of the relative merits of Doric vs. Corinthian columns somehow morphs into a heated abortion debate...
Metafilter: Matt's bouncing baby">Metafilter</a> (Mouse over it)
Metafilter: Infantile like you read about.
MetaFilter: The that's not broke"?
metafilter: now saying less with more.
Metafilter: 26 public relations assistants, 82 working journalists, 349 unemployed freelance journalists, 18 politicians, 2832 current or former marching band participants, 403 pre-teens (14 with their own credit cards), Jim Lehrer, Adam Curry and three illegitimate children of Bob Marley. Jann Wenner has an intern print the site for him every morning. Fred Durst has it in his "to be checked later!!!" bookmarks folder.
metafilter: politically rabid, sexually puritanical, hide in dark corner
Metafilter: I would like to spit on the person who wrote that copy.
Metafilter: Please re-read my very specific words again, then feel dumb.
Metafilter: Damn you, monkey!
MetaFilter: you're wrong. no you're wrong!
MetaFilter: more fun than watching paint peel off the wall
MetaFilter: Put the knife away, jobless psycho!
MetaFilter: Boy HOWDY!
Metafilter: weblog as AA meeting.
metafilter: Project screaming blue.
metafilter: where wishes can come true. :)
metafilter: where hopes are dashed. :(
MetaFilter: The Book," selling thousands of copies, making untold numbers of dollars, it would be something different entirely.
MetaFilter: the memepool it's okay to like.
MetaFilter: Oh. Oh dear.
MetaFilter: More-sensitive-than-thou
Metafilter: This is another nifty, little, offbeat news site.
MetaFilter: you that does not make not true for anything out?"
MetaFilter: ?Our standards are so high, they're double!?
Metafilter: the community blog where you can't get a hug. Has it come to this, then?
Metafilter: Where denigration is the sport of kings!
MetaFilter: You're wrong! No, you're wrong!
Metafilter: 6:03 PST
MetaFilter: those willing to brave"?
MetaFilter: lacking complex thought.
MetaFilter: You have to talk about MetaFilter.
Metafilter: this isn't an investment newsletter.
metafilter: my anticorporation :)
Metafilter: the calendar!" Interested parties please call for appointments.
Metafilter: we're all as Other as the next guy.
MetaFilter: Not Just About The Mouse
Metafilter: we're trying to have a society here.
Metafilter: we're trying to have a society here.
MetaFilter: Turning soceity to the shits with egocentric, fuck-everyone attitudes since 1999.
metafilter: if there's a nit to pick, some nitwit will pick it
Metafilter: Just flailing around out of control, my dead arms
Metafilter: Don't forget to duck.
Metafilter: Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battlestation!
MetaFilter: Humorless Pseudo-Intellectuals It's OK To Hate
metafilter: to point out and discuss interesting or useful web content. In my experience, the commercial web has neither been sleeker nor faster, and hasn't always tended to produce the most interesting content either.
Metafilter: Collectively locating stupid people for quite some time now.
MetaFilter: It's not random. It's complexity.
MetaFilter: It's not random. It's lounge digeridoo with horses neighing
metafilter: a non-stop flow of serious, insightful, respectful and meaningful discussion.
Metafilter: Hey Tiny Pea, What's The Deal?
MetaFilter: You talk and you talk and say 'let me tell you something' and 'I just wanna say this'. Well, you're dead now, so shut up!
Metafilter: Double Posting; Trolling; Error Occurred While Processing Request; Take it to Metatalk; and Thou Shall Not Be Allowed To Become a Member.
MetaFilter: a genius idea that i plan on actually acting out.
Metafilter: "Don't forget to duck."
Metafilter: Had the world gone completely mad?
Metafilter: Where People Notice.
MetaFilter: Six Degrees of A-List Resentment.
Metafilter: Don't forget to duck.
MetaFilter: Less talking, more abortions.
Metafilter: bad tempered post followed by an apology and lack of caffeine offered as an excuse.
Metafilter: Professional Nonconformity
MetaFilter: Nagivation should not come with disclaimers!
Metafilter: 20 cent ideas in a dollar world.
MetaFilter: Come for the links, run screaming from the discussion.
MetaFilter: Read today's news, today, our reporters are standing by...
Metafilter: You're wrong. No you're wrong.
Metafilter: evey day a new vocabulary word! I must work the word bloviating into casual conversation today.
MetaFilter: Home of pre-teen nipple-sucking photos!
Metafilter: The Home Edition for whiling away those long, lonely winter evenings!
Metafilter: Religious tolerance? What's that? Only if you're islamic or something "exotic".
Metafilter: Indefinite war against a conceptual perjorative.
Metafilter: Newsfeed for Yahoo! Oddly Enough column, delayed a few days.
Metafilter: the most glorious of tushies.
Metafilter: "What, my dear fold_and_mutilate! Are you yet living?
Metafilter: WWF for bloggers. Paramania's runnin' wild in NYC!
metafilter: lowbzilla emzilla
Metafilter: it's open season on everyone!
MetaFilter: thinking about the children since 1999.
Metafilter: I think we're saying the same thing.
Metafilter: Don't Agree With Me? Troll.
MetaFilter: We are pedantic about punctuation.
MetaFilter: As Usenet as We Wanna Be"... So, you said something stupid in a previous thread, now you're gonna drag yourself (and everybody else) through it again in some lame attempt to save face, convince others, or both? Yeah. like either one of those things is gonna happen. Gimme a break. I'll say it, if nobody else will: a nice plate of pancakes would really hit the spot 'bout now.
MetaFilter: Home of the Whopper. Over 3 billion served.
Metafilter: Putting the "wart" back in "swarthy"!
Metafilter: Just answer the question.
Metafilter: stuck in a temporal loop.
Metafilter: stuck in a temporal loop.
Metafilter: stuck in a comicstripbroom.
Metafilter: stuck in a temporal loop.
Metafilter: Enough with the broom already.
Metafilter: stuck in a temporal loop.
MetaFilter: History Repeats Itself.
MetaFilter: History Repeats Itself.
Metafilter: stuck in a temporal...
Metafilter: caught in a vibrating temporal loop.
MetaFilter: Twenty thousand served!
metafilter: renowned for their pretension! keke :)
Metafilter: Aaaargh!
Metafilter: Educated Stupid.
Metafilter: What would Cicero link?
Metafilter: You're welcome to play with mine as well"
Metafilter: People sounding like exploding owls.
MetaFilter: 24-7 whack.
Metafilter: Don't mention the war.
MetaFilter: "Get Your War On (ELSEWHERE!)"
Metafilter: "Respond First, Read Links Later"
MetaFilter: a.k.a. NewsFilter
MetaFilter: Self-policing since 1999
MetaFilter: the it's okay to like"
MetaFilter: much less death and ghosts and a lot more sex.
Metafilter: Sunday's always a good day to digress...
Metafilter: We don't hate anybody.
MetaFilter: The junk 'n' stuff you find on the Web.
Metafilter: It is a hammer! It will drive you insane!
Metafilter: I just want to point out that threatening someone with a handgun is best done at a range of 8-15 feet.
Metafilter: having an asymmetrical cow.)
Metafilter: I can feel it shrivelling already.
Metafilter: I can feel it shrivelling already.
Metafilter: Plus a dependency that causes those the furrow.
metafilter: we love cannibals
Metafilter: forcing me to read far too much into things.
MetaFilter: oceans of ass.
Metafilter: I cry *AS* I chop.
Metafilter: you can't wipe your ass with it.
Metafilter: weblog as aggravation.
Metafilter: constant ridicule and heavy sarcasm
Metafilter: Beneath contempt, and not worthy of a response.
MetaFilter: We don't Balkanize Maryland."
Metafilter: A Mormon can make you laugh on a regular basis.
Metafilter: A Mormon can make you laugh on a regular basis.
Metafilter: I'm sorry, I was wrong.
MetaFilter: turning dystopia into anarchic chaos!
MetaFilter: turning dystopia into anarchic chaos!
Metafilter: Where we eulogize the dead while calling the living "scum".
Metafilter: I hate dryer lint!
Metafilter: "My link is actually very interesting, btw"
Metafilter: "My link is actually very interesting, btw"
Metafilter: Subtle, Menacing Comedy"
Metafilter: Hedge the bleed.
MetaFilter: Bleed the hedge
Metafilter: Pantload's Potty (TM)
Metafilter: Things just... happen. Inexplicably. Often maliciously.
Metafilter: I find it a little unnerving and puzzling.
metafilter: most of the comments here, if not complete rubbish, at least misguided and uninformed.
Metafilter: Your place to learn about ear maracas.
Metafilter: We all hate each other.)
Metafilter: Looking for a sweet, soothing tale to waft you toward dreamland? Look somewhere else
metafilter: it's in english. IMHO? I'm a hoe? YMMV? I actually heard somebody say "LOL" in a bar the other day. He pronounced it like a word, "LOL." I almost got off my stool to hit him. This shit has got to stop.
Metafilter: We're in a chat room, dude.
Metafilter: The true intrellectual analog of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Metafilter: The Special Olympics of Internet Debate.
metafilter: Igor's thesis alone is 600 pages long.
Metafilter: there's no way it's going to get sorted out!
Metafilter: Everybody is a genius all the time.
Metafilter: Liberal... unless it involves those nasty homosexshulz!
Metafilter: the blunt tool of the dull
Metafilter: A glorious place to visit until you get closer and hear the shouts and rantings of the insane
Metafilter: The Telemovie is set to start pre-screening in February. Fascinating stuff!
Metafilter: On a related note: we'd hit it
Metafilter: What's your best idea for making money?
Metafilter: The Rhetoric Of Zealots Is Just A Click Away
MetaFilter: You link it, you love it.
Metafilter: Hee hee! Hee hee! Ooh!
Metafilter: Architect baiting at its finest.
Metafilter: The usual trolling drool and catty comments.
Metafilter: You wouldn't be bitching if you were working.
Metafilter: videos of car alarms going off.
Metafilter: "These people don't have lives."
MetaFilter: What's up with the Boob Sundae?
MetaFilter: A Parade of Dancing Boobies
MetaFilter: The Boob Bomb with the Boob Shrapnel
Metafilter: post-heroic and bored elites, intellectuals, and coffeehouse hacks, whose freedom and security are a given, but whose rarified tastes are apparently unshared and endangered." :-)
Metafilter: People are assholes, except for me.
Metafilter: Word To Your Challah.
MetaFilter: facilitating the propagation of the literacy-enhancing virtue of the Internet medium
MetaFilter: here we are, exchanging written messages, stretching verbal expression and close-reading for the purposes of interpretation.
MetaFilter: There will be no funny.
Metafilter: everyone's personal soapbox!™
Metafilter: intercultural ass poking???
Metafilter: poking fingers where others dare not go????
Metafilter: Back against the wall when the kids get frisky?
Metafilter: Where every 25th frame is reserved for our new mind-control overlords.
MetaFilter: It's all about me
Metafilter: read/peruse/jerk off all over it.
Metafilter: Making discernments which look absurdly granular from outside the affinity.
Metafilter: Beat the bad attitude right out of them
Metafilter: Long time poster, first time reader.
Metafilter: feeding the hand that bit us
Metafilter: Fantastic news horribly posted.
Metafilter: A posse of cock-turkeys.
Metafilter: when Yahoo's Most Popular just isn't enough...
MetaFilter: we don't have enough pictures of Truman Capote around here.
MetaFilter: So NOT trolling
MetaFilter: I masturbate.
MetaFilter: I'll take it over bisquick any day.
Metafilter: always test the temperature with a finger before inserting your penis.
Metafilter: inbred homogenous hillbilly parthogenites
Metafilter: the Cyber Locker Room
Metafilter: The New Slashdot! :P
Metafilter: is a closed community and allows new members only rarely. members must pass through a bizzare, bloodthirsty hazing ritual.... All the members know each other and they generally share the same political and cultural mentality....It is rumored that they are all clones, with slight mutations and genetic variations on the DNA of the founder...some have webbed feet and toes...they all reside together in a giant apartment complex in Albania engaging in group sex and bizzare occult practices with the legendary pornography star Cicciolina" ....
MetaFilter: As good as the day is long, as long as the day is good.
MetaFilter: You are cordially invited to get the hell over yourselves.
Metafilter: its so blue you will lose your appetite.
Metafilter: Somewhat other than cordial.
MetaFilter: a) 2) third) lastly)
MetaFilter: Try To Shut Me Up."
MetaFilter: the Cartoon, but they're filling up fast.
Metafilter: Did You Really Mean To Link Us To The Church Of Satan?
MetaFilter: No dinner until you produce a hit.
Metafilter: I make sure I to eat healthy.
Metafilter: Much more incestuous and masturbatory than some random and unrelated list of sites from across the net.
MetaFilter: The New Village Stockade.
Metafilter: Motivating you to quit surfing and get back to work.
MetaFilter: It's people.
Metafilter: Bringing new meaning to meaningless sensationalism each day.
Metafilter: loosens your childish grip on reality, and then there's ice cream!
Metafilter: a strategically placed chicken
Metafilter: too lazy to protest.
MetaFilter: Quantity, not quality!
Metafilter: Ctrl+D, Ctrl+D, aaand Ctrl+D
MetaFilter: Gandhi Would Call us Filthy Hippies.
Metafilter: paranoid fantasies, speculations, derisions, insults and Internet din.
Metafilter: From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.
Metafilter: paranoid fantasies, speculations, derisions, insults and Internet din.
MetaFilter: we (don't) have umbrellas.
Metafilter: Right On!
Metafilter: Cult of the Not So Nice
Metafilter: I am your future. No I am!
Metafilter: Each of my beliefs or attitudes is really a fact
MetaFilter: it goes where it goes.
Metafilter: Last week's Drudge Report™
Metafilter: Same debate, different day.
Metafilter: bring them here, and we will mock them.
MetaFilter: it uses Flash, and ends in death.
Metafilter: We don't know enough about the details
Metafilter: News is like that, you see
Metafilter: Moral of the story
Metafilter: Love it or leave it.” Lunatic.
Metafilter: Love it or leave it.
Metafilter: Do you use it at work? you said Irrelevant, I say Probably
Metafilter: Type A to Type Z. With more "E's" than Scrabble.
MetaFilter: Noone parodies us better than we do. Noone.
MetaFilter: Self-Parody is the sincerest form of flattery.
MetaFilter: "It's official, we've become a punchline to jokes."
Metafilter: heavily armed, agressive, and poorly socialized.
Metafilter: I like eating the eyes.
Metafilter: It's like a reverse Jesus!
Metafilter: "I'm disrespectful to dirt!"
MetaFilter: it works in my brain.
MetaFilter: Google's Network Status Page
Metafilter: FUCK THE FRENCH.
Metafilter: Steve_At_Linwood: thank you for being a voice of reason
Metafilter: FUCK THE FRENCH.
Metafilter: Steve_At_Linwood: thank you for being a voice of reason
Metafilter: FUCK the voice of reason.
Metafilter: end the taglines NOW!
MetaFilter: Are we discussing animal rights or blow jobs?
MetaFilter: Home of the Big-Ass FPPs.
MetaFilter: dial 123 for the Talking Clock today.
Metafilter: the traditional text's moiety of jouissance.
Metafilter: panopticon or merely surveillant?
Metafilter: the traditional text's moiety of jouissance..... As someone who majored in French Literature & Philosophy ...(detournement squared, i.e. detournement of the detournement). ...Ferdinand de Saussure's oppositions between langue and parole and between signifier and signified.
MetaFilter: French of Speech
Metafilter: community 'glob.
Metafilter: self-obsessed nerds banding together.
Metafilter: This piece is especially worth reading, and will probably surprise many of you.
MetaFilter: It's like watching munkies at the zoo!
MetaFilter: Now with more Poo!
MetaFilter: It's like watching munkies at the zoo!
MetaFilter: Kind of snippy!
MetaFilter: Now with more Poo!
MetaFilter: I am morally culpable for this.
Metafilter: We meet cute girls in crawlspaces
MetaFilter: The navel contemplates it's navel
MetaFilter: Are you fucking illiterate?
Metafilter: Drop that Nietzschean straw man!
Metafilter: Shoot now, body count later. ]
Metafilter: Creeped Out By The Jesus
MetaFilter: Over and over again: software glitches.
Metafilter: The virus that shows varying levels of virulence!
Metafilter: All Aboard the Poop Ship
Metafilter: 99.9% of everything is crap
MetaFilter: I'm wrong! No, I'm wrong!
Metafilter: More easily nauseated than you!
Metafilter: what is it about the internet that makes people talk as if they're characters in a Kafka novel?
Metafilter: writing a work of collaborative conspiracy-theory fiction
MetaFilter: A lot of experience with fake vaginas.
Metafilter: All of us masturbate - those who deny it are probably the most compulsive." Or is that too long?
Metafilter: All of us masturbate
Metafilter: Holy ass-chafing fuck. You shitmittens are just unstoppable, aren't you?
MetaFilter: It'll have you vibrating in your chair.
Metafilter: Tinfoil hats and pancake overlords dished up daily
Metafilter: Assuming it had wheels, it would be a bus.
Metafilter: 'Robin Hood Mentality,' April 11, 2003" href="/mefi/25045">the rich are getting soaked in this country? Give 'em a break, why dontcha.
MetaFilter: pent up mind jelly
Metafilter: Perhaps you would like to see my cling-film?
MetaFilter: Are You Here To Cause Trouble?
MetaFilter: Might as well look your sexiest when you're helping the lord.
MetaFilter: Like Fark, only a little more sophisticated.
MetaFilter: Older than matter itself!
MetaFilter: What the hell is this?
MetaFilter: a virtual reality composed by oppressive machine-intelligences?
metafilter: one only needs to look here for explanation.
Metafilter: A Place to Plug Elephant(s)
MetaFilter: The Reader's Digest of MetaElitism
Metafilter: getting to know you. Getting to know all about you (and then some).
Metafilter: thanks for sharing, girls
Metafilter: I know for a positive fact that my girlfriend's mother owns a handgun.
metafilter: am i being stupid?
Metafilter: I thought we were fighting a war on terrorism.
Metafilter: Looking forward to a good strip search.
MetaFilter: Spiro Agnew Gators in his Grave
Metafilter: we licked once the plates of a Vietnam cow.
Metafilter: from each according to his prejudices, to each according to his rancor.
Metafilter: Disagree with me if you want, but I'm right on this one.
MetaFilter: Links as a weapon.
Metafilter: That's different and you know it.
Metafilter: That's different and you know it.
Metafilter: horrific violence in 6 comments."
MetaFilter: Dunno what else to say about that
Metafilter: Do you ever tire of this horeshit?
MetaFilter: Detesting Overachievers since 1999
Metafilter: Maybe I'm being naive
Metafilter: Opinions are like assholes.
Metafilter: some good shit worth making a pointless "me too" comment about.
MetaFilter: We post, you whine.
Metafilter: mathowie. It's why you hate america.
MetaFilter: this is what happens when you send macaques to do a colobus' job...
Metafilter: WEARS CLOTHES SNUGLY. Reads at a COLLEGE level! Uses BALLPOINT pens!
Metafilter: a bit trite, but the kung fu makes up for it.
Metafilter: Much too intelligent for film.
Metafilter: We don't read it for the plot.
Metafilter: Narrowing appeal since 1999.
Metafilter: "Like Lolita's second time with Humbert Humbert"
Metafilter: stale-that-only-yesterday-was-fresh
Metafilter: Head over to the House Rabbit Society for tips on how to rabbit-proof your house
MetaFilter: a glorious banquet of folly and bile.
Metafilter: not perhaps as altruistic as it may seem.
MetaFilter: growing metaphorical seleniferous nuts since 1999
Metafilter: Not much proverbial dick-sucking over here.
Metafilter: suppose you get a thousand members of the genus Homo on a thousand keyboards, they're gonna come up with some idiotic stuff.
MetaFilter: jaded but curiously perky
MetaFilter: I'm way more arrogant than all of you.
Metafilter: Stop taking it personally, it's generated from keywords.
Metafilter: What the fuck are you thinking posting this rubbish?
Metafilter: For people smarter than you
Metafilter: Where threads are pre-derailed, for your pleasure.
metafilter: go limp and enjoy the ride
Metafilter: someone smarter than yourself will be around in an hour or two to help you if you just make yourself comfortable.
Metafilter: Take off your shoes and touch my bum.
Metafilter: I'm not reading this. This is bullshit.
MetaFilter: Friggin' art pussies.
Metafilter: Art or Crap?
metafilter: an oral sex scene in Ebert's colonoscopy?
MetaFilter: One person goes on and on about something, another says "hello, the thing you're going on and on about is irrelevant," and the first says, "or is it? Don't you wonder why you're getting so upset about it?"
Metafilter: all the classics, all the time. Who sez we don't got no culture?
MetaFilter: might make a good FPP; indeed, it was good enough for memepool
Metafilter: All Bush hate all the time.
MetaFilter: It isn't the same as real life, but it's better than going it alone.
Metafilter: what the hell were you thinking?
Metafilter: Someone had to say it
Metafilter: Someone had to say it (someone had to say it)
Metafilter: Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses.
MetaFilter: usually there is a lot of groping going on.
Metafilter: Impotent, filthy-mouthed, illiterate flag-wavers.
MetaFilter: The Department of Mean People with opinions on everything.
metafilter: helping to make the internet shit.
Metafilter: sheer screaming indignity.
Metafilter: sheer screaming indignity.
Metafilter: Winer is the guy who posts inflamatory comments in lots of threads, and Pilgrim is the guy who tracks down the one contradictory comment from a year ago, and posts a link to it, saying "Oh yeah?"
Metafilter: everything piles up on the left side.
Metafilter: everything piles up on the left side.
Metafilter: The ends justify the memes.
Metafilter: A much better way to waste time online."
MetaFilter: Behind the Site", on
MetaFilter: Why ya'll have to be asses about it?
MetaFilter: No, you don't need to finger my bunghole.
Metafilter: Are you just bloviating again?
MetaFilter: Cleaning up all this excrement!
Metafilter: Handbags at 100,000 paces.
Metafilter: No doubt someone's going to start complainingSorry . . . tho this is the first time I've ever made a tagline comment.
Metafilter: I'm sure that's probably true
MetaFilter: Get your misoejaculation soup here!
Metafilter: You're morally deficient! No you're morally deficient!
Metafilter: motivated to act contrary to your wishes.
Metafilter: Insufferable.
MetaFilter: Smugger Than Fuck.
Metafilter: Sheesh! Kids these days!
Metafilter: The glass is always half-empty.
Metafilter: You think it's freaky but it's not.
MetaFilter: I have no dick, but if I did, it would be on the table now
Metafilter: a kitten on a pike
MetaFilter: for every laugh there are five blushes, ten shudders & a vomit.
Metafilter: That's a lot of effort to see some raccoon-eyed chick sitting naked and huffing butts.
Metafilter: it's more addictive then smoking."
Metafilter: momentary scrotal tightening
Metafilter: drop the hate and engage in debate
MetaFilter: Fuck Right Off!
Metafilter: The Movie" project.
Metafilter: We suck at dating
Metafilter: unending threads eclipse daylight
Metafilter: unending threads eclipse daylight - heh... ;)
MetaFilter: no shotguns, squealing or sodomy involved.
Metafilter: we report, you decide.
Metafilter: Hell is other people.
Metafilter: where ponies make me happy
MetaFilter: I just tea-bagged a hairy latino!
Metafilter: With enough monkeys, anything is possible.
Metafilter: Actually very light-hearted.
Metafilter: down to the bottom on little ass-carts.
Metafilter: a periodic mental scream.
Metafilter: The packaging clearly says "Super Sticky"
Metafilter: several daily sessions of love-making.
Metafilter: Go around the testicles.
Metafilter: Why are fundamentalist freaks trying to destroy the dream?
Metafilter: When did you stop beating your wife?
Metafilter: When did Mark Knopfler stop beating Ted Koppel?
Metafilter: Ultimately useless, but fun.
Metafilter: Your idea of humility isn't reasonable and I'll never buy it.
Metafilter: don't be such a whistle ass!
MetaFilter: Hefty Pellets At Tremendous Velocity
MetaFilter: Where men carefully wipe their dicks
Metafilter: Fuck 'em, Fuck 'em all.
Metafilter: Burying hatchets since 1999.
Metafilter: No gunk. No junk. Just juice.
MetaFilter: Bush Is Wrong! No Bush Is Wrong!"
Metafilter: sowers of discord and schism.
Metafilter: God took the bait
Metafilter: Have the laws of the pit been o'erthrown?
Metafilter: Less worst
Metafilter: More wurst
Metafilter: brat wurst
Metafilter: No Better Than O'Reilly Froth
Metafilter: Weapons of Mass Wurst
Metafilter: The last link is the best!
Metafilter: a hip, edgy advertainment a day.
Metafilter: We can dream, though.])
Metafilter: "when in doubt, bring up the question of sandwiches again and again"
metafilter: weblog as conversation.
metafilter: The source of fotoricettore appreciates the discussion.
MetaFilter: Plus a dependency that causes those the furrow.
MetaFilter: Mushroom mushroom
MetaFilter: Ideological Backhanded Slaps
Metafilter: We can even turn a hurricane warning political.
Metafilter: Sabiji-URAAAAA!
Metafilter: More than just a beverage.
Metafilter: it's all about the pants.
Metafilter: World's Oldest Known Genitals
Metafilter: My therapist would be proud.
Metafilter: My therapist would run screaming.
Metafilter: There's always a bigger dork than you.
MetaFilter: "you should have taken the blue pill."
MetaFilter: Your favorite pop idol sucks
Metafilter: Combining commodity fetishism and Mac partisanship since 1999.
Metafilter: Talent On Loan from The God Complex
MetaFilter: We still read books!
Metafilter: Bother bother bother.
MetaFilter: more liberal than california
metafilter: we're not suppressive, we're expressive
MetaFilter: killing the web, one site at a time.
MetaFilter: Where even blatantly bombastic exaggerations need to be quibbled with.
METAFILTER: Don't discuss it like it's important
Metafilter: tiny, pointed noise.
Metafilter: like barf on top of puke : >
Metafilter: Fluffy, curly, mullety.
Metafilter: Changing your mind will come back to haunt you.
MetaFilter: "I see your interior features and they are on the whole pleasing."
MetaFilter: "I see your interior features and they are on the whole pleasing."
Metafilter: Am I hjt or not?
Metafilter: I went to high school with Fedtf Abvelfousrse!
Metafilter: I swear I saw the buttock thing move.
MetaFilter: Cultivating the Reptilian Brain Response since 1999
MetaFilter: At Least We're Not Slashdot
Metafilter: feral sheep
Metafilter: fewer O'Reilly viewers per capita than anywhere else in America]
Metafilter: Living happily in its natural surroundings then *pow* its meat.
MetaFilter: we really don't say fuck enough around here.
Metafilter: Lots of pretty flashes and bang-bangs
Metafilter: good fun as long, fuck it.
Metafilter: What, AGAIN?
Metafilter: a vagina by proxy
Metafilter: You pathetic bunch of whiney little petty bitches.
MetaFilter: Now with big liberal swinging balls
Metafilter: What we have here is a failure to communicate.
Metafilter: the last refuge of a cardoso! after Samuel Johnson
MetaFilter: Nothing but a PENCIL NECK GEEK.
MetaFilter: right away you can tell: it's white people.
metafilter: shitty than its ever been
Metafilter: nothing but conspiracy and bitchy posts
Metafilter: crashing sites since 1999. (At least as of 11:00 p.m. EST)
MetaFilter: To the treasures!
MetaFilter: putting a landlord hat on the landlord.
Metafilter: Tsk, tsk, Humanity
Metafilter: bemoaning the decline of civilization since the advent of civilization.
MetaFilter: The world's biggest juice boner.
MetaFilter: This is a very good day for my body.
MetaFilter: One little turd in a big sea of shit.
metafilter: fuck you you fucking fucked fucker
MetaFilter: not anti-fuck, by any stretch of the imagination.
MetaFilter: Brak is thomcatspike, Zorak is quonsar, Mom is madamjujujive, and Dad is totally MiguelCardoso)
Metafilter: not just a hot meal and blowjob.
metafilter: fuck fuck shit-fuck shit
Metafilter: the best snark on snark action you've ever SEEN!
MetaFilter: Math lessons for the LAZY-fied
Metafilter: The gerbils have left the boardroom.
Metafilter: Passing the ignance.
Metafilter: here's your medal
Metafilter: where is the enlightenment?
MetaFilter: The New Twelve Angry Men
MetaFilter: More at Google News.
MetaFilter: about 3/8" away from Fark
metafilter: BOO!
MetaFilter: penicular penetration of the vaginimus.
Metafilter: oontz oontz oontz oontz.
MetaFilter: We don't ostracize anyone.
MetaFilter: Your feelings, your problem.
Metafilter: Up to your ass in lesbians
MetaFilter: Enlightenment-0-matic™, as I'm sure you're aware.
Metafilter: It's not Cheney's blowjob.
Metafilter: Like being back at school.
Metafilter: Blow jobs are RAD, murders are BOGUS
Metafilter: internment camp for depraved leftist Americans.
Metafilter: But if you were to clone humans who are basically brainless, I can see nothing fundamentally wrong with eating them.
Metafilter: You like your pancakes piled high!
MetaFilter: Shit piss fuck cunt, asshole: Cock sucker, mother! Fucker ass hole?
MetaFilter: That old cocksucker.
Metafilter: Try being original next time.
Metafilter: I fit snarkiness in a tagline.
MetaFilter: I was ready to jump up your ass.
Metafilter: Stupid stupid.
Metafilter: OK to unclench.
MetaFilter: Home of "Compassionate Racism" and "Ugly Americans"
Metafilter: Its been done before.
MetaFilter: Good reading. Real proof. Just not much proofreading.
MetaFilter: Give your opinion. Get stuffed.
MetaFilter: A lot of you are jerks
metafilter: I hear it vibrates and dispenses pancakes.
Metafilter: always look under the cheese!
MetaFilter: Pesky Krill.
MetaFilter: Someone should invent a burger condom.
MetaFilter: IN
Metafilter: Conclusions first, reasons later.
Metafilter: a cookie basket taped to a hooker.
MetaFilter: the shittiest piece of shit I've ever installed on my shit
Metafilter: Done it.
MetaFilter: Hey!
Metafilter: We're worth 15 Points.
MetaFilter: We're in business to make money.
Metafilter: Your in the business of being fucked by us now.
MetaFilter: magnificent navelgazing bastards.
Metafilter: Shining the light on this crap
MetaFilter: That funky monkey
metafilter:a classic ethical dilemma that goes back farther than Arjuna's position at the opening of the Bhagavad Gita.
MetaFilter: where the penii are large and unruly, and often impossible to control.
Metafilter: Penii "R" Us
Metafilter: Please a litte less drama.
Metafilter: This is only one step beyond rambling and babbling.
Metafilter: Will knock down the tree and knock down your soul.
MetaFilter: just some asshole
MetaFilter: a quantum shift in the anomaly paradigm.
Metafilter: Geniasses in parade
Metafilter: where bodycount means something.
MetaFilter: The Tectonic Upthrust of Islamic-Judaic goodwill.
Metafilter: whisky tango foxtrot?
Metafilter: where membership isn't
MetaFilter: We're the media, too.
Metafilter: The rash won't go away on its own.
Metafilter: Now that you've climbed up there, it’s a lot higher than it looks, isn't it? Dumbass.
Metafilter: Because Pepsi makes you fat.
Metafilter: More addictive than crack.
Metafilter: Or is it?
Metafilter: Why don't you relax and not tell me that pointing out that the voting record of a candidate for a party whom I desperately want to take office and affect change is in 100% alignment with the opposition party whom I desperately want out of office is somehow wrong?
Metafilter: Defenders of the Boob
MetaFilter: Turning typos into memes ;)
Metafilter: There is no strange thing
MetaFilter: there is some weird shit around us, for sure
MetaFilter: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
Metafilter: my tastes are more eclectic than yours!
Metafilter: WHY did that?
metafilter: yes. Oh well, I'm used to it. Fire away.
Metafilter: multi-diminisional subjectibility.
Metafilter: We Could Sure Use A... Something in Our Mouths.
MetaFilter: It's already been posted on Slashdot.
MetaFilter: if only they knew of the strange penis-weightlifting display.
Metafilter: push it out and excrete!
Metafilter: a pack of wolves who will descend up on you and rip you to shreads.
MetaFilter: you're bipolar!
MetaFilter: Betting your mushroom research on better spores.
MetaFilter: blah blah blah, I don't care.
MetaFilter: Fuck it Dude, let's go bowling.
MetaFilter: a tiny bit overwrought.
MetaFilter: a bit wordy. And really, really, really, really, really long.
Metafilter: You're all so iconoclastic.
Metafilter: PressReleaseFilter
Metafilter: The Sad Demise of Genital Manipulation
Metafilter: The orgasm arrives exactly 45 minutes after the hand job.
Metafilter: It's best not to assume evil as an explanation where mere stupidity will suffice.
Metafilter: interesting ... but not at all persuasive.
Metafilter: from an opening between her legs.
Metafilter: slogan setup?
MetaFilter: Fark in a jar.
MetaFilter: We're allowed opinions without the constraints of reality!
Metafilter: tastes discussing.
Metafilter: "It's not a cult - it's a collective"
Metafilter: Could have used some more zombies
Metafilter: Have a little fucking compassion you shitheads.
Metafilter: Go fling your poop.
MetaFilter: Backed by googling and backed up by Google.
MetaFilter: an active digital community where people thrive on being mean
Metafilter: the specter of total annihilation
Metafilter: the specter sphincter of total annihilation.
Metafilter: There are an awful lot of ordinary people with truly shocking opinions.
MetaFilter: Where Best Of The Web=Booger Eating 'R Us
MetaFilter: as wrong as wendell
metafilter: pretty much ready for a driver's lisence and a martini.
Metafilter: jumped the snark.
Metafilter: I am monsterous American giant! : >
Metafilter: kids are asses.
Metafilter: purely out of desperation and a need for acceptance.
Metafilter: Log Onto it, And You Have Entered the Liberal-European-UN-Pacificist-Coward Triangle.
metafilter: is there a polite way to refuse a proposal of marriage from a subservient man in a chicken suit? i don't want to hurt his subservient chicken feelings, and would like to remain subservient chicken friends. signed, meant to type "merry."
Metafilter: Involuntary micturation.
Metafilter: We'd rather watch
Metafilter: Crack one off for the Lord.
Metafilter: a Classless Firstclass.
Metafilter: I can ssh minx from snark.
MetaFilter: the charming hatred of brothers.
Metafilter: Acute Time Compression
Metafilter: Tastes like headaches coated with bug blood.
Metafilter: Sucks a dog's ass.
MetaFilter: It's Not Necessary to Spit Out Every Thought That Enters Your Mind™
MetaFilter: It's Not Necessary to Spit Out Every Thought That Enters Your Mind™
Metafilter: all we're asking is that people please try to refrain from tying kids to cars.
Metafilter: all we're asking is that people please try to refrain from tying kids to cars.
Metafilter: The truth that we don't want you to know.
Metafilter: focusing on your various genitalia.
Metafilter: me en my frends go to the homo places and kill before they over croud the welfair rols.
MetaFilter: Call The Rude Police Because We're Shooting Up The Countryside.
MetaFilter: Weblog as Conversation.
Metafilter: I played with it for a quite a while and didn't see any NSFW pictures)
Metafilter: Sad Posts Involving Dead Animals
Metafilter: constant rhetorical sarcastic political bullshit jabs and quips
Metafilter: the wings that rumour flies on. I mean come on, the website is ridiculously conspiratorial and the information is uncorroborated. The best attribution we get is "reporter with access to the White House and Presidential press briefings". Um, I'm a reporter - I have a blog. And I have access to the White House and Presidential press briefings too. Maybe I'm the source!
MetaFilter: He's totally not doing it right.
Metafilter: Get the ambulance, my stomach fell out.
MetaFilter: catching the rising winds of xenophobic hatred
MetaFilter: a great place to escape, and take naps, and shoot animals from.
MetaFilter: ................
MetaFilter: You don't have to be right, as long as you're proper.
MetaFilter: spranged penises left bent in the middle for sometime
metafilter: the frenulum was ripped and some of the tears continued slightly along the prepuce.
Metafilter: you shouldn't stay for breakfast.
MetaFilter: The best of the web for people in living 1981
MetaFilter: 27 meg download - some swearing
Metafilter: Kissishly Liberal
Metafilter: lined up in neat little turtle-esque rows.
MetaFilter: sacrificing the rest of your body.
MetaFilter: obviously fake.
Metafilter: muggers and monkeys are rampant
Metafilter: sitting in a closet is not gay if a hurricane is coming your way.
MetaFilter: Not Chihuahuas or china collections.
Metafilter: soundbites and factoids to suit a personal agenda.
MetaFilter: The Onion just isn't funny.
metafilter: i want to be able to have a catchphrase.
Metafilter: Have a sense of irony and 20 minutes handy before clicking.
Metafilter: No one tells me whether or not I can eat my undead savior.
Metafilter: Been here so long, I've got to callin' it home. (had to do it)
Metafilter: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
metafilter:metafilter doesn't work)
metafilter: because I hate your and I just can't keep my pompous fucking mouth shut.
Metafilter: lots of dumb people outsmarting the experts.
MetaFilter: the crowd PLUS a filter.
Metafilter: "my knuckles looked like hamburger".
Metafilter: "my knuckles looked like hamburger".
MetaFilter: beer-swilling, ass-kicking hick-filter
Metafilter: chicken soup for the soul.
Metafilter: Sure it's elitism. But is it wrong?
MetaFilter: Making Those Who Support The Democrats Feel A Little More Confident
Metafilter: a favourite thriller of "alternative health" adherents
MetaFilter: Long, but worth it.
Metafilter: You are all sons of bitches.
MetaFilter: jonmc likes better music than you (and the best of the web, if there's still room)
Metafilter: Wow, we suck the joy out of everything here!
Metafilter: Spraying a loose rhetorical mush.
Metafilter: See? Its my motto.
Metafilter: Deliberately Obtuse since 2004.
Metafilter: like the nypost of the 30's
Metafilter: becoming a stupid depressing waste of time for indymedia types to rant in a legit context. Whee!
Metafilter: You were right, I was wrong.
MetaFilter: Writing to your audience
Metafilter: Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.
Metafilter: Whooshing over your head like shit through a goose.
MetaFilter: Remember when they whipped poor Jesus?
Metafilter: There may be axes in our heads.
MetaFilter: On preview, you're right and I'm wrong.
Metafilter: inflammatory and mocking since the turn of the century
Metafilter: selling pancreatic balm to the needy!
Metafilter: Be Good to Tools.
MetaFilter: That isn't a silencer
MetaFilter: completely un-ironic use of the word "pinkko".
MetaFilter: "Who died and made you Mr. Green Jeans?!"
metafilter: your favorite browser sucks.
Metafilter: surgery as conducted by Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber
Metafilter: We've seen the movies, read the books, bought the magazines, listened to the records (AD Infinitum), debated the lists, and revisited the lists, and the records, and the magazines, and the books, and movies and someday we hope you'll withdrawal your heads from your arses so you can see that the sun does indeed set these days.
Metafilter: You got my joke. That's cool. L8R!
metafilter: "we're prone to chronically over-rate the opinions of others" (Schopenhauer)
MetaFilter: flying like a moth to Michael Moore's flame.
MetaFilter: dance furiously in the disco place
MetaFilter: where you post something about chocolate dipped pork, and someone gives you the etymology of "Ukraine" before anyone can say "ewwwww."
Metafilter: now with brown marshmallows.
Metafilter: 15 fucking seconds on Google
MetaFilter: I am a blue morphic deer.
MetaFilter: I thought I'd made a nuanced post...
Metafilter: Oh fucking quit it with the goddamned _______________ posts
Metafilter: Frustrated with the apparent ignorance that seems to pervade the US
MetaFilter: My Natural Diaster Can Beat Up Your Natural Disaster
metafilter: straw men battling stone turds.
Metafilter: More common than ugly squirrels fetuses.
Metafilter: If you like nuclear and bombs and hate
Metafilter: If you like nuclear and bombs and hate
MetaFilter: Self-affirming collective suppression of the invididual opinion
Metafilter: Remains silent, enters vagina.
MetaFilter: If its mainstream, then its CRAP!
MetaFilter: If its mainstream, then its CRAP!
MetaFilter: My browser can beat up your browser.
metafilter: totally dicked by marauders.
Metafilter: A small but cute web thing.
Metafilter: there is a big difference between thinking and reporting
Metafilter: Your Favorite Webcomic Sucks.
Metafilter: "Counting the dead"
Metafilter: keeping as many liberal and pacifist a-holes inside, so they do the least amount of damage possible in the real world
Metafilter: Meta [white] filter.
Metafilter: Let's reinforce stereotypes with pseudo-scientific surveys!
Metafilter: Very effective against nude attackers.
Metafilter: النجاح الحقيقي هو أن تصبح أفضل إنسان تستطيع أن تكون عليه ™
Metafilter: don't let's start
Metafilter: A paean to the joy of improvisation, the can-do ethos of porn and a nod to its sheer ubiquity.
Metafilter: It's wrong and ...
Metafilter: street cred with the Jeez-meister.
Metafilter: too cool to care.
MetaFilter: living in the future since 1969
Metafilter: Your snack food nether region.
Metafilter: Keep your pathetic, propoganda-soaked cranium above the effluent.
Metafilter: Pleasure and distress, fear and courage, desire and aversion, where have these affections and experiences their seat?
Metafilter: strip away the words and I think most of us are saying pretty much the same thing here.
Metafilter: Go fuck yourself, darling
MetaFilter: Spoon fed since 1999.
MetaFilter: if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
MetaFilter: In Which Evil Itself Is Emerges
MetaFilter: kinesthetic intelligensia - of teh keyboard
MetaFilter: for the ture Jarnalism
Metafilter: the first I've ever been called both a "neo-con" and "vaguely socialistic."
Metafilter: one big parade of sad clowns.
Metafilter: I Know it's Partisan Crap
Metafilter: I Know it's Partisan Crap
Metafilter: Keep those motherfuckers away from me.
MetaFilter: This thread reads like a pissing contest.
Metafilter: There IS crying.
Metafilter: we beep or mute most fucks, and I've only seen two cunts get through.
Metafilter: Winning sales for Matt Drudge everyday
metafilter: You're wrong, no Your wrong!
Metafilter: Is it actually worth responding to, or would that just be seen as encouragement?
MetaFilter: The Ass With Three Legs
Metafilter: We report, you decide!
Metafilter: Saving you a trip to CNN
MetaFilter: two guys arguing over an author neither has read.
MetaFilter: bringing people together so they can more easily make bizarre generalizations.
Metafilter: down where your nuts hang
Metafilter: it's just like riding a wire fence.
Metafilter: your an ignorant person whom has no concept of intelligence and it's intention.
Metafilter: I don't like you and I'm going home.
Metafilter: My cat's breath smells like cat food. Now I must be going.
Metafilter: There could be something of an interest even in a press release, especially if that something is funny or odd or controversial or whatever.
Metafilter: This date is bad because I have no imagination of my own.
Metafilter: I met a woman once.
MetaFilter: How easily the lingua franca of bushco bullshit infiltrates our lexiconTM.
Metafilter: you dirty little whore.
Metafilter: fine: I can read it...or not.
Metafilter: Leave my shit the fuck alone!
MetaFilter: I am just reaching out
Metafilter: please don't insult our inteligence
Metafilter: I hope that you carry a spare pair of underpants in case you see The Family Circus.
Metafilter: Get back in line you liberal fag!
Metafilter: If I inferred that synonym then please forgive me.
Metafilter: Sorry, I have nothing constructive to add.
Metafilter: My work here is done. amen. ; >
Metafilter: Proof 4 year olds shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Metafilter: Proof 4 year olds shouldn't be allowed to vote
MetaFilter: see anything formillier in each post???
Metafilter: some mistakes you walk away from...others you don't.
Metafilter: Proof 4 year olds shouldn't be allowed to vote."). A snark once in a while one thing, making a career of it is another.
Metafilter: It hates all of you
Metafilter: Get off the couch!
Metafilter: Seriouser than Cancer.
MetaFilter: We're not afraid to bash Christianity. We think it's kinda fun and makes us look real tough.
MetaFilter: We're not afraid to bash Christianity. We think it's kinda fun and makes us look real tough.
Metafilter: Your Opinions Are Wrong
MetaFilter: it's not interesting, it's hilarious.
MetaFilter: [when] it's not interesting, it's hilarious.
Metafilter: they're just stupid and it doesn't extrapolate to other people.
MetaFilter: I’m inclined to reserve all judgments, a habit that has opened up many curious natures to me and also made me the victim of not a few veteran bores.™
Metafilter: your Rasputin news network.
MetaFilter: get into a froth
Metafilter: Always think of something interesting to say. Otherwise, spend all morning searching the archives for a duplicate post, or at least be the first to reply.
Metafilter: sounds like pretentious twaddle?
MetaFilter: You'd be better off with pepper spray.
Metafilter: contributing to the inevitable annihilation all along.
MetaFilter: These are not tears. I am vomiting from my eyes.
Metafilter: 1. Me: 0. Let's move on.
Metafilter: 1. Me: 0. Let's move on."
Metafilter: We have swift boats.
MetaFilter: Home of the Handbangers Ball
MetaFilter: it IS the NYT.
Metafilter: Entertaining ourselves via terrorism.
Metafilter: No Use For Linnwood Styled Logic Here.
MetaFilter: Fierce Boobies
Metafilter: midwestern gentility meets endless Talmudic pilpul
Metafilter: If it had wheels, it would be your grandma's wagon.
Metafilter: changing the national anthem from "the star-spangled banner" to "comfortably numb"
MetaFilter: We shit because we care.
Metafilter: The gooiest mass of buttery substance to ever go down my throat.
MetaFilter: 50 tons of mustard gas and a turkey farm.
Metafilter: definitely on OBL's side.
Metafilter: exercises in logical masturbation
MetaFilter: Grasping at Straws
Metafilter: Shoot the messenger.
Metafilter: this is probably very bad news for somebody.
MetaFilter: This isn't the place for your opinion.
Metafilter: Tasty in a ripped jumpsuit.
Metafilter: cold fried Oreos suck! (Tak sedap kalau dah sejuk!)
MetaFilter: It doesn't suck, that bad.
Metafilter: This car should be classified as a warcrime.
MetaFilter: shitty greedy people (except aacheson, whom we all love)
MetaFilter: trust no one.
MetaFilter: Fucking Mother Theresa.
Metafilter: You insolent fucknozzle!@
Metafilter: "Great. Now people have to bend over and pick all this shit up. Why couldn't she just direct deposit the money into our checking accounts anyway? Fucking bitch."
MetaFilter: Fixed Gear.
MetaFilter: Los Angeles is not the city it could have been and A Visit to Old Los Angeles
MetaFilter: if you took out all the stupid, there'd be a lot less
MetaFilter: Pikes for everyone!
MetaFilter: what is going on with that steering wheel?
MetaFilter: like getting dick-whipped with America's Wang.
MetaFilter: We don't need to feel your pain, we have enough of our own already, but thanks!
Metafilter: One comment does not an ass-attachment make.
Metafilter: The whore fuck is the purest fuck of all.
Metafilter: Ad hominem guaranteed or triple your posts back!
Metafilter: It's all about the bling and the booty dancers
metafilter: please stop saying "ass-rape"
Metafilter: stoned slackers vs besotted fucktards
MetaFilter: I'll Push Your Buttons, You Push My Buttons and A'Warrin' We Will Go
MetaFilter: Mad props to homunculus.
Metafilter: Sorry, the baby jeebus told me this is wrong. You must stay blind. Have a nice day.
Metafilter: There are just a lot of stubborn people.
Metafilter: LINKS! I must have LINKS!
Metafilter: theres lost of talking about it on the Internets
MetaFilter: we should all spend more time thinking about elephants.
MetaFilter: Logically Evil!
MetaFilter: One stoning is too many.
Metafilter: my buttons are, er, kind of tender right now
Metafilter: Because every thread dissolves into a discussion of itself.
metafilter: uphill both ways.
metafilter: pansies and fellow travelers of Islamofascists
Metafilter: mentioning Godwin is the new Godwin.
MetaFilter: A bunch of us Yoopers around, apparently
Metafilter: cultural scab-picking.
Metafilter: like a cheap whore punched in the stomach by a fat man with sores on his face
Metafilter: Two wrongs make a Right.
Metafilter: shovel, revolver, aspartame
metafilter: you appear to have forgotten that stupid in-jokes are "the new wit".
MetaFilter: the Anti-Nob
Metafilter: I am fully prepared to rant about this.
Metafilter: The worst dyspeptic can drink it with impunity.
Metafilter: Your RDA of drummer jokes and faith-based cockfaces?
Metafilter: Drop $50 on a rubber vagina and give the rest to charity or something.
Metafilter: What happens to cities that have ridiculously huge hubs for these airlines that go bankrupt? Do other airlines take its place?
Metafilter: What happens to cities that have ridiculously huge hubs for these airlines that go bankrupt? Do other airlines take its place?
metafilter: It doesn't work in any of my fucking browsers. Oh wait, it needs flash.
Metafilter: Don't be a criminal, and you won't have any problems.
Metafilter: Plumbing the depths of pathetic net conspiracy theories with great gusto.
Metafilter: I exploded like GOD and collapsed.
Metafilter: You're wrong! No, YOU'RE wrong!)
Metafilter: More addictive than crack!
MetaFilter: We're All Fucked.
Metafilter: I prefer to hate with an enduring passion each and every person who cast a vote for Bush
Metafilter: not simply a contract wherein two people can legally give each other orgasms.
MetaFilter: Let us make it even more sectacular
MetaFilter: If I get called to take you out, it's nothing personal!
metafilter: slips out on the trail of slime that follows it wherever it goes.
Metafilter: a raving moonbat, an insane lunatic white-supremacist frothing-at-the-mouth speaking-in-tongues lizard of a human being with a flat, disaffected gaze like that of a congenitally brain-defective pig on meth.
Metafilter: there is no real punchline.
MetaFilter: Further polarizing the polity
Metafilter: If you squint real hard, you can pretend you're reading penthouse letters
MetaFilter: where the underinformed disagree about things they don't understand.
Metafilter: Last years meme. Today.
Metafilter: for no sexual orgasm.
Metafilter: Are you a plant?
MetaFilter: This is Getting Tiresome
Metafilter: I am fairly confident this is complete bullshit.
MetaFilter: It's important that you live the next 14 hours as a black woman
MetaFilter: It's important that you live the next 24 hours as a black woman.
Metafilter: Done taking anyone seriously ever again.
Metafilter: Real-Time Biological Natural Gas Generation
Metafilter: This site would be a great idea if the discussions involved fewer twelve-year-olds.
Metafilter: Even goatse doesn't bother me.
MetaFilter: Some people will believe in ANYTHING!
MetaFilter: There ain't no amount of Jesus that can cure this one.
Metafilter: a wonderful experience and worth the miniscule intellectual effort.
Metafilter: For Shear Fun...)
metafilter: you're never going to be as clean as you were 5 minutes ago
Metafilter: No, you're wrong!
Metafilter: The secret is Low standards
MetaFilter: What about the fingerprints?
MetaFilter: God likes panda poop.
Metafilter: It would be cooler if it didn't suck so bad.
MetaFilter: Shooting people from a clock tower since 1999.
MetaFilter: The Internet fucks up everything.
Metafilter: From Murderers with Live Journals to minor Harry Potter Characters
Metafilter: Just to let everyone know
MetaFilter: faced with a cruddy culture
MetaFilter: Fuck My God? Fuck your God!
MetaFilter: No.
MetaFilter: To create more amusement, we suggest that goat be manipulated by persons wearing burlesque costumes.
Metafilter: a monstrous and grotesque landfill of rotting shit ; >
Metafilter: Laziness and rudeness combined.
MetaFilter: It's like my own, personal, deepest nightmare.
Metafilter: ideal speculation
MetaFilter: Get your fuck trophy the hell off my lawn!
Metafilter: holy group necro-bestia-pedo-coprophilic matrimony
Metafilter: mouth meat with bumpers
Metafilter: Use Your Fucking Head
MetaFilter: Ball licking is out of the question.
Metafilter: This is so completely stupid.
Metafilter: It's not all sexy goth librarians.
Metafilter: It's not all sexy goth librarians.
MetaFilter: we live in the bright, vivid light of our incandescent dirty dreams.
MetaFilter: Nomenclature adoption validates the idea.
Metafilter: Please join us in our unqualified hatred.
Metafilter: 3.4%
Metafilter: 3.4%
Metafilter: bigger than the Mafia
MetaFilter: until I IMDB'd "Zbigniew Brzezinski"...
Metafilter: the scarlet whore of babylon.
Metafilter: Really just a bunch of cats taped together.
MetaFilter: Idiot? Sad? HERO!
Metafilter: So what's with all the acrimony?
MetaFilter: pushing a button under the scrotum
Metafilter: beyond obvious--not the other way round.
Metafilter: More like USENET every day.
Metafilter: We are all become Seth.
Metafilter: No Geocities sites.
Metafilter: looks like a boiled owl.
Metafilter: This is not funny
MetaFilter: cocksuckers.
MetaFilter: You can ream me at the meetup.
Metafilter: lots of intentional blankness
MetaFilter: where we think only smart people should have rights (and of course we're the smart people, right?), and when you show us a story about beaten-around old people we criticize the writing style. "It's all about community!"
MetaFilter: where we think only smart people should have rights (and of course we're the smart people, right?), and when you show us a story about beaten-around old people we criticize the writing style. "It's all about community!"
MetaFilter: Where we link to random crap, and then whine about it
MetaFilter: Where we link to random crap, and then whine about it
Metafilter: Just type something in to see how it works.
Metafilter: Call out the constable.
Metafilter: I am offended, therefore I am.
Metafilter: Unfocused loathing.
metafilter: That'll do, pig. That'll do.
Metafilter: blessed are the pine-smelling
Metafilter: Conglomeration of the most cynical self-appointed genuises on the world wide web. (did I say that outloud?)
Metafilter: It's insane, this site's taint.
Metafilter: Would you trust the fait of the world to a cripl, psycho and mentaly retarted girl?"
Metafilter: pro marijuana and pro torture
Metafilter: I love it when you froth like that
Metafilter: the newbies can and will call out vapid statements because it does nothing here.
Metafilter: naive and facile
MetaFilter: Now available in cream.
Metafilter: From Drudge to the Front Page in Two Clicks.
MetaFilter: Das ist der Klang des Biests.
Metafilter: It's the reason I'm such a bitter and maladjusted adult.
MetaFilter: I hope I catch you doing this. It would be worth you doing this, just so I could catch you doing this.
Metafilter: It's not about Iraq. Or is it?
MetaFilter: one day it will be 404'd
Metafilter: Like regifting but with more fruitcakes
Metafilter: Steve likes that.
Metafilter: Our Christian Values.
MetaFilter: lecturing on how you should feel.
MetaFilter: I do not WANT to be exposed to regis.
Metafilter: sort of like quonsar, only not funny, not interesting and more or less just trolling for attention.
Metafilter: Maybe it’s something that would be stuck in my toilet...
MetaFilter: Go peddle your dangerous heresy somewhere else.
Metafilter: The antepenultimate experience!
MetaFilter: Dumbass.
MetaFilter: Dumbass.
Metafilter: this kind of thing tends to veer from the Extraordinarily Vague to the Blindingly Obvious.
MetaFilter: Major Sexual Fiesta
Metafilter: Well met!
Metafilter: Quakes and Tsunamis and Leftist Babble
MetaFilter: Going on television tomorrow night, strangling a puppy with its bare hands, and visibly obtaining orgasm as a result of doing so.
MetaFilter: People with different beliefs, man are they funny!
Metafilter: clutter the likes of which only blowing up universes can purge
Metafilter: Could beat cancer (or Superman) with enough prep time.
Metafilter: Always...
Metafilter: Lots of stuffy and offensive people everywhere)
Metafilter: Don't tell.
Metafilter: see how much "whining" there is.
Metafilter: Alas, you don't count
MetaFilter: This sucks you suck.
Metafilter: I liked you before you sold out.
MetaFilter: troll by comment 5 or your money back.
Metafilter: A bunch of asses, but no trolls.
Metafilter: Kiss My Magnificent Celtic Ass.
Metafilter: you wouldn't want to read it aloud to your mom, your boss, and a judge.
Metafilter: You deserve no naked.
Metafilter: Infinite loop
Metafilter: Let's hear it for the perineum.
Metafilter: Infinite poop.
MetaFilter: Intimidating our foes into expecting the worst.
MetaFilter: Last weeks news, this week.
Metafilter: and it IS Friday.
Metafilter: Boobies and Gorillas!! What could go wrong?
MetaFilter: Wankeurs and Freaks!!
MetaFilter: OOhh look, something shiny!!
MetaFilter: How can this shit possibly matter one iota to anyone?
MetaFilter: some random guy's ass at the bar
MetaFilter: Like Fark, only not so highbrow.
MetaFilter: An Incubator For Terror
Metafilter: I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged My Undies
MetaFilter: soyjoy, does this mean that pro-meat propaganda does not offend vegetarians in the same way ori alledges anti-meat propaganda offends those with meat on their breath? This is beyond an issue of furthering one's own beliefs -- this production takes several dings towards vegetarians, both explicitly and implicitly. Can you say you enjoy it with the same passion as one who would not feel as strongly about meat production issues?
Metafilter: politics ruins everything, and conversations are always shit when politics is even remotely a subject.
Metafilter: politics ruins everything
Metafilter: politics ruins everything, and conversations are always shit when politics is even remotely a subject."
MetaFilter: Enlarged, Glowing Belly.
Metafilter: we have our priorities in order, and some of us even know how to follow-up with supplementary links!
Metafilter: Quoting from the Motherfucking Link
Metafilter: An abundance of arguable alliterations, asshat
Metafilter: There ain't much more stupid to go...
Metafilter: gayness mostly comes from there.
MetaFilter: It's a Crack Baby...Fool!
Metafilter: Like an abortion plastered all over the internet
Metafilter: A good idea, murdered by the mediocrity of 80% of the submissions.
MetaFilter: I've yet to see or hear an argument that compels me to think differently.
Metafilter: heavy emphasis on sin
Metafilter: That sweet bloody apron whence comes the salami.
MetaFilter: You're invited to drop the "e" and join us...
Metafilter: should stick something in it and see what happens
Metafilter: We'll keep on posting until we get the right result.
MetaFilter: Learn to make fun of Christians. Have seen folks meditating with their hands like that.
MetaFilter: An open letter to the administration criticizing their actions.
Metafilter: It's About Mormons and Lesbians
Metafilter: A group of kids on E fiercely petting their live puppy
Metafilter: A Natural Solution for a Tighter VaginaBut seriously though, the situation in Africa is horrible and let's hope that it's just a very very small percentage of men that are thinking this way.
metafilter: 0
MetaFilter: poop-slinging fest
Metafilter: At least you didn't mention Benny fucking Hill
MetaFilter: More lost in space than Leonard Nimoy in the depths of a valium binge
MetaFilter: This is all covered in Knuth, and we don't have time to go over it again.
Metafilter: Not based on fact.
Metafilter: Shame on you all
Metafilter: Myers-Briggs tests on candidates
Metafilter: Porcupines, Trolls and Other Online Vermin.
Metafilter: Come for the wings, stay for the racist rants.
MetaFilter: These are indeed cool goats.
Metafilter: Teating the blade, dude, teating the blade.
MetaFilter: STFU, now watch this drive.
MetaFilter: Decadent & Detached From Reality.
Metafilter: Blibberty flabberty liberal handouts bubberly flubberly commie welfare liberal liberal tupperware!
Metafilter: good to stick a noodle in that!
MetaFilter: snobs & the uber-snobs who snub them
Metafilter: be free of the karmic burden of American criminality.
MetaFilter: snobs & the uber-snobs who snub them
Metafilter: My god. The randroids are at it again.
Metafilter: The Other Social Lubricant.
MetaFilter:nothing but dust and bile
Metafilter: the so-so of the web
Metafilter: Just like Daily Kos
metafilter: a thread about a thread about a thread
Metafilter: Fuck it, here's some puppies.
MetaFilter: like, but with ponies.
Metafilter: shoot 'em all and let God sort it out.
Metafilter: This shit is great. I want some cock.
Metafilter: frequent small chunks. Mmmm... chunks.
Metafilter: it haunts your dreams.
Metafilter: Now there is a giant foot coming out of my navel.
Metafilter: get the nails and some lumber. The sins of the world aren't going to redeem themselves, you know...
Metafilter: Enjoy a perspective on things condemned to the dustbin of history.
Metafilter: You might not want to reveal your lack of intelligence while attempting to demonstrate you know what you're talking about.
Metafilter: You might not want to reveal your lack of intelligence while attempting to demonstrate you know what you're talking about."
Metafilter: taking my gaggle of fags to the straight parts of town...
MetaFilter: Today is Get Hysterical Day
Metafilter: Online video game bullies.
metafilter: the best worst of the web
Metafilter: Google's viral marketing playground.
Metafilter: Google's viral marketing playground.
Metafilter: Google's viral marketing playground.
Metafilter: why don't you go choke on George Bush's dick?
MetaFilter: Hitting Reload Like a Meth-Addicted Rat.
MetaFilter: Pfffrt! Pfffrrrrt! Pfffrrrrrrt!
Metafilter: You need to see new nipples. I will turn my back so Kendra can show you her nipples.
Metafilter: You need to see new nipples. I will turn my back so Kendra can show you her nipples.
Metafilter: You I need to see new nipples. I will turn my Will you turn your back so Kendra can show you me her nipples?
Metafilter: they don’t do this in England.
Metafilter: Giving him many nipple twists.
Metafilter: Tiny people who've got no place else to go
MetaFilter: Stupid pet tricks for humans.
Metafilter: Jizz-relocating plumbing apparatus.
MetaFilter: Free Bacon every Wednesday for Whorelords!
Metafilter: Petty Snipes is my great-great-grandpappy, and I'm offended that you're offended dios.
Metafilter: it's like we're all back in 9th grade again
MetaFilter: we care who dances in car ads.
Metafilter: Davejay
Metafilter: they come for the snark, but they stay for the dogma.
Metafilter: THE MAN HAS A MONKEY TO SUPPORT. For fuck's sake.
Metafilter: could you guys not derail pls?
Metafilter: free publicity for Kottke
Metafilter: Answering the phone to find out who is calling.
MetaFilter: bringing the craploads since 1999
Metafilter: Testicle Stretch with the Possibility of a Crushed Face.
MetaFilter: the mask that unmasks.
Metafilter: "stop making ad hominem attacks, you stupid asshole"
Metafilter: there goes turning my paper in on time
MetaFilter: Michael Gorman can suck my blog!
MetaFilter: Don't be a pie biter.
Metafilter: Women who trick men
Metafilter: Induce cognitive dissonance.
Metafilter: Metafilter!
MetaFilter: Eat it and eat it hard.
Metafilter: Where Zombie Pauline Kael eats it hard.
Metafilter: Like the Homeless, Talking to Stumps
Metafilter: Marmosets in Action
MetaFilter: With all due respect, you're insane.
MetaFilter: Please don't do these things here
Metafilter: like an under-sheet fart on a cold winter's day.
MetaFilter: a link bonanza
Metafilter: never dance a quarille unless you know the steps.
MetaFilter: Everything's a competition.
Metafilter: run with the power, ruuuuun with the power, run...! [splat]
MetaFilter: A Latvian hootenanny.
Metafilter: Stuff it Metafilter, that is nothing but a derail. Stay on task and we might actually have a debate.
Metafilter: Tripping Over Jesse Helms at Armageddon
Metafilter: Find a post. Rock it, with a solemn expression.
MetaFilter: The children of Marx and Pepsi Blue.
MetaFilter: The Dork Side of the Force
MetaFilter: an opportunistic...oh, never mind.
MetaFilter: Fuck you you intolerant bastard.
Metafilter: Plugging Up Your God-Hole
Metafilter: We had things under control!
MetaFilter: A celebration of international, cheap attention-whoring.
Metafilter: Kenya Believe It!
MetaFilter: iPlagiary
MetaFilter: Suck squeeze bang blow
Metafilter: go to google news
Metafilter: slower than Metafilter at lunchtime.
MetaFilter: They have anonymous sex, gay bathhouses and gay mardi-gras.
MetaFilter: Self-validation by minutiae
MetaFilter: Seriously good for you. Science says so.
Metafilter: Let's continue our study of the greatest boners of all time.
MetaFilter: One big ubervagina rendering it all very boring.
Metafilter: No matter what you go through, you have self-confidence and you believe in yourself, and everything's fine.
Metafilter: Wow, you're so cool. Can we hang out with you.
Metafilter: this is news, why?
MetaFilter: This statement cannot be made any less hot.
MetaFilter: too deep for hip-boots.
MetaFilter: I figure it's about the best thing on earth.
metafilter: Poking holes in other people's nerdery.
MetaFilter: Banging your soft penis with the hammer of truth.
MetaFilter: ostentatiously featureful!
Metafilter: I'm sure someone else has made something like this already.
Metafilter: I am not good at the internet... great post."
Metafilter: No Fat Chicks Jokes
Metafilter: What a great service. Let's see how fast we can break it.
metafilter: rising temperatures, rising decibles. the personal, the political.
Metafilter: It's not the same as shooting yourself in the head.
MetaFilter: Now you know why koalas aren't important
Metafilter: are you just upset that it came out of my mouth?
Metafilter: Gently hugging the shaft
Metafilter: Created by Cosmic Cat Farts
MetaFilter: You're a freaking idiot.
MetaFilter: No amount of reasoning, no matter how solid, can protect you from pitchforks.
MetaFilter: If you read Fark, Kottke, and Yahoo News, you've read 80% of what gets posted here lately.
Metafilter: not for resuscitation.
Metafilter: this book, the letters don't glow?
MetaFilter: because they are both retarded
Metafilter: We are all children in the arms of Chivas.
Metafilter: It's not your job.
Metafilter: There isn't one more thing... that, uh....
Metafilter: tell it to your cheeseburger.
metafilter: don't drink the Kool Aid. Just be yourself, like your job, but have a life outside.
Metafilter: Shakes Fist, and Shorts Tropicana.
Metafilter: beat the dead horse)
Metafilter: We've got a big bottom to scrape.
Metafilter: I pissed in the sink for a week.
Metafilter: it came up, hit my ass, then went back down the toilet.
MetaFilter: the worst of the web
Metafilter: I was fat and smelly and kids made fun of ME! And I ain't no Injun!
Metafilter: I was fat and smelly and kids made fun of ME! And I ain't no Injun!"
Metafilter: Argumentum AD verecundium, dammit.
Metafilter: like freebasing rasins and exlax
MetaFilter: Most everything between France and Portland is a gigantic blur.
Metafilter: That should be sufficient punishment.
Metafilter: Borrowed Bubblegum
Metafilter: misplaced narcissistic grief
Metafilter: your source for kitschy, awful music.
Metafilter: the first douchebags of the new year are already in full bloom.
Metafilter: I might need an intervention.
Metafilter: I love this joke!
Metafilter: Rare like rainbows
MetaFilter: where's always post-SOMETHING.
MetaFilter: where's always post-SOMETHING.
metafilter: thanks for both the hearty approval and mocking scorn
MetaFilter: Some said wtf, others said dude!
MetaFilter: spewing earth-jizz all over the solar system.
METAFILTER: an extended chain of stupidity .... no wait....
METAFILTER: no cats unless they are of the outdoor variety, no arthropods, and all avians must be salmonella-free, clipped toenails, and tagged
Metafilter: Can you gay that up a bit?
MetaFilter: This isn't high school.
MetaFilter: I thought that was going to suck, but it was actually kind of funny.
Metafilter: FUCK YEAH!
MetaFilter: employed by early hominid tool makers
Metafilter: Christ, can't you save your outrage?!
metafilter: off, by and for
MetaFilter: a localised (focal), unintended, simultaneous activity of agonists and antagonists.
Metafilter: Strap-on Extrapolation
Metafilter: Your new source for weeners links.
MetaFilter: Anyway, who doesn't want to see Danza dick?
MetaFilter: not being all gung-ho about the anal or whatever.
Metafilter: The more I read this thread, the more I clutch my crotch.
Metafilter: what a fucking tool.
Metafilter: masturbating with no hands
MetaFilter: Hypocrisy when it suits us.
Metafilter: Sooner or later, out pops the cloven hoof.
Metafilter: Everything is Retarded.
Metafilter: these guys could fuck up a fifteen ton iron ball.
MetaFilter: As you can imagine, technique is everything
MetaFilter: fuck you sir, fuck you right in the eye.
Metafilter: shut up i hack you
MetaFilter: (slack-jaw/vacant-stare)
MetaFilter: clear, human-looking, content
Metafilter: I LOL'd and read it to my girlfriend in the shower
Metafilter: I want you to wreck it.
Metafilter: A very liberal, even radically so, quantity of hot splooey.
MetaFilter: We post things.
MetaFilter: Purges the taint of the day
Metafilter: The monstrous evil is unfathomable.
Metafilter: Your face I don't mind pressing a little.
Metafilter: Not until you make me a sandwich too.
Metafilter: We Can't Stop With The Taglines oh god please help us
Metafilter: an almost metaphysically-grounded group of online self-prescribed critics and curious progressives.
metafilter: Do as you like. Join us, or spend the rest of your life wondering about what could have happened if you had the courage to do it.
metafilter: What do you got to lose? I mean, you can just leave the orgy metafilter if you don’t like it.
Metafilter: jonmc has isolated the human condition.
Metafilter: No one is going to leave the orgy.
Metafilter: no one is going to leave the orgy.
Metafilter: (everything from) Dongcheng to "douching." !
Metafilter: We can all come together over asses
MetaFilter: Don't embarrass the faculty.
MetaFilter: I'm all for cunt-love.
MetaFilter: Every day is kids' day.
MetaFilter: Take back college humor!
MetaFilter: Notice the hand symbol.
Metafilter: You don't need a time machine to masturbate.
Metafilter: a convenient excuse for the languishing of lust?
Metafilter: By the way, alll your ancestors were alcoholics that cheated on their wives. : >
MetaFilter: It's easy to snipe from the safety of your computer room
Metafilter: Some of you are idiots). Just had to preemptive get that out of the way.
Metafilter: Yes. We're getting all Florida on our own arses.
Metafilter: It's when the left- and right-wingers became such goddamn pussies.
Metafilter: Anal is huge
MetaFilter: Land of the Rising Pun
MetaFilter: What you just saw on BoingBoing, only with smartass remarks attached
Metafilter: Taking the Piss Through Ironic Foucaultian Subtextual Analysis Slash Performance Art.
Metafilter: If you were the Baltic Sea and I were a cup
Metafilter: If you were the Baltic Sea and I were a cup
MetaFilter: The perfect antidote to maudlin sentimental posturing.
MetaFilter: Club the little whelps like seals.
Metafilter: MANPILE!
Metafilter: Like the fist of God, we will smash them.
Metafilter: An Unsolicited Finger Up The Anus.
Metafilter: Swallow it like it was chocolate covered awesome.
Metafilter: Do the math, fuck face.
Metafilter: Slum Lords of the Internet
MetaFilter: I hit myself in the nuts.
MetaFilter: Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.
MetaFilter: It's all a load of rubbish, isn't it?
MetaFilter: Buy Darth Tater
MetaFilter: already predisposed to the supervigilant (some might say paranoid) detection of theofascism
Metafilter: Don’t expect to see a Tim Burton movie if you’re a Goth.
MetaFilter: My personal reptilian hind-brain trigger for hilarity.
Metafilter: I am extraordinarily pretty.
Metafilter: Would you rather be Paul Krugman or David Lee Roth?
MetaFilter: For the war but against the troops.
Metafilter: A light strike on the blasting cap.
Metafilter: You people are talking about truth
Metafilter: break me a fucking give
MetaFilter: anti-corporatism is so 2003.
MetaFilter: hidden in a secret passage under the Temple Mount
Metafilter: End of bloody discussion
Metafilter: No, I'm not a Jew, nor are you me while having sex.
Metafilter: I feel icky, sticky and blue
Metafilter: I'm lucky if I can snort coke off a hooker's ass even once a month.
Metafilter: blog activism
Metafilter: The Terror Chicken
Metafilter: Making new shit as we see fit and loving it.
Metafilter: It's like letting the pool guy caress your inner thigh.
MetaFilter: Your favorite Slashdot's recap site
Metafilter: Clean Urine Online.
Metafilter: Ignorance is God’s gift to Kansas
Metafilter: a result of a billion years of wind and erosion
Metafilter: Showing us all what smart little boys they are.
MetaFilter: This thing really honks!
Metafilter: heyy gurl ur hott do u got other pics holla at me sumtime
Metafilter: You are the weakest link, OY VEY!
Metafilter: medicated cream for the itch.
Metafilter: Spontaneously regressing back to middle school since 1999.
MetaFilter: Why do dogs lick their dick?
MetaFilter: Why do dogs lick their dick?
Metafilter: doesn't usually generate sexual attraction
Metafilter: take a single sentence and balloon it into its own little world
Metafilter: taking a single sentence and ballooning it into its own little world.
Metafilter: Wow. You ARE a wanker.
Metafilter: Never talk to feds without presence of legal counsel.
MetaFilter: Yelling and assy tones
Metafilter: NOOOOOOO!
MetaFilter: Like dry-humping a supermodel while completely anesthetized inside a wet suit. Since 1999.
MetaFilter: I'm trying to be polite, but it appears that my intentions are being misconscrewed [sic].
Metafilter: Feed them marshmallows all day, they'll throw up and then come back for more.
Metafilter: It's pretty much focused on food and sex
Metafilter: Couldn't we...
Metafilter: this post cost me $5
MetaFilter: "both the baby cruelly held up into a hail of bullets - and the firer of the bullets."
Metafilter: like an ice cream headache in my soul.
metafilter: typically humorless
metafilter: typically humorless
Metafilter: our own damned loins
Metafilter: It's still better than CNN looking at blogs.
Metafilter: What the fuck is wrong with clgregor?
Metafilter: Made of tickles and rainbows.
Metafilter: Alternatively!
Metafilter: At least you don't have fish up your pants.
Metafilter: Yeah, that's right, metafilter, got a problem with that?
Metafilter: You'd rather be working maybe?
Metafilter: The world's authority in blackness.
Metafilter: Political correctness gone mad
Metafilter: Political correctness gone mentally challenged
Metafilter: What is the sound of one post sucking?
MetaFilter: Love in a time of crunk
Metafilter: Best of the Slashdot?
Metafilter: Jesus Fuck.
Metafilter: a spear wound is survivable.
MetaFilter: Whatever your issue is, I'll stick to the big stuff
metafilter: we've got boobies.
Metafilter: Not quite as bad as Stalinist tyranny.
Metafilter: find stuff that's of interest and to learn more about the world, because you'd rather be working maybe?
Metafilter: Your most favoritest homo
Metafilter: With new added "no dagos"
Metafilter: Cravin Moorehead
Metafilter: Flinging Poo
Metafilter: Would you have preferred a nice, simple "go to hell"?
Metafilter: And the walls come tumbling down?
Metafilter: you can RPG it.
Metafilter: A great hopeless situation warrior.
MetaFilter: the one-stop for all your celebrity gossip!
Metafilter: the more we know, the less we know.
Metafilter: going around poking at lifeless things to see if they move.
Metafilter: Fuck you, elitist prick.
Metafilter: Fuck you, elitist prick.
Metafilter: *' meme joke, at least be accurate about it.
Metafilter: Fuck you, elitist prick. And the above line is taken from where? "
Metafilter: because it's about posting, not reading or that other thing.
MetaFilter: I very like to observe her and touch her inflated belly. It's great!
MetaFilter: We're window-peepers in a polymorphously perverse world.
Metafilter: Hell is other people.
Metafilter: It's bullshit on stilts.
MetaFilter: People who've grown dissatisfied with their lives and constructed their own fantasy world.
Metafilter: viral advertising and wacky Japan, hence my grouchiness.
Metafilter: WILL cause some around you to explode into fits of tolerance and rage for your diversity.
MetaFilter: 30% discussion of the content of the post, 70% discussion of the merit of the post.
metafilter: something that has become overly familiar or commonplace
Metafilter: D--n your Writing, Mind your Sh-t-ng.
Metafilter: *hearts* Suck.
Metafilter: I feel that you are stupid.
MetaFilter: randomly judging people to bolster our own pitiful sense of self-worth
Metafilter: If the bikini clad woman gets stuck, just click and drag her.
metafilter: we need more scruffy, shiftless layabouts, stat!
Metafilter: like making a filthy hospital to attract all the germs.
Metafilter: Drunk driving with the body of an underage Laotian boy in the trunk
Metafilter: I like people once they're dead.
Metafilter: Christianity is just like fan death.
Metafilter: American, or international?
Metafilter: Celebrating the deprecated method
Metafilter: What the hell are you on about, anus???
Metafilter: Amazing technology. I just think it's misapplied in this case.
Metafilter: ? the $5 punter.
MetaFilter: The stick finally breached the colon wall.
Metafilter: What the fuck do you think you're doing?
MetaFilter: Blaming anybody but the Terrorists p.s. BushChimpHitlerPolPot!!!1
Metafilter: a routine that involves hanging 45 pounds of weight from [our] members for up to seven hours at a time
metafilter: we don't know wtf we're talking about.
MetaFilter: You're right...but you're being an asshole.
Metafilter: Stay away from my cervix with that thing!
Metafilter: Now only one year behind Monkeyfilter
Metafilter: Fixin' to fuck all'yall, I reckon, for making youse guys wait on me in this fresh hell.
Metafilter: Fixin' to fuck all'yall, I reckon, for making youse guys wait on me in this fresh hell.
Metafilter: come to blows over a flavor enhancer.
Metafilter: I resent those crotchwaffles.
Metafilter: A bigger hit than a can of silly string.
Metafilter: It tires me that we are still having this discussion.
Metafilter: Any backstory here?"
MetaFilter: Wow. This really isn't going down well.
Metafilter: I am on fire and have dangerous cargo; keep clear.
Metafilter: Whiskey! I require medical attention!
Metafilter: Reading posts down here.
Metafilter: The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club.
Metafilter: I'd dip that whole thing in an egg batter, dust it with Progresso Italian bread crumbs, fry the shit out of it, and serve it all up with a nice chianti.
MetaFilter: Big-ass joints. Big stereos.
MetaFilter: What are you, autistic? Cause, you know, if you are, you know, that's cool.
MetaFilter: *zooms back in**zooms in too far**pulls back**blinks**reads thread again**looks at it yet again**blinks*“I really don’t see what you’re all going on about.”
Metafilter: very flowery french BS
MetaFilter: Dan buro ubanka shege, ko ni da fun iya la iya re, otu nnegi.
Metafilter: Caution: contains foul language and political thought.
Metafilter: a lamb slathered in rich marinade in a pit of literary wolves.
Metafilter: Championing the Idiot.
Metafilter: Under no obligation to provide you links to anything
Metafilter: The first rule of the blogoverse is that you do not fuck with the blogoverse.
Metafilter: Now we just need a google bomb and the circle will be complete.
Metafilter: It has been such a good week for schadenfreude.
Metafilter: That's a cheap shot. Self-promoting, self-obsessed types can be found almost anywhere you look.
metafilter: young and hip by proxy
Metafilter: You got a problem with lips 'n' assholes?
Metafilter: Bullhorns or STFU.
MetaFilter: like fucking a wet Wilford Brimley!
Metafilter: Like fucking a wet Wilford Brimley.
Metafilter: Taking a peek under the peduncle.
Metafilter: Whining About Whining
Metafilter: Woefully uninformed debate*
Metafilter: Woefully uninformed debate*
Metafilter: as insane as it sound
Metafilter: HREF="partisan hack"
Metafilter: crypto Opus Dei fruitcake . . . Rove hooking up with Bush
Metafilter: Thread over.
Metafilter: pony baloney
Metafilter: Show up every day and listen to someone’s brother in law tell you how to do your job all ass backwards.
Metafilter: useless without computer-generated polygon-genitalia pics!
Metafilter: Ultra-focused on pixelate titties.
MetaFilter: For fun or for prosimcreation.
metafilter: Anyone have a link for clitoridectomies?
Metafilter: none of us are ever getting sex again.
Metafilter: I see gay porn on safari and no gay porn on firefox.
Metafilter: More bird flu news than you can shake a stick at!
Metafilter: Looks like libel to me.
Metafilter: Even as a former waitress I find this site ridiculous and petty.
Metafilter: Our whole fucking society may be unfair.
Metafilter: God, this thread (and the others) depresses me.
Metafilter: The only time I've ever given above $5 has been a stripper.
Metafilter: Law for Law's Sake.
MetaFilter: Who Said Irony is Dead?
MetaFilter: The facts are less important ... than the chance to be pithy.
Metafilter: my outrage meter is barely moving on this one, but it ain't gonna happen any time soon.
MetaFilter: Guys in ties on stupid rides
Metafilter: slowly collapsing and expanding by brownian squirm
Metafilter: ED209 gunning down an OCP VP.
MetaFilter: Wasn't sure if that was supposed to suck and I didn't get it, or whether it just sucked
MetaFilter: Just this side of retarded
Metafilter: Rev. Moon pwns
Metafilter: Why kill a blonde with big tits?
Metafilter: Do not hit the monolith.
MetaFilter: 28% of web surfers that didn't actually see a series of really lame boxes
Metafilter: Do not take the room too literally....imagine it's in the fourth dimension.
Metafilter: Starchild of the internets.
MetaFilter: as in Hitler-bad or Skeletor-bad
Metafilter: The coffin like shape has not been lost on us.
Metafilter: If your aunt had a dick, she'd be your uncle.
Metafilter: Not a formal system, and therefore not necessarily incomplete or inconsistent.
MetaFilter: quacking "I told you so"
Metafilter: because this town lies a lot. thanks.
Metafilter: The "Dude, I'm so hip" ethos is pretty worn out. Boring.
Metafilter: Your #1 source for grumbling curmudgeons with nothing better to do.
Metafilter: Where mocking dead strangers has become the best of the web!
MetaFilter: It's like Yomango without the dancing and eating and stealing.
Metafilter: Your #1 source for grumbling curmudgeons with nothing better to do.
Metafilter: metal will always beat meat.
Metafilter: No talking penises were harmed in the making of this website.
Metafilter: Did you not like the movie or something?
Metafilter: It will shine!
MetaFilter: New to you since 1999
MetaFilter: We are a small group of probably the finest intellectuals alive today. Certainly, we have not heard of anyone living whose thoughts approach the clarity, depth and power of our own.
Metafilter: where the fancy words live.
Metafilter: some sort of super drug that instantly turns you into a ravening meth zombie
Metafilter: a semi-autonomous zone of extraordinary deviancy.
Metafilter: Congratulations on the impressive ability to hide your disdain for the rest of us most of the time.
MetaFilter: kind of pretend baby for us, before you came along
Metafilter: teams must at all times lose their shit and blame one another, and not know shit about fuck.
Metafilter: second guessing terrified survivors, one passenger at a time.
Metafilter: We'll climb over the seats if we have to.
Metafilter: unafraid of creating self-referential taglines
Metafilter: Let's not call it prostitution, let's call it Applied Psychology.
MetaFilter: A cult of weird, horrible people who gather beautiful women links only to deface them with a burning flaming hand.
Metafilter: Once they are full of dark, they can no longer suck.
Metafilter: The Name Written in Blood
Metafilter: Sometimes You Can't Fix You On Your Own
Metafilter: Where the Urethra Meets the Subpoena
Metafilter: some days it's reassuring, some days it's absolutely destructive.
MetaFilter: Good grief!
Metafilter: pretty inoffensive, compared to say, genocide.
MetaFilter: Parentheses count increasing daily!
MetaFilter: Warning: Vulgar Site
Metafilter: Holy BALLS!
Metafilter: Take a break from email and Web surfing to send a real, paper letter
Metafilter: Like a quarrelling group of monkeys on a leaky boat, armed with sticks of dynamite.
MetaFilter: I'm looking at you, Chris Carter.
Metafilter: Make way for dyklings : >
Metafilter: There can be more than one jerk. It's not a zero-sum situation.
Metafilter: completely misunderstanding the post and then making a sarcastic comment deriding it.
MetaFilter: where's your great FPP?
MetaFilter: Your local middle school chess club, with meth and guns.
Metafilter: tainting their observations with their own homonalities
MetaFilter: uncovering the sparkly, fabulous truth!
Metafilter: If nothing else, this site is trolling you.
Metafilter: you get sex—with appliances and furniture if available too
Metafilter: Scared me as a child.
Metafilter: Your vision and hearing will be impaired.
Metafilter: Playing with a vibrator.
Metafilter: Find and share the best of the web as it happens
MetaFilter: an elephant pedaling his unicycle.
Metafilter: cradling a retarded baby
MetaFilter: You wouldn't want to be a member.
Metafilter: Look it up in Google.
MetaFilter: Let's be honest with each other]
Metafilter: We I enjoy masturbating.
MetaFilter: Sharing the joy of wanking.
Metafilter: Go out and contract gonorrhea and rub some of the pus in your eye.
MetaFilter: in front of it and you're witty too! Woot!
MetaFilter: worth $5 just for fenriq's accidentally self-referential snarks
Metafilter: You're all nuts.
MetaFilter: No feet, no whisky.
metafilter: we can't censor everything/everyone.
MetaFilter: is not a career. It's a relationship.
Metafilter: Vagina-friendly bacteria.
Metafilter: most of you in this post are a bunch of shitheads.
Metafilter: I can imagine rational arguments
Metafilter: I EAT BABIES.
Metafilter: Stop evolving as humans and start evolving as poindexters
Metafilter: Can we try just a little harder, please?
Metafilter: I'd say 12 percent goodness, 88 percent crapola.
Metafilter: insouciance may result.
Metafilter: Shooting downward leaving a contrail behind it.
Metafilter: Content with quotidian bullshit
Metafilter: All the support of going commando in an ice bath.
MetaFilter: 25,000 people a day urinating in a submarine.
MetaFilter: Therefore, God exists.
Metafilter: "I'm into fashion. Judo fashion, like blackbelts."
Metafilter: You're not the only man at this fountain!
Metafilter:Hands-Free Self-Propelled Pleasure
MetaFilter: It's completely sphincter operated!
MetaFilter: Uncomfortable but highly entertaining.
MetaFilter: You can also just put it on your mantle piece and call it modern art.
MetaFilter: My employer has to tolerate it in the workplace.
MetaFilter: I tried to post this before, but JRun ate it.
MetaFilter: Stimulating the male G-spot.
Metafilter: it's a Gdelian event horizon!
MetaFilter: Many of our users call it the "Super-O"
MetaFilter: Combined with spiritual stimulation, the orgasm is intensified.
MetaFilter: It lacks concision.
MetaFilter: Concsion
MetaFilter: An Anal Awakening
MetaFilter: there's no ejaculation involved
MetaFilter: skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet
Metafilter: a first-hand account ; >
MetaFilter: See? You really will go blind.
Metafilter: a megaSlashdotFlamewar worth of suck.
MetaFilter: I can't seem to keep my cats in sync...
Metafilter: a gaggle of fucking naysayers sits in the wings
Metafilter: If you would let me talk . . . !
Metafilter:making moose walk backwards
MetaFilter: Gayer than a $3 bill, and has the Pottery Barn to prove it.
Metafilter: slavering to take the riegns of power.
Metafilter: when exactly did Hell become a normal place?
Metafilter: Everyone's ugly when I have to pee.
Metafilter: hot and respectful. (sorry, too tempting to resist)
Metafilter: At least look like you're on the job.
Metafilter: ignore all upthread information. Then post!
Metafilter: !*&%@%$*%# Spicynuts it's not *$^*&*&%&^
MetaFilter: No windmill untilted.
Metafilter: You see what you want to see, and you hear what you want to hear.
Metafilter: I weep at the horror of running low on ice cubes
Metafilter: Where the fuck is Bush?
Metafilter: Fucking photo-op!
Metafilter: Where the fuck is Bush?
Metafilter: Fucking photo-op!
Metafilter: Where the fuck is Bush?
Metafilter: Fucking photo-op!
Metafilter: [killed comment]
Metafilter: Don't forget to stop by MeTa for the obligatory flame-out!
Metafilter: we're bitching about nothing.
Metafilter: Where the fuck is Bush?
Metafilter: Fucking photo-op!
MetaFilter: ignore the a-holes in this thread
MetaFilter: I'm not wasting any more time here.
MetaFilter: i don't fall in line with believing that the world is controlled by lizzards"
Metafilter: laced with bullshit
Metafilter: stupid shitbox clown shoes.
Metafilter: United Together In Friendship and Labour.
Metafilter: y2karl can say whatever devastatingly moronic politicized bullshit he wants.
Metafilter: let's boil the wolverines.
Metafilter: snarking like a bunch of useless buffoons
Metafilter: Wrapped in tin foil.
Metafilter: Not crazy insane whacky, just not expressible as a fraction.
Metafilter: I sometimes find myself explaining very obvious things
Metafilter: Jumped the Fark.
Metafilter: Oh dear god and saints preserve us from the bereft of clue.
Metafilter: Are you sure you aren't talking about Whitney Houston?
Metafilter: is there anything you can say on this site without someone bitching at you as if you're the fucking anti-christ?
Metafilter: Give me a Better Idiot.
MetaFilter: a tasty self-fulfilling prophecy.
MetaFilter: More babies dead! USA! USA!
Metafilter: fitter...happier...less productive
Metafilter: about as sexy as a Bill Gates lapdance.
MetaFilter: this is nipple
MetaFilter: its about art that doesnt say I cool and your not.
MetaFilter: At least you were unintentionally funny in your little rant.
MetaFilter: Let those who ewnjoy iut DO SO!
MetaFilter: You Wouldn't Understand
Metafilter: it ain't brain science
Metafilter: the bittersweet feeling of bittersweetness
Metafilter: Dude, You Got Caught
Metafilter: All your mean-spirited bullshit does not contribute anything
Metafilter: I misunderstood you cynicism for hatred, sorry...
Metafilter: trun on the playboy channel.
Metafilter: trun on the playboy channel.
MetaFilter: Candy-coat it with all the retarded prose and terrible analogies that you'd like, it doesn't change a damn thing.
MetaFilter: These are not contrived moments of reality
MetaFilter: project their turgid thoughts in chicken scratch
Metafilter: Go f_ck yourself, Mr. Cheney!
MetaFilter: It is at this point where the beginnings of the terrible afflictions and blights on the human condition were cast into the shadow of evil.
Metafilter: Intelligence hasn't really been around long enough to have determined whether or not it is an advantageous quality
Metafilter: Meh is the new bleat.
Metafilter: I was pretending it was about something interesting.
Metafilter: petty, rush-limbaugh territory and i think it undermines one's larger argument.
Metafilter: no meaning except in so far as it signifies 'something not desirable'
MetaFilter: I gnash my teeth and moan and wail.
MetaFilter: Increasing numbers of whiners.
Metafilter: We have missed you. Welcome home!
Metafilter: Are you more []quiet and weak-minded or [] boisterous and weak-minded?
Metafilter: 40kg Marshmallows, 3g Sodium Penthathol
Metafilter: Just speculating...
MetaFilter: a similar same gut-wrenching discovery
Metafilter: I don't think anyone predicted that the levees would breakdance.
Metafilter: Best of Fark
MetaFilter: Use no reproachful language against any one; neither curse nor revile.
Metafilter: Play not the peacock
Metafilter: talk not with meat in your mouth.
MetaFilter: I want to dream with you, but...
MetaFilter: I don't want to be condescened to [sic]
MetaFilter: our problems would all be solved by living like deer.
MetaFilter: you seem to think
Metafilter: sticking my clouded frost-spire into her gates of attrition
Metafilter: Politicians are gaming the system.
Metafilter: Forgive me for being distracted by bright shiny websites.
MetaFilter: this is not cool, this is yawn.
MetaFilter: 'These people were going to die anyway'
Metafilter: Utterly jaded
Metafilter: And the maggots just keep on breeding in your bum.
Metafilter: Cunty, Murderous
Metafilter: As long as people must have Internet access in order to participate, the sample will remain culturally biased.
Metafilter: for the broadminded audience.
Metafilter: A wee man league, with trampolines and flaming hoops.
Metafilter: tag...)
Metafilter: Embrace the Barbarian Within
Metafilter: Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentation of their women.
MetaFilter: You too can play comment wars.
Metafilter: Chimpy McAwol.
Metafilter: Don't forget to try the fetus fajitas.
MetaFilter: Words MEAN THINGS.
metafilter: none of your fucking business
MetaFilter: this thread makes me want to dry-heave, cough up nuclear vomit and drive my fucking head against a wall.
MetaFilter: Getting With The Pogrom.
MetaFilter: Like, Whatever, It's Your Life.
Metafilter: Whatever, it's your life
Metafilter: The tolerant pacifists are ready to swing fists
MetaFilter: The other side of the Fark coin.
MetaFilter: Sometimes, people need to just FIGHT and get it over with.
Metafilter: Best of the Hemp
Metafilter: Fuckin' Hippies.
Metafilter: The Almost Decent of the Web.
MetaFilter: Forward this to all your friends NOW!!!!!
Metafilter: life sucks
Metafilter: I am such a lonely geek that I post here.
MetaFilter: It's like watching a train wreck, except after the accident, all the onlookers storm the train and begin beating the survivors.
MetaFilter: using noise to cancel out noise
Metafilter: Inside is the god of blood, Hakkar
Metafilter: The Sumbitch still think he is white
Metafilter: Fuck the moon!
MetaFilter: Who are these people, and why should I care?
Metafilter: preview, then post.
Metafilter: Stupid Monoculture.
Metafilter: Mushy and Sweet.
MetaFilter: the holy shit apocalypse.
Metafilter: It would be an absolutely bulletproof theory, but for the...
Metafilter: Let the stupidity fill your sails
MetaFilter: This seems pretty cool, except that the whole "membership" thing is harshing my mellow.
Metafilter: may very well be the result of those two kinds of assholes coming into direct contact
Metafilter: vengeful wind fetuses and then a giant Rita phallus
Metafilter: Smoke if ya got 'em.
Metafilter: Does me a world of good, flushes the lymphatic system, releases pent up self hatred.
Metafilter: What's wrong with the occasional punch in the face?
Metafilter: the larva that gets its wings from an innocent carcass at the roadside.
Metafilter: although the post page appears to be setup to post a single link, we require at least two links.
Metafilter: although the post page appears to be setup to post a single link, we require at least two links.
Metafilter: please pardon me for fooling with the format of this in-joke.
Metafilter: God says its okay so get over here and pull your pants down.
MetaFilter: Enjoyable, but there is no mystery.
MetaFilter: I was one just like it yesterday on MetaChat!
Metafilter: You can shit on a dime.
MetaFilter: the development of a Giant Space Fetus.
Metafilter: Is like this and I protect its people from the anti-social elements!
MetaFilter: thin skinned liberal asshats
METAFILTER: Your Reductive Demogogery!
Metafilter: Christianity:
Metafilter: Landover is a parody site
MetaFilter: just pure, unadulterated, pants-shitting asshatery of the drunken-uncle variety
Metafilter: I joined the Army because I wanted to kill something.
MetaFilter: like reading a book covered in vaseline.
Metafilter: dolphins with blow guns will shit themselves
MetaFilter: Dribbling drool means a fight is on the way.
MetaFilter: tail-spinning, shit-flinging
Metafilter: I can't believe anyone has the energy to get righteously upset over piddling shit like this
Metafilter: Fear Fear Fear Fear Sex Fear!
Metafilter: unconstitutionally vague.
MetaFilter: we all save the world everyday, don't we?
Metafilter: Where three people correct your joke math before anyone bothers to make the inevitable annus/anus joke.
Metafilter: One of the many places you cannot get to in this world by choosing.
Metafilter: Theyre All Dicks
Metafilter: "... having such a big penis does have one drawback: it seems that co-ordinating eight legs, two feeding tentacles and a huge penis, whilst fending off an irate female, is a bit too much to ask ..."
Metafilter: We're gonna need a bigger ship....
Metafilter: completely illegible
MetaFilter: wheedly-wheedly-whee
Metafilter: ??????????????
MetaFilter: Jesus is always better on meth.
Metafilter: I think it has to do with hope and shit.
MetaFilter: Utterly pointless, but nifty.
Metafilter: why the stupid fucking monster comes out from nowhere and eats my main guy.
Metafilter: This is where baby snow monsters come from
Metafilter: *SHUN!*
Metafilter: Michael and Kate's Beach Dance Party.
Metafilter: Fw: Fw: Fw: Best of my inbox circa 1994!
Metafilter: Bush deserves to get raped to death by a pack of gay baboons on viagra and ecstasy.
Metafilter: spread the disease.
MetaFilter: Better Living Through Finger-Pointing!
Metafilter: I love you.
Metafilter: One strawberry tart (without so much rat in it) later... "Disgusting". "Oh, you're always complaining!"
Metafilter: Describe to me immediately how to go to Seasame Street.
MetaFilter: Show Me On The Doll How You Got To Sesame Street.
MetaFilter: Show Me On The Doll How You Got To Sesame Street."
Metafilter: turning ear-kissing arguments into news from abroad.
MetaFilter: Show Me On The Doll How You Got To Sesame Street."
Metafilter: an exclusionary institution, populated by society's elite teh int0rnet's l33t.
Metafilter: I figured if matt wanted to delete it, he would.
Metafilter: Double, double toil and trouble.
Metafilter: Crazy is best when it is fresh out of the oven.
MetaFilter: Bayonet Bad, Shovel Good.
MetaFilter: it builds up to a mega guitar freakout.
MetaFilter: I probably wouldn't mention my bunghole.
MetaFilter: "?
Metafilter:changing the world one damn pixel at a time.
Metafilter: Pairing the allure of faux suede with the elegance of embroidered swirl detailing.
Metafilter: Think inside the bottle.
MetaFilter: And a little namecalling, just for good measure.
MetaFilter: I don't really give half-a-rats-ass what you believe as long as you keep it to yourself.
MetaFilter: Oh well
Metafilter: Jesus, LOL
Metafilter: hastily strung together bits of blather framed as a potent political statement.
Metafilter: Full of fat, wage-earning crybabies
Metafilter: If you want it done and didn't mind having thousands of people die, you could get just about anything accomplished.
MetaFilter: hive-mind-sanctioned electro-gruel.
Metafilter: Google Apple
Metafilter: When pain of action is less than the pain of inaction, its go time.
Metafilter: it's a charmed quark.
MetaFilter: was the puckered anus really necessary?
Metafilter: I must have been a cloth-eared idiot
Metafilter: By clicking No, did you really mean to click Yes?
Metafilter: we see dead people.
Metafilter: where the cool, and only apparently cool, are vetted.
Metafilter: This is fun. Suck it, haters!
Metafilter: You don't take a drug and go 'Mmm, rabbits'
Metafilter: highest-profile American-based touring bellydance troupe around
Metafilter: makes me want to burn down rainforests and shoot guns.
MetaFilter: everyone read homunculus' link
Metafilter: I come here for the boingboing links.
Metafilter: An unfisted ass.
Metafilter: Are you really so lost that you can't put (1) Mention of VPN + (2) A Server Address + (3) A Username + (4) A Password = Free VPN together?
Metafilter: The bleeding edge of internet memedom.
Metafilter: You are obliged to distinguish yourself from the heretics and the corrupted and must not resemble them in anything.
Metafilter: A Tradition of Heritage
Metafilter: at least it's an ethos
Metafilter: that warm stream down the back of my neck.
Metafilter: it is not permissible to stand and urinate.
MetaFilter: I wasn't very impressed either by the nudes or the corpses.
Metafilter: assuming that everyone has followed the updates religiously, that's 100 users. Way to go!
metafilter: the bizarre symmetrical "finger"
Metafilter: Sure we'll post your out of context press release.
Metafilter: Ain't but two straight girls, and both of them ugly!
Metafilter: No wonder your behind is bleedin'
Metafilter: That thing ain't got no feelin' in it!
MetaFilter: it takes a screw and a nut!
MetaFilter: $TAGLINE.
Metafilter: [inaudible - coughing]
metafilter: always has a sketchbook in which he never stops doodling with dayglo magic markers, even though he himself is color blind.
Metafilter: "regurgitating your own links is sort of weird."
Metafilter: "regurgitating your own links is sort of weird."
Metafilter: You forget who you are.
MetaFilter: The anal penetration seemed rather incongruous.
MetaFilter: get a room.
Metafilter: inferring explosions
Metafilter: I have not been rocked.
Metafilter: His willy in another dude's crap hole.
Metafilter: His willy in another dude's crap hole."
metafilter: insert one liner about MC Hammer here
Metafilter: Now with 100% Pure Steven Seagal Juice
Metafilter: We all know what the blue and white means.
MetaFilter: Destroying Christmas.
Metafilter: His willy in another dude's crap hole.
Metafilter: you know it's time to sit down.
MetaFilter: the Jews, damnit
MetaFilter: I was very much disturbed when I found young children killing each other. I think that anyone with a conscience would agree with me.
MetaFilter: Like Sneezing, only much more beautiful...
metafilter: pointing at their navels and saying "swoosh"
Metafilter: Worst euphemism for sex ever.
Metafilter: Thanks for giving me a good reason to stop using the internet today.
Metafilter: where genre-preservation is treasured above all else.
MetaFilter: Veterans speak up......turdboys....shutup
Metafilter: Going to the Dogs Since Day 1. But he hasn't been graced with his own post before.
MetaFilter: Hurricanes and guys being banged to death by horses.
Metafilter: look over their shoulder at gaping anus porn.
MetaFilter: This is the MetaFilter I hate.
Metafilter: Hold at crotch level.
MetaFilter: badde mooder-swyver!
MetaFilter: it benefits the word lickspittle.
Metafilter: I just stumpled upon this while browsing
Metafilter: Was it worth it all it?
Metafilter: Brown and foreign
MetaFilter: featured at the Tulsa State Fair, as one their annual butter scultpures
Metafilter: pedantry is fun! couldn't resist.
Metafilter: It has interesting discourse, but no boobies.
Metafilter: A funny idea that deserves better execution
Metafilter: like eating filthy dead meat in the desert
Metafilter: [...]" line)
metafilter: ridiculously biased towards homos.
Metafilter: I just have nothing else to do right now, so I had to say *something*.
Metafilter: You are all haters. And you are wack.
Metafilter: sucks donkeyballs.
Metafilter: You will smell and feel a lot of things the movies didn't warn you about.
Metafilter: I owe a cock to Asclepius
MetaFilter: drooling for blood on this thing
Metafilter: Yes, it's entirely safe for work, unless your workplace forbids quirky charm
MetaFilter: I love that one eye sucks and the other blows!
MetaFilter: He who smelt it dealt it.
MetaFilter: What a hoot!
Metafilter: A barrage of concrete dildos.
Metafilter: How many times can we jump the shark?
Metafilter: The vast Mormon underground network.
Metafilter: You'll be craving red and a hammer.
Metafilter: An endless repository of unfounded nutty claims and shrill defenses for those claims.
Metafilter: An endless repository of unfounded nutty claims and shrill defenses for those claims."
Metafilter: profoundly nutty"
Metafilter: Your perspicacity on my acumen.
Metafilter: the miracle of authenticity!
Metafilter: Trust me - I've been in the church all my life.
Metafilter: If you're confused about it, that may mean you understand it
Metafilter: Actually, you're better off not knowing.
Metafilter: Informed debate.
Metafilter: Eclectic site where you can debate the merits of the war in Iraq
Metafilter: godwinned already!
Metafilter: Teh Snark.)
metafilter: i just type whatever bonaldi types in really.
Metafilter: You oughta understand a little bit about procedures around here.
Metafilter: The Musical would kick ass.
MetaFilter: the organ can't sing with that many pipes that long without running out of air.
Metafilter: poka! poka! poka! ... mommy!!!
Metafilter: Siamese twins strip naked and chase a plucked chicken around a manger scene sculpted from Spam while a midget in a tutu sings "Cocaine" and a frog in a little pink scuba suit hops from a bungy cord onto a spinning turntable making the needle jump on a scratchy recording of the Grateful Dead singing "Casey Jones", when suddenly, Pat Robertson swings in dressed like tarzan, punches the Siamese twins out, and snorts coke off their unconscious bodies, then pierces his tongue with a letter opener and keeps yelling "tint, tint". It's kind of weird.
MetaFilter: You must have patients to catch a fly with copsticks.
Metafilter: chock full of "anvil-from-the-sky" moments.
Metafilter: You finally got to me, fuckers. Good Job.
MetaFilter: I’m hoping that a totally fucking offensive message will spur you into action, as I see no indication anyone is reading these messages.
Metafilter: Fatty McFatster's from Fatvill - it ain't your fault.
MetaFilter: Very, very fresh crabcakes.
Metafilter: Like scurvy, but louder.
metafilter: unbrisantly detonate, and the fugue thread is thataway.
MetaFilter: that five-dollar better-than-nothing moron-filter.
Metafilter: I was writing about those balls.
Metafilter: Fiddling with each other's diddles.
Metafilter: You illegitimate atheist.
Metafilter: Verbal Signals of Genetic Quality
Metafilter: _____" lines that are suggested in various threads? That would make a hilarious page.)
MetaFilter: minty bum piss with just a hint of ass.
Metafilter: This is a very slipshod post, but it's nice to see some emthusiasm...
MetaFilter: Defining the terms of resistence for oppressed peoples.
Metafilter: Do what I say, ignorant fucktards
Metafilter: fruity, soft and pleasant
MetaFilter: Just Standing Up For The Little Man.
Metafilter: Love the Orwell and Costello routine.
Metafilter: Bringing Fark-grade discussion to the Big Questions - since late 2005.
Metafilter: Bringing Fark-grade discussion to the Big Questions - since late 2005.
Metafilter: ...." in-joke requires that the tagline be something said within a thread. If you are going try to be "in," make sure you do it right. It's like doing the elephant walk wrong in a fraternity.
Metafilter: a flacid quivering Chomskyhole.
Metafilter: bitter, sarcastic sniping in meat-hats
Metafilter: You learn something new every day.
Metafilter: What a nice waste of time.
MetaFilter: It's probably the bovine semen.
Metafilter: Just because I found it exciting doesn't mean I was rubbing my 5500 rpm cock.
Metafilter: Please, make a contribution instead of a closed argument with no relevance and no explanation.
Metafilter: it's like [...] stroking a 5500 RPM Righteousness boner
Metafilter: I'm less and less young every day. (And yeah, "loquacious" you are, not that that's a bad thing in that example.)
Metafilter: The Movie - Creepy Diners Inhabited by Diners Diverse and Loquacious Who Find, Share, and Debate the Best of the Web Yet Find the Time to Twitter Over Politics?
Metafilter: more nudity, and some moaning.
Metafilter: As simple as possible, but no simpler
MetaFilter: Baa Baaa Baaaaaaa
Metafilter: can't tell which is Fark
Metafilter: It didn't suck, but I didn't get all the critical raves.
Metafilter:... " slogan, and make a *heads off to make popcorn* comment in your next three comments - you will hit for the cycle!
MetaFilter: your buddy Sodomite Hussein. yada yada yada ya' ad nauseum
Metafilter: Your blog is my blog too
Metafilter: it's like dropping a kitten in a pirhana tank...
Metafilter: jonmc is tired of hearing about the shit you sheep enjoy
Metafilter: MiHail is pretty stupid
Metafilter: Lurking is hard.
MetaFilter: what the hell! I'm posting it anyway!
Metafilter: because he was a fun guy
MetaFilter: F*ck Sony
MetaFilter: Fuck Sony
MetaFilter: Fuck Sony! Fuck it right in the ear!
Metafilter: Fool! That word is biotech. Why you gotta be ignorant all your life?
metafilter: I reverently fellate you while holding back tears.
Metafilter: licking the back door of the bus
MetaFilter: I am very old and partially senile
Metafilter: There are other dictators, and we should take them out, too.
Metafilter: Refute without resorting to monkeys.
Metafilter: There are other dictators, and we should take them out, too, unless the president is a democrat, and those dictators happen to be serbian.
MetaFilter: You're a hat.
MetaFilter: Igonrami!
MetaFilter: This topic should be phat.
Metafilter: All gone to pot (pass the cheetos)
MetaFilter: making your everyday decisions seem more significant than they are.
Metafilter: a state not full of weevils
MetaFilter: it should be turned into a pancake and the cat should snatch it!
Metafilter: Whump, whine,whump/ whump, grind, groan
Metafilter: Baby Jesus would shit if he saw this.
Metafilter: only one or two surgeons can even manage it.
Metafilter: japanese food blog
Metafilter: Now I'm going to have to go find that pickle!
MetaFilter: Hitler, baby eating, niggahs, Stalin, Elton John, and Fark.
Metafilter: Jeezy? Fo' Sheezy? Pleezy
Metafilter: Void of any quantum of bravery.
Metafilter: dense and bullet-like
Metafilter: Calling you out on things we thought you did, but you really didn't do them. But we'll call you out anyways.
MetaFilter: What is it going to take for you to delete his account?
Metafilter: No one listens to me :(...
MetaFilter: Please read carefully and then condemn.
MetaFilter: Nak--- oh, forget it.
Metafilter: HOW DARE YOU!
Metafilter: You fucking shit for brains idiot.
Metafilter: Please remove this comment too.
MetaFilter: Whatever comments and as the latter comments are lying in the operating room corridor on a gurney on a ventilator braindead ccomatose organ donor dumb, that is lame indeed. Furthermore. And that's enough more keystrokes wasted.
Metafilter: Not merely bad, but unpleasant in a hostile way.
Metafilter: sensational, yet blog-worthy."
Metafilter: Sliding downwards on a rope of mucus
MetaFilter: Manos, you're a fuckwit.
MetaFilter: Somebody's a fuckwit.
Metafilter: needs less of that garbage.
Metafilter: You might as well talk to Dick Cheney's hand
Metafilter: will kill everything you love.
Metafilter: a Few Feet Short of the Mountaintop!
Metafilter: It's better than sex; not as awesome as coping.
MetaFilter: It's always meme meme meme with you people.
MetaFilter: Will these classic candymen get out of this delicious dilemma?
Metafilter: I'm NOT so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something
metafilter: horses' asses for viewing by everyone
MetaFilter: Horses' asses.
Metafilter: Equus Anus
MetaFilter: random stuff and posting pictures of pony vagainas
Metafilter: All you ever really wanted to know about something we all already know plenty about.
Metafilter: Hardly a piece of logical reasoning you'd put to a 12 year old.
Metafilter: An empty can of Pringles potato chips, two latex rubber gloves, two foam sponges, two electrical-cable ties, and lube.
Metafilter: That juvenile crap.
MetaFilter: It might give you the biggest orgasm ever!
MetaFilter: a bunch of 18 year old experts in "sex"
MetaFilter: designed for 15 year old boys
MetaFilter: i got a broke penis
Metafilter: your Flash masturbation resource
Metafilter: Whew. Ok, it's out of my system now.
MetaFilter: It's about the links.
Metafilter: Pulling your wangs for a while
Metafilter: the siren song sizzle of the sausages
MetaFilter: a UFO cult in a half-assed 'news' wrapper.
MetaFilter: A bucolic Rainbow Coalition lovefest on LSD-Viagra cocktails.
Metafilter: the orangutan's effulgent orange ass.
metafilter: It isn't best of the web yet, but it's going to be. When it actually happens.)
MetaFilter: It is the one drawback of fellatio...
Metafilter: Like Zoro.
metafilter: don't let it sit next to you
Metafilter: He is seen to display in the box.
MetaFilter: "If you're too huggy-kissy with them, a male who has not been castrated can turn on you."
Metafilter: The Simpsons hasn't been funny for nine years." But I really don't want to insult Metafilter's collective credibility that severely.
Metafilter: Because bitching about FPPs is totally cool.
Metafilter: The Simpsons stopped being cool before we were born.
MetaFilter: because striking an ironic pose bitching about people complaining about FPPs is totally the coolest.
Metafilter: Yes, filled with pot.
MetaFilter: The darkest bulb upon the tree.
Metafilter: Merry Christmas, Niggaz!
MetaFilter: K.I.T.D.F.O.H.S.
Metafilter: Most Inoffensive Of The Web(TM).
MetaFilter: Doesn't suck. You do.
Metafilter: Want more? Check Google.
Metafilter: we fall in love with our hunches
Metafilter: like a three year old discovering his own mind.
MetaFilter: hey, it was good enough for BoingBoing!
Metafilter: Beep! Beep! Zap! Beep! Zap! Beep! Zap! Beeep!! Zaaap!!
Metafilter: No one is paying you for your gratuitous opinions about other people.
Metafilter: Do we have to explain the punchline?
MetaFilter: I contributed absolutely nothing to this post, I guess I will head over to fark now.
Metafilter:" I add something to this thread.
Metafilter: Attempt at droll humor in the form of a pithy jab fails miserably.
Metafilter: it certainly doesn't bear that hallmark of instinctive behavior that mere humping does.
MetaFilter: Potentially NSFW, involves strapons.
Metafilter: Apperantly it totaly sucks
Metafilter: I want to fuck your couch.
Metafilter: yes
Metafilter: id hate to be one of those peeps
metafilter: The more I see, the more I realize how little I know
Metafilter: sacred cow gets punched, poke at the monkey, order buffalo wings.
Metafilter: there is little point in future conversation.
MetaFilter: But of course, I wasn't there, so I don't really know.
MetaFilter: I'm dumb enough to make a stupid argument that I have no qualification to make.
Metafilter: it's not yer momma mind fuck ! it's YOURS !
Metafilter: even with springs
Metafilter: I paid $5 to join a blazecock pileon
Metafilter: We're all going to die.
MetaFilter: I would link to the article but my hair is beginning to fall out in clumps.
MetaFilter: the browneye too close to milady's hoo-ha.
MetaFilter: Written with the blood of children.
Metafilter: Sign me up for the dancing and looking pretty major
MetaFilter: We assemble into large crowds of people on occasion.
Metafilter: Just like what I thought a pub would be, only gayer
Metafilter: Your favorite website sucks.
MetaFilter: Way too many links
Metafilter: click my colon
Metafilter: More white swans for the white swan camp.
MetaFilter: Meta-wasting your own time
Metafilter: The Movie?
Metafilter: The Movie?"
Metafilter: The Movie what character should I play?
metafilter: pick a fucking side, you pansy.
Metafilter: a pilot that use many old and new honda vehicles
Metafilter: will attempt to revolutionise the way consumers gasp at attempts to revolutionise the way consumers use the Internet to buy watches.
Metafilter: stroll quietly with the liking of the headings by selecting the categories using the button-images located in top of page
MetaFilter: you are a charming freak and not relevant.
MetaFilter: Euphemistically defecatory
Metafilter: A 5-liter V12 dual-turboed oil burner.
Metafilter: Welcome our giant gestalt head overlords!
Metafilter: Think Finding Nemo. But with decapitated heads.
MetaFilter: I knew that was coming.
Metafilter: intellectual honesty is for sissies.
MetaFilter: I was disagreeing with Kant
Metafilter: intellectual honesty is for sissies.”
Metafilter: like a shelled hemorrhage.
Metafilter: metabolic waste product
metafilter: someone hook us up the bomb
MetaFilter: the most muscular man California has put to death.
MetaFilter: recursive russian doll, barbershop mirror effect attempts at snarky "edgy" attempts at meta smartass sarcastic humor. It's awesome.
Metafilter: Heh... lets not do this again, shall we?
Metafilter: funny in bulk.
Metafilter: the lowly and bedraggled donkey
Metafilter: It will retroactively destroyed your entire childhood
Metafilter: All Your Tagline Are Belonged To Us
MetaFilter: Wow. It's like Bush just got cock-punched.
Metafilter: Shit in your pants - for old times sake.
Metafilter: These aren't Japanese-designed super-potties.
Metafilter: like the sewers of Calcutta after an outbreak of dysentery.
Metafilter:wait 75 minutes to bring out the big monkey
Metafilter: a depraved pagan ritual that involves doing horrible things to Christians
MetaFilter: Don't give up the day job.
metafilter: there's you guys who read f.i. Hamsun.
Metafilter: Today we have penis cozies.
Metafilter: where crooks park ass in
Metafilter: the other other.... Oh, never mind.
Metafilter: It is not big enough to be as impressive as I might want, and is rather short on knobs, but I can talk fast enough to make up the difference.
Metafilter: WE HATE THE ELDERLY. And children.
Metafilter: For when you really want to karao-- ah, nevermind...
Metafilter: Been Pimps to our own Wives
Metafilter: Satisfies better in
Metafilter: I'm not involved in the circle jerk and I don't give a flying fuck.
Metafilter: Where's the leap?
Metafilter: Perhaps a generation or two of kooks has to die off and we can come back to greatness.
Metafilter: Of course, all bets are off if elephants could jump.
Metafilter: anyone you don't agree with who is clever and tenacious enough to take on your bullshit.
metafilter: fair and balanced
MetaFilter: manufactured controversy
Metafilter: Shamelessly egotistical Buddhists.
Metafilter: stop posting stupid comments and get on to a new link...asshole
Metafilter: Trollish-Americans
Metafilter: We are here on Earth to hedonistically pleasure ourselves
Metafilter: We are here on Earth to hedonistically pleasure ourselves
MetaFilter: "the vinceable idiots die off early"
Metafilter: like being flattened front-to-back, like a radioactive pancake whizzing past vertically.
MetaFilter: Traveling through a turducken at the speed of light.
Metafilter: Now with more death porn and 10% fewer imbeciles!
Metafilter: We fuckin' won.
MetaFilter: No, wait, it is the right thread. I think.
Metafilter: Far less attractive than the lower extremities
Metafilter: wtf, geeks?
Metafilter: Sweet pogoing Christ wearing titty tassles on a trampoline (loquacious indeed!)
Metafilter: Blogging left the building ages ago.
Metafilter: Art and poetry on the fly ripped right out of the crumbling asphalt because there isn't anything else to work with. Food bearing gardens. Wise old grandmas dispensing wisdom like fountains to all comers. The crazy, dirty homeless guy down by the liqour store spouting philosophy to beat Derrida and Camus. All pulsating together in an intricate dance so refined and sultry it'd make you weep to even know it existed.
Metafilter: no idea is too stupid
MetaFilter: It is a moebius strip up in this place.
Metafilter: free-for-all where you fight to get your message heard.
Metafilter: Manifestos of Forbidden Truths.
MetaFilter: Insane, evil, perverse beyond all measure
MetaFilter: eating the day-old crusty rice at the bottom of the pan after eating a $500 meal at benihana and fucking devon aoki.
Metafilter:Who did you think wrote the Florida Constitution?
Metafilter: It's not Shakespere, or even Duckman.
MetaFilter: the new Reader's Digest?
Metafilter: 26434 members and your FPP better be germane to all of us, look at me, I can whine and complain.
MetaFilter: Spare me your knownothing assumptions and ability to google you cold cuntful of piss.
Metafilter: The Voltron of Stupid
Metafilter: Making fallacies of presumption
Metafilter: Inferring the inconsequential
MetaFilter: You can't prove me wrong, so stop telling me you can prove I'm wrong
MetaFilter: Read more. Or some of it.
Metafilter: taking a dump on the floor.
metafilter: I have become Slashdot, destroyer of sites
MetaFilter: We're All Going To Hell, Now
Metafilter: a katamari-like clump of douchebaggery that flies into the sun.
Metafilter: common scolds?
Metafilter: it's nothing more than a pose.
MetaFilter: It strikes me as pretentious and insidery, but maybe that's just me.")
MetaFilter: Our turds arrive green and sentient.
Metafilter: It's just the Internet, for God's sake. It's nothing important.
MetaFilter: It's just the Internet, for God's sake.
Metafilter: I don't know how four years of bantering back and forth led to this insane nonsense
MetaFilter: Open source livestock.
MetaFilter: 90% of the statistics on MeFi are crap.
MetaFilter: Far better if it came with a remote-slap-the-user protocol.
Metafilter: The grotesque result of Veronica breeding with Moose.
Metafilter: "WE'RE ALL ONE OR NONE!"
MetaFilter: Dynamically vacuous.
MetaFilter: I must not be so poop.
Metafilter: Doesn't help matters very much.
Metafilter: Please disenthrall yourself before entering...
metafilter: troops of apes, with pecking orders
MetaFilter: an anal probe for Andrew.
Metafilter: If a post does not support my worldview it sucks
Metafilter: Assorted Chocolates
Metafilter: starts out Fark and ends with a tale from the heart
Metafilter: xxx" taglines from this group of comments.
Metafilter: Pretty much unchanged from Ancient Atlantean flatulence.
MetaFilter: It's just a way for them to generate a high-traffic content site without having to spend money generating the content.
Metafilter: a kinky fetish for tampons and hookers.
Metafilter: a billion more flash games featuring Panzo the panda.
Metafilter: I'm surrounded by Assholes!
MetaFilter: Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Metafilter: like axe murdering a... woah, man, are those fritos?
Metafilter: way smarter than your average Mensa meeting.
Metafilter: It had literally blown his mind.
Metafilter: right wing free love
Metafilter: I will simply destroy your package.
Metafilter: ‘Cause there’s a gun to your head to read the links.
MetaFilter: Anybody up for some ruthless self reflection?
Metafilter: one big internet group hug with nuclear arms.
Metafilter: This is no place for the impatient turnpike hot-rodder
Metafilter: never realized that such a bullshit story could get so many liberals into a circle jerk.
MetaFilter: Great Balls of Burning Mouse
Metafilter: self-obsessed, smarmy, an order of magnitude less intelligent and amusing than they believe themselves to be, but not wholly unentertaining </obligatory>
Metafilter: Big balls are the shotgun
Metafilter: They also have a massive social welfare system setup in addition to their terrorist organization.
Metafilter: fuck you, you elitist asshole
Metafilter: Not a real theological debate.
MetaFilter: No good deed goes unpunished.
MetaFilter: I will self link just to ensure that the account is deleted.
Metafilter: Theres just no way of pleasing it sometimes.
MetaFilter: Buddy, this is the internet. We're all here to argue.
MetaFilter: So Totally Better Than jonmc's High School
Metafilter: there is no cultural bias this time?)
Metafilter: still too "Christian" for you.
MetaFilter: a batshit orgy of self-Godwinisation
Metafilter: still too "Christian" for you.
Metafilter: Let us help you exceed your bandwith!"
MetaFilter: That commie datafuck.
Metafilter: chrisofascist idea of theocracy
Metafilter:If the shoes don't fit, you don't have to wear it.
MetaFilter: people would be running around the streets on fire, falling over, and getting ridiculed and shat upon by passersby. Egalitarianism has to make way for reality from time to time. I know it's difficult, just take a few deep breaths.
Metafilter: Because Pagans are the new Black.
metafilter: all-too-virulent
Metafilter: "Suck it" is the new "I for one welcome our new yadda yadda overlords..."
MetaFilter: everyone will be hated for fifteen minutes.
MetaFilter: Lose control of your bowels and shit yourself.
Metafilter: beejers without a little quid pro quo
Metafilter: our children will be brought up as morons, that will learn nothing but hate and will never have them home with us, which they would be better off.
MetaFilter: just an unsatisfying fumble in the dark.
MetaFilter: Blowjobs are not 'hard core'
Metafilter: A set of boilerplate phrases stuck together in standard order.
Metafilter: This Post Sucks" check.
Metafilter: Same Fark links, slightly smarter commentary
MetaFilter: hotter and more pre-pubescent
Metafilter:Yeah, I'll get right on that.
Metafilter: We report; you deride.
Metafilter: suck it, dictionaries.
Metafilter: You hases no company to measure!
Metafilter: Instead of sai and katana we have pedantry and snark.
MetaFilter: All Your Heart Are Belong to Us.
Metafilter: This is so dumb I can't breathe
Metafilter: a waste of materials that could be used on something else
Metafilter: If you're so outraged, go start your own blog
Metafilter: Turns the hajji into pink mist.
Metafilter: it's not racism, it's class warfare
metafilter: get off me you crunk-slurping pinko furburger! You smell like bad sex, stale tofu and cheap rosin core solder!
MetaFilter: I am better than your kids.
Metafilter: it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes
Metafilter: you could just keep it in your pants
Metafilter: fat, spoiled, sweaty little troll-men
Metafilter: psuedo-philosophical statements about fucking.
Metafilter: bla bla bla
MetaFilter: Home of the Lynching Parties.
MetaFilter: Navel-to-anus.
MetaFilter: Maybe the bitch was asking for it.
MetaFilter: natural reaction degeneracy and perversion sick shit force of law wife and girlfriend most people always regard sick waffle waffle blah.
Metafilter: Communist Gangster Computer God.
MetaFilter: One of its primary effects is considered to be the vomiting that accompanies the experience.
MetaFilter: you just go numb and stop paying attention after a while.
MetaFilter: Fuck them all.
metafilter: blah blah post
MetaFilter: There will be much spinning of vials!
Metafilter: BoingBoing is one of the most imaginative, provocative, and consistently interesting blogs out there
MetaFilter: I'm not the motherfucking messiah
MetaFilter: It is not Fark.
MetaFilter: Hey, this isn't
Metafilter: Howl honk screech yowza I QUIT!
Metafilter: Cause of the civil war.
MetaFilter: a haiku about whining.
Metafilter: an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, and drive.
Metafilter: "meta and not just half-assed."
Metafilter: all they're capable of is cocking their heads and shitting on the rug.
Metafilter: God some of you are so gratuitously pissy.
Metafilter: I'm not Australian, so I don't really know that much about American government.
Metafilter: Now with remote controlled hyperactive nipples.
Metafilter: Maniacal wielding of a large bladed weapon.
Metafilter: There may be a meme here
Metafilter: A family of motorized pigs
MetaFilter: just like elves, gremlins, and Eskimos.
MetaFilter: fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap
Metafilter: I have eaten many and lived, and sometimes lived happily.
metafilter: teh trifecta of awesomeness
Metafilter: It's more fun to think it's a penis.
MetaFilter: I assure you I am not in need of a lesson in Black wang pigmentation.
MetaFilter: Fucking Icelandic amateurs.
MetaFilter: I wish I could quit you!
Metafilter: A new way to brag about having stuff that other people don't (yet).
Metafilter: spewing gouts of flaming death in its wake
Metafilter: Do not look into thread with remaining good eye.
Metafilter: if you don't agree with me, you're agreeing with the terrorists.
Metafilter: Please continue with the wisecracks.
MetaFilter: Earth bad. Kill now. Jesus come.
MetaFilter: Just pretend I'm saying all the stuff everyone else already said.
Metafilter: Less yowling, more Architecture in Helsinki, please.
Metafilter: Do you have anything but your knee-jerk mock outrage?
metafilter:Rurality Salad, with.....retchup..
Metafilter: I . . . couldn't get past the pathetic narcisism it takes to be truly addicted.
Metafilter: humorless, puritanical Canadian leftists beware.
Metafilter: We're the Darth Vader to the Republicans' Emperor Palpatine.
Metafilter: dried ejaculate caked in her hair must be a fabulous treat!
MetaFilter: "It gives me an orthogonal"
MetaFilter: cocksucking multilating barbarians
Metafilter: They all talked jive. It was hard for me to understand
MetaFilter: No lips-on-the-penis, but a lovely brunch afterwards.
Metafilter: Luca/Nina the Spaz
Metafilter: There's a lot more to it than moving your balls in time.
Metafilter: Whether he knew the song intimately or not, he was moving his balls in time
Metafilter: drowning in fanboy jizz.
Metafilter: the pectoral power to pulverize poofters
Metafilter: the best of not on the web.
MetaFilter: it. Mea culpa.
MetaFilter: just common-whores
Metafilter: the gaze, the voice, excrement, etc.
Metafilter: Post your links for us to piss on.
MetaFilter: Since You're An Asshole (And Rather Dim) I'll Be Leaving The Thread Now
Metafilter: Gently suckling from the teat of a 419 spammer
Metafilter: Your 50,000-watt INTENSIVE CARE UNIT!!!
Metafilter: A giant echo chamber where discourse goes out the window and rants prevail.
Metafilter: link to pictures of male soldiers carrying guns inspires comments about how the soldiers are sexual objects. Hottttt cocks and guns! LOL hurf durf chauvinism! Insert clever drooling emoticon here.
Metafilter: Jump on the WTF Train here.
Metafilter: WANKING
Metafilter: persia is a CIA agent.
MetaFilter: I can't wait until this trend fucking dies
Metafilter: quips and boring-ass arguments from an AOL message board ten years ago
MetaFilter: I've been seeing that stuff on walls and fences in the UK for at least twenty years.
MetaFilter: People who happen to not be working during the day
Metafilter: your favorite anything sucks.
Metafilter: Stone the backbiters!
Metafilter: your favorite anything sucks.
Metafilter: Monkeys with condoms.
Metafilter: If there was ever a family that NEEDED to be cursed, reviled and driven weeping and bleeding into the sea to be scourged from human memory and cursed unto the twenty third generation on some Old Testament who the fuck touched my Ark shit more than the Bush dynasty I have yet to see mention of them anywhere.
Metafilter: vanity and chasing after wind.
MetaFilter: Bloody Virgins For Breakfast.
Metafilter: completely without merit
Metafilter: shrivel and die.
Metafilter: just vent a post full of bile
MetaFilter: Kind of par for the course.
MetaFilter: Priding itself on angry authenticity.
MetaFilter: Politeness is not natural.
MetaFilter: A democratic rebellion against the artifice and artfulness of 18th-century conversation.
MetaFilter: Conversation for its own sake.
Metafilter: one holy shit after another.
Metafilter: Jail........ you will get sick.
MetaFilter: insecure in your manhood
Metafilter: A squibidy entity that flaorgs and horimets and that also vosroofgtrifu.
MetaFilter: Bump-bump-bump-bump-bump-BAMP-bemp
MetaFilter: Finding flow in everyday life
MetaFilter: Everybody covered, from Johnny Upstanding to Filo the Philanderer.
MetaFilter: Sumbody is killed on every page and it is terrible xciting.
Metafilter: The Rest of the Web
MetaFilter: I'm thinking of the aristotelian or spinozistic concept of the universe
Metafilter: premature speculation
Metafilter: premature e-speculation
Metafilter: I have given twelve Mickey-Mouse-movies as a present for the Fhrer at Christmas!
Metafilter: Too early, and you're not going fast enough; too late, and you've gone into a spin.
Metafilter: Stone-aged and primitive
Metafilter: Everything you like we hate
MetaFilter: Water is wet.
MetaFilter: Water is wet.
Metafilter: What a lot of work for such an obviously flawed premise.
metafilter: your favorite web application platform sucks
Metafilter: Your head asplode. Literally!
metafilter: insufferably smug and self-satisfied
MetaFilter: Random schoolyard beatings.
Metafilter: what about the fucking working man
Metafilter: That's not a package - it's luggage!
Metafilter: Ugly yet Cute
Metafilter: You need a thread about insults so as to be vulgar without being self conscious about it.
Metafilter: [1], [2], [3], [4].
Metafilter: Ad hominems in blue.
Metafilter: teaching Americans that you can't drive to Hawaii!
Metafilter: Full Sized Jobbies
Metafilter: Well, fuck, you got me there.
Metafilter: et pluribus unum?
Metafilter: I was just about to go home.
Metafilter: looks like Tina Turner peeing on an electric fence.
Metafilter: The biggest challenge facing the porcine dairy industry
Metafilter: I went so insane I nearly converted to Catholicism.
MetaFilter: no interest in truth, justice or honest debate
MetaFilter: Way to make yourself look like a dumabass.
MetaFilter: This isn't a productive area of discussion.
Metafilter: 108 hours ahead of the rest of the world.
MetaFilter: It may seem frivolous
MetaFilter: WWAtGD?
Metafilter: the ultimate way to unlock the key to maintaining the PHIre of life!
MetaFilter: Like a hammer hits a cataloupe
MetaFilter: not sufficiently prepped by a team of handlers.
MetaFilter: I want a refund :(
MetaFilter: a lot less youngster emo art fag contortions.
Metafilter: a hideous, fire-belching, blood-gurgling demon of indescribable evilness.
MetaFilter: just like sticking stuff up your ass.
MetaFilter: They don't fuck around with their screw tubes.
Metafilter: Melodramatic Monday
Metafilter: Any notion of the simple transmission and reception of messages between individuals is undermined by the over-reliance of language on an overrated logic.
MetaFilter: This should be your link to Death.
MetaFilter: Eyorm paunch pelican.
metafilter: amateur sociolinguistic chav analysis
Metafilter: Suggestion for new Metafilter tag line
Metafilter: new sugestion
Metafilter: no comment from me, i'll leave that to everyone else.
Metafilter: [something witty]
Metafilter: [something not so witty]
MetaFilter: [Wit berating wit]
MetaFilter: Jesus god people these threads are NOT GOOD.
MetaFilter: I think you need to wedge Cthulhu in there somewhere.
MetaFilter: Meta filter.
MetaFilter: Something said earlier in this thread.
Metafilter: Hate must flow freely for the internet to function.
Metafilter: Soothing Deep
MetaFilter: 1, 2, 3. Dude is a freakin' superstar.
Metafilter: lunatics and assholes argue with each other
metafilter: as ghetto as we wannabe
MetaFilter: Everywhere you turn, a penis is staring at you.
MetaFilter: It's been done. Let's move on.
Metafilter: Huh? Huh? How come?
Metafilter: I have bought egg
Metafilter: we rarely stone witches anymore.
Metafilter: "Ja, das is me, Herr BibleDudes."
Metafilter: a perfect storm of bitter assholes
Metafilter: a perfect storm of bitter assholes
Metafilter: Swine penis.
Metafilter: moving the discussion in the correct, namely our, direction.
MetaFilter: The Album. CC-licensed, of course.
Metafilter: 'Cause this is my United States of SHUT UP!
Metafilter: I still stand behind my post, though, irrelevant as it may be.
Metafilter: actual girls?
Metafilter: so many dykes to plug with your typing fingers
Metafilter: $5 says purple is a dude.
Metafilter: So many people whose opinions can be instantly dismissed
MetaFilter: still a bunch of strokers.
Metafilter: Double read this!!!!
Metafilter: If you are afraid your image won't go over well, you are probably right.
Metafilter: Game recognizes game.
Metafilter: The media fabricates stories and meth-amphetamine is bad for your health.
Metafilter: the truthy nuggets of the sublimely informed.
MetaFilter: Also air-breathers, though I don't know their mechanism.
Metafilter: We don't know.
Metafilter: a single operator can bung up to 1200 hogs / hour.
Metafilter: respectful discussions about penile skin flaps.
MetaFilter: high fiving for Hitler
Metafilter: small, functionally illiterate, immoral test pilots.
Metafilter: I keep expecting the tongue to come out as some sort of horrible worm creature, but it never happened.
MetaFilter: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
Metafilter: Tongue sucking makes me cringe.
Metafilter: It is circular and tenuous, but it passes peer review!
Metafilter: as crazy as trousers full of ferrets.
Metafilter: The "spirituality" link is broken.
Metafilter: Wrong!
Metafilter: Ladi ladi la
Metafilter: I'm sure that you've never used induction to formulate a hyperbolic opinion that ultimately cannot be proven.
MetaFilter: it does NOT cause cancer
Metafilter: An unforgettable suspense, mystery drama.
MetaFilter: the crazed, crafty preparation of the ball snatchers.
Metafilter: Broadswords in a motherfuck'n pit.
MetaFilter: Who am I kidding? I am never really going to close the dork tag.
Metafilter: Would I have to be a total loser to understand this post?
Metafilter: loaded with growth hormone, antibiotics and pus.
Metafilter: Your ice cream sucks.
MetaFilter: exploring the quantitative dimensions of arousal
MetaFilter: Check out our breasts, jonson.
Metafilter: words are exchanged, fists are cocked, cocks are fisted.
Metafilter: headache in my balls
MetaFilter: Being recruited as ideological pawns in these staged battles of mawkish archetypical polarities.
MetaFilter: Being recruited as ideological pawns in these staged battles of mawkish archetypical polarities.
metafilter: Anything even remotely funky in the testicular neighborhood.
metafilter: acres of smooth textual womanflesh?
Metafilter: dropped with ball
metafilter: acres of smooth textual womanflesh?"
Metafilter: mild kudos.
MetaFilter: no haircut is safe
Metafilter: The less attractive one is doing a really good job.
Metafilter: Tainted with Teleology
Metafilter: It's the difference in semen stains and blood stains
Metafilter: reflected plums
Metafilter: this place is not a place of honor
Metafilter: Best shunned and left uninhabited.
metafilter: minus the life-wrecking disaster hat
MetaFilter: I'm inclined to agree with a lot of the stuff he says, but I'd rather not jump on board just because of ideological compatability.
metafilter: your favorite os sucks
MetaFilter: enjoy your victory, you simple motherfucker.
Metafilter: Who doesn't enjoy a tanned, athletic penis?
Metafilter: all of the backwash in one room.
MetaFilter: your smug sarcastic tone etc etc
Metafilter: your favorite variable bitrate audio compression technology sucks.
Metafilter: persecuted and tortured to death. Then they moved to Pennsylvania.
Metafilter: I read it for the articles.
Metafilter: which I guess must be some sort of territorial behavior
Metafilter: boy does it piss off the cat.
Metafilter: An AMV made by an acquaintance!
Metafilter: Best of the Web. And kitties.
Metafilter: Why can't I take a dump right on top?
Metafilter: dismissed by its recipients as a rambling philosophical treatise.
Metafilter: They're gonna have to flush twice.
MetaFilter:Deaf culture has taken an interesting twist. Never mind the issue of lesbian's with kids, which is too emotionally charged anyway. What do we make of people that intend to bring about birth defects? the women cannot be sure whether Gauvin is -- as they hope -- deaf.
Metafilter: The dumbest or funniest thing I have read in a long time.
Metafilter: Kinda creepy. Why are so many of them naked?
Metafilter: young people fall away from the principles of their upbringing and into depraved lifestyles
MetaFilter: Hear me for my cause; and be silent, that you may hear.
Metafilter: You make web stuff for us to poop on.
Metafilter: Let's give guns to monkeys.
Metafilter: There must be a euphemism around here somewhere.
Metafilter: Results in increased hair loss.
Metafilter: You're either with us or with the yoga-doers.
Metafilter: know your meat.
Metafilter: Kind of like Israel, but for idiots.
Metafilter: Blast 'em with a shot of icky bio-ooze!
Metafilter: I don't think you have enough years left in your life to atone for the lies you've told in this thread alone. You gonna burn.
Metafilter: resting on its superfluous toes.
Metafilter: now older and sounding like Dad.
Metafilter: you are going to see a lot of people downloading the internet and the website and everything they want
Metafilter: Soon we'll be.. (etc.)
Metafilter: Awesome until the dick in the chicken.
MetaFilter: My fangs are sharp and my eyes are red
Metafilter: Bush brings out the fark in us.
metafilter: snot in the technical sense
metafilter: breast of the web
Metafilter: "Well, I don't know anything about X, but let me tell you about Y."
MetaFilter: Allah is the greatest. Give it to me, give it to me. Allah is the greatest.
Metafilter: the sort of thing that can curdle your man gravy
MetaFilter: a lot of people just talking out of their ass
Metafilter: So the entire purpose of this post is to bash on one guy?
Metafilter: Serial on-field sodomy.
Metafilter: My statement of faith makes people visibly wince.
MetaFilter: group sex by the pool, anyone?
Metafilter: I have a legion of nerds at my disposal prepared to teach you a lesson.
Metafilter: We’ve probably given this bullshit more general circulation than any single other outlet on the internet.
MetaFilter: Holy fuck!
MetaFilter: defend this crappy post.
Metafilter: I wish you'd been born without hands so no one would have to read your stupid posts.
metafilter: a hobby, or at most, a hobby.
Metafilter: At least it's not another 'gay sex at rest stops' expose.
Metafilter: Kicking some real demon butt tonight
Metafilter: running around like a putz = bad.
MetaFilter: I never got no nut shrinkage... They were still the size of eggs.
Metafilter: there's always someone who decides to be a dick
Metafilter: You had it coming you fat whore.
Metafilter: More prone to getting bitch tits.
MetaFilter: Only a noun would verb.
Metafilter: You speak without knowledge.
Metafilter: exploding bathtubs and calling it science
Metafilter: Holy ghost in your slice of toast
Metafilter: So bad, it's actually kind of good.
Metafilter: Just hand over your wallet.
Metafilter: blue smoke and electrical fires in all the right places. It had to be done.
MetaFilter: We have nice things.
MetaFilter: nothing but one big fiesta for illegal aliens and homosexuals.
Metafilter: I think you guys are getting off pretty light with having to scroll your life away.
Metafilter: made my technoweenie hard like rock.
MetaFilter: Allows us to solve the many-body problem.
Metafilter: Pe(t,∆)=P∞(∆) 1−exp − γ(∆)t P∞(∆)
Metafilter: Would make you pop bubblewrap till Doomsday if it ever got its way
metafilter: a colossal waste of time & energy."
Metafilter: Where self-appointed armchair critics take pot shots at artists who are actually qualified to be artists doing artsy things, because it could theoretically screw up their game of US Army Propaganda.
Metafilter: You need to read something that is not tied to your preferred ruling monkey group
Metafilter: Where self-appointed armchair critics take pot shots at artists who are actually qualified to be artists doing artsy things--
Metafilter: antiquities and sexual slaves
Metafilter: the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time
Metafilter: It's not all better sex techniques.
Metafilter: I don't understnad, hope me
Metafilter: Golf courses aren't flat!
Metafilter: rival gangs of elitists snarking at each other.
Metafilter: Self-reinforcing, navel-gazing insularity
Metafilter: The willing bog roll dabbed against the magnified, magnificent cunt we call celebrity.
Metafilter: The next thing I know the cameras are rolling and I've got my shirt off
Metafilter: Always with the smite.
Metafilter: Where do I get a copy of nutjob.css?
MetaFilter: Bacon of the Beast.
metafilter: interesting but not totally a great read
Metafilter: Nobody and I mean nobody cares about cup holders.
Metafilter: Is this supposed to be a joke or something?
MetaFilter: Surprisingly well-written for... oh, forget it.
Metafilter: Looking for a manual lawn-mower in Da Nang.
Metafilter: a little less jokey editorializing on the front page please.......
Metafilter: It's the last scurrilous refuge of the mendacious.
Metafilter: establishmentarian twerps that bray loudly against imagined encroachments against their hegemony in the name of robotic obedience to various sources of authority.
Metafilter: It's not quite as cool if you have to close one eye to see the effect
MetaFilter: 230 penises and one vagina
MetaFilter: small and sickly eyes may glare and gloat.
Metafilter: Fitzmas gave me blue balls.
Metafilter: Fitzmas gave me blue balls.
Metafilter: No Fitzmas made me ejaculate all over myself
Metafilter: What a pointless post.
Metafilter: Fitzmas gave me blue balls.
Metafilter: Turn up Mot the Hoople and dance, boys
Metafilter: Yet another blemish on the already poxed face of America.
Metafilter: Replaced with 5000 Micrograms of LSD.
Metafilter: americans with a sens of humour will laugh at it
Metafilter: americans with a sens of humour will laugh at it
MetaFilter: One big hipster pissing contest.
Metafilter: choke on a bucket of cocks.
MetaFilter: a freakish fascism run by a delusional cult despot god-king.
Metafilter: Only two clicks in til I saw goatse
MetaFilter: If you can't figure out who the sucker in the game is....
Metafilter: You think you get to dictate software development terms to the other 96.5%
Metafilter: one of these "emergencies" which you were only able to survive due to your giant throbbing stick shift.
Metafilter: Whoa nelly, there's a big cloud of smug in this room!
MetaFilter: Ivory tower, pedantic, hey-look-how-erudite-we-are-but-we-still-know-what-"fun"-is.
MetaFilter: Shielding the children from boners since 1999.
Metafilter: What kind of humorless twat are you?
Metafilter: it's gonna get whacked every now and then.
Metafilter: I want my five bucks back.
Metafilter: Nothing but disregard for Anderson Cooper
metafilter: This isn't actually a genuine web site. It's just a joke
Metafilter: You can shut up and like it
MetaFilter: Group sex, performed by various animal puppets.
Metafilter: narcissistic crap and ugliness, trying to pose as cool
Metafilter: narcissistic crap and ugliness, trying to pose as cool
MetaFilter: This is not nearly as sexy as a panda going extinct
MetaFilter: Focusing narrowly on the one or two things we do know and just assuming that's what was important.
MetaFilter: Focusing narrowly on the one or two things we do know and just assuming that's what was important.Clearly, I have missed the important broader philosophical context of this single-link FPP about a bunny rabbit outrunning an airplane.
Metafilter: I guess I'm an artist, too.
Metafilter: Your asses, our boots.
Metafilter: the bonobos appear to have a great timekiller.
Metafilter: The new Stile
Metafilter: these comments seem more fitting on fark
MetaFilter: of those craptastic fad humpathons
Metafilter: it doesn't make you gay, is what I am saying.
MetaFilter: It's not all about the pork.
MetaFilter: Taking a kitty away from a kitty.
Metafilter: There is Good Stuff in the noise.
Metafilter: they are not discussing matters that are personally important
Metafilter: Sometimes you guys are just too easy.
Metafilter: by the time you're 80, you just want to die
Metafilter: My, how cynical and jaded we are.
Metafilter: Sentient Meat
metafilter: the meat the the machine?
Metafilter: Go away. Shut up.
MetaFilter: What is this? Should I click on it?
Metafilter: A ridiculous proportion of posts here are by petulant twats
Metafilter: not nearly the difference you'd expect between a horrific hypothetical snack and a widely advertised, commercially available, ready-to-eat food product.
Metafilter: It presents facts and allows us to think for ourselves.
Metafilter: apologies for our deviant elements.
Metafilter: a tiny hairless mole just left of your anus.
Metafilter: shrill, addicted to psychodrama and the cultivation of outrage, and not very useful or effective.
Metafilter: shrill, addicted to psychodrama and the cultivation of outrage, and not very useful or effective.
Metafilter: no one in the MSM will ever see this nonsense except in the context of mockery.
Metafilter: rally for the faithful.
Metafilter: It's possible to be complex and deep and use big words without also being a jerk about it.
Metafilter: Your favorite band sucks broke up.
MetaFilter: shrill, addicted to psychodrama and the cultivation of outrage, and not very useful or effective. dios's second comment remains.
MetaFilter: your proboscis of concern
Metafilter: I was sooo looking forward to a shoe made of actual flesh.
Metafilter: The best in Unscience.
Metafilter: a couple of over educated soccer moms going at it
Metafilter: Nice bicker grenade, though.
Metafilter: Jesus Christ isn't my personal lord and savior.
Metafilter: with ephemeral, if not often nugatory, results.
Metafilter: The Monthly Newsletter.
Metafilter: The fine line between eating pussy and playing house.
MetaFilter: one big, undifferentiated squatting mass.
Metafilter: This causes fecal stagnation.
metafilter: its getting old.
MetaFilter: The web makes it possible.
Metafilter: Fun, therapeutic and can expel the hard-to-reach feces
metafilter: shut the fuck up you gimp-humping nunshitter
Metafilter: It's not a truck.
MetaFilter: Just Wait for the Idiots To Die Off
Metafilter: As Cheese Is To Thursday
metafilter: authentic.
MetaFilter: rococo melismatic rodomontade
Metafilter: These sabres, they vibrate?
MetaFilter: members bitching and moaning.
Metafilter: Folding you through the 9th dimension.
Metafilter: With only you and what I've found, we'll wear the weary hours down.
Metafilter: Best of the Half-Assed Crackpot Badly Researched Metaphysical Credulous Pap.
MetaFilter: I didn't see any pyroboy but this was interesting
Metafilter: Stuff you saw three days ago everywhere else
metafilter:Viral marketing via outrage.
Metafilter: Stupid and Offensive.
Metafilter: Why is Aimee Mann so angry?
MetaFilter: a hand on the pulse of liberal outrage.
Metafilter: You un-verb that right fucking now.
Metafilter: You do not want to miss getting laid. I promise.
Metafilter: Seldom is one's mind changed on significant issues, and rarer still via an online discussion.
Metafilter: It's the Leopard's Kidneys!
Metafilter: To balance the stupid.
MetaFilter: Diced meat up their asses on thursdays.
MetaFilter: no posts and 4 comments
Metafilter: not the fist up your arse.
Metafilter: You are either singing to the choir, or taunting the enemy.)
MetaFilter: I didn't crash into members of the Tonga royalty
Metafilter: Our front lawn is covered in happy Italians.
Metafilter: I am imagining comments about family, young relatives, goats, and excrement...
Metafilter: twee little graphics and swoopy colours
Metafilter: essentially calling for heads on pikes since 1999.
metafilter: What's the argument here?
MetaFilter: Witty language used to convey insults or scorn
Metafilter: You can hear God laughing, “Swim, you bitches, swim!”
Metafilter: "If you'll notice, I'm kin to myself."
MetaFilter: a fascinating series of Japanese toilet training videos.
MetaFilter: Hilary is going to clinch the nomination and then lose the election in '08.
Metafilter: Where sleep is the new sex and we all have insomnia.
Metafilter: the solarp lexus of the nation.
Metafilter: The 9 without tits.
Metafilter: The 9 with a bunch of dicks.
MetaFilter: "a bunch of self-serving, self-congratulatory niches."
Metafilter: the land of slavering dorks.
MetaFilter: The whole thing is very lazily done.
Metafilter: not cutting any other kinds of fundies slack either!
Metafilter: Not really a snuff portal.
metafilter: you copulated profusely with it's diseased corpse while riding some kind of giant Ferris wheel of shark-jumping, donkey-butt sucking festival of unrelenting crapulence.
Metafilter: too much power and shred, not enough flow and soulride.
MetaFilter: John Fahey - American Primitive Guitar
MetaFilter: I came for the links, I stayed for the catjunk.
Metafilter: The Seven Year Bitch
Metafilter: English, motherfucker. Do you speak its?
Metafilter: I'm by no means a democracy fetishist.
Metafilter: everything even a tiny bit cool is shit.
MetaFilter: It's Hot in the Summertime
Metafilter: We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. We forge our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors. You have our gratitude.
Metafilter: Jesus fuckin' duh on a popsicle stick.
Metafilter: I always root against the heterosexual.
MetaFilter: Fuck of losers.
Metafilter: The world is STUPID.
MetaFilter: a little spanking on their little bottoms, shorts down, bare hand.
MetaFilter: They probably turned into pure energy.
Metafilter: MeFi readers who stand by while this man has sex
MetaFilter: Have FPP, will snark.
Metafilter: Russia's big and so is China
MetaFilter: it is now mandatory that a mefite shit upon each thread
Metafilter: Yes it does, you smarmy fuck.
MetaFilter: Get thee to a nunnery.
Metafilter: Beats the Fuck Out of Tajikistan.
MetaFilter: Just blow warm truth up my ass.
MetaFilter: more than mere pornography with price quotes
Metafilter: when you open up the site to contributions, you are opening up the site to shitty writing.
MetaFilter: how's it feel to be a cowardly, shit-bag, apologist for butchers and murderers?
MetaFilter: Made from tomato-like substances that produce their own pesticides, IN YOU.
MetaFilter: It's not a real ride until someone has tried to kill me
MetaFilter: unfamiliar with the concept of the rhetorical question
Metafilter: what a bunch of pretentious bitches
Metafilter: snark hunts on a nightly basis
Metafilter: snark hunts on a nightly basis
Metafilter: Best of the Web Complaining that my five dollars are worth more than this shit, since 1999 (tm)...
Metafilter: Hot Nerd-on-Nerd Action
Metafilter: full blown people, not mattress holes.
Metafilter: The Cocnept of Search Engines.
Metafilter: Am I fucking wrong?
Metafilter: You're not wrong, you're just an asshole.
Metafilter: OK then.
MetaFilter: Some of these are criminally stupid. Others, pleasantly funny. Odd.
MetaFilter: 97 RSS feed of posts by quonsar posts and 7619 comments
Metafilter: pounding on those pigs until bedtime.
Metafilter: I for one welcome that symbol^ as completely acceptable.
Metafilter: neither creative nor odd
MetaFilter: some esoteric moral higher ground, right?
Metafilter: a temperature above 0 Kelvin
Metafilter: I had no idea it had been robbed by clowns.
Metafilter: They'll kiss you, they'll kill you, you'll know where you stand.
Metafilter: witticism
Metafilter: Non Sequitur Phrase That Sounds Funny But Has Only Tangential Connection to FPP
Metafilter: flashlights fleshlights and dicks.
MetaFilter: Your Favorite Band Is Not a Genius
Metafilter: Retards In Area
MetaFilter: shame on y'all
Metafilter: They paved paradise and put up a snarking lot.
Metafilter: It's not going to be Lord of the Rings, but then, most websites don't have to be.
Metafilter: caused me to poop in my chair
Metafilter: Not to get all jonmc on your ass or anything
Metafilter: keep the humans alive for food.
Metafilter: A complete surprise to the staff.
Metafilter: You know it's there, you can't stand it, but you can't get rid or it.
Metafilter: I hate you, and I hate the band you like!
MetaFilter: falling prey to the Arab propaganda machine.
MetaFilter: falling prey to the Arab propaganda machine.
Metafilter: I'm not a nuclear scientiest ...
MetaFilter: 1.21 Gigawatts: The Power of Love.
MetaFilter: Your favorite eschatology sucks!
MetaFilter: Necrophilia may not be okay.
MetaFilter: Your favorite belief system sucks? lol
Metafilter: Suck it, greatest generation.
Metafilter: trusting the web to Hobo Joe in his Bible Shack to "fix" things
Metafilter: DON'T TOUCH IT.
MetaFilter: You can't take anything said seriously.
Metafilter: If I knew what I was doing, I would have baked a cake.
Metafilter: good and useful, and can survive a bit of pranking. (... just don't tempt Colbert to do it!)
metafilter: from 9/11 to the Nazis in 18 posts.
Metafilter: Different day, same gazebo
MetaFilter: passive aggressive load dumping
Metafilter: Gbalf Xozmn Ram Rqzyk
Metafilter: the horrible and multitudinous jizz-worms of doom.
MetaFilter: Like, things and... things goin' on.
Metafilter: Things and THINGS going on
MetaFilter: Too bad the endless site text is pedantic/satanic/inannic
MetaFilter: some at this site thing this lame
metafilter: lives at home and does not have a girlfriend.
Metafilter: the cushion on the Dipshit Chair
MetaFilter: The empty, soulless, and desperate business of marketing boobs.
Metafilter: We start with a point
Metafilter: the movie!
Metafilter: the movie!
Metafilter: the movie!
Metafilter: As if you've learned something, but you haven't, and most of it is wrong.
Metafilter: Are you people even familiar with Wikipedia?
MetaFilter: Probably hacked by Lamont.
Metafilter: Also, it was the blogofascists!
MetaFilter: the cesspool of unbridled partisanship
MetaFilter: If he only knew to what degree he's boring me!
MetaFilter: Sedating Your Inner Kittycat
MetaFilter: Drinking the WHOLE Frisbee.
Metafilter: that toilet's gettin' a workout, ain'it?
MetaFilter: Many of the intelligent people reading this post will agree with me without hesitation.
Metafilter: My source is the internet from last year
MetaFilter: all talk, no walk.
MetaFilter: is the fat one on the left.
Metafilter: Pitching to Gimpy
Metafilter: Here's a cool dress you can make
Metafilter: no shortage of dickheads. Or guns.
Metafilter: no shortage of dickheads. Or guns."
Metafilter: 8212;and probably did8212;was bound to fail.
Metafilter: a disgustingly overused blue-green transfer look.
Metafilter: all video all the time! Reading's for chumps!
Metafilter: a scandal within the Harry Potter fanfic world; scientists use Harry Potter to teach genetics.
MetaFilter: [what fleacircus said]
Metafilter: I just made a cell phone while applying hair gel to my head. Is this why I am forcefully exploding, or is it the Gatoade? Thanks in advance.
MetaFilter: Flaccid Niggaz.
Metafilter: not in this one either.
MetaFilter: keeping the world safe for bean dip.
MetaFilter: Whistle with disproportionate phallus
Metafilter: Won't somebody please think of the chickens?
MetaFilter: "Wow! 20 centimeters!"
Metafilter: needs a comfy chair, a coffee, and a couple of bong hits.
MetaFilter: This isn't Fark.
Metafilter: Until someone has to go pee.
MetaFilter: All The Guys In Here Are Three-Legged.
Metafilter: Yoking the muse.
Metafilter: It sees through its scenario to a satisfying conclusion.
Metafilter: An Ode to Hitler's Guardian Angel.
Metafilter: Make yourself feel better by making someone else feel worse
Metafilter: Make yourself feel better by making someone else feel worse
MetaFilter: know the rest.
MetaFilter: Roll that s—t, light that s—t, smoke that s—t.
Metafilter: shrieking through their blowholes and listening to the echoes
MetaFilter: probably paying for it anyway
Metafilter: I really can't believe this is a thread on Metafilter.
Metafilter: Not really.
MetaFilter: the sordid world of Internet chatter
MetaFilter: Just Go To YouTube.
Metafilter: Why is there so much of it?
MetaFilter: maybe I just live in a blue fantasyland.
MetaFilter: Mad about Muppets
MetaFilter: Mu.
Metafilter: Something that Robert Plant would use to wipe the sweat off his ass before fucking a goat.
MetaFilter: Lots of annoying commentary. Registration required.
Metafilter: much ado about nothing</preemptive>
MetaFilter: dimwits bullshitting one another.
Metafilter: Two Dudes ...
Metafilter: Thirty-Five Dudes (So Far) Strokin' It
Metafilter: Slack jawed rubes drive around in circles.
MetaFilter: Not Safe For Anyone Who Doesn't Want To See A Monkey Eating His Own Splooge
MetaFilter: Some kind of warning would be nice.
Metafilter: Web of the best.
Metafilter: These urinals are beautiful, but they're also hilarious!
MetaFilter: Policing duality since 1997.
Metafilter: Someone's going to do the tagline thing [...] aren't they
Metafilter: If I don't like something, it must suck.
MetaFilter: this site now officialy sucks?
Metafilter: That was always the best part for me until I lost some hair.
MetaFilter: Easy on the smart.
MetaFilter: It may look striking. But people hate reading it.
MetaFilter: 0 to cocksucker in under a minute.
Metafilter: Yes, it's YouTube. They all are.
metafilter: conclusions that are driven more by their ideology than by evidence.
MetaFilter: acerbic cynicism is the way of things
Metafilter: Generic Manifesto
Metafilter: The real tragedy here is the going price for marijuana.
MetaFilter: I can pretend my black & white viewpoint belongs in the blue & white.
Metafilter: Golly, I can say obvious stuff too!
Metafilter: as jittery -- nevermind.
Metafilter: On the drip.
MetaFilter: As mindblastingly fun as it is to laugh at people
Metafilter: Shut up, Dios.
Metafilter: The kid keeps eating the candy bar even while his throat is being slashed.
MetaFilter: it was a complicated process but, y'know, we'll leave some mystery to that
MetaFilter: Hour after hour of nothing more than people arguing.
Metafilter: I served in a war and not to read asses like you with your crazed remarks.
Metafilter: you are murdering me by tiny increments and I take you out.
Metafilter: It could probably be demolished by a single well-considered Nietzschean epigram.
Metafilter: [PALY]
MetaFilter: I wouldn't be so judgmental, if I were some of you.
Metafilter: You get called out when you're talking out of your ass. Not just on Metafilter
Metafilter: what a joke coming from MetaFilter
Metafilter: even its staunchest supporters admit is a total sausage fest
Metafilter: In short: Go ahead and try it, motherfucker.
Metafilter: Confined to prostitutes and adulteresses
Metafilter: Breaking up home life and the old practice of visiting friends
Metafilter: Trash, chaff, or poison
Metafilter: Gone far to blast maidenhood
Metafilter: Opening the door to dildo prom dresses.
Metafilter: some mystical bullshit mechanism.
Metafilter: Seizing on and analyzing slapdash comments and authoritatively answering rhetorical questions.
MetaFilter: More unimaginable.
MetaFilter: who fucking cares?
metafilter: why the left loses elections.
Metafilter: Going where no snark has gone before
Metafilter: a bunch of angry internet people.
Metafilter: blahblahs" possibilities in the comments alone makes this worthy.
Metafilter: another cynical snark at bloggers!
Metafilter: I will spue thee out of my mouth.
Metafilter: Exposing your ignorance to the rest of the world.
MetaFilter: 50% ads for 'escorts', 20 pages of full-page ads for mediocre music at nightclubs, 15 pages of reviews of okay local bands, 5 pages of theatre reviews, 1 page of a gay guy talking about being gay, four comics, and a half-page of sarcastic commentary on news somewhere near the front.
Metafilter: Your favorite band sucks even more in cross-genre covers.
Metafilter: This thread is depressing.
Metafilter: your favorite band's fans suck.
Metafilter: Your favorite band sucks even more in cross-genre covers.
Metafilter: your favorite band's fans suck.
MetaFilter: you suck
Metafilter: just a bunch of fan wankboy bulldada.
Metafilter: your favorite social system sucks, you capitalist running dog.
Metafilter: 42% English, 38% French, 15% le rest van de UE tonguen und 5% mixed fantasia mots out from Latin, unlikely-old-Greek et mucho rude Italian jurones.
Metafilter: the artistic act is a piratical gesture.
MetaFilter: I imagine you naked.
MetaFilter: Devastated Like Hiroshima
MetaFilter: I wish you would die. Why don't you die?
Metafilter: You should have known that was going to be a lose-lose situation.
Metafilter: Stay-at-home fatladies
MetaFilter: There is no free lunch. We are all doomed.
MetaFilter: mild annoyance to spare
Metafilter: Stabbed In The Chest | Stabbed In The Face | Stabbed In The Leg | Stabbed In The Neck
Metafilter: Instead of briefly offending six people at a meeting, you have the chance to enrage thousands.
Metafilter: you can't tell a dead man to stop feeding his children to fuckin' alligators.
Metafilter: "Please forgive me for being chosen by God."
Metafilter: It's not made by great men.
Metafilter: There's no "I" in "mob-rule."
Metafilter: posted over and over and over again.
Metafilter: trust me, I've tried to teach it.
MetaFilter: cave hermit MY ASS!
MetaFilter: Descriptions are for old people.
Metafilter: you all come out to complain.
Metafilter: I will not take that [free] thing from your hand.
Metafilter: Cortex teaches French to pig; wastes time and annoys pig.
Metafilter: if you’ve come here, you are one of the select few who have achieved a level of sweetness so unmatched, it should be trademarked.
MetaFilter: "churning" its own "butter" since 1999.
Metafilter: "Knock Knock."
Metafilter: "Barack Obama"
Metafilter: "Barack Obama Yo Mama."
Metafilter: pedant patent pending
Metafilter: Hypocrite! This is the most contemptible political trick since the beginning of time. He is blatantly pandering to the kitten vote in November. Where will all this kitty-love go after the elections? You know he is going to veto Lamont's universal health care for cats bill. What about all the Iraqi kitties killed in American air strikes? Impeach Bush now!
Metafilter: Hypocrite!
Metafilter: Hypocrite!
Metafilter: Everything sucks in at least one way, and that way is all that matters.
Metafilter: Getting irked at just about every comment
Metafilter: at best, a colossal waste of time.
Metafilter: Tired Taglines" with a bunny?
Metafilter: If this is the best of the web then I am a horse with a canteloupe for a head.
Metafilter: I'm a sucker multicolored for vertical bars.
Metafilter: Ooh! I get to tell my severed head story!
MetaFilter: YouTube, in German but with moustached rubber ducks.
MetaFilter: That was a stupid comment.
MetaFilter: I totally searched it. With a button.
MetaFilter: The snarky meme.
Metafilter: a veritable lolocaust.
Metafilter: Burma-Shave signs
MetaFilter: home of the surrealistic non-sequitur
Metafilter: I'm not gay or anything, but this video clip makes my penis all confused over Olbermann.
MetaFilter: Like being bitten to death by ducks.
Metafilter: Going Down the Toilet
Metafilter: Remember, if you feel faint or light headed, that means your just not working hard enough.
Metafilter: Balderdash, poppycock, or horsefeathers, or all three?
MetaFilter: black-hearted little shits.
Metafilter: This isn't motherfucking Fark.
Metafilter: They can puff up and shit.
Metafilter: It is our desire to develop and generate the revolving scheme to filter to the consuming public in."
Metafilter: The problem was that the information, gleaned from the Internet, was false.
Metafilter: heart palpitations and other bodily effects above and beyond the ordinary "hey, that tickles!"
Metafilter: Wow!!! Amazingly, web site has become a true technological acheivement.
Metafilter: My goodness, does everyone ' s life revolve inside the internet?
Metafilter: Stop getting your news from the Drudge Report
MetaFilter: 'If there was no stiffy, the prosecution is iffy!'
MetaFilter: It's the kind of crap that comes out of a precocious and moody sixteen year old kid's mouth.
Metafilter: People with vaginas are fucked in the head
Metafilter: We don't march up and down the street demanding anybody be deported for wanting to impale their adult baby on a double-headed butt-plug.
metafilter: sitting in the seat of mockers
Metafilter: Missionary position only, and none of that funny stuff
Metafilter: a cup and some shinguards, and hungry for human flesh
Metafilter: Where Mr. T has been discussed many times before.
Metafilter: Labels. Philosophies. Nouns.
Metafilter: I was just trying for a new Metafilter tagline.
Metafilter: a simulation in the key of irony.
Metafilter: who fucken cares
MetaFilter: nothing but a dream, determination, and millions of loyal, consummate killers riding behind you.
Metafilter: Makes bingley-bingley noises.
Metafilter: Went down to Alabama and stole one of your women, who came back to Canada with it and recently produced a hybrid North American.
MetaFilter: "Watch me take my round, pink pill ...and not care."
Metafilter: who cares what the real story is.
Metafilter: who cares what the real story is.
Metafilter: you guys are certainly a bit harsh on new people to this site.
Metafilter: Why am I even here?
MetaFilter: Shit Sandwich Appetizer.
Metafilter: People being goofballs.
Metafilter: ignore it and it will go away.
Metafilter: the leading provider of YouTube videos of kids lighting farts on fire
Metafilter: Monitoring the dildonic menace since 1999TM
Metafilter: a mix of Shaolin and Street Fighter II
Metafilter: That bunch could fuck up a cup of coffee.
Metafilter: The water does not stop it!
Metafilter: Please do not defecate on our floors
Metafilter: a turd on the sidewalk that everyone has to step around.
MetaFilter: slaughtering chickens or churning butter
Metafilter: skilled gay polyglots
MetaFilter: death, fear, fire
Metafilter: Our society is doing pretty well despite the lack of joined up letters.
MetaFilter: It's not a logical rule (even if it does make light saber like sounds in your head when you use it).
Metafilter: your favorite fantasy land social system sucks
Metafilter: Some folks just enjoy a nice safe rage.
MetaFilter: First prize, yellow cock
Metafilter: nothing here besides pretension, half-witted irony, and some vague anti-capitalist notions
Metafilter: linguistic libertarianism to grammar fascism
Metafilter: "I might have been a billionaire."
Metafilter: blurring the line between serious observation and snarky comment one thread at a time.
MetaFilter: on TV, all you can do is lurk.
Metafilter: Haters of my new girlfriend.
Metafilter: Shit ain't suppossed to make sense and it never will.
Metafilter: Like some Amish kid snorting coke for the first time
metafilter: I love these polyramas
MetaFilter: This discussion sucks. Too many white people
MetaFilter: Not as funny as it used to be.
MetaFilter: Not as funny as it used to be.
Metafilter: fewer cracks for these guys to
Metafilter: The home of intelligent discourse.
MetaFilter: fuck your ilk
MetaFilter: filled up with all kind o' nasty undigested meat and cancer and crap.
Metafilter:..." lines in there...
Metafilter: What special world do you live in where words are defined by the idiosyncratic personal interpretation of their morphological content, not the commonly accepted understanding of the word's denotation?
metafilter: constructed from advanced "metamaterials"
MetaFilter: some kind of hunting lodge for rich weirdos
Metafilter: J150,000 of the smartest, best-trained, smoothest-talking, most culturally-sensitive people in the world, making little difference.
Metafilter: Grabbing fearfully at your crotch
Metafilter: Don't worry, it's just a soybean paste.
MetaFilter: My god, that's a lot of semen.
Metafilter: About a quart.
Metafilter: About a quart low, I'd say.
MetaFilter: that googling guy
Metafilter: neural mainline turned me blue
MetaFilter: blah blah blah ontological.
Metafilter: And then there were five...
Metafilter: the collective fellations of the digerati.
MetaFilter: Warning: Fiddle tunes!
Metafilter: Um....Duh?
Metafilter: to amplify the hatred of the haters."
MetaFilter: Sometimes we have a feeling of complete hopelessness.
Metafilter: Is this to be an empathy test?
MetaFilter: Just another tired trend.
Metafilter: gosh, you've got some really nice toys here.
MetaFilter: finest quality, superior workmanship.
MetaFilter: I'm so happy that was left out.
METAFILTER: I subscribe to all of the same rss feeds you do.
MetaFilter: This bullshit isn't going to stop
Metafilter: Log off and kill yourself.
Metafilter: worthless without before/aft pictures.
Metafilter: The comments can fix crap posts.
Metafilter: Not everything needs a big veiny cock in the middle of it.
Metafilter: Dang, that is good cochicken!
Metafilter: We don't wait no fucking 17 years.
Metafilter: Actually, no, it's not. Actually, yes it is.
Metafilter: the baby Jesus cries and Osama bin Laden lights up a fat doobie comprising the dried organs of dead servicemen!
metafilter: ear bleach
MetaFilter: BOOBIES!
MetaFilter: BOOBIES!
MetaFilter: BOOBIES!
MetaFilter: Elephants are bigger in person!
Metafilter: gasping puss and cheddar
Metafilter: The bust of the web.
metafilter: buttering the Great Cosmic Muffin so you don't have to
Metafilter: About the links, not the discussion.
MetaFilter: uncanny similarities between JFK and Abraham Lincoln!
MetaFilter: Bullshit candybar.
MetaFilter: A Sofa Of Small Birds Who Agree With Lesbians
MetaFilter: This is why I stopped reading MetaFilter.
Metafilter: It produces a lot of useless verbiage, this comment included
MetaFilter: Since 2004, I thought american people are so stupid but know they are just bunch of mother fuckers and also ham
Metafilter: it's the actual physical separation that causes problems.
MetaFilter: Meh.
Metafilter: Even Jesus has a smelly anus.
Metafilter: bending the world to the will of its collective consciousness somehow.
MetaFilter: Simplistic, overbearing crapola.
Metafilter: Just pawn in game of life.
MetaFilter: I'm just kind of amazed we're giving this rather pedestrian event such attention.
Metafilter: Some degree of acidity should be assumed.
MetaFilter: usual load of bitchy bitch here.
Metafilter: somehow that Flash cartoon seemed funnier late last night after a few drinks.
MetaFilter: No Burning Rivers of Lard
MetaFilter: Yearning for freedom and sleeping with whores.
Metafilter: I don't feel that I am a better person for having watched that.
Metafilter: cryptic and porny -who could ask for more?
Metafilter: Your favourite magician sucks.
Metafilter: Guided By Comments
Metafilter: There's a little bit of moron in each and every one of us.
Metafilter: kind of a very, very long cat.
MetaFilter: A lot of people there are extremely upset.
metafilter: your favorite band sucks" snowclone.
Metafilter: I'm not even gonna read the comments, I'm just gonna spout off.
metafilter: some crazy booze-fueled snogfest.
Metafilter: Very Apocalypse-In-A-Cereal-Box
Metafilter: Lame, unless someone explains it to me.
Metafilter: Lame, unless someone explains it to me.
MetaFilter: 44 RSS feed of posts by bardic posts and 3766 comments
MetaFilter: the art of demotivating others.
Metafilter: Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass
MetaFilter: That's what happens when you interrupt the white man, don't you know?
Metafilter: Guilty when found innocent.
MetaFilter: BF Skinner would be proud.
MetaFilter: Man, tough crowd.
MetaFilter: Best Advertising for a Television Show On The Web
MetaFilter: Best Advertising for a Television Show On The Web
Metafilter: Is there one where she has Margaret Thatcher ambling along with the Seven Dwarfs or shall we just chalk that one up to halucinations? : >
Metafilter: The new hotness in the post-hipster Grass-House wave a decade from now, but probably not.
MetaFilter: Vertebrates getting pwnz0red
Metafilter: cancer... it's better than nothing.
MetaFilter: first with breaking news.
Metafilter: as barbaric and ruthless as your most hostile critics have claimed.
MetaFilter: The best strategy would be to move away from the laptop, quickly.
Metafilter: The Divided States of United Lies!
MetaFilter: Wookiees--->Asian maids.
Metafilter: very stupid links to very stupid sites about very stupid things done by very stupid kids.
Metafilter: If I've ever seen a single page worth of information that just screams for some Java based interactiveability, this is it.
Metafilter: five dollars of terrible."
MetaFilter: The Worst of the Web.
Metafilter: the user submitted content solution.
Metafilter: the user submitted content solution.
MetaFilter: Grumpy Old Men in D Minor.
Metafilter: a bunch of people trying to be funny on top of a blue background
MetaFilter: Linked the penis.
MetaFilter: a gigantic struggle between strength and weakness, an eternal victory of the strong over the weak.
Metafilter:very small ones. But they're kinda hairy
Metafilter: a horse Nuremberg rally
metafilter: puerile jackassery
MetaFilter: a rapid uncontrolled over pressurization.
Metafilter: Damned for insufficient adoration of Quonsar.
Metafilter: Can draw out the coarseness like pus
MetaFilter: I'm not making any claims about your position.
MetaFilter: A butt/vagina theory is also good.
MetaFilter: 90% of everything is crap
Metafilter: Off-topic foolishness, reinforced daily!
metafilter: not being a moron is the basis
Metafilter: Not as good as that blog about buttons.
MetaFilter: I wish I knew how to quit you.
MetaFilter: "polluted with ... dense smug."
Metafilter: No, I'm not talking about Metafilter.
Metafilter: Involves a group of immortal intellectuals.
Metafilter: I have seen the future and it doesn't work.
Metafilter: why hubris tends to get a bad rap.
MetaFilter: Feed the voracious maw of the never-satisfied golf industry
Metafilter: Directing you to youtube since 1901
Metafilter: We're all alright!
MetaFilter: It doesn’t mean anything more than catatonics babbling and drooling in a mental institution.
Metafilter: Necessities for a car.
MetaFilter: Rubbished the Idea as "Parliamentary Adventurism."
Metafilter: when the rubber hits the bat.
Metafilter: As it stands though, you sounds like a wanker.
Metafilter: Buy Microsoft!
Metafilter: Cynical apocalypse.
Metafilter: that burgeoning tumescence in your breeches
Metafilter: It's your mother.
Metafilter: Without exception, the greatest story of all time.
Metafilter: Are there mohels for dogs?
Metafilter: Your favorite female comedian sucks
Metafilter: You jackin' it?
MetaFilter: Warning Bong. The Lizard Goes Crazy.
Metafilter: Your sex will never be as good as the sex we're having.
Metafilter: The Gateway Internets.
Metafilter: This is a bit MetaTalky, isn't it?
Metafilter: Metametatalky.
MetaFilter: Mildly Metempsychotic
Metafilter: I for one would not desire greater sensitivity on the glans.
Metafilter: It's not exactly a bastion of tolerance and wisdom.
Metafilter: I have no idea what that means; I just like how it sounded.
Metafilter: Turns out it's what they used instead of toilet paper in the future
MetaFilter: Gladly giving tit to any dorky stranger--as long as he's Jewish.
Metafilter: best of the gif
Metafilter: Authentic Mediocrity™
Metafilter: You could've been replaced by a dildo duct-taped to a two-by-four.
MetaFilter: What happens when people stop being lovable retards and start getting real.
MetaFilter: So ball-shrivellingly bad, you'll wish you were in your deskchair jerking it.
Metafilter: We serve hard drinks in here for men who want to get drunk fast
Metafilter: Yea, we got $5 bucks from HENRY ROLLINS
Metafilter: i just favorited MY OWN GOD DAMN COMMENT
Metafilter: Everything every one of us says amounts to a hill of crap
Metafilter: I'm getting tons of really fascinating comments!
Metafilter: an exhibition of young children drinking from crazy straws.
Metafilter: Yesterday horrible horrible turds
MetaFilter: Doesn't smell like Toddfuck.
Metafilter: your newsletter.
MetaFilter: I've skimmed it
metafilter: real Jihadist mockery.
MetaFilter: What a bunch of bosons.
MetaFilter: What a bunch of bosons.
MetaFilter: Got Ilk?
Metafilter: "A free thinker is Satan’s bitch."
MetaFilter: It's Lincoln-Douglas debate crossed with trench warfare and served with a choice of bile or spleen.
Metafilter: tedious and banal and fucking boring
Metafilter: spotted to the strap of Begezzus.
MetaFilter: Fuck you and your chocolates.
Metafilter: a riddle, the answer to which is the collar.
Metafilter: eat a fucking chicken sandwich
metafilter: harry potter and the...
metafilter: harry potter and the...
metafilter: I left the forum last night feeling as if I had done a disservice to ferrets
Metafilter: Your favorite movie is a rip-off of my favorite movie
Metafilter: I'm sorry, I'm supposed to trust a community to tell me what is relevant and what isn't. What an amazingly stupid idea.
MetaFilter: who gives a fuck what you think?
Metafilter: hypocrites
MetaFilter: Your hella is damn near palatable.
Metafilter: Guys, Gals, and Giggle Juice
Metafilter: Hate-the-U.S. Foreign Ingrates
Metafilter: The Latest Poaching Ground of the Violent Homosexual
Metafilter: Why Normal People Commit Suicide
Metafilter: See what some anonymous dweeb thinks of a site
MetaFilter: MetaFilter.
Metafilter: it's not like he just went back in time to help Hitler or something.
Metafilter: See what some anonymous dweeb thinks of a site
Metafilter: a half baked patch of hype and hope.
MetaFilter: Your favorite philosopher is irrelevant.
MetaFilter: One Ejaculate Sample From a Bull Can Inseminate 500 Or More Dairy Cattle
MetaFilter: Droppin steamers in music threads will never go out of style.
Metafilter: as a whole, unable to reach alan.spaulding's level of sustained informed discourse
metafilter: You can be conversant and legally unconscious.
Metafilter: "I have put all I know about Boredom. I dedicate it to those who don't like me."
MetaFilter: MetaFiltre
Metafilter: A bunch of shabby, time-worn jokes, with shiny spots that reflect the poster's discomfort and unease.
Metafilter: How far can it be to go from a cartoon rabbit to sex with a man?
Metafilter: The painful part is the penis torture.
MetaFilter: like a fist in the anus.
Metafilter: quin=metal pig
Metafilter: We're not playing grab-ass anymore.
Metafilter: All in all it's somply a series of mistakes, but quite disturbing/funny nonetheless.
MetaFilter: a fabulous impersonation of inarticulate stupidity
Metafilter: it's a Rorschach test for Asperger's.
Metafilter: This Place Is Going To The Dogs, Why When I Was Your Age, They Don't Make Them Like They Used To, &c.
MetaFilter: Collectively, we're quite the idiots.
Metafilter: Let them say of these next two years: We used our time well.
MetaFilter: Controversy for controversy's sake.
Metafilter: I liked the part with the rabbits.
MetaFilter: Shut up. People need their funny spiders.
Metafilter: yonipositive.
MetaFilter: deeply committed to the possibilities of LSD as a universal cure-all.
MetaFilter: best of the Fleshbot.
Metafilter: Ringed muscle gateway to the scatalogical.
metafilter: another left-wing echo chamber.
metafilter:everyone involved in the situation is being pretty reasonable
Metafilter: why compound the problem with more stupitidy?
Metafilter: expect near-daily posts
Metafilter: unnatural love for Crunchie bars
Metafilter: smells like spleen spirit
MetaFilter: Seahorses Of Slaughter!
Metafilter: I had hoped to parlay it into a job; instead I got a lot of MySpace "friends."
Metafilter: Anyway, moving on.
MetaFilter: Awake and Receptive
Metafilter: They post into Nirvana and have turned their futility into a productive force.
MetaFilter: The Nihilist Impulse.
Metafilter: It's as plain as the nose on your race.
Metafilter: Here, let me cut your throat for you! Or you cut mine!
Metafilter: the ENTIRE SYDNEY RETICULATED SEWERAGE SYSTEM floating isolated in space, with the tip one of its specialized sucker tentacles ATTACHED FIRMLY TO HIS ARSE
Metafilter: they don't want Zinn, they want zalvation.
Metafilter: The Home of Challenge Pissing
MetaFilter: I like syrup on my sausage)
Metafilter: "WWWIIIILLLLLIAM!!!"
metafilter: My dad is violently buttfucking me without vaseline.
Metafilter: I am definitely more informed about more things than probably anyone I know.
Metafilter: are you drunk or something? this is just a waste of everyone's time.
Metafilter: I saw it on Boing Boing yesterday.
MetaFilter: Busy Searching the Deep Regions
Metafilter: a tale of photographer Dave Gorman's relatively friendly encounter with the police as he took some night shots at Battersea.
Metafilter: Don't let faux Klingons send real Americans to war.
MetaFilter: Put. The. Bong. Down.
Metafilter: I'm the vanilla Shaquille O'Neal.
MetaFilter: Not naked enough.
Metafilter: People who are not inherently interested in golf.
Metafilter: we don't think anything is funny. Then we analyze exactly why.
MetaFilter: It was only funny for a half-minute or so. Then it kept on going.
Metafilter: Great site. Watch the hilarious antics of a bunch of pompous windbags who know it all. Membership comprised entirely of lefty gays. Allegedly reading this site inspired Osama bin Laden to mount the 9/11attacks.
MetaFilter: going the way of the dodos?
Metafilter: We're pretentious bastards
MetaFilter: I love her dearly, but I also want to bludgeon her.
Metafilter: Combining incredible hubris with deep incompetence.
Metafilter: The World's Biggest Tea Party. You're Invited!
MetaFilter: Sexo -------> Macho!
Metafilter: I'm not sure what this says about our media, but I'm pretty sure it says something (and not something very good.)
Metafilter: The World's Biggest Tea Party. You're Invited! - hehe. Nice one!
Metafilter: You seem to have no sense of humour. Go here instead.
Metafilter: Supposedly the pink dolphins can attack.
MetaFilter: I'm glad you love me, because no one else will.
Metafilter: Farting Dog Harmonics.
Metafilter: Farting Dog Harmonics.
MetaFilter: Wait, isn't this a straw man?
MetaFilter: Muhammad fellating Christ.
Metafilter: I'm lookin' for a little "Amen brother", some recognition and acknowledgement of the manifest assholosity of it.
Metafilter: All sling, not shot.
Metafilter: leaves you blushing and confused and rather tingly
MetaFilter: i saw this on fark.
MetaFilter: I didn't read all eight pages.
MetaFilter: Tragic, but rare.
Metafilter: It should always be so easy to help out.
Metafilter: An inherent and fatal flaw in open source knowledge.
Metafilter: thump spread on a layer of oontz.
MetaFilter: Mostly more than that. Site: >0 but not by much.
MetaFilter: sometimes a whole lot of nonsense can be very powerful.
MetaFilter: we know something you don't know
Metafilter: applying force to the society
MetaFilter: the ture, pure expression of anythong
MetaFilter: That's some spunky mangina.
MetaFilter: wvur wvur wvur.
Metafilter: Somebody who just ate shards of glass trying to fend off diarrhea.
MetaFilter: you people are just here to snark.
MetaFilter: You go to post with the search you have, not the search you want.
Metafilter: An Unfortunate Tendency
Metafilter: (found metaphor excerpted from comment upthread)" snarks and FPPing about 'em.
MetaFilter: An unfortunate tendency for black people.
Metafilter: Fighting off the black helicopters.
Metafilter: Why isn't it deleted yet?
MetaFilter: They keep clicking the exclamation point, but nothing happens.
Metafilter: Flooding the atmosphere with dust.
MetaFilter: That was a shocking visual.
MetaFilter: Look, the retards can do stuff too!
Metafilter: Looking forward to eating some of these motherfuckers.
Metafilter: firearm porn.
Metafilter: Pull de pants down an hide de spice bottle.
Metafilter: Pretty Soon Someone's Going To Cry Emo
metafilter: a one-time fee of 5 dollars (for about 2 thirds of its entire membership)
Metafilter: Having a dark Wal-Mart does not help you valuewise.
MetaFilter: I read it for the articles, I swear)
Metafilter: No one is safe.
Metafilter: Every time I go somewhere, it's ding ding ding ding-ding-ding-ding.
MetaFilter: cats wandering around pissing wheresoever they like.
MetaFilter: An Endless Bottom Pit.
Metafilter: If you're musical taste is contrary to mind you'll burn in your tank!
Metafilter: milquetoast psycho.
Metafilter: Corporate cock.
Metafilter: ...
MetaFilter: It's either going to make me cum or sob, or maybe (just maybe) both.
MetaFilter: Please write down my email so that in two years you can tell me not only how wrong you are, but how ignorant your statements are on so many levels
MetaFilter: Just... please, get your opinions a little more morally consistent.
Metafilter: it made me take notice of Emerald Nuts
Metafilter: Then again, I just finished watching a brand new 35mm print of Alejandro Jodorowsky's "Holy Mountain" and am probably not in the best frame of mind to comment.
Metafilter: ... ")
Metafilter: meh
MetaFilter: It's like the nihilism of stoner cool without being stoned or cool.
MetaFilter: It's like the nihilism of stoner cool without being stoned or cool.
MetaFilter: Whiny, self-important, keeningly 'witty' puns.
MetaFilter: Designed to test my perception of the line between "cruel" and "hilarious."
metafilter: drag it to the trash can
Metafilter: prone to give you terrible indigestion, if not worse.
Metafilter: a giant dusty Wang
MetaFilter: typed with a wang
MetaFilter: let a pug fuck a beagle and see what happens.
Metafilter: worth wearing diapers for.
MetaFilter: Bleeding the Humours of the Internet since 1998.
Metafilter: You can set the furry-bit to off.
Metafilter: Make jism into jismade!
Metafilter: Replenishing the nation's supply of ass blood.
MetaFilter: A Couscous-Sharing, Hand-Holding Orgy of Bearded Liberal Sensitivity.
MetaFilter: Pass the couscous.
Metafilter: Beat a puppy to death with a kitten.
Metafilter: I didn't grow up in the city or anything like that. . . . I never finished high school.
Metafilter: respawn all over my face
MetaFilter: yet another disappointment.
metafilter: [insert echolalia here]" comments?
Metafilter: [insert echolalia here]
Metafilter: Christ. What an asshole.
MetaFilter: Like Red Dawn, with liberals instead of communists.
Metafilter: The most expensive pukefest of my life.
Metafilter: internet forums as instruments of torture.
Metafilter: looking forward to the toxicology report.
Metafilter: almost preternaturally blonde.
Metafilter: telling one joke a thousand t... what was I saying?
MetaFilter: I'm quoting SCIENCE
Metafilter: Where everyone can be a critic and nothing they read is good enough!
MetaFilter: a screaming crotch-punching spree.
Metafilter: waiting for a raccoon to wander by the outhouse so you can wipe your ass with it.
Metafilter: the centerpiece of shark orgies
Metafilter: one long piss take.
Metafilter: GAWD! Has GOT! To be SICK! OF THIS SHIT!
MetaFilter: full of people that cry when they masturbate.
MetaFilter: the perfect callipygian fundament
Metafilter: showcasing your Righteous Indignation
Metafilter: The Magic Of The Invisible Hand
MetaFilter: insulting the crap out of everyone
Metafilter: For All the Unrealized Geniuses Who Are Too Smart to Need Actual Therapy
MetaFilter: where all the children are above average.
Metafilter: Oh shit, I'm dead...Bye!
Metafilter: You alright?
MetaFilter: *BOOM*! Nggguuuhh.....
Metafilter: how can I be sure you're not pretender?
Metafilter: It's just like. It's just like. A meta. mall.
Metafilter: It's such a nonsense that I have probably not heard a bigger nonsense yet.
Metafilter: In that shrieking the inmost soul of human fear and agony clawed hopelessly and insanely at the ebony gates of oblivion.
Metafilter: Not the bees! Not the bees! My eyes! My eyes!
Metafilter: SUFFIE!
Metafilter: I'm throwin' the INTERNET PUNCH!
Metafilter: the more worldly person's firsthand view
metafilter: Sweat. Crap. Think heroic thoughts.
Metafilter: I’m always just talking with her about it. And, you know, she hates me for my opinion.
Metafilter: If you believe this reflects what really happened, you are naive.
Metafilter: No Pink, No Clink
MetaFilter: Among other things an all too wonderful occurrence is accused to him.
Metafilter: I'll read the article now
MetaFilter: Roman Polanski Daycare Centre.
MetaFilter: We know your type.
Metafilter: someone isn't getting paid for spending a couple weeks whittling a head out of wood.
Metafilter: Of course it won't be pleasant. It's a poo.
Metafilter: chases fat people with box of poo, makes them cry.")
Metafilter: Simone de Beauvoir raises questions about Hillary. "One is not born a woman," the author of Le deuxime sexe commented from her plot in the Cimetire du Montparnasse, "one becomes one."
Metafilter: Remove the head or destroy the brain.
Metafilter: The scrotum is integral to the story line.
Metafilter: I didn't see it the first time around, thanks for posting.
Metafilter: what the guy a few posts above me said
Metafilter:" but then go on to make your own comment (not a quote), you essentially subvert the purpose of the accepted usage of this particular commenting technique. Know what I'm saying, homey?
Metafilter: Know what I'm saying, homey?
Metafilter: Know what I'm saying, homey? I feel unclean now.
Metafilter: what the guy a few posts above me said
Metafilter: what the guy a few posts above me said
Metafilter: what the guy a few posts above me said
Metafilter: I feel unclean now.
MetaFilter: i luv the internet.
Metafilter: Is the Internet trying to give me an aneurysm?
Metafilter: Beating you black, blue, green and grey."
MetaFilter: 987:66*985++7+, 646533_65789'n yer :098765(704(4943)73
Metafilter: Do you think death could be a post?
Metafilter: screeching eyeball stupid shitbox clownshoes.
MetaFilter: completely irrelevant and smacks of padding
Metafilter: Lets go lower!
Metafilter: addictive flash game
Metafilter: everything is about me, dammit.
Metafilter: Mein Kampfsite.
Metafilter: Kampf-ire Girls.
Metafilter: fill it up with interesting links next time
Metafilter: a liberal internet gulag.
Metafilter: I hate mass media, especially when there are pictures
Metafilter: Not necessarily the entirety of port 80.
MetaFilter: I'm So Impatient, I'm Shitting iPod Nanos.
MetaFilter: masturbating cartoon chihuahua
MetaFilter: just a long-winded, pretentious wankery with some cultural refs thrown in for the benefit of the self-important crowd.
MetaFilter: herds of roving sea cucumbers.
MetaFilter: A Tight, Compressed Space, Just Like a Real Vagina.
MetaFilter: It's failed heterosexual sex, driven awry by captivity-induced confusion.
Metafilter: <BLINK> lives!
MetaFilter: full of adorable cats with bad grammar.
Metafilter: Have at it!
Metafilter: I gave up in the 80's somewhere.
Metafilter: With Garden Greens
Metafilter: We were told that this colorful owl was once automated.
Metafilter: Smells like a meaty fart when you open the can.
MetaFilter: we're almost literally soaking in ourselves.
Metafilter: You are never to blame.
Metafilter: Escaping this prison of a planet and physically entering the 0th Dimension as an anthropomorphic shark.
Metafilter: Asians are not Eskimo Cavemen.
Metafilter: a pork pie covered in eyelashes.
Metafilter: A Useful Thing Indeed
Metafilter: Bunch of losers sitting around on Fark. (Throws back a drink.) "Oh yeah, I used to be a on Metafilter, it's a tough racket.")
MetaFilter: It's not just a clever name.
MetaFilter: You find the same prints wadded up in garbage bins throughout the year.
Metafilter: Is that roboporn?
Metafilter: It involves complete immobility and uncontrollable eating.
MetaFilter: What is wrong with you people?
Metafilter: Bigger than Jesus.
MetaFilter: You'll never guess what these crazy Christians are up to!
MetaFilter: Idiots.
MetaFilter: It is better to stand cursing in the darkness, than to have Bono light one candle.
metafilter: the ecstasy communication
Metafilter: 10/10 but no pride
Metafilter: Verrinelicious!
Metafilter: Best of the fucking web.
Metafilter: It’s intense. For right now.
Metafilter: dismissing the giant untapped popper reserves.
Metafilter: Web 2.0 before it was cool
Metafilter: Buff young dudes with monsterous hoses glazed donut faces
Metafilter: Home for Boring Tools
Metafilter: Bald heads and boring tools.
Metafilter: Many have died or been lost
Metafilter: Nah man, I'm blinging.
Metafilter: A fantastic experiment for those who happen to be both gay and up to their eyeballs in disposable income.
MetaFilter: ...there's a lot more there but it's a pain searching.
Metafilter: All the fire-and-brimstone, moralistic, self-righteous preachiness as those other guys, but with Retsyn™!
MetaFilter: Overall? The movie's poo.
Metafilter: rattling on in public about things that may turn out to be false, or (worse) ill-posed, or (much much worse) trivial.
MetaFilter: Not raping children.
Metafilter: ludicrously terrible for direction-finding, particularly in non-moving, static locations.
Metafilter: Are you addicted?
Metafilter: we post song lyrics.
Metafilter: negating the ion gradient dogma of nerve impulse transmission
Metafilter: cute & witty plagiarists of leisure
Metafilter: just a really rare worm banquet on the run.
Metafilter: mwuh mwuh!!! mwuh mwuh mwuh... Fuck me, thanks.
Metafilter: every band that's playing a 9:00pm slot on Friday at SXSW.
Metafilter: immersed deep enough in the Internet rectum.
Metafilter: sulky and highly amusing in our petulance.
MetaFilter: Hipsters. Fratboys. Bono. Oprah. etc.
MetaFilter: a giant spiraling hole
metafilter: slightly fresher than my lame-ass blog layouts
Metafilter: Invincible Dick Cheney Thought
Metafilter: a different kind of crazy
Metafilter: gorilla marketing
Metafilter: I don't understand.
Metafilter: like sucking jello through a straw
Metafilter: More leisure time now!
Metafilter: I'll try to be less lame in the future.
MetaFilter: did it -- in style, with hookers.
Metafilter: It's possible to find a Hitler quote for nearly anything.
Metafilter: only one place where fish and lizards hang out with cats and chinchillas.
Metafilter: I am a knob jockey sans pareil.
Metafilter: can we kiss?
MetaFilter: A re-education camp for the Ideologically Impure.
Metafilter: I'm neither a darky nor a retard.
Metafilter: I've held a cancerous ferret as it was euthanized.
Metafilter: I'm feeling awfully bizarre holding my banana right now.
Metafilter: we your husband's submarine.
Metafilter: we your husband's submarine.
Metafilter: dirty fucking rotters
Metafilter: a kind of punishment for sluts
MetaFilter: It's a lot easier to pull a trigger than it is to stab or bludgeon someone repeatedly. Or is it?
MetaFilter: you'll find yourself falsely accused of Catamiting.
Metafilter: Unlike some people I have other shit to do other than troll Metafilter
Metafilter:I didn't say that I ALWAYS have better shit to do than troll Metafilter.
Metafilter:Anger control problems aren't all that rare.
MetaFilter: Built on love.
Metafilter: All bland dry kibble is excluded.
Metafilter: Did the people here actually read this article?
MetaFilter: I would suck cock for days to have just seen it once.
Metafilter: Demofag media bullshit
Metafilter: I want to hang out with the neat people.
Metafilter: It writes itself or it gets the hose again.
Metafilter: WTF CNN?
Metafilter: Out there zappin' rats and roaches
Metafilter: bringing K-Fed jokes to the masses since 2006.
Metafilter: A coating which was formed by compressed human brain molecules
Metafilter: people on this site act like childish assholes sometimes.
Metafilter: dissent will be met with overwhelming fingers to the fuckin' ass.
Metafilter: Effet mouche merde.
MetaFilter: It was so good. There was a big sex.
MetaFilter: the narcissistic link between criticism and Christianity.
Metafilter: Look out, it's the Unapacker!
Metafilter: great stories
Metafilter: a hallway lined with everyone's old toilets
MetaFilter: the hippie-approved method of communing with the big gash.
Metafilter: I guess it's basically what I'd expect Monster to taste like. Like muppet.
Metafilter: a handy synecdoche much like Gulag.
Metafilter: Fuck off, you Self. Indulgent. Jerkwad.
Metafilter: people sitting in front of their computer in the middle of the day grabbing life/themselves by the balls
Metafilter: The Top 2% of the World
MetaFilter: a one-trick pony of caring about shit
Metafilter: Opening new trade routes to lunacy.
MetaFilter: Repeated comments about oriental shiftiness
Metafilter: REDACTED like it's REDACTED.
Metafilter: America's Funniest Home Videos!
Metafilter: You can disagree....but you can’t talk about it.
Metafilter: The Gay African Voodoo Wango Tango Limbo Dance.
Metafilter: Let it go.
MetaFilter: Try to know what the hell you're talking about before making such statements in the future.
Metafilter: posits no multi-kilowatt IR lasers.
Metafilter: get these fat Simpsons off my lawn!
Metafilter: I don't really like punk rock.
Metafilter: Just be glad it's not Fark.
Metafilter: an utterly undiluted engine of destruction
Metafilter: Suck, squeeze, bang, blow.
MetaFilter: I've been wanting to comment on this all day, but I'm still too sickened to find the right words.
MetaFilter: [this is joke]
Metafilter: Causing a chain reaction in stomach losing
Metafilter: a screeching, flapping, organ-grinder's monkey being rapped at by a lobotomite.
Metafilter: Too Bad Your Ass Got Saaaaaaaaaaaacked.
Metafilter: Rich get richer, poor get poorer.
MetaFilter: You don't want that on the microfiber.
Metafilter: You all need to get over yourselves.
Metafilter: underpants for salamanders.
MetaFilter: Interspecies Snorgling.
Metafilter: Fundamentally mono-buttocked kluges
Metafilter: I should be informative instead of indignant.
Metafilter: "As you believe, so shall you do."
Metafilter: roped-up-testicles, pole-up-the-ass rigs and devices.
Metafilter: tagline someone's quoted me on.
Metafilter: NSFW The floppy teats are fine for work.
MetaFilter: WTF Stupidly Gigantor
Metafilter: We should hang our heads in shame.
Metafilter: We should hang our heads in shame: We should hang our heads in shame.
Metafilter: No American Citizen Should Be Without One.
Metafilter: Genuine Original Authentic Mexican
Metafilter: Isn't it Time You Paid Your Respects?
Metafilter: espousing the hidden talents of university libraries.
Metafilter: We could possibly derail.
MetaFilter: That's a tagline waiting to happen.
MetaFilter: Not a chance...poopy pants.
Metafilter: Dontcha think?
Metafilter: reacharound from the Singularity
Metafilter: The usual Quebec curses involving chalices and tabernacles.
Metafilter: a breakfast of porn and pancakes.
Metafilter: I thought the egg thing symbolizes Jesus' yummy delicious yolky center, and the fact that when he fell off the cross, no one could put him back together again. I could be wrong.
MetaFilter: I link to think.
Metafilter: Not real. Not interesting. Not funny.
MetaFilter: A two-hour video of the inside of some guy's ass.
Metafilter: Retarding Democracy
MetaFilter: H
MetaFilter: H.
MetaFilter: H..
MetaFilter: H...
MetaFilter: one incandescently dorky sport.
MetaFilter: Crossword not included.
Metafilter: throw rocks at them.
Metafilter: more and more like the Romans and their fancy lead pipe plumbing.
Metafilter: The Narcotic of Dance and Laughter
MetaFilter: Some interesting discussion and some clueless trolls.
Metafilter: {}, not [].
MetaFilter: Laughingstock. Laughingstock. Laughingstock. Laughingstock. Laughingstock. Laughingstock.
MetaFilter: mouth-to-mouth may not be necessary
metafilter: awesome is infinity
MetaFilter: They live in caves, they have no tongues, they make guns with their bare hands.
MetaFilter: They live in caves, they have no guns, they make hands with their bare tongues.
MetaFilter: Rather overwrought"
Metafilter: It's not just for the white-trash crowd.
MetaFilter: A nice application of the power of the internet to a mundane issue.
MetaFilter: I don't know enough to make such strong assertations!!
Metafilter: This is the outfit I make my love in.
Metafilter: A fire at one end and a fool at the other.
MetaFilter: A row of tiny little assholes.
Metafilter: So many different people in the same device
Metafilter: Gentlemen! I despise each and every one of you.
Metafilter: Thou hast need to occupy your time, barbarian.
Metafilter: Crushing prudence to the sward.
Metafilter: a hostile place where it was almost futile to struggle, because to strive brings pain.
Metafilter: I LOL'ed when he went down the pipe and fell to his death.
Metafilter: Thou hast need to occupy your time, barbarian.
Metafilter: that post was about poo, not pigs.
Metafilter: Take that, cephalopod traditionalists!
Metafilter: Bringing you the news 48 hours after
Metafilter: Bringing you the news 48 hours after"
Metafilter: Bringing you the news 48 hours after"
Metafilter: Sharks with frikkin laser bams on their heads just ain't good enough for some people.
Metafilter: Modda madichi muddilo pettuko
Metafilter: I'd... oh, nevermind. No I wouldn't.
MetaFilter: It is technically a smile.
MetaFilter: Overthought a plate of beans."
Metafilter: quotes.
Metafilter: quotes.
MetaFilter: screwing you into submission
Metafilter: quotes.
Metafilter: It will reduce her to a cum freak.
Metafilter: like fire under the skin.
Metafilter: Living To Ejaculate
Metafilter: It'll give you a mouth full of sperm or a rectum full of sperm
Metafilter: Posting the best NSFW when UR@W.
Metafilter: what is it offering you? A side of penis?
Metafilter: Don't you even think about hitting bottom.
Metafilter: quotes
Metafilter: Hitting the Walls and Working the Middle
Metafilter: actually hooked on cum.
Metafilter: Hooked on the penis.
Metafilter: hitting the walls and working the middle
Metafilter: Programed all up in her rectum.
Metafilter: Because all penises are not created equal.
MetaFilter: will boil your bunny if you turn your back on her.
MetaFilter: Yeah daddy, that’s it!
MetaFilter: it’s about his ego and about his penis and his testicals and about how many notches he can get up on his belt to brag about.
metafilter: THE EYE OF VAGINA POWER. "Thou does please me, wench," Grignr snarled as he ejaculated in her head. "Now I shall bend you like a pretzel from the stygian haunts of the pretzel oven and plumb your bottom! I shall work it in the middle with my mighting Qrnzaxian buttocks! You shall have a many-faucetted scarlet rectum of sperm!"
metafilter: THE EYE OF VAGINA POWER. "Thou does please me, wench," Grignr snarled as he ejaculated in her head.
Metafilter: robots having sex, without the cool visuals.
Metafilter: robots having sex, without the cool visuals.
Metafilter: robots having sex, without with the cool visuals.
metafilter: He humps it until he falls over, then blows himself.
Metafilter: a wispy coil of friction-singed dog-fur smoke
Metafilter: You're only laughing because she's black!
Metafilter: Penis Power 20 MB.
Metafilter: I like how the robots stomp on things and make them blow up.
Metafilter: So you wanna stay in my big face?
Metafilter: Wouldn't the money be better spent on hittles?
MetaFilter: ordinary humans who own sphincters
Metafilter: willing collaborators selling their kin into certain doom.
Metafilter: Unhappy puppies in a cage. So emo.
Metafilter: A wretched hvie of scum and villainy
Metafilter: Serving at the pleasure of the President.
MetaFilter: How do we know this?
Metafilter: A huge nonvibrating cock puzzle
Metafilter: Not Something That Some Rich & Famous Mop-Haired Near-Adolescent Is All That Likely To Put Up With
Metafilter: looks dazzlingly clever to idiots
Metafilter: An orgy brawl.
Metafilter: It's all about proper precautions.
Metafilter: An orgy brawl.
Metafilter: We're the good Germans.
Metafilter: you are in this "brain" thing
Metafilter: marginally useful amid all the snarking
Metafilter: Like potato chips with more...body!
Metafilter: The difference between a golf club to the nads and Hiroshima.
Metafilter: a golf club to the nads
MetaFilter: By Design, Not By Chance.
Metafilter: the dreaded poke-through
Metafilter: The inertia of scatology.
MetaFilter: This is seriously not what MetaFilter is for.
Metafilter: they don't call it the Hershey Highway for nothing.
Metafilter: The blue machine with a crank about a third of the way down.
MetaFilter: It's about eating slop and liking it.
Metafilter: The blue machine with a crank about a third of the way down.
MetaFilter: Overthinking a Plate of Beans Poo.
MetaFilter: the increasingly incestuous, closed-loop nature of the subculture
Metafilter: honey and castor oil
MetaFilter: Still occasionally incensed.
Metafilter: Thus, the vicious cycle of gluttony, sloth, and obesity is promulgated.
Metafilter: Torture. Yawn.
Metafilter: FUCK I SUCK.
Metafilter: hot, sweaty, dirty and confusing.
Metafilter: a shit ton of energy
Metafilter: Put 39 of those fuckers in a glass and ask yourself if you would drink it.
Metafilter: Is it can be meme time pleez?
Metafilter: we can overthink a vase of bees.
MetaFilter: Overthinking a Plate of Beans Poo."
Metafilter: being taken from the veins of children in burn wards and from the vaginas of pregnent women
Metafilter: best of the martial boner fantasy world.
MetaFilter: And tonight, at the Pit, Everyone Gets Laid.
Metafilter: Golden Pancake award for distinguished achievement in rational dialogue, honest consideration, and re-evaluation of opinions. Well done, sir or madam! Your level head should support it well!
Metafilter: an unfortunate combination of partial facts, old data, incomplete data...
MetaFilter: fs8uhadfnk v dvdjdvan xs z XZJMC DC AOJKNSxckmdsjkd fdxmndenjxdn kndajkc vxckjkfsjfsjkn kdfs flmlfsojfs fd fgdpklgvckllsljkeankfv xvlmdekkd fmknfgfknjd d fs fs knfsfs edOJ04W9URW9U8RW GV VXN KNSDFGKNFSOLJF
MetaFilter: you can relieve any unpleasantness by inhaling alcohol.
Metafilter: Am I the only one who finds this irritating?
MetaFilter: Use it for anything you like; as a cardrack, a notepad, a paperweight, a hammer, or just to keep you warm for some time...
MetaFilter: Too sober to get the funny.
MetaFilter: They're very cute, but the parent sits on them a lot.
Metafilter: We've always had extraordinarily strong weed
metafilter: a classroom full of teenagers who think that they're smarter and more clever than the rest of the world
MetaFilter: A huge, painful bolus in your throat.
Metafilter: the TV equivalent of making funny faces at babies.
Metafilter: happy people on the lollercopter
MetaFilter: Adult Swim distribution point.
Metafilter: OK, lift your penis for me please.
MetaFilter: I dream of being in the blue.
Metafilter: a handful of bean-thinkin' comments.
Metafilter: celebrating the association of pure liberalism with whackjobs with no chance of ever being elected.
Metafilter: all fun and games until someone loses their sanity.
Metafilter: from a chip to a brain slice.
Metafilter: a single gaping maw hungry for whatever crap
Metafilter: the final filter erases the effect of the previous filters.
Metafilter: the final filter erases the effect of the previous filters.
Metafilter: I can't believe this isn't a double.
Metafilter: The preserve of middle-aged men with a liking for real ale and unkempt beards.
Metafilter: funny for a second, then creepy for many seconds
Metafilter: As mentioned on Slashdot and BoingBoing
Metafilter: Neckbearded GNU/Penis down my throat
Metafilter: The whole IceWeasel debacle speaks volumes.
Metafilter: No colors.
MetaFilter:2.5% racist.
Metafilter: Because the Grammarians Were Kicked Out of All The Other Bars
Metafilter: What, me Reddit?
Metafilter: hiding beneath the frozen pudding
Metafilter: Some confusing type of hell built from messy lines
MetaFilter:2.5% racist."
MetaFilter:2.5% racist [NOT RACIST]
metafilter: always good cake, bad cake.
Metafilter: Use Nipple Stimulation
Metafilter: Look, I have no turkey.
Metafilter: I put more effort into proofing my snarks.
Metafilter: Your favorite architect sucks.
MetaFilter: You didn't read the links.
Metafilter: This is the way things are done here. Love it or leave it.
MetaFilter: Also known as Dumbo Octupus.
Metafilter: "What happens when DNA proves you're not the father of the child you've been compelled to pay to support?"
metafilter: i am not a boaster, but a positive toaster.
Metafilter: Boing Boing with a calming blue patina.
MetaFilter: Your favorite socioeconomic stratum sucks.
metafilter: How you treat your orifices in your spare time is your own business.
Metafilter: I am a douchebag lawyer.
Metafilter: a weird mixture of smugness and defensiveness
Metafilter: Boschian Nightmare.
Metafilter: Blood in. . . Blood out
metafilter: another emotionally rending round of abusive necrophilia with the corpses of your youth
Metafilter: Is it sexist? Is it parental? Is it political? Is it, God forbid, all three??
Metafilter: Goodbye everyone, it's become clear that I can't post anything in this stupid forum without being the subject of ridicule and persecution without anyone even bothering to stop and wonder if they're being worse than the fluffies they pretend to despise. nonchalant but secretly devastated that was a disgusting waste of my inbox. Plus, one of my posts was deleted by Jessamyn. Well, several actually. i hope you fall off your soap box someday and bust your ass. Mathowie and Jessamyn are obviously incestual fraternal twins. I am soooo outta here. I left highschool a long time ago i don't need to be back there. Fuck off! Fuck OFF! FUCK OFF!!!! EVERYBODY CAN JUST FUCK OFF!!!!! Okay?
Metafilter: "When I scratch my nails down someone else's back do ya feel it?"
MetaFilter: Trust me, I'm an MFA.
metafilter: the stink is astounding.
MetaFilter: 600 one-page books.
Metafilter: LOOKS LIKE WORD.
MetaFilter: Everyone featured on this site requires a fucken glassing.
Metafilter: You sound like a miserable prick.
MetaFilter: Man, people really don't like this blog. Huh.
Metafilter: i can't believe no one has done it and it seems de riguer by now
Metafilter: In all kinds of trouble with all kinds of people because of his or her mouth.
MetaFilter: a bunch of asshole for the trill of it :)
Metafilter: from what I gather (from a very superficial reading, I am not that concerned about events) the story is...
Metafilter: a sort of Mos Eisley hive of scum and villainy where anonymity is key
Metafilter: Althouse hobo murder
MetaFilter: You could probably do something similar with magnets.
Metafilter: In its heyday, though, I found it much more useful than LSD.
Metafilter: Never Hide
MetaFilter: What are the saddest songs?
Metafilter: check your anus for demons.
Metafilter: God, what a silly argument.
Metafilter: more complicated, intellectually satisfying, human waste.
Metafilter: the protecting armor the strong man throws around the god-given creative power in his body.
Metafilter: Slow down there, Hardy Boys
Metafilter: Stampeding straight for the clitoris.
Metafilter: That's why I'm not wearing any clothes
MetaFilter: The taste takes to anything.
Metafilter: Not malicious, just bad at math.
Metafilter: I'd enjoy hitting you with a shovel.
MetaFilter: DO NOT WANT.
MetaFilter: The content of my stomach's gonna rise again!
Metafilter: You know who else has a Metafilter account?
Metafilter: Next time try searching for "lysol" before posting.
MetaFilter: Well, it smells more like the back end than the front.
Metafilter: probably more than a guy who chowders a couch.
Metafilter: douze points!
MetaFilter: Damn you durable mercerized cotton-silk blend!
MetaFilter: Art Bell is unbelievable!
Metafilter: saving 4 minutes and ten seconds for the next schlub.
metafilter: not that there's anything wrong with a big of God.
metafilter: not that there's anything wrong with a big of God.
Metafilter: not that there's anything wrong with quoting mistypes as if they're hilarious.
Metafilter: assholes qua assholes
Metafilter: Do you realize how idiotic your statements sound?
Metafilter: The sort of comments I would expect to hear uttered among a bunch of nineteen year old college students, sitting around on ratty sofas, smoking pot and listening to Pink Floyd.
Metafilter: Prepare in order to exchange good new model
MetaFilter: A bit of a tiff between some Boeing and Airbus fanboys.
Metafilter: How do I hope web?
Metafilter:?))) I mean, how is that funny again? I know I don't have the most sofisticated sense of humor but wouldn't it have been funnier if he had brought him to Jean-Georges or PerSe (way expensive restaurants in NYC) and then run out on the check...
Metafilter: unpredictable moments of major mental alertness and communication required all of a sudden with hundreds of lives on the line, but punctuated with long periods of grinding ennui.
MetaFilter: i'm going to end up sitting here all day in my bathrobe.
MetaFilter: Why fuck a stranger when you can fuck a friend.
MetaFilter: American car company faces extinction; here's what the Canadians think.
MetaFilter: American car company faces extinction; here's what the Canadians think.
Metafilter: Strange English by translation software.
metafilter: Where even the LOLcats are better.
Metafilter: There is no margin of the heart.
Metafilter: Beheaded human body can stay alive and kicking.
Metafilter: Not sure if that was just some pundit suggesting it or if it was something serious, I wasn't really paying close attention.
metafilter: eating fruit, shouting, and masturbating.
MetaFilter: Questions? Comments? Seepage?
Metafilter: mailmen with five penises.
Metafilter: lamentations of women, or enemy destroyer, you DECIDE.
Metafilter: It is hard to smell whether shit or poison.
Metafilter: Dude, check out this twat.
Metafilter: Christ, what an asshole?
Metafilter: if you want to read more into it, go for it.
METAFILTER:>ref|YP_001208313.1| diaminopimelate decarboxylase [Bradyrhizobium sp. ORS278]
Metafilter: Stop trying to argue. Stop. Just stop right now
Metafilter: Now we're just waving our dicks at each other.
MetaFilter: I'm in a weird fluctuating state of outrage and amused disbelief.
metafilter: rubbing out the fibroids
Metafilter: feel free and break down the house.
MetaFilter: I hope you always drink your beer warm and get your fries cold.
Metafilter: things can get nasty with various spectacular ways. You have been warned.
MetaFilter: then you are the psychopath.
MetaFilter: Welcome to the lovely world of verbal abuse, where no nose ever bleeds but some times you wish it would. His nose.
MetaFilter: we focus on the presentation!
MetaFilter: The buttocks of the penitent are presented and may be almost totally immobilized until the necessary application is completed.
Metafilter: The correct path to whinny excellence.
Metafilter: This is about as Christian as the bottom of Osama Bin Ladin's shoe
Metafilter: Chicken chicken, chicken chicken chicken chicken.
Metafilter: The laugh is ON you.
Metafilter: You see flashes of people with small horses holding torches and burning down villages.
Metafilter: This time another guy goes “HA-HA-HA-HA Oh, how he got you at that one!”.
Metafilter: you see in your mind little people with horses giving haircuts to innocent peasants with their swords.
Metafilter: There are some people walking out there with really bad Egos.
Metafilter: It is a sad fact, that most of the population understands only one word: Domination.
Metafilter: You may not like it, by it has always been like that.
Metafilter: Whatever, you moron.
Metafilter: not reading the links so you won't know from human responses.
Metafilter: jeesus, you're worse than eliza
Metafilter: Is this testing whether I'm a replicant or a lesbian, Mr. Deckard?
MetaFilter: Much tastier than human faeces.
Metafilter: much more of a threat to vegan infants
MetaFilter: the exact texture and consistency of manatee ejaculate.
MetaFilter: smells faintly like the hamster vitamins I spilled on it in 1978.
Metafilter: it's like being in the middle of a giant, throbbing, chitinous nest of cicadas.
MetaFilter: a fashion statement, or a commitment to a lifestyle?
Metafilter: That's the reason why you should wear an athletic supporter when you're playing football or baseball or . . . any other strenuous sport.
Metafilter: We would like to take this opportunity to profess our unconditional and undying love for Google.
Metafilter: Sorry about the genocide. Have some peyote
Metafilter: fucking Internet Explorer
Metafilter: You douchetard hoebag, stop posting la-- oh wait, that's a tad on-point, isn't it?
Metafilter: Now tell me something positive.
Metafilter: Your vehicle sucks.
Metafilter: I have huge balls and I have to air them out.
Metafilter: Your vehicle sucks.
MetaFilter: They are like human black holes which suddenly come out of nowhere and just suck the life out of you
MetaFilter: 53189 members, 53189 soapboxes.
Metafilter: a gated community within a gated community.
MetaFilter: Assume the audience is not littered with hyena dip shits
Metafilter: various media coalescing into one shimmering tapestry of nerddom.
Metafilter: giving each other pointers about mustache grooming...
MetaFilter: I sound crazy to myself too.
MetaFilter: Thank you! I'm printing!
MetaFilter: Relief.
Metafilter: They ate his nose.
Metafilter: Awash in a sea of bile. Is the Two Minutes Hate over yet? I'm beginning to think that there are a few members on this site that I would like to see imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit, just because they're assholes.
Metafilter: Weird events warranting documentation.
MetaFilter: Christ, what a bunch of assholes.
metafilter: You have now spent--as in used up, destroyed--pretty much all the goodwill and trust that Brad et al built up for Livejournal with this stunt.
MetaFilter: I really want to know why this hasn't been deleted yet.
Metafilter: feel like an admission of failure
metafilter: it could be an otter.
Metafilter: Your favorite band... is, uh, actually unfathomably awesome
Metafilter: My dick in your principles.
MetaFilter: STUFFED with cock, and the movie was quite homoerotic.
Metafilter: Fucking jesus, you minging dickbolts.
Metafilter: The Novel, will be titled "2003: Before the Dots."
Metafilter: The Mole People
Metafilter: the murky depths of heteroskedasticity
Metafilter: taking what Putin says at face value.
Metafilter: The sickening cackle of the dumb cow
Metafilter: At best it's fraud; at worst it's wide-scale poisoning.
Metafilter: once it's operational two trains packed with commuters will slam into each other.
Metafilter: Correctly referred to thusly only if my invocation of complexity is appropriate.
Metafilter: This was all a misunderstanding.
Metafilter: One last Nazi cumshot.
MetaFilter: wait for interupt
MetaFilter: A vest and some springs.
Metafilter: fugacious reality from where the emotion spouts out.
MetaFilter: sounds a bit more like Socrates than Plato
Metafilter: starting wars over a plate of beans.
Metafilter: You look just like you do on the back of the cover!
metafilter: people suck.
Metafilter: Some of the stuff you've been printing lately is just plain repulsive
Metafilter: let the steamgore commence!
Metafilter: 75% snarky bitching about FPP.
MetaFilter: Weapon of Mass Distraction.
metafilter: it drop gooey boluses down its hole at regular intervals.
Metafilter: !??
Metafilter: Mutually-assured fabulousness!
Metafilter: (sic) Western (sic) white males galore!
MetaFilter: Why set your expectations so low?
Metafilter: prophylactic admonition may trigger novel mischief.
Metafilter: first impression: meh.
Metafilter: EVERY news item worthy of a FPP!
Metafilter: a race of churlish, cacophonous hybrids.
Metafilter: when the guy pushing the cart full of minature coal stoves in the market in Kashgar yells, "boish," you had better mother fucking boish.
Metafilter: The lego autopilot is engaged.
Metafilter: not because I am a pederast.
Metafilter: churlish, cacophonous hybrids, whose amorphous outcries will waver uncertainly betwixt prose and verse, absorbing the vices of both and the virtues of neither.
MetaFilter: Dick-heads.
Metafilter: You guys suck the life out of everything.
Metafilter: That’s how I roll
Metafilter: "I was masturbating on the golf course."
MetaFilter: it’s not just for writing about cutting yourself or hiring people to off your mom anymore!
Metafilter: Now we're all the Ralph
Metafilter: We may be stupid, but we have most of the guns.
Metafilter: Yeah, but this is, like, the Internet, dude.
Metafilter: Presumption of innocence? We don't need no stinkin' presumption of innocence!
Metafilter: Making people look stupid is easy.
MetaFilter: teaching little boys how to masturbate and then get high at eight in the morning
MetaFilter: Time Out For Fun
Metafilter: listless, apolitical, and in need of a sandwich.
MetaFilter: Now More Hamburger Than Man
MetaFilter: bewilderment and a sense of disgust.
Metafilter: Hmm. I was thinking FTM tranny.
MetaFilter: There is no fucking sailboat.
metafilter: for being nice to a noob
Metafilter: There is no Jack Bauer!
Metafilter: Positive self-deception is normal
Metafilter: ..." comment!
Metafilter: ..." comment!
Metafilter: Obscure an inspire spoof?
Metafilter: spelling it all out for you is not going to make it any more interesting to you.
MetaFilter: A prison for your mind.
Metafilter: [1] [2]
Metafilter: Nice editorializing, there.
MetaFilter: unicrons, gay stereotypes, and Tom Cruise.
Metafilter: The focus of this site is not pasteurization, Colossae, alphabets, or hibernation.
Metafilter: Skot Is An Idiot Douche, a documentary about how I'm an idiot douche, with my moronic past comments narrated by people like Morgan Freeman and Paul Rudd, and occasional asides with Marlee Matlin explaining my comments in the context of my deep connection with Ramtha.
MetaFilter: What the alien display is doing to the very core of his being is an unanswerable question--
MetaFilter: Responding to communication from the infinite!
MetaFilter: it's the mutt's nuts
Metafilter: I prefer to watch black teens hump ottomans.
Metafilter: Unmitigated Dumbassery)
Metafilter: Half a Percent of a Shit
Metafilter: selling the pots and pimping the hose or whatever it is that kids do these days.
Metafilter: Shit! The cops!
Metafilter: Hitting the walls and working the middle.
Metafilter: Our kids are alternateens!
METAFILTER: Fuck off, Ubu, & stop putting on that stupid toffy British accent.
metafilter: It also has a cat
Metafilter: ...
Metafilter: essentially 3 very funny jokes hidden under a beat-up dead horse.
MetaFilter: Person makes an innocent little remark and fellas jump out of their undershirts screaming like panthers.
MetaFilter: everyone has to have a first time
MetaFilter: We shit on your people's life work so you don't have to.
Metafilter: ... with my own title... must.... perdure...
MetaFilter: made of nothing but obsession, money and time.
Metafilter: You should do yourself a favor & get over it this time.
Metafilter: Yes, I am fucking your cat.
Metafilter: I want you to understand I understand. And I love you.
MetaFilter: will rhetorical questions save the world?
Metafilter: smells like vinyl, petroleum, and despair
MetaFilter: We Should Not Draw Any Lines, Ever.
Metafilter: Shut up or I'll spray you!
MetaFilter: Surprisingly sensitive alien sex.
Metafilter: more weird creatures...
MetaFilter: people having sex with goats on fire.
Metafilter: Sort of intellectual and cultural elite
Metafilter: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Metafilter: There is porn of it.
MetaFilter: People typing their outrage at crazy people doing crazy stuff.
MetaFilter: A collective hard-on for David Bowie.
Metafilter: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
MetaFilter: odds are the fetus takes one for the team
Metafilter: Masturbating to comedy.
Metafilter: It makes nose sense
MetaFilter: Mostly they are of the shuffling, lifeless horde variety.
Metafilter: Over-thinking That Plate Of Shit
MetaFilter: buries the needle on the creepy meter.
Metafilter: Here I am, I'm an E.T. complete with Martian antennas!
MetaFilter: An bhfuil aon mhaith ann!
Metafilter: depiction of a man's butt in my face.
Metafilter: venting... lol
MetaFilter: Are you trying to be obtuse?
MetaFilter: One Blogger's Opinion.
Metafilter: it's got the body of a spider, but it's actually a baby
Metafilter: Is your vulva clean?
MetaFilter: The penis doesn't listen.
Metafilter: what the fuck are you yammering about?
Metafilter: Using Monkey Testicles Instead
Metafilter: NOT amazon NOT sex NOT tits NOT win.
Metafilter: monotonous and heavily policed
Metafilter: click one of these links into another tab, then listen to some great guitar playing while continuing to read Metafilter.
Metafilter: never noticed until it was pointed out.
MetaFilter: It's one thing to be right; it's quite another to be such an asshole about being right that everyone would prefer you were wrong.
Metafilter: Moving at a retarded pygmy's pace.
Metafilter: concealing live rabbits in the vaginal passage.
Metafilter: Great fun for (adam) savages
metafilter: pretty cool, but pointlessly violent.
MetaFilter: nine prostitutes start dancing to the 'Locomotion' and any chance of a rational explanation runs out the fucking door.
Metafilter: an art collective of vegan actuaries
Metafilter: Already Meta, But Good Meta.
Metafilter: When I turned 16 my mom talked to me about it and I stopped.
Metafilter: I'm running out of vaginas.
MetaFilter: Treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality & bad poetry.
MetaFilter: Did you even read the linked articles?
Metafilter: Shit sandwich.
MetaFilter: Are you tired of pretending to be neutral?
MetaFilter: This ain't no place to be a man.
Metafilter: Arrrgh... Arrrgh... ARRRRRRRRRRGH!
Metafilter: doesn't work in the real world
Metafilter: hopefully not a DP!
Metafilter: Bitching about someone else's list without putting up one of your own.
Metafilter: Bitching about someone else's list without putting up one of your own.
Metafilter: I audibly cringed
Metafilter: We need an army of douches.
Metafilter: What about all the poor nerds?
MetaFilter: Noooooo!
MetaFilter: Just click on the button marked 'your mom' and move on.
MetaFilter: This thread is useless without recursion.".
Metafilter: Continuing our study of the great boners of all time.
Metafilter: This will keep me going!
Metafilter: My husband hurried to shoot it but it was as swift as a deer. It is the size of a dog but his head is like a monkey.
Metafilter: "Here's the complete tiger website!""THAT'S NOT WHAT WE WANT!"
MetaFilter: at a minimum, it's bizarre and ill-advised, even if it isn't illegal.
metafilter: tagline, but got stuck on the meta.
Metafilter: Oh, it comes out in 6 months, I have no idea what it's about, and all my cool friends say it sucks.
Metafilter: A cleansing jet of water designed to wash the anus of the user
MetaFilter: We've got one outstanding elephant.
MetaFilter: still partially under water.
MetaFilter: in order to validate their own craven isolation.
metafilter: Late Term If
MetaFilter: faux-forcing the runner out.
Metafilter:it's your web, log it didn't last.
Metafilter: Whip out that tit.
Metafilter: Happy Birthday!
Metafilter: Center for Nursing Advocacy versus the Heart Attack Grill. Though given the prevalance of overtly sexual nurse stereotypes, maybe their stance is a bit more understandable.
MetaFilter: a Cabinet of Wonders, a place where things of interest are set out, in possibly bizarre, possibly fetishistic presentation, for perusal by the discerning, who understand that presentation, and scientific interest, are all a form of magic.
Metafilter: What is the origin of the phrase "the beatings will continue until morale improves". Google has failed me on this, only the hive mind will save me.
metafilter: youtube advertising cow
MetaFilter: I'm not an expert on Unicorns.
MetaFilter: Make sure you’re really getting breasts modeled from a real woman, otherwise they will probably not be life-sized.
Metafilter: we sold a variety of asses.
Metafilter: we sold a variety of asses
MetaFilter: Here's me with an unintentional look of shock on my face.
Metafilter:Something is humorous. And then it's played out. And then by sheer force of repetition, it's funny again, but now it's not funny for what it was originally funny, now it's funny because it's being driven into the ground and whipped like a dead horse rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, and only then, after all of that, does it cease being funny.
Metafilter: the odds of having your Johnson bitten off are much much lower with the Frankenslut.
Metafilter: Because even Fark requires greenlighting.
Metafilter: xxx"
Metafilter: Who knew the uncanny valley was so hot?
MetaFilter: Objectivist Sex Talk
MetaFilter: Preposterously be-cocked
Metafilter: We will not only stomp your colon, but the colons of distant relatives of the human species such as lagomorphs, and hypothetical colons of children you haven't even had yet.
Metafilter: only people who pay can contribute records. Good for quality control, bad for openness.
Metafilter: My wife read one page, screamed, and grew a cock.
MetaFilter: A bit like Britain, except more sarcastic.
Metafilter: Greetings, fuckwits
MetaFilter: sees pedantry and raises it with further pedantry
Metafilter: the language of farting.
MetaFilter: Dynamic Stereo Mood!
Metafilter: [Undesirable experience] made my [sensory organ] bleed!
Metafilter: Um, [condescension]?
metafilter: the mission of this website
MetaFilter: wading nostril deep through a river of shit
Metafilter: the rural American Christian ghetto.
Metafilter: Because everything should taste like blue.
MetaFilter: What did I tell you about sass?
Metafilter: Karaoke Rapture event.
Metafilter: Turning ANYTHING into a music-cred pissing match since 1999.
MetaFilter: youtube with better grammar.
MetaFilter: grammar with Youtube.
MetaFilter: ______________" joke.
Metafilter: it doesn't open doors for me?
MetaFilter: it's like fertilizer for self-importance.
Metafilter: Hard to forgive those early puppet shows and all that high living
Metafilter: Stark nudity on slick paper.
Metafilter: and here again, the appeal to the sodomist.
Metafilter: Outlusting the lustiest of animals
MetaFilter: An illustrated, detailed course in perversion.
Metafilter: An appeal to the sodomist.
Metafilter: love something? Then share it with everybody before it's too late. Remember, saying that you love someone/something after they're dead is the worst movie cliche ever.
MetaFilter: **I move away from the mic to breathe in.
MetaFilter: ra ra ra, we’re going to smash the oinks!
Metafilter: Like water for fish.
MetaFilter: a trouserful of wantonness.
Metafilter: Like water for fish. Blue.
MetaFilter: a social networking site for people with no friends
Metafilter: Mistaken jerky noobs
Metafilter: Honest Mistaken jerky noobs
Metafilter: Cocks out for Utopia.
Metafilter: No bowl movements can pass through but objects are insertable.
MetaFilter: Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.
Metafilter: Options can include a penis pouch inside the female genitaliae with a built in urethra tube connected to the urethra orifice, making it possible to urinate from within the bodysuit.
Metafilter: Overthinking a plate of fava beans and a nice chianti.
Metafilter: With a super realistic female genitalia, breast and a anus.
MetaFilter: Often a lone voice, separated from society by the esoteric truths that they, and a few other initiates, possess. Truthfully, these people are often isolated to begin with, lonely people without close family ties, friends, or romantic prospects. Their detachment from society often causes them to become autodidactic, and although many theorists are very well-read, the absence of any external filter often results in child-like credulity and a willingness to accept any idea which reinforces pre-existing prejudices. Lacking a community, they often externalize their status as outsiders - instead of being on the outside looking in, they redefine their world so that they are the ones on the inside. It's a comfort to them, justifying their loneliness, making their lives, often filled with menial employment downward mobility, more palatable to them. It gives them a role, an excuse, and a benediction in an unfair world that doesn't make sense to them, and where they've never fit in.
MetaFilter: Small girl with machine gun in Oklahoma.
Metafilter: knuckledragging MookRock for rural meth-tards.
Metafilter: Sing it, Children!
metafilter: What a disgusting outrage that GB and the others were not punished adequately for their crimes!
metafilter: As human beings, we demand JUSTICE!
metafilter: The yearning for justice is an irreducible axiom of morality. It requires no proof, derivation, or explanation.
Metafilter: What jive stuff this turkey hands out!
Metafilter: you'll regret it.
MetaFilter: Tragic, but not graphic
Metafilter: An internet hate machine.
Metafilter: known to draw tears even via podcast.
MetaFilter: overprivileged white people
Metafilter: Once we're taken your liquids...
MetaFilter: what the fuck did I do?
MetaFilter: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiit.
MetaFilter: Proof That Hip Snark Makes For Really Good Political Argument
MetaFilter: Omar listenin'
Metafilter: Best of the Web Indeed
metafilter: "oh, I can't wait for this administration to end". If all you do is wait, you'll get exactly what your effort merits.
Metafilter: thicken and add vein to cock
Metafilter: I wasn't ready for that! It was just ass right away!
Metafilter: a bit more oomph than a roller coaster ride
MetaFilter: I clicked on the first link and saw a dude munching ass.
Metafilter: Pro-Life-Free?
MetaFilter: Good articles with photos of the occasional cock.
Metafilter: Don Marco, the Master Crayon Artist; Pete Goldlust's crayon carvings; the 2001 crayon census.
Metafilter: a depth of nerditude that I can appreciate.
Metafilter: Fuck you, I'm doing it anyway. butts lol. Thank you for your time.
Metafilter: ideals to balance out the molesting
Metafilter: Bright is a self-identifying term.
Metafilter: Introducing a generation of boys to frenzied wire-twanging.
MetaFilter: cowritten by some unknown yokel.
Metafilter: Delete! Delete!
MetaFilter: Pimps N Hoes Night at Club Shithead
Metafilter: What's a spoiler?
Metafilter: Clearly and productively wrong, leading us towards the light.
Metafilter: Finagling your Nevada-hole
MetaFilter: Like 4chan, but... well, like 4chan.
Metafilter: we want to be open and multicultural and liberal and all that shit, but we also want to kick some ass.
Metafilter: It's like farting in a broom closet.
Metafilter: escargoatse
Metafilter: Why does the spider have boobs?
Metafilter: what a bunch of 'droids we are.
Metafilter: BayTSP, without the paycheck.
Metafilter: Gays, Guns, and War, for the most part.
MetaFilter: A lace for humor.
Metafilter: What a howler of a blunder.
Metafilter: Extreme sarcasm confused with sincerity
Metafilter: Extreme sarcasm confused with sincerity
Metafilter: pants-enfishinating.
Metafilter: long enough to cover everything, short enough to keep it interesting.
MetaFilter: The trite phrasing and sheer lameness of the words in question is almost overpowering.
MetaFilter: totally out of place in the Grove of Academe
Metafilter: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Metafilter: Oversee the act of excretion.
Metafilter: excretion.
Metafilter: This is a work of fiction and any relation to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
Metafilter: the kids think it's fun and the welts heal in less than a week.
Metafilter: More like HISSCAT.
Metafilter: a little on the racist side
MetaFilter: frustration with controls can lead to misuse, breakdown, tampering and vandalism.
MetaFilter: Someone needs to put down the bong.
MetaFilter: the roots of this word mean "pledge unto death"
MetaFilter: Ignore the mehtards.
Metafilter: People born in 1974 who think your fucking song sucks.
Metafilter: raising a nation of wieners
metafilter: the best of public television!
metafilter: designed for waste to come out of if.
Metafilter: Flagging them down man, they out on the stroll flagging dicks down.
Metafilter: They will suck a dick for some food.
Metafilter: Sucking dick up till they hiccup... for a fee!
Metafilter: links to some guy's mediocre vacation pictures
Metafilter: Nothing changed. You must also be too drunk.
Metafilter: Anarchy si self-governmnetn
Metafilter: my epiglottis is full of bees.
MetaFilter: so powerful, so underused
Metafilter: Crystal snack?
Metafilter: So powerful, so underused
MetaFilter: Salacious and entertaining, but ultimately irrelevant.
Metafilter: discovering the "search" function on YouTube
Metafilter: discovering the "search" function on YouTube
Metafilter: part of a complete breakfast, provided you eat an entire farm.
Metafilter: miming their own tumescent cocks back at the sputtering Fhrer on the platform
Metafilter: Every single quot - what, what have I done?
MetaFilter: I'm not convinced these guys are all perverts
Metafilter: Tyranny and injustice will reign as delusion triumphs and the community dissolves into impotence.
Metafilter: The internet just gives people a greater chance to connect with others as messed up as they are.
Metafilter: As I was writing that I was thinking "This is going to get turned into a tagline."
MetaFilter: The truth will be vanquished by lies.
Metafilter: like the ravings on the bottle of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap, only for robots.
Metafilter: Goddamn it, aren't your words worth a tailored suit?
Metafilter: no other purpose but to transmit information visually into your seeing-holes.
Metafilter: MMOAG
Metafilter: You and Your Magical Crotch
Metafilter: "nearly everyone who's opinion matters" -- which would translate to "everyone who agrees with me."
Metafilter: the elderly fall over and die all the time so biking is probably not much more dangerous than say, going to the bathroom.
Metafilter: sinfully pleasurable schadenfreude
Metafilter: I'd almost care, but I'll be dead.
Metafilter: I better do this before I wake up all the way.
Metafilter: "You make me cry."
Metafilter: Not only have they made their own bed, but also they've pissed in it. Fuck them.
MetaFilter: The answer of the day was to play ass mambo
MetaFilter: The Plastic BoingBoing it's okay to like
MetaFilter: entire world’s supply of pu
MetaFilter: unidentifiable sticky crap
MetaFilter: "...a black bitch in a hot kitchen."
Metafilter: You can make your own Rakhis, which is what I’d suggest, since the ones that they’re selling online are outrageously expensive, and send them to your brothers, or even your sisters, or husbands or wives can send them to each other, and brothers can send them to their sisters perhaps (as the latter part of this thread suggests).
Metafilter: a worthy cause and all ...but there's a rule.
Metafilter: Your penis is massless, with dimension zero.
MetaFilter: Talk about a derail.
MetaFilter: Thumbs up! Thanks, hama7.
Metafilter: wildly wrong, verging on the point of incoherence.
Metafilter: Steven C. Den Beste, . . . , I'd say you are full of shit.
Metafilter: a bunch of hippies jumping around tossing flour into the air.
Metafilter: Stetson Kennedy and “Superman vs. the KKK”. (This may have been what you were thinking of, DU.)
MetaFilter: smug little socially-stunted arm-chair critics.
Metafilter: Rum, sodomy and the lash.
Metafilter: a Rainbow Gathering, for hippie communal spiders
Metafilter: you occasionally stumble across some dude dressed up like a mechanical teddy bear having sex with a giant cat
MetaFilter: it’s tough to get your Shiite straight
Metafilter: People regularly stick their dick in stupid stuff.
MetaFilter: 90 seconds of a soon-to-be-drumming fake-monkey.
Metafilter: A rolling manifestation of compromise.
Metafilter: filled with ire.
MetaFilter: After a while it's kinda like masturbation. You fool around with it, you figure it out.
Metafilter: Mass Debate
MetaFilter: The work of a great & visionary ruler, compelling 40,000 machete-wielding virgins to dance around topless.
Metafilter: More Human Than Human is our motto
MetaFilter: The work of a great & visionary ruler, compelling 40,000 machete-wielding virgins to dance around topless.
Metafilter: Teh Intarwebs, stolby.
Metafilter: What I like are naked hairy Arab men, and I'm not seeing them here.
MetaFilter: too distracted to be useful for anything except the base amount of work necessary for survival
Metafilter: Who cums up with this shit?
MetaFilter: against pretty much everything
Metafilter: The Boing Boing you pay money to comment on
Metafilter: The thrill of inappropriate candor.
Metafilter: a juicy, delicious murder with cheese and a side of fries.
Metafilter: We won't rest until we post tenor more.
Metafilter: We're just getting to the cheap seats.
Metafilter: unbearable to most people around them.
MetaFilter: a bunch of hypocritical, apathetic muffinheads.
Metafilter: A shameless apologist or someone suffering massive brain damage.
Metafilter: for teh lulz indeed....for teh lulz indeed...for teh lulz indeed.
Metafilter: this time it isn't going to end with dancing muppets
MetaFilter: Fixed that for you. I can't wait till this cliche dies.
MetaFilter: problematizing our own paradigms
Metafilter: spraying the idiot with hot nitric acid.
Metafilter: Idiotfilter.
Metafilter: Hiding behind the couch because of pretty girls at the door wishing you to judge a blowjob contest.
metafilter: poor people = good, wealthy people = bad. Humanists = good, adventurers/entrepreneurs = bad.
Metafilter: isn't so much an explosive as it is an idiot filter.
MetaFilter: A society rich in leisure, and taken-for-granted comforts.
Metafilter: sometimes we're just really mean and bitter.
Metafilter: Escape from Real Bitch Island
MetaFilter: you get to make up stuff and no one can ever really verify it.
Metafilter: I didn't click on the links, but looking at the little baloons was great fun.
Metafilter: Gross, but hey: their life, their problem.
MetaFilter: You're a completely gross, freaky, ugly, boring, obnoxious, greasy, sneaky, nerd-bonehead.
Metafilter: It's like a slap-fight between Stryper and N'Sync.
Metafilter: You should not have posted this.
Metafilter: No PC should be without it.
Metafilter: what could be more frightening than a giant hamster?
Metafilter: what could be more frightening than a giant hamster?
MetaFilter: quiet quiet quiet DEATH!!!!!
Metafilter: I suck at liking this.
Metafilter: It's important for you to know at this point that me and porno go way back.
MetaFilter: When they're choking those girls with their fists and cocks, they mean it.
Metafilter: what's your nookie-nuker line?
Metafilter: I used to be a pretty big player in the PUA scene some years ago.
Metafilter: this homey, kind of lame, totally inoffensive limp family-friendly sitcom... that just happens to be about the travails of Muslims in Saskatchewan.
Metafilter: Collimating and guiding on the Airy disk even when seeing is bad.
MetaFilter: It's definitely not perfect, but I've enjoyed websites far worse than this one.
Metafilter: At its core, a love story.
Metafilter: golf cart science.
MetaFilter: throwing up in your brain
Metafilter: I'm on the scene
Metafilter: I loved me some Zork
Metafilter: The opposite of N is not always S
Metafilter: mutual ejaculationfield
MetaFilter: big on self-promotion, big on causing scenes, and big on smug superiority.
Metafilter: Islaming it all up around and in the hole
Metafilter: I can't be arsed to read frick all...
Metafilter: A voracious, pig-gnawing liquid.
Metafilter: I always seem to be speaking about unpleasant things. [Proverbs 1.27]
Metafilter: You cannot butt me with your horns! Who is it that you are butting? You cannot kill me -- I am running away!
Metafilter: "Hello! I'm completely fucking insane."
Metafilter: I came here for the intellectual discourse, but stayed for the insipid and pointless goodness.
MetaFilter: It's a "reference-fest" which gets very old very fast.
Metafilter: Let us not miss pointing to a story that relates to homosexuality!
Metafilter: Let us not miss pointing to a story that relates to homosexuality!
Metafilter: "The site's hollow -- it goes on forever -- and oh my God, it's full of assholes!"
MetaFilter: Symbolic of... junk.
Metafilter: This is an ad.
Metafilter: Trite and inaccurate. You sound like a douchebag.
Metafilter: angry liberals who suffered through poverty so no soup for you, loser.
Metafilter:"It's like I'm looking at the sum total of a life of bad decisions.".
Metafilter: Keep thuggin'
Metafilter: When you're here, you're family. A dysfunctional family of surly drunks with various weeping sores and caustic flatulence... and now you're part of it.
Metafilter: a cocktail napkin and a basic knowledge of physics.
Metafilter: Not like the frenzied Jig-a-boos you expected.
Metafilter: Do y'all got it?
MetaFilter: I searched for both "sniper" and "baiting".
Metafilter: teh* online community that gots pancakes.
Metafilter: It's like a self-serve toxic waste storage facility.
Metafilter: Monsters of Ingratitude/Hive-Mind Parasites
MetaFilter: masturbators, liars, or psychotics.
Metafilter: a large, stoic bowel movement
Metafilter: I judge you -- all of you
Metafilter: A kind of anguish terrible, against which I cannot large-thing
Metafilter: I would never in a million years do a thing like that.
Metafilter: Totally, massively, obsessively nerdy.
Metafilter: Why?
Metafilter: You're a fucking tool.
Metafilter: unaware of her tainted style and her being a harlot.
Metafilter: Yankees suck!
Metafilter: your Google search proves nothing.
Metafilter: Lobster Bisque and butt sex.
Metafilter: Lobster Bisque and butt sex.
Metafilter: over analyzing a plate of beans simple high school physics problem. (bhnyc said it best all the way up thread)
Metafilter: another fencepost coming.
Metafilter: a whole different kind of stupid.
Metafilter: A freaking pedant honeypot
metafilter: give in to propagandistic notions of 'seriousness'
Metafilter: if Jesus was coming back, I'd expect more than just a link to his blog entry that said "BRB".
Metafilter: it's actually quite hard smoking a joint when you're lying on your back being brain scanned.
Metafilter: Like a monkey eating a cake.
Metafilter: if you think this, you'll find (on studying sufficient mathematics and logic to understand the case) that this is not a "think" that is sustainable and that you will have to adopt a different "think" in the future
Metafilter: O how foolish!
Metafilter: "Mein Gott, zwei kilogram!" exclaims Gnter, joyful and relieved. (from Growabrain's link)
Metafilter: Best of Agregoli's hot baby talk skillz.
Metafilter: the gun is drowning
Metafilter: keeping up with the Blofelds
MetaFilter: There's only one way this can go... wendell.
Metafilter: so many vectors of conflicting irony it's impossible to know where to start.
Metafilter: a high-tech virtual lynching.
Metafilter: start acting more rationally via polemics
Metafilter: start acting more rationally! - via polemics!
MetaFilter: it's what you know that others haven't heard about.
MetaFilter: Oh blow it out your ass. Now you're not even fucking trying.
MetaFilter: In private, they prefer to jerk off.
MetaFilter: A ready smile, a good relationship with your mother, and willing to kill for cash.
Metafilter: What's the hardest part about being a Republican? Telling your parents you are gay.
Metafilter: WTF, USA?
Metafilter: We've been in the "biz" for quite a while, so let us help you with our experteze!
MetaFilter: you did read the article, right?
Metafilter: for some reason Recent Photography only gives me one zoomable photo of frogs.
Metafilter: It really is possible to be so bad you're good.
Metafilter: We could have seen it coming a hundred years ago if we’d only paid attention. But we were ignorant, arrogant, foolish.
Metafilter: Don't Be Like Us
Metafilter: try it with your irono-meter on.
Metafilter: experiments in “cock skinning”
Metafilter: every claim anybody ever makes on MeFi is un-provable.
MetaFilter: I've fucking published legal writing on the topic.
MetaFilter: I've published legal writing on the topic--while fucking!
Metafilter: every claim anybody ever makes on MeFi is un-provable.
Metafilter: Your puerile insistence on sticking to the FPP shows a marked inability to think outside the box.
Metafilter: I thought MeFi could handle it.
MetaFilter: I've written published legal fucking on the topic.
Metafilter: come out swinging with one-liners
MetaFilter: I've fucked (and been fucked) while publishing legal writing on the topic!
Metafilter: a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.
Metafilter: Changing the idea of what a penis should be since 1999.
Metafilter: a big legal dick contest or just plain dicks?
metafilter: want to look at badly drawn enormous breasted furry porn?
MetaFilter: Fark.
Metafilter: If you want to post a link about nice tits, post a link about nice tits.
Metafilter: It's lunacy.
Metafilter: identification to harsh rebuke.
Metafilter: Madonna’s big legal dick coming out of my left ear and Toby the Jap’s plain dicks coming out of my right.
Metafilter: It's not about empathy, it's about lulz.
MetaFilter: If all you've got is snark, why are you here?
Metafilter: yes, we are all on glue, why do you ask
MetaFilter: Sounds like a typical day on MetaFilter.
Metafilter: Kiss the sands of Iran.
Metafilter: you fucking pissants have pulled this shit more than once.
MetaFilter: You could always amuse yourself with LunchBall!
Metafilter: Instead of spending their time in prayer, or listening to sad music, or reading novels, or knitting, or taking care of too many cats, vulnerable and unstable members of society are socialized into virtual communities whose shared vocabulary and values become an antidote to loneliness, even as they propel their members toward death.
MetaFilter: constantly bitching about how you don't like links
Metafilter: New post? OM NOM NOM NOM.
MetaFilter: the gynecological-flagellative term for uxorial dominance.
Metafilter: some waste barge in the Lolleron system.
metafilter: tits. in your scotch.
Metafilter: Pedants R Us.
MetaFilter: "Some people know from experience, and some people don't know but argue anyway. It's the internet."
MetaFilter: like a sack of nut sacks.
Metafilter: a guy who's cutting hay and loading into the back of a wagon. Then he falls down and crumples his baseball cap. He decides to just lay in the grass for a while.
Metafilter: the anaesthetic from only which some come round.
Metafilter: like a flensed penis
MetaFilter: haunted by Leonard Cohen
Metafilter: Paranoia, with a little mass hysteria thrown in.
Metafilter: Killer sharks may attack You.
Metafilter: So many pri... etc.)
metafilter: Plans for the invasion of Canada.
metafilter: Plans for the invasion of Canada.
metafilter: Plans for the invasion of Canada.
Metafilter: All in the game, yo.
Metafilter: A throbbing two-ton steel-framed phallic proxy
Metafilter: trapped in a soft, vice-like grip of robot lips.
Metafilter: Because one time wandering the alleys of Prague...
Metafilter: Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand.
Metafilter: How many times do we hear it? It goes on all day long. Everyone knows everything, and no one's ever wrong...until later.
MetaFilter: How much are you willing to pay to offset your assholish behaviour to 'get some' while not changing your personality one whit?
Metafilter: I would sooner hit my dick with a hammer than...
Metafilter: Rush was my favorite band growing up.
Metafilter: You should only live with pets you are fucking.
Metafilter: a giant blue wall of empty.
Metafilter: genuinely annoyed by jackass noobs
Metafilter: the guy who has been here since April should probably mind his own business
Metafilter: smedleyman should probably learn some html
Metafilter: the old Reddit.
MetaFilter: $60 for the bone
Metafilter: A lot of fuss over a lot of gay nerds sitting around reading French surrealists.
Metafilter: French fuss
Metafilter: I can't defend the post-- I do suck at writing
Metafilter: I think my friends and I killed him, actually.
Metafilter: God is dead! Vote Hillary!
Metafilter: We Go Pher Moles!
MetaFilter: What is there to discuss?
Metafilter: We're trying to have a conversation with you and you don't wanna.
MetaFilter: What is there to discuss?
Metafilter: You rub it on the behind before inserting it.
Metafilter: I guess they were maybe originally some hamfisted attempt at being democratic (or at least relevant), but they just turn even the most serious subjects into mere entertainment for a certain kind of person who may not know too much about a subject, but now has the ability to argue passionately about it.
Metafilter: you fade like bleach!
Metafilter: so hot, it might well be the only community weblog I'd let anally penetrate me.
metafilter: I'm Sure The Jews Are Behind This Somehow
metafilter: Can God Get An Erection?
metafilter: a fucking inflatable patchouli pig in tweed sportcoat.
Metafilter: multi-level, situationally aware.
Metafilter: Drug fuelled zero-g sex
Metafilter: Drug fuelled zero-g sex
Metafilter: Drug fuelled zero-g sex
Metafilter: I was actually terribly confused and frustrated.
Metafilter: you must be heard, you must be understood, and you must be pleasing. And you must have a wire rack.
Metafilter: NONE Pizza with Left Beef
Metafilter: I'm a shit and I fuck you
Metafilter: NONE Pizza with Left Beef"
Metafilter: I wouldn't want that spinning ninja thing in my pants!
Metafilter: bathes daily, reads Murakami, not poor.
MetaFilter: mourning the loss of the bulbous tip
Metafilter: herpsters who have hippies.
Metafilter: Made from the hide of a Dire HellCow, granting +2 AC
Metafilter: More Than 2000 Twits.
MetaFilter: "My biggest problem with [insert sport] is that it's not enough like rugby."
Metafilter: Wankers Only
Metafilter: your momma is not actually as large as a house as obesity would be invariably fatal long before reaching such a size.
Metafilter: your favorite sport has sucked for over six years.
MetaFilter: Libertarians, Conservatives, Christians, Scientologists, Mormons, Creationists, /b/tards, diggtards, redditors, BoingBoing writers, prescriptivists.
MetaFilter: the flamboyantly homosexual, murderous socialist revolutionaries.
MetaFilter: the flamboyantly homosexual, murderous socialist revolutionaries.
Metafilter: Thou deserves to be stabbed, and the dogs have thine ears
Metafilter: the flamboyantly homosexual, murderous socialist revolutionaries.
Metafilter: TL;DR
MetaFilter: Reveling in the smug satisfaction that somewhere, someone fatter than you is stuck in a hairpin turn between Mexico and Ireland, forced to confront their morbid obesity while the children just sing and sing and sing.
Metafilter: Tolerant does not mean accept.
Metafilter: Your reading of Nietzsche is quaint, trite, and utterly false.
Metafilter: Angry. With strawmen.
Metafilter: Adverb adjective.
MetaFilter: Blue Water, Savage Death!
MetaFilter: Anxiously jerking ourselves in the pale light of our computers.
Metafilter: You can either subscribe to the Religion of the Rainbow Unicorns or you can subscribe to the Rel[i]gion of the Anti-Unicornists.
Metafilter: This thread doesn't meet my trendiness requirements.
MetaFilter: I don't have to understand anything.
MetaFilter: common fucking
Metafilter: No it isn't.
Metafilter: I ain't here to please you.
Metafilter: one society pushed against the darkness of the world before ultimately retreating
Metafilter: I've made this mistake a number of times when typing fast.
Metafilter: You are stupid too. Did you take stupid drug?
Metafilter: More mouse bites!
Metafilter: This place is worse than youtube
Metafilter: I never thought it would happen to me, but when I attended a small liberal art co-ed university...
Metafilter: Unable to restrain ourselves for the benefit of other people.
Metafilter: Your inability to grasp another's [insert anything really] position is not that interesting.
Metafilter: You are all going to die in the next 100 years
Metafilter: the corrupt bolus of accumulated filth
MetaFilter: I know more about this than is healthy.
Metafilter: We couldn't have all gotten here for crap reasons.
MetaFilter: As accomplished as these guys are, they will never get laid
Metafilter: smells like popcorn shrimp and ass
Metafilter: Mcstayinskool raised the issue in a posting about John Hall. Here.
Metafilter: A little person living in your skull, hacking away at your brain.
Metafilter: epistolary pummeling
Metafilter: Eh, it's worth $5.
MetaFilter: Taste Our Cohesion.
Metafilter: [Blonde] Law Professor–Constitution Requires Homeschoolers To Teach Children Liberal Pieties
Metafilter: Eats its young. /rant
Metafilter: Works as long as your check doesn't bounce.
MetaFilter: we like to mock the dead, dance on graves, hump corpses.
Metafilter: "and I'm can outwrite you"
Metafilter: balls so big they're sitting in my lap right now.
Metafilter: not some calculated psychologically abusive mind control tool
Metafilter: Jerking your head madly from side to side seems to help as well
Metafilter: Asserting a bald equivalence.) He's building a metaphoric bridge between the two, and he does a fine job that illuminates both, in my humble opinion.
Metafilter: bitter talentless hacks pontificating about art they couldn't produce if their lives depended on it
MetaFilter: don't bring a stapler to a Taser fight.
Metafilter: getting all kinds of fucked up with all the boxes
Metafilter: being deciding to refuse
Metafilter: A piping hot cup of deleted STFU. .. And something to remember it by.
MetaFilter: POWERTHIRST drinkers quenched by PREPOSTERONE!
Metafilter: Its a vagina, not a clown car!
Metafilter: dflkjaldkfjadflskj!
MetaFilter: Best Worst of the Web.
Metafilter: Bookfilter: Recommend a good book on Leon Trotsky and Trotskyism.
MetaFilter: The pinnacle of mature discourse since 1999.
MetaFilter: community 'BLOG' page
MetaFilter: Reagan and Star Trek
Metafilter: takes a bitchy comment you might make at a party and stretches the concept into a whole blog
MetaFilter: Racist as all hell, of course, but neat.
Metafilter: It's getting bigger and it feels good.
Metafilter: Being drunk on a trampoline is not frowned upon
Metafilter: everyone wants to be friends with the coolest toy in the room
Metafilter: I would not have stuck my finger in the ass of a guy/girl who was just wearing a diaper.
MetaFilter: I'm eating pie all the time! Life rules!
Metafilter: Brrrrrrrr pop!
Metafilter: This is not what a shifting paradigm looks like; this is a freakin' blue blob.
Metafilter: cookie equivalent of the matrix.
Metafilter: as murky as before, with more layers of complete bullshit layered on top.
Metafilter: The Complete Caca-Phony
Metafilter: Cash and Prizes!!
Metafilter: dying while high on mushrooms and Laphroaig between the taut thighs of a beautiful prostitute.
Metafilter: I blanked all over both of us
Metafilter: A nut like flavor that hit's the spot.
Metafilter: a series of twitches and kabuki-like mannerisms.
Metafilter: in the "part of the problem, not part of the solution" camp
Metafilter: it's a clever use of standard materials.
Metafilter: that's one thing i've never had in my ass
Metafilter: You've turned an enjoyable little job that I did as a lark for a few years into a colossal waste of time.
Metafilter: You- you must be almost 30- have you kissed a girl?
Metafilter: monster bears, yellow-fanged hyenas, and cunning Homo sapien newcomers.
Metafilter: so very, very sorry.
Metafilter: just baseless speculation.
Metafilter: majestically jiggles along the pampas.
Metafilter: about boobies.
Metafilter: liberated and all that crap.
Metafilter: farted from God's holy bottom.
Metafilter: the ultimate survival of the species.
Metafilter: the reason the Neanderthals didn't survive.
Metafilter:an evolutionary dead link.
Metafilter: an abundance of inadequately-evolved humor.
Metafilter: popping out big-headed genocidal babies.
Metafilter: worse with appalling frequency.
Metafilter: We could complain about free pie.
Metafilter: I was way too stoned
metafilter: CLEAN | COMPLEX | DARK ...
MetaFilter: this is old as hell.
MetaFilter: people who have very high IQs who couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel.
MetaFilter: 100% lips and assholes.
MetaFilter: More Jive Ass Bullshit From Those Honky Motherfuckers
Metafilter: Constantly complaining about posts of a racial nature, then posting 260+ to every goddamn one!
MetaFilter: full of lips and anuses.
Metafilter: I’m going to be popular! I should make a blog button, right now.
Metafilter: White letters on blue background – Like Fox News.
Metafilter: Well you see, if we had whole days to work on it, and bigger paper, I think we could make it way more detailed.
Metafilter: to be deposited on external and sometimes surprising locations."
MetaFilter: I can't phantom what kind of society can allow these people to remain without opportunity, in a cage of fear for a lifetime.
metafilter: horrible cavorting poop bears that haunt my nightmares.
Metafilter: We support all forms of speech and artistic expression, without reservation or hesitation. Unless it offends our surprisingly delicate sensibilities."
Metafilter: We support all forms of speech and artistic expression, without reservation or hesitation. Unless it offends our surprisingly delicate sensibilities.
Metafilter: We support all forms of speech and artistic expression, without reservation or hesitation. Unless it offends our surprisingly delicate sensibilities.
Metafilter: We support all forms of speech and artistic expression, without reservation or hesitation. Unless it offends our surprisingly delicate sensibilities."
Metafilter: Simmer, skimming off any scum that rises
Metafilter: Simmer, skimming off any scum that rises
Metafilter: don't be a sucker!
Metafilter: ruining Christmas year-round
Metafilter: No more negativity. No more enmity.
Metafilter: flawless performers who never fail to overwhelm!
Metafilter: your favorite stupid shout-out sucks.
Metafilter: your favorite stupid shout-out sucks.
Metafilter: We read the links! (sometimes)
Metafilter: We read the directions!
MetaFilter: We control the vertical. We control the horizontal. We control the sarcasm adjustment.
Metafilter: I wish I could unsee that.
Metafilter: Not sure what my point is.
Metafilter: Here's a tip! Watch your fucking mouth.
MetaFilter: the Western intellectual conspiracy.
MetaFilter: Worst. Food. Ever.
Metafilter: "We have been waiting for this day all month. Today, we are super high, and don't know where to put our eyes,"
Metafilter: some kind of zen shit I have no access of.
MetaFilter: Special tools.
Metafilter: apropos of nothing
MetaFilter: LOG OFF! You're Out of the Computer.
Metafilter: boxers? briefs? thong? ripped? stained? erection?
MetaFilter: There are some days that we wish for zombies.
Metafilter: a new adventure awaits in the back of this truck...
Metafilter: Best Of The Wank
MetaFilter: The Men Who Stare At Goatse
Metafilter: how the hell did she know I haven't had sex for months?
Metafilter: sleeps with a blue stuffed monkey.
Metafilter: in comical Col. Klink accents
Metafilter: Seeking permits to build a resort in the shape of a giant beaver.
Metafilter: Like Hitler, Just Not Ambitious Enough
MetaFilter: Death is now the second worst thing to happen.
MetaFilter: MDMA and PTSD [December 3, 2003].
Metafilter: NO
Metafilter: This isn't the Internet blog of record
Metafilter: Two morons don't make a right.
Metafilter: clear the Janet for handoff.
Metafilter:..." slogans. I have no idea what the picture would be.
MetaFilter: Nemo solus satis sapit
MetaFilter: fodder for those eager to influence.
Metafilter: You
MetaFilter: We preach tolerance, but if we can mock others to claim superiority, well fuck it, our culture is better than your culture.
MetaFilter: We preach tolerance, but if we can mock others to claim superiority, well fuck it, our culture is better than your culture.
MetaFilter: Pages and pages of enormous tits.
Metafilter: For those who don’t realize that the title is a joke and have nothing better to do then defame this tiny blog, I’ll lay this out for you
Metafilter: Yes, I did just spend 5 bucks to write this and I feel pretty dumb for doing it
Metafilter: as a community, not that my post helped, but seriously it looks decently shitty.
Metafilter: FPP-ing today what you got in your e-mail one year ago.
Metafilter: A dog must have fucked your mother when she made you!
Metafilter: I fucked your mother, your sister, your wife!
Metafilter: Here they are, with links:
Metafilter: Scrolling makes us cranky.
Metafilter: Some indecent and infamous invention of depravity
Metafilter: unnamed nobodies looking at stuff.
Metafilter: great theory of mind, but couldn’t care less.
Metafilter: mostly bat, and only a little boy
MetaFilter: for the love of Mario
Metafilter: We're together for life, whether you like it or not!
Metafilter: There's nothing cool about a fool on drugs!
MetaFilter: they ride she-goats
Metafilter: SOME LAWS ARE BAD.
Metafilter: NO LUCKY!
MetaFilter: a low-oxygen temperature controlled environment.
MetaFilter: a low-oxygen temperature controlled environment.
Metafilter: 147 square inches of living space, and a tenant's son who was just arrested for dealing ecstasy.
Metafilter: I wouldn't call it completely untrue, just mostly wrong
Metafilter: Loud Filthy-Mouth Offender, The Overemotional Dirtbag!
MetaFilter: foofiness and a whiff of fruitcake.
Metafilter: none of this will make sense to anyone.
MetaFilter: you blog like an asshole
Metafilter: Viggo Mortensen is the violent Alan Alda. White people are idiots.
Metafilter: Fuck you, I'm eating.
Metafilter: That's where I'm a viking.
Metafilter: we say this is fantastic, and if anyone has any other view he is lifeless and dead.
Metafilter: Your shits all fucked up and you're retarded.
MetaFilter: I wish I could still squat like that.
Metafilter: I think you're dirty bastard.
Metafilter: it basically repeats back re-phraed bits of the conversation you're having with it.
Metafilter: you feel surrounded by incompetent idiots and you can’t help letting them know the truth every now and then
Metafilter: not clear
Metafilter: Overthinking Unknown Hinson.
Metafilter: Overthinking Unknown Hinson.
Metafilter: Like AskMe, but not helpful, and in comic form.
Metafilter: What I killed today.
MetaFilter: I doubt that this blog will do very mu.... ah, fuck it.
Metafilter: (honestly, I didn't figure SCdB was that clueless)
Metafilter: you expected fewer buggery posts?
Metafilter: Oh, wait, did I say thank you? I meant no thanks.
metafilter: viciously maligned by those with an anti-Norse agenda
metafilter: viciously maligning those with an anti-Norse agenda
Metafilter: Gently Caress This Poo Poo.
Metafilter: I found my hole.
Metafilter: an appropriate place to air your personal agenda
Metafilter: Just bullshit made-up affectations of dubious etymology.
Metafilter: Oh, wait, I don't have that power.
Metafilter: I wanted to throw up numerous times, yet I couldnt draw myself away!
Metafilter: It's the best vomit on the market.
Metafilter: This is fucking obnoxious and does not belong on Metafilter
MetaFilter: Too many cats.
Metafilter: "Success" in the tautological sense
MetaFilter: A tai-chi master started it.
Metafilter: the fine line between clever and stupid.
MetaFilter: This thing is retarded. You can't even do anything with it.
Metafilter: the Cheech and Chong connection was... unexpected
Metafilter: fucking shitwit
Metafilter: X.
Metafilter: We've got X.
Metafilter: I want my 2 minutes back.
Metafilter: flabbergastingly
Metafilter: Unless you're a vegetarian you're not really allowed to bitch about this.
Metafilter: He is slumped, with a steady trickle of saliva dribbling down his chin. The man has soiled himself.
Metafilter: used to be funny, but now it's just annoying.
Metafilter: a fountain of crap in the shape of a concept.
MetaFilter: our readers are so dense.
Metafilter: It's like meditation, only with more gunfire.
Metafilter: Breaking the cheer chain.
Metafilter: the best posters in the world, either for tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical, historical-pastoral, tragical-historical, tragical-comical-historical-pastoral; scene individable, or poem unlimited.
MetaFilter: It's Indian, Atlantic and Pacific you fucks! Now let me out!
Metafilter: There is one's own shit and there is the shit of others.
Metafilter: An attractive prize for online goblins.
Metafilter: It’s a kind of hell.
MetaFilter: Old AND creepy.
MetaFilter: The Trolling.
Metafilter: Now, hang on, don't pound on Amberglow too unmercifully.
Metafilter: Mighty queer things in these swamps. If'n I was you, I wouldn't stay a second longer.
Metafilter: and then she died, which always happens.
Metafilter: We Have Browsers
Metafilter: a tall, slim and notably handsome youth with hollowed-out cheeks, transmogrified into an impressively corpulent presence whose moon face lit up with Pickwickian benevolence.
Metafilter: I know this is alot of reading, but YOUR LIFE DEPENDS on you knowing these things. This is more important than watching Oprah or a football game. Turn the TV off for an hour each day and read this website and start reading your bible.
MetaFilter: If you're so smart why is your web site so hard to navigate?
Metafilter: Blurring the line between introverted and anti-social for nearly 10 (fucking) years
Metafilter: you can't do that here.
Metafilter: It is pitch snark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
Metafilter: ovaries and no sense of humor.
MetaFilter: We are infuriating, and our conclusions are moronic
Metafilter: Quibbling fuckers.
Metafilter: The first handful of comments squelch conversation or ridicule the grammar of the post.
Metafilter: slutty bitches 'and 'grossly irresponsible'
MetaFilter: This is not a place of honor.
Metafilter: AN EAR??!!
Metafilter: This place is best shunned and left uninhabited.
Metafilter: A place to be bullied mercilessly by your fellow intellectuals.
Metafilter:You missed my point and your question is stupid.
Metafilter: the best of the web
Metafilter: You missed my point and your question is stupid.
MetaFilter: Pretty Fuckin' Simple.
metafilter: onanistic datagasm
Metafilter: Give sick ass paintjob, add commanding logo.
Metafilter: the pot of heroin at the end of the rainbow
MetaFilter: Embrace the hug life
Metafilter: Dee Dee gets a D in spelling. Whta's new?
Metafilter: withholding from jerking off every waking hour.
MetaFilter: The soft upholstery is made from real kittens, all cute.
Metafilter: Shut up and leave me alone, fuckers.
MetaFilter: 60,000 is a big ass number, and it is being used to needlessly scare people.
Metafilter: I've never seen such a politically myopic and conspiratorial group of people under one banner in all my life.
Metafilter: I have intuitive ability to mumbo gumbo wolfpack mentality, steps away from your blog.
MetaFilter: The birthplace of Ms. Godwin's Law. Like Godwin's Law, but instead of Nazis, titties.
MetaFilter: My penis smells ok.
MetaFilter: Illuminating dark corners of the Internet and obscure cable channels for the rest of us.
MetaFilter: I cut his balls off.
Metafilter: I thought it would make me feel healthy.
Metafilter: a nice crop of passive-aggressive dipshits
MetaFilter: making you slightly less more mortal
Metafilter: who the hell uses something non-addictive 20+ times a day for God's sake?
MetaFilter: the "rewards" might be somebody writing on your wall sending you MeFi mail, responding to a message your comment, poking favoriting you or whatever, but if you receive this "aw, somebody thought of me" gratification every time you logged on or refreshed, then it wouldn't be as addictive. It becomes addictive precisely when you refresh & find no rewards. So maybe you write somebody a message answer an AskMe or poke them post an FPP, dawdle around doing something else, then refresh. And refresh again. Oh, and best log in once more before bed, just in case. Hey, maybe something's happened overnight, while you were asleep...?
Metafilter: just a flurry of dangerously bent semantics jarring you out of reasonable thought through this really earnest, faux-learned string of non-sequiturs which your brain follows because it always seems like it should or at least might make some kind of sense.
Metafilter: acking oopsing CAPSING horseshit
MetaFilter: My "nope" is not a snark; it's a critique.
MetaFilter: Lick my love pump.
MetaFilter: Fuck You—No, Fuck You!—Daily
Metafilter: tra lo stupore ed il divertimento di molti Internetisti
Metafilter: "OMG! Pepsi Blue!"
Metafilter: "Shut up! SHUT UP! Fucking newsfilter....."
Metafilter: "Best of the web!"
MetaFilter: TITS OR GTFO
Metafilter: Weird co-mingling might be awesome
Metafilter: With my zero years of experience as a psychiatric professional, I can say definitively that the subject is afflicted with Asperger's syndrome.
Metafilter: As a non-American I think
Metafilter: a gang of soldiers
MetaFilter: Do to cognition. Note it down.
Metafilter: Elephants sometimes formed part of the equipment.
Metafilter: I'm having a bit of ScahedenFraude
Metafilter: A new approach to rodent performance evaluation(via miss l)
MetaFilter: who can be the biggest asshole?
Metafilter: I'd rather be contrary because your favourite actor who just died sucks.
Metafilter: those are not my balls in the picture.
Metafilter: mace in one hand and Weena in the other
metafilter: here, here and here]
Metafilter: 65) Buried in cement by the mob
Metafilter: your comment smells of some anarcho-syndicalist alternative history hobby horse.
Metafilter: a creaky, angular, glinting ice phallus
MetaFilter: Finding a place between complacency and hysteria.
MetaFilter: It vexes me terribly!
Metafilter: I think our elementary school teachers point the kids there for ideas.
MetaFilter: Multi-orificed tubular toy construction block.
MetaFilter: could use a few more wizards on bicycles
Metafilter: $5 lifetime fee. The conversation is exactly the same, but there are probably fewer nazis on Metafilter, and we still occasionally get Champagne. But I think the Club does have one thing over Mefi: they opened access to women three years before metafilter did.
metafilter:+%22By+the+way+if+anyone+here+is+in+advertising+or+marketing...+kill+yourself.%22&hl=en&filter=0">every time that Bill Hicks rant was posted on Metafilter.
MetaFilter: "A little more champagne and we were talking about cock-sucking."
Metafilter: Fail.
Metafilter: a quick thoughtless one word dismissal of something. It's often mean spirited, seldom appropriate, and never insightful
Metafilter: Like, STACKED. Pamela Anderson stacked
MetaFilter: Bigger than Twice Smaller than Moscow. (Great music!)
Metafilter: to be alarming rather than logical
Metafilter: The coprolalia represents sharing.
MetaFilter: Well excuse me, princess!
Metafilter: The coprolalia rep-FUCK!... rep-ASS!... rep-A BIG COCK! FUCKERS! FUCK NNNnrrrgggFUCK! represents sharing. BLOWJOB!
Metafilter: gauging the plausibility of random hypotheses.
Metafilter: No broken glass, no air.
Metafilter: and there ain't no nothin' we can't love each other through
Metafilter: what might be right for you, may not be right for some.
MetaFilter: Without reading any of the comments, that was great.
MetaFilter: plate-of-beans it and laugh
Metafilter: Otherwise the masturbatory fantasies get too weird.
Metafilter: denying the world a glimpse of my forbidden valley
MetaFilter: Yes, but cf. Homer, Od., iii, 151
MetaFilter: in even worse taste than a haiku limerick.
Metafilter: I'm sick of having it sold to me at every goddamn turn.
metafilter: You Make Me Crazy
Metafilter: Here's my latest conspiracy theory
Metafilter: you can just drop your rubbish wherever the hell you want
Metafilter: Jimmy Kimmel? That must be some kinda magic cock.
Metafilter: what have I become?
metafilter: close enough for funk
MetaFilter: be critical and you'll find a lot of bullshit
MetaFilter: The longer you look at this, the more you don't want to look at it.
metafilter: fuck this superficial society. except for when it gets me laid.
MetaFilter: two Elvises out of a possible five.
Metafilter: a range of human emotion from absolute rage to absolute lulz.
MetaFilter: YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG!!!!!!!!!
Metafilter: Newton-Raphson iteration ... but with a twist.
Metafilter: Fuck the Phegmish.
Metafilter: Your favorite band sucks. But not nearly as much as Bono.
Metafilter: to boldly go where language gets worser.
Metafilter: Letting my wife eat lunch at the park.
Metafilter: Surviving a supernova
Metafilter: We don't like articles that use sweeping generalizations and personal anecdotes as evidence. That's our job!
MetaFilter: peace, harmony, and regionally-varying colloquial usage.
Metafilter: Next, Moore's law will be humping nanotube's leg
Metafilter: ...Wait, why do I give a shit? What's wrong with me?
Metafilter: Enjoy that gilded cage, losers.
Metafilter: the Wookies beat them off
MetaFilter: Well put blather.
Metafilter: I think the issues we're talking about have very little to do with our site anymore.
metafilter: a paparazzi upskirt shot of a drunken narcissistic starlet.
Metafilter: the only way to lose is not to play.
Metafilter: Stuff White People Like
Metafilter: free speech doesn't mean careless talk!
MetaFilter: This is just my interpretation.
MetaFilter:"Shut the hell up, Crackhead, I'm not finished."
Metafilter: WHERE'S MY BAG OF SHIT?!
MetaFilter: interesting but smug, self-congratulatory
Metafilter: some crazy pirate bazaar or something.
Metafilter: De dick is strong.
MetaFilter: It's based on the underlying assumption that those who participate will act in good faith.
Metafilter: to learn the vital truths of existence.
Metafilter: expecting some child-molesting androgynous Turkish disco superstar
Metafilter: $75k pimping out an Accord
MetaFilter: stand perfectly still until the retina-scan clears you to pass.
Metafilter: Babies dying in aiports don't cause us outrage, but links to news stories that are 6 sentences long do (even if a longer story is posted in an earlier comment).
Metafilter: just a double size lava gorilla with wings
Metafilter: it's like, give of bunch of lefty college grads a place to post their opinions about different topics, and voila, comedy gold. And of course I should mention the impressive collective intelligence coupled with all the correct social concerns (and the unanimity of voice! the speaking of truth to power!). It just makes me feel so warm inside.
Metafilter: come for the videos, stay for the soundtracks, or something like that.
Metafilter: it's like, give of bunch of lefty college grads a place to post their opinions about different topics, and voila, comedy gold.
MetaFilter: a blend of utopianism and utter hopelessness.
Metafilter: too lazy to think up anything.
MetaFilter: Their ideas no longer intrigue me and I am about to unsubscribe from their newsletter
Metafilter: Fair and Balanced. I'll even footnote that so that my opinion is valid; it's the slogan of Fox News.
MetaFilter: there are kids on my lawn and I am frightened.
Metafilter: 24 hours is a long time on the internet.
MetaFilter: Allow its ambrosial fat to cascade freely down your throat.
Metafilter: The Book. 'Projects,' anyone?
MetaFilter: as yet unblinded, unfattened, and undrowned.
Metafilter: your new bicycle.
Metafilter: Not kissing.
MetaFilter: we just want your extra time.
MetaFilter: your love is sweeter than wine
Metafilter: integral to the individuals' ongoing project of working out what mouths are for.
MetaFilter: Mind-numbingly horrible single link Youtube post
Metafilter: Fourth Base
Metafilter: integral to the individuals' ongoing project of ...*Fzzzt*... takes BS to an entirely new level.
Metafilter: a rare cause of traumatic injury to the rectum.
MetaFilter: Just all over the place.
Metafilter: a power driver with the torque of a boar on heat.
MetaFilter: joke to the thread, to wit:
MetaFilter: a whole other order of bad.
Metafilter: Filled with high school debate champions.
MetaFilter: curling one out
Metafilter: We want the finest whines available to humanity, and we want them now!
MetaFilter: involves releasing rather huge amounts of CO2 and other crap into the atmosphere.
MetaFilter: That kind of stupid just isn't worth my time.
Metafilter: 'high point in a lifetime of faultfinding, paranoia, and alienation'
MetaFilter: I assume your favorite band sucks.
MetaFilter: Pillowy mounds of mashed po-ta-toes.
Metafilter: *Fade to black-and-white for grim emphasis* "You are single if you are NOT MARRIED."
Metafilter: you are shamefully naive.
Metafilter: C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre
Metafilter: a giant glazed crock
Metafilter: bananas flamed
Metafilter: a very liberal definition of the term 'layman'
MetaFilter: Please vandalize my billboard next.
Metafilter: The Missing Manual. Newbies need to know why this will not wendell.
MetaFilter: Keeping my face constantly illuminated by the pixel wash.
Metafilter: too many colons
Metafilter: too many colons
Metafilter: will people think know I am a losergeek if I have 2 toasters on my kitchen counter?
MetaFilter: Dumb Quotes
MetaFilter: This god out of hand at a particularly bad time.
Metafilter: 99.99% pure tedium, punctuated by 0.01% pure terror.
Metafilter: A student hooker who is over-enthusiastic in the pursuit of trade and an Attorney General who thinks his penis is a national monument being threatened by terrorists.
Metafilter: "We've got all these tools for studying the cortex"
Metafilter: Frodo was wrong.
MetaFilter: some sort of quantized parody of intelligence
MetaFilter: Where the cortex studies you!
metafilter:I think that our minds don't easily make the jump to determine the external rareness of a quality or situation if we are immersed in examples of it, because our minds aren't entirely used to the exposure to mass thought and trends which the Internet has introduced into our lives. And, because Google makes it very easy to find many examples of these qualities or situations, it's then easy to assume that those things are far more common than they are. I don't think we were sociologically equipped to be hooked up to each other's beliefs and to handle the combined weight of Internet-scale movements and politically biased memes. The Internet allows that intrinsic incivility -- that Hatred of the Other -- to be both concatenated and ring-led with no lag time or delay.
Metafilter: No idea that there is any such thing as awareness going on here
MetaFilter: don't become a lich as I will have to smite your ass.
MetaFilter: You're totally, completely, and damn near fascinatingly dead wrong.
MetaFilter: The only reason to say it is to offend.
MetaFilter: You could be churlish
Metafilter: I watched two minutes before falling asleep. When I woke up, my pants were gone. Can I sue?
MetaFilter: popehatted doubledildo cheesefuckery
Metafilter: patient zero?
MetaFilter: very interesting, slightly disturbing.
MetaFilter: NPR/Whole Foods/etc people
Metafilter: I'm being blatantly exploited for shallow sensationalist bullshit
MetaFilter: somewhere between physically impossible and entirely useless
Metafilter: You could float an aircraft carrier with the testosterone in my body
MetaFilter: A troop of putty-nosed monkeys.
Metafilter: I feel that I’m absolutely entitled to it
Metafilter: mercy doesn't have an experience point value
Metafilter: a serious analysis of a ridiculous subject
Metafilter: in front of that.
MetaFilter: Your Daily Dose Of Guardian Top-Something Lists
Metafilter: Came back from smack and owns a goddamned mountain in Massachussets or Connecticutt.
Metafilter: Don't insert anti-Bush editorialization into your post about the Elephant Bacon Popsickle economic bubble and peak bacon theory.
Metafilter: Remarkably many boring influences at once.
Metafilter: This song repeatedly teabags the listener.
Metafilter: Acceptable—if they dress as wizards.
Metafilter: changing the rules for the soul's destiny
Metafilter: boing boing a day or two ago an ass just because you can.
Metafilter: It's hardly rocket surgery, people.
MetaFilter: It's hardly rocket surgery.
Metafilter: Laying down pipe as a coping mechanism
MetaFilter: Unintended consequence: Fedoras and bulletproof vests become essential urban-fashion accessories.
Metafilter: a big thing we deal with is compressed sparse matrices.
MetaFilter: running out of things to bash.
Metafilter: I may never have understood a post less than I understand this one.
Metafilter: Thorough, Interesting, Relevant.
Metafilter: Each day had its own bar.
Metafilter: 18% too cool for Apple and Starbucks
MetaFilter: Not that this adds anything to the discussion really
Metafilter: more curt than I should have been
Metafilter: your brain, heart, and soul have been eaten by snark
Metafilter: Twee posturings and pretentious pacing
Metafilter: The number one show I wish transcripts were readily available for
Metafilter: my dad basically let me know that if he ever saw me with a Pat's steak in my hand he would beat me senseless with it.
Metafilter: Don't blame the dildos!
Metafilter: I don't know much about this at all but it sounds interesting.
MetaFilter: fun at home with zip guns and moonshine. It looks like it's going to be another traditional Easter.
Metafilter: pure woo-woo from someone who doesn't understand the first thing about, well, anything.
Metafilter: one giant electrified sucking machine.
Metafilter: WTF, people. I just wanted to read some snarky comments.
Metafilter: Stop it. You're hurting Metafilter.
Metafilter: WTF, people. I just wanted to read some snarky comments.
Metafilter: It's not news, it's links on a blue background!
MetaFilter: Because it is easier to deal with Hitler-like leaders than millions of followers.
Metafilter: A $5 Party in Your Pants
Metafilter: trained to detect wolverine scat.
metafilter: the emerging science of online creepiness
Metafilter: a technological nightmare spanning two centuries
MetaFilter: 10,000 razor blades all spinning in the same direction with a fire in the middle.
Metafilter: testicles were pretty much in plain sight once you figured out what was going on.
MetaFilter: no one said the price of awesome was zero.
METAFILTER: laying the GROUNDWORK for spartan military cryptograms.
metafilter: essentially a big giant bubble.
Metafilter: our interlocutor was befuddled
Metafilter: A decade of fail.
MetaFilter: we can do better than this post and thread
Metafilter: "I'm a buuug!!!!!! I'm cuuuuute!!!!"
MetaFilter: Avoid the blue balls or you'll die.
Metafilter: Pick a Little, Talk a Little
Metafilter: it works for shit in Vista. (Sorry, someone had to do it...)
metafilter: one big yahoo of mytubes googling over everyone's facespace.
Metafilter: Five dollars—let me pull your legs behind your head.
Metafilter: it may be difficult, but it's not much fun.
MetaFilter: Statements of purpose in pompous obscurantist jargon.
Metafilter: I think it's high time we started questioning the old cliches like "Grunt big for Daddy."
Metafilter: at once idiotic and utterly mesmerizing?
MetaFilter: should you have any trouble getting in, ask for Ulrik, and tell him you've been drinking with Thierry at the Bar St. Julien.
Metafilter: ancient tradition or despicable exploitation?
MetaFilter: "I ain't a pretty boy no more." (And according to MetaTalk the Chicago Sun-Times printed some get-well messages from the thread, but they're not on their site any more.)
Metafilter: chafey, ouch
Metafilter: you could almost see their dicks getting hard as they got new ideas
Metafilter: only devils, prostitutes, or monkeys could sire creatures so unfit for human society
Metafilter: tulibu dibu douchoo
Metafilter: where all the pubic hair has gone.
Metafilter: Is that some sort of reference that I'd have to be a 90s Saskatchewanian to understand?
Metafilter: generally associated with a severe lack of stimulus in an artificial environment.
Metafilter: all greased up like a porkchop
MetaFilter: The sweet aroma of sap permeating the air
Metafilter: a way to get creative and make it happen.
Metafilter: a big, confusing, unfocused mess of demonstration.
MetaFilter: people who spend 75% of their time at work and the other 25% alternating between drug-induced frenzy and post-frenzy exhaustion.
Metafilter: Werner Herzog without all the genius baggage.
Metafilter: Perhaps I was nave in thinking that the majority of MeFites would think
Metafilter: Get your own amateurish overwrought under-researched blog.
Metafilter: lowering the level of discourse and serving to harsh the buzz of those who like its posts since 1999.
metafilter: monkeys choosing m&m's
MetaFilter: The fart was added.
Metafilter: Those aren't lies, they're magical mini myths
MetaFilter: More Shocking/Gory/Rapey Than You Saw In Theatres
Metafilter: Not bad like an Edsel, bad like a BMW made out of plutonium.
Metafilter: Written between bong hits.
Metafilter: Blacker than the blackest black times infinity
Metafilter: your excellent Internet scorn*
Metafilter: A happy go lucky aquatic life form.
metafilter: minus the dining hall wiener schnitzels
Metafilter: sex-crazed rape machines.
Metafilter: This is your blog on drugs.
Metafilter: It's not a scandal. It's a silly Internet phenomenon.
MetaFilter: crammed to the ceiling with festering maudlin drivel.
MetaFilter: just hitched a ride from Earth in the decaying carcass of a monkey.
Metafilter: All this seems kinda pointless, is what I'm saying.
metafilter: home of the aging progressive ASSHOLE. carry on.
MetaFilter: blaming the rivets
Metafilter: all of us sharing our brilliant compositions with each other in a state of equality, liberty, and fraternity. Or something.
MetaFilter: Sock Puppet Portraits
metafilter: all about mountains, goats
Metafilter: Way to make child abuse encouraged by the systematic, institutionalized misogyny of a society which punishes women for the sex crimes of men all about you.
MetaFilter: Way to make child abuse encouraged by the systematic, institutionalized misogyny of a society which punishes women for the sex crimes of men all about an obviously flippant, throwaway comment.
Metafilter: Lowering our purely arbitrary standards since 2006.
Metafilter: annoying and pretentious and can result in flies
MetaFilter: a poor substitute for being there, but it'll do -- thanks!
Metafilter: People talking to each other. The absolute worst.
metafilter: mental images of thin-nosed men with slick-backed hair, monocles, and silk smoking jackets talking in arcane multisyllabic poetry...with very droll New England accents.
MetaFilter: This is not what MetaFilter is for.
Metafilter: this is why we can't have nice posts.
Metafilter: Some metal hate-bees or something.
Metafilter: Everything else just fills the hole.
Metafilter: People so earnestly happy about that which makes them happy.
Metafilter: the degree of commonality that YOUR DNA shares with a tomato plant.
MetaFilter: If it’s licking the Pope, it’s probably treyf.
Metafilter: Later, we fight a yeti
Metafilter: I smell eucalyptus with a hint of orange and Jovan musk.
Metafilter:%20the%20%20most%20trusted%20name%20in%20%20Snark&date=1208742566000&hash=e6019d52c9d91cc8eb4e077d85751edc&return_uri=">My favorite.
Metafilter: It's every game ever in Pong form!
Metafilter: testicles, testicles and penises, and anuses
MetaFilter: No... we're not gonna do that.
Metafilter: It looked OK in the preview.
MetaFilter: You know what's worse? LiveJournal.
MetaFilter: we don't know.
MetaFilter: They argue over particulars and one of the ways white people deflect criticisms of racism.
MetaFilter: Inescapably ad hominem
MetaFilter: relative absolutism
MetaFilter: Truly terrible glam rock
MetaFilter: We get it.
MetaFilter: a bunch of "public intellectuals" who run around spouting all kinds of bullshit, but lard it up with lots of metaphor in order to fool people into think they're smart
Metafilter: the British version was always better.
MetaFilter: the brain dies last
Metafilter: the British version was always better.
Metafilter: dum-dee dum-dee dall,
Metafilter: Community drivel driven weblog.
Metafilter: If my eight-year-old self could see the joy with which I now consume spinach, he'd pray for an early death
MetaFilter: organizing without organizations
Metafilter: I fully expect my psot to vanish soon.
Metafilter: It's probably not a great idea to drop a baby off a building, but...
MetaFilter: to the rescue!
Metafilter: It's a disheartening fucking situation we're in right now.
Metafilter: It's a disheartening fucking situation we're in right now
MetaFilter: different than normal funny.
Metafilter: assorteted YouTube effluvia
Metafilter: what
Metafilter: smashes you over the head with things.
Metafilter: could crush a can of beans with its rectum
Metafilter: could crush a can of beans with its rectum if only it had just one
Metafilter: the worst aspect of this project is all the nit-picking it inspires
Metafilter: Because the *good* guys want to get laid, too. Understand?
Metafilter: I wish I had the money to buy up every whore and potential whore on the planet and put them someplace safe
Metafilter: Every piece of snark has already been used.
MetaFilter: the bitter cat taint of mother's basement
Metafilter: It's pleasing, yes. But very pleasing? I dunno about that.
Metafilter: bacon dildo
MetaFilter: get off my lawn plz kthxbai!
MetaFilter: "A bunch of people shouting nonsense."
Metafilter: turgid, unreadable tripe.
Metafilter: nothing but sand and pubic hair.
MetaFilter: i cant even get passwed the fuckin BULLETS fuck dude im goign to have an anirism
Metafilter: Are you not entertained! Is this not why you are here!
Metafilter: A high-efficiency survival beverage.
MetaFilter: Where we play many binding games.
MetaFilter: Super Heroine strikes repeatedly!
Metafilter: I have no idea what this guy's point is
Metafilter: Great art does not necessarily come from great ethical living practices.
Metafilter: Language is a virus.
Metafilter: For $5, I'll gently kick your nuts.
Metafilter: As everything Bond ate comes flooding out, the piped choral music turns into a choir of heavenly voices, filling the cubicle with their magnificence.
Metafilter: The books sit on the Internet.
Metafilter: a giant blog that should be a binary star system
MetaFilter: Useless posts that do nothing.
Metafilter: Ignorant people discussing complex subjects doesn't do anybody any favours.
Metafilter: you guys are flipping out over nothing
MetaFilter: Facile, overly simplistic, unnecessarily reductive, and too pessimistic.
Metafilter: Just another hysteria-fueled fast-buck $25 "what's wrong with our society?" tome with a ridiculously overlong 20-word subtitle
Metafilter:: Everypost Bad Is Good For You: How Today's Politicsfilter and M$ SuXx0rs! Is Actually Making Us Smarter
Metafilter: A series of tubes concept of a process that's been going on for years
Metafilter: I'm in Times Square with a helicopter and a rocket launcher.
Metafilter: Once in the newspaper for killing some kid with a broadsword.
Metafilter: Fuckin' thing SUCKS!
Metafilter: Making ass-slave converts of your children
MetaFilter: We arise as cohorts, but associate and reproduce through variegated clades.
MetaFilter: alcoholism, Civil-War general overzealousness, and persistent blundering into a hell of unintended consequences.
Metafilter: a hell of unintended consequences
MetaFilter: doesn't need Madonna any more than it needs Toto.
Metafilter: The Blah
Metafilter: I'm the asshole.
Metafilter: Everything is poisonousness.
Metafilter: Viewing assholes at a distance.
Metafilter: Popping a Gigantic E-Boner Over It
Metafilter: sewage pants for vegas
Metafilter: Some sort of rudder attached to the balls
MetaFilter: Appreciate Evil.
Metafilter: socially-retarded ambitionbots.
MetaFilter: Namecalling is just what weak-minded little babies do.
MetaFilter: This is debate for people who want to score points, not actually reach a conclusion based on facts. [7 users marked this as a favorite]
Metafilter: Sow Motion Punches to the Face
MetaFilter: flying fish and drum machines.
MetaFilter: a judgmental attitude toward giving
MetaFilter: Because you're on the Internet, it's very likely that you're ruining something right now.
Metafilter: An Echo Chamber Where the Internet's Shared Sense of Humor Runs Everything Right Into the Fucking Ground
Metafilter: Not complaining, just drunk.
Metafilter: a banner up his anus proportionate to his treachery.
Metafilter: a night or two of sneaky Shagnasty
Metafilter: a catlike activity that has been made acceptable in informal America
Metafilter: Ten tons of industrial-grade fake.
Metafilter: facilitator of jerk material for diaper snipers
Metafilter: send out thugs on my behalf, I just might consider signing up
MetaFilter: only douchebags were affected by this, so I don't care.
MetaFilter: Sorry, I didn't mean to call you a Republican.
MetaFilter: I would never have seen it if I didn't make a point of occasionally seeing what bullshit they're shoveling to the masses.
Metafilter: If I hadn't of not seen what I didn't not know when I didn't know it, then I wouldn't have what I didn't want to not have, and I would know it. Also, don't steal my identity, k?
Metafilter: it goes on and on and on and on until even the irony turns to cheese.)
MetaFilter: Sometimes you can't yell.
Metafilter: Unleash the glory of Star Power by completing Star Gem sequences!
Metafilter: like carpooling with three funny geeks who happen to be massive coprophiliacs.
MetaFilter: Perhaps you should consider a different way of learning.
metafilter: _____", or "this _____, it vibrates?" or "I for one welcome our _______ overlords" when they have no ability, either temporarily or chronically, to contribute anything worthwhile to the discussion.
Metafilter: The residents are old, and many are frail, but they're not done growing, they're not done learning, and they're not done with the messy business of love and loneliness and rage and joy that defines the human experience.
Metafilter: It is quite clear these people are made entirely of cheese.
Metafilter: a fingerpuppet on the end of a vast waving Cthulu tentacle tatooed with Freemason symbols and cocks.
MetaFilter: The ones that don't look stupid are disturbing.)
MetaFilter: It's like I'm obsessed.)
MetaFilter: It's like DU is obsessed.
Metafilter: Also, Robotron.
Metafilter: One tough audience.
Metafilter: But once we were in it was, like, fuck it.
Metafilter: I hope your head falls off.
MetaFilter: Limited bunching.
MetaFilter: Going a long way towards making you a hipster.
Metafilter: great with the pubic
Metafilter: Feces-loving, one-celled overlords.
MetaFilter: impatient motherfuckers
MetaFilter: Say waht you wnat!
Metafilter: Look at that mutton fly--someone's having lamb kebab for lunch!
MetaFilter: It's mostly junk that I don't want, so keep the stuff coming.
MetaFilter: We should get kneepads.
Metafilter: Pickle in? Or pickle out?
metafilter: a little too zealous with the hyphens
Metafilter: Long revered for its value as a fertilizer, and as a raw material for explosives,
Metafilter: nothing is any good if people like it.
Metafilter: "A cessation comes not into question"
Metafilter: Watered down Tijuana tomfoolery.
MetaFilter: playing with Super Soakers in the living room.
Metafilter: Jesus that thing sucked ass.
Metafilter: Not 100% convinced it was the vagina.
Metafilter:" on the front of that, pleez.
Metafilter: Why even try this guy for murder? His victim isn't already dead, and even a guilty verdict won't bring him back to life!
MetaFilter: I don't want to waste thyme.
MetaFilter: is one of the most disgusting things I can imagine swallowing.
Metafilter: Zapruder-like.
MetaFilter: stabby, burny, or germy death.
MetaFilter: a central clearinghouse for telling everyone "IMA GO POOP NOW BRB"
Metafilter: menstruation is murder!
Metafilter: menstruation is murder!
MetaFilter: We have cameras. Inside vaginas.
Metafilter: making your parts feel weird and exposed.
MetaFilter: We have cameras. Inside vaginas.
MetaFilter: somebody's fetish
Metafilter: If a choir full of nuns Radiohead and the cast of Up With People National Association of People Who Make Things Out of Bacon had pulled this shit I'd be disgusted with them too.
MetaFilter: We have cameras. Inside vaginas."
MetaFilter: whipping out the Niemller.
MetaFilter: Pretend what I just said made sense.
Metafilter: Anorak
Metafilter: Ugly, ugly naked people in the weirdest poses, underexposed, noisy, just awful!
MetaFilter: I am a certified viral video expert
Metafilter: An entertainment complex in the middle of a sewage system.
Metafilter: Teaching you things you could have learned by watching a few seasons episodes of Good Eats.
Metafilter: I have thrown away $5 on a lot dumber things than this.
metafilter: No one reads your special snowflake retort because everyone is too busy trying to come up with their own.
MetaFilter: like old men sending back their soup. Sorry, couldn't resist.
MetaFilter: Freakishly Accurate Fetish Psychic
Metafilter: we’re all just, like, really excellent sheep.
Metafilter: Bloggers are furious!
Metafilter: Let's do the fork in the garbage disposal
MetaFilter: Making coffee, watching plumbers.
Metafilter: a 6-foot tall, 350-pound, gun-toting crossdresser.
MetaFilter: a bug chunk of a community
MetaFilter: growing internet accusations and general political hackery
Metafilter: It's just spitting out photons, right?
MetaFilter: I gotta get my Fred & Wilma
Metafilter: It's like being shot out of a rifel barrel lined with baroque paintings and landing in a sea of electricity.
MetaFilter: Ugly
MetaFilter: unexamined elitism ... in boxer shorts
MetaFilter: mocking troubled people
Metafilter: Faceless stuff.
Metafilter: a bucketful of diabetic amputee hamsters.
MetaFilter: an intense hatred of inane small talk
Metafilter: silly, but not dangerous.
Metafilter: helpless-sobbing-or-Hitler thing.
MetaFilter: a bit derivative.
MetaFilter: The reaction was a mix of credulity and skepticism
Metafilter: It's the tip of the penis!
Metafilter: intellectual arrogance with very little intellect.
Metafilter: I'm insulting you rather than contributing, but not because I have poor reasoning skills.
Metafilter: a primitive tribe of hut-dwelling, fire-wielding biped beavers
MetaFilter: The best of the web ... all the way into [you]r brain.
Metafilter: our issues won't be resolved in an afternoon's blogging
Metafilter: please don't quibble about semantics.
Metafilter: please don't quibble about semantics.
MetaFilter: They are not filtered by the system ... and so many of the things are strange.
Metafilter: Probably not useful for rape van.
Metafilter: There's nothing wrong with me.
Metafilter: Let the romance begin!
MetaFilter: good if you like it, bad if you don't.
Metafilter: No Country for Raising the Big Arizona
Metafilter: I want to fight you.
Metafilter: the current stock of meat ... buying Apple computers indefinitely
Metafilter: unpeople
Metafilter: Self-justifying incestuous pit of repetitive masturbatory circle jerks, with no intrinsic or lasting value
MetaFilter: whatever happened to that languagehat guy?
Metafilter: Apparently you don't play enough Second Life
Metafilter: my beloved blue swarm of snark. Perhaps I should add it to my profile or something?
Metafilter: Come for the asshattery, stay for the fluffy bunnies and kittens
Metafilter: A directory of marauding seagulls.
Metafilter: Malthusian fear mongering.
Metafilter: the internet equivalent of guys with little stickers of Calvin taking a wizz
Metafilter: oscilating spheres of hostility
Metafilter: Meta, Unfiltered.
MetaFilter: the Mencia of skinny white guys
Metafilter: 33% more published.
Metafilter: UnWondershowzen
MetaFilter: Full of monkeys. With peanuts popcorn & bacon.
Metafilter: being thinky
MetaFilter: Nice poke in the asshole.
MetaFilter: 1,259 insults on one page
MetaFilter: 1,259 insults on one page
MetaFilter: Nice poke in the asshole with a 'steampunk dildo.'
MetaFilter: Nice poke in the asshole with a 'steampunk dildo.'
Metafilter: Turn to page 129.
Metafilter: it's more okay than photoshopping someone's head onto a turnip. (sorry, had to do my part to keep alive one of the more annoying Mefi trends)
Metafilter: miscommunication layered on top of miscommunication, magnified out of all proportion by the echo chamber that is the interetubeweb.
Metafilter: A boyzone for demons
MetaFilter: the medium is the massage
Metafilter: You're a stunningly, horrendously fucking stupid mouth-breather.
MetaFilter: I sacrificed my whole future for this.
Metafilter: "An unscientific, blind taste-test of US$55/btl bottled vs tap water"
Metafilter: destroying wilful ignorance since 1999.
MetaFilter: religion is not in its nature in any way opposed to science, empirical research, facts about the world, non-supernatural explanations, etc. . Some religions and some religious people have a problem with some the the thinking displayed by the non-religious, but this is a rather far cry from the caricature that is common in these parts.
MetaFilter: We're not prone to mocking the clergy (ok, we are really).
MetaFilter: Pay $5 to complain about free stuff.
Metafilter: Check.
Metafilter: mostly worrisome, slyt chance of kittens.
Metafilter: I am arguing a silly point here, but...
Metafilter: adding correct, even if useless, information.
Metafilter: XKCD mocks. Wikipedia takes it seriously. Metafilter snarks and argues.
Metafilter: Rainman Proofreader Central
Metafilter: Spitting our disease into your eyes.
Metafilter: the awkward silence over the Internet.
Metafilter: known as an expert in treating the wealthy and powerful
Metafilter:Do not disrupt Wikipedia Metafilter to illustrate a point.
Metafilter: Please open carefully as there may be a squirrel inside.
Metafilter: Megapistoning a deathbolt through a sentient creature's brainmeat.
Metafilter: Ohh look! Photoshop!
Metafilter: We're really into sand
Metafilter: I'm not here to make friends.
Metafilter: Is it bad that I want to rule 34 this?
MetaFilter: comfortable in the smugness of your graduate school education, with trigger-finger disdain.
Metafilter: I made it through about 15 seconds before succumbing to terrifying flash backs of high school drama club pizza parties.
MetaFilter: why are you wasting the time of this principally well-educated and liberal audience?
MetaFilter: We are tired.
Metafilter: some obnoxious in-joke.
Metafilter: contributing to the decline in employee and workplace productivity since 1999.
MetaFilter: scanning cats since 1999.
MetaFilter: Why it rocks while BoingBoing sucks." This will ensure none of you attempt to vote it down.
MetaFilter: Lying because you can't cope with your own reality.
MetaFilter: the Digg it's OK to like!
Metafilter: The web's answer to NPR.
MetaFilter: Christ, what assholes
MetaFilter: annoying people annoying each other
MetaFilter: what you're about to do is really Not Okay
Metafilter: Must be some obnoxious in-joke
metafilter: a 9 year old with all of our credit cards.
Metafilter: a story in which I can hate everybody
metafilter: "It's always crap here, shitty."...He was back the next afternoon.
Metafilter: A number of desituationisms concerning neocapitalist feminism may be found applicable in this case.
Metafilter: I'm sure I come off as superior and critical on this
MetaFilter: You either get used to being tea bagged by some dude for an hour or you don't.
Metafilter: Like [it] somehow makes the internet less dignified.
Metafilter: Putting the mentalist into instrumentalists
Metafilter: Superhuman springy prosthetic legs.
MetaFilter: Something you don't saw every day.
MetaFilter: We've always been at war, with chainsnarks.
Metafilter: Corn Store.
Metafilter: amused by nudity, drunkenness, slapstick and political satire
Metafilter: not one of these is funny or ironic or thought provoking in any way.
Metafilter: they are just stupid and ugly and a little depressing.
Metafilter: Women's breasts draped across every billboard, every display, littering the sidewalk. Was offered Swedish love and French love, but not American love. American love; like coke in green glass bottles, they don't make it anymore.
MetaFilter: get your learn on.
Metafilter: Nouns can be verbs now
Metafilter: Best of the Wet.
MetaFilter: You are big but you can be small again.
MetaFilter: You are big but you can be small again.
MetaFilter: cocking a snoot with Canadians since 1867.
MetaFilter: I'm surprised Europe doesn't have more of these traveling serial killers.
MetaFilter: a complete insult to the evolutionary concept of self-preservation.
Metafilter: I'm in a room full of sheep set in Century Gothic.
Metafilter: .
Metafilter: I'd buy that for five dollars!
Metafilter: Feel the superficial quality of my steampunk art
Metafilter: Feel the superficial quality of my steampunk art
Metafilter: Please place your hand over this valve while I open it.
MetaFilter: set to Coldplay
Metafilter: and also cocks.
Metafilter: your one-stop shop for turtle-sex videos.
MetaFilter: You are beautiful.
Metafilter: Penis Pumps, Steroids, and a Gym Membership.
Metafilter: personal validation facilitators
Metafilter: It seems the Reptilians have something to do with it.
Metafilter: Awesome Zork map and huge pixel art/screenshot maps of classic video games.
Metafilter: personal validation facilitators.
MetaFilter: The future is later.
Metafilter: What we do, no one has done.
Metafilter: Let's cross this Rubicon
Metafilter: Stop being pedantic. Well, stop being pejorative. Well.. I will when you cease your pedantry.
MetaFilter: it feels as if someone is methodically poking my fillings with a fork
Metafilter: respecting the iconic tiny baby penis.
Metafilter: No one wants to see that.
Metafilter: not just wrong but three ring circus, fireworks climax, twirling pasties on the titties wrong
Metafilter: Type your burn here
MetaFilter: blam!
Metafilter: The Internet can do what now?
MetaFilter: A lot of profanity, and a little pretentious.
MetaFilter: Many people tell me this is very contentious. I disagree violently with them.
MetaFilter: Many people tell me this is very contentious. I disagree violently with them.
Metafilter: We're here to devour each other alive.
MetaFilter: for the first internets and the first MetaFilter were passed away; and there was no more Boing Boing.
Metafilter: Merle The Dancing Horse That Shoots Rockets Out Of Its Ass"! Amirite?
Metafilter: New and Improved"?
Metafilter: Don't taxpayhers have right these days?
Metafilter: The Center of Your Life.
Metafilter: racing in a motorcycle and a go-cart with a sidecar with a lion in it on a vertical wall-of-death
MetaFilter: vertical wall of death
Metafilter: I never learned no bird species in school
Metafilter: The Dark Tunnel of Ye Sodomites.
Metafilter: Bushtits weigh six raisins.
Metafilter: Yes, sir.
Metafilter: Yes, I am.
Metafilter: Just how do you mean that, sir?
metafilter: This thread has become pretty crappy.
Metafilter: quaquaversal kankedortery
Metafilter: angry letters in a hostile font.
Metafilter: No more lemonade for you.
Metafilter: emotionally damaged channels of ambient misanthropy
MetaFilter: So useful and yet so boring.
Metafilter: "I wish this would stop! I do!" "Down is up for me!"
MetaFilter: Shirts off, it's time for beanie-wienies.
Metafilter: was interrupted for a minute by work stuff
MetaFilter: is it in you?
Metafilter: generational panderers who've cribbed a few codes from real authors and have learned to reproduce them for an audience of lazy narcissists
Metafilter: Depressing view on the future of mankind.
MetaFilter: They say everyone's a critic, but in this case, the critic is everyone.
Metafilter: It's like the toilet's eating hummus through a crazy straw
MetaFilter:Your favorite plagiarism-happy alt-weekly sucks.
Metafilter: Stay away from the internet if you don't want to be spoiled.
MetaFilter: I really wonder why they feel they have to comment on it at all
Metafilter: There is no good guy here.
Metafilter: Talk about mob mentality
Metafilter: Dip it in some chili sauce and see how it goes down.
MetaFilter: You blowin' smoke up my ass with that shit?
MetaFilter: we are mostly talking out of our asses.
Metafilter: I should have just linked to the article with no snark.
Metafilter: Well we have to screen out the occasional corpse and sometimes hand grenades or other munitions get through
metafilter: TOCfilter. *.
MetaFilter: it just went kaboom!
metafilter: Some people have more free time than money or sense, apparently.
Metafilter: packing Ayn Rand into a salad shooter.
MetaFilter: people act very badly in groups. And now we can see why.
Metafilter: drive, drive, drive, sex, sex, sex, “ooh, a big thing” and squish.
metafilter: you can play with a sacred history and turn it into soft core pornography
MetaFilter: Giant Inflatable Dog Turd Wreaks Havoc
Metafilter: Unsure whether success or catastrophic failure would be more compelling
Metafilter: !!!we told you so!!!
Metafilter: All your bullshit politics are belong to us.
MetaFilter: No one welds with a welding machine unless he knows what he is doing.
Metafilter: Disembodied, anonymous voices spilling stream-of-consciousness confessions, half-truths and swear words into an unattended, sparsely populated valley in pretty much the dictionary definition of the middle of nowhere.
Metafilter: Watch out for snakes!
Metafilter: slashdot's place for off-topic videos/humour/viral web junk.
MetaFilter: It's about being enlightened within the framework of competition.
MetaFilter: isn't this just Reddit?
Metafilter: We're not ashamed when it bubbles over.
MetaFilter: isn't this just Reddit?
Metafilter: You have to take the good with the meh
MetaFilter: I realize this is a pretty lame post
MetaFilter: I realize this is a pretty lame post
Metafilter: Smile!
Metafilter: Smile!
MetaFilter: we got some whiny little bitches over here
Metafilter: appears to be unconstructive
Metafilter: Get Your Snark On
Metafilter: Entertaining the Enemy
Metafilter: You can't read it? Foolish reader!
Metafilter: You can't read it? Foolish reader!
MetaFilter: They have a chip on their shoulders, something prove and a long memory.)
MetaFilter: compiling declassified documents, historical narratives, and psychedelic conjecture
MetaFilter: never wear pants again.
Metafilter: [Gets] me quacking like Aflac.
Metafilter: makes me want to vomit considerably less than most other self-congratulatory collections
Metafilter: GET TOASTED
MetaFilter: DURRR mario coin sound LOL
MetaFilter: I fail to see the awesomeness in this
MetaFilter: It's just not terribly original.
MetaFilter: I see things like this shilled over on BoingBoing all the time.
MetaFilter: they get big boners over it
MetaFilter: it crams a metric-buttload of tired pop-culture references into the frame
MetaFilter: Coat it with an extremely thin political/cultural narrative, and I guess you've got what passes for awesome.
Metafilter: There's just no way to make lemonade out of life's traumatic orogenital contact lemons.
Metafilter: Eventually they'd be so inbred that the sons of God would have flippers for feet
metafilter: insufflating the cavity
MetaFilter: a vain attempt to fill the awful loneliness of their pitiful lives
Metafilter: set to fight perennially unpopular gaijin Uncle Sam
Metafilter: you don't need to argue with an invented Seinfeld
metafilter: interesting interesting interesting.
Metafilter: It's What's For Dinner.
MetaFilter: I want to spend as little time as possible with assholes
Metafilter: your beliefs mandate terrorism, and denying that is dishonest and cowardly.
MetaFilter: It's a Duck!
Metafilter: Killing the host.
Metafilter: an argument that might as well be being made on sports talk radio.
Metafilter: an embarrassingly confused spectacle of largesse and lack of self-control.
MetaFilter: Mean-spirited bullshit.
Metafilter: Dismissing honest criticism is as good as being RIGHT (I am pleased that this is a comic from yesterday, so it must be topical, right?)
Metafilter: another play in a gigantic dick-waving contest.
Metafilter: Fkk dtt sjitt.
metafilter: Interaction, dialogue, style, technique, trickery, acrobatics & 'rhythm / swing' are much more important than just being aggressive & 'winning' in any fighting sense.
metafilter: own by freaking microsoft
Metafilter: post made up stuff here to "feel good"
Metafilter: batshitinane.
MetaFilter: Like Peter Falk in a falcon suit. But this is really good stuff, and it's preventing me from getting out and doing my laundry this morning, as I ponder what peculiar obsession of mine I would like to indulge, today. Thank you, Chuckles (and asavage)!
metafilter: drunk and easily amused
Metafilter: Doesn't really pass the smell test
Metafilter: Obama good, McCain bad.
Metafilter: Metafilter is supposed to be my bastion from this stuff.
Metafilter: stealing the Internet, one page at a time.
Metafilter: We love you until we hate you.
Metafilter: Admittedly smells like salmon for a large part of the summer
Metafilter: free of the posts
Metafilter: Can't preview, thread is too huge.
Metafilter: Tired Rehashing of Political Commentary. I don't know why you're posting this best of the web stuff here!
MetaFilter: 20,000 hypocrites in the same room
MetaFilter: a collection of slightly controversial opinions about a variety of subjects
MetaFilter: Hello, Vicar!
MetaFilter: Simultaneously seductive and repellent.
Metafilter: Paying $2000 $5 for not having sex.
Metafilter: Really, really hates people having sex for money.
Metafilter: snark-tastical hateration
Metafilter: Wiggle it for daddy again...
Metafilter: fuck you, pay me.
Metafilter: because Bruce Springsteen said I should
Metafilter: I totally meant to swear more
Metafilter: imagine my comment with more fucks thrown in
MetaFilter: The best of scanned magazines.
MetaFilter: The best of [b]4-year old[/b] scanned magazines.
Metafilter: how could they simultaneously be that hip and that dorky?
Metafilter: Yet another ill-informed screed by someone sexual frustrated over not having an iPhone.
Metafilter: Why the hell would you have something like that connected to the internet? Surely that is dumber than hell?
Metafilter: massive milkshake drinkage.
Metafilter: Yet another ill-informed screed by someone sexual frustrated over not having an iPhone.
Metafilter: Just tell us a joke, show us your bum and piss off.
MetaFilter: A Furious Magician
Metafilter: overthinking a plate of beans and franks.
MetaFilter: The whole enterprise smacks of excessive vanity and self-regard
Metafilter: I would favorite this statement, but...
MetaFilter: community weblog of metaphysical outlaws
Metafilter: outrage, jubilation, and noise.
Metafilter: where you keep finding yourself on the floor of your kitchen in your underpants surrounded by empty Cool-Whip containers
MetaFilter: posting to a website is much less awkward than conversation.
Metafilter: The new Worst of the Web
Metafilter: the origin of the anus.
Metafilter: Deliciously Recursive.
MetaFilter: have you ever seen color and design quite like it?
metafilter: a surprisingly serious and large band of humourless cocks
metafilter: a surprisingly serious and large band of humourless cocks
MetaFilter: I'm getting kinda sick of this.
Metafilter: no changes necessary.
metafilter: a surprisingly serious and large band of humourless cocks
MetaFilter: a surprisingly serious and humorless band of large cocks.
Metafilter: The only place in the world which could make it was a secret military research institute in Holland.
MetaFilter: if I have to, I’ll iggy you
Metafilter: filled with rebellious witch whores
MetaFilter: When did America Know About the Holocaust? I wrote a detailed comment about the development of the camps.
Metafilter: I played recess with Ian MacKaye's baby mama.
Metafilter: Calling out a poorly-framed quote with a poorly-framed FPP.
Metafilter: maybe we're not that special after all?
Metafilter: Probably not as stupid as we thought.
MetaFilter: (Its) fans...go apeshit over it.
MetaFilter: I always resent.
Metafilter: hoaxers," charlatans," "conspiracy theorists" and "dime-store Rambos." & placemarkers
MetaFilter: Drug-using satanist homosexual bestiality children.
Metafilter: [S]uspicious of all forms of progress ... [while questioning] oppressive underlying ideology. Operate[s] on the basis of necessity rather than meaningfulness, and encourage[s renouncing] all outward distinctions such as cakes or scholarships. [Allows] sweets from strangers.
MetaFilter: Drug-using satanist homosexual bestiality children -- posted by Wolfdog
Metafilter: Knocking up women all over the Kenyan village of Africa
Metafilter: Swearing in Obama on a gay baby.
Metafilter: Imagine you're a big, strong fisherman
Metafilter: These guys are professional haters. Watching them turn on each other is like watching a really good dinosaur movie.
MetaFilter: plaatsvervangende schaamte
Metafilter: . FTFY
MetaFilter: Where old dying ladies get free cab rides, and boy are we pissed.
Metafilter: your favourite story about a taxi ride and a sweet old dying lady sucks.
MetaFilter: bilious anti-glurge pissing contest
Metafilter: Hopefully Mutant will explain it for us.
Metafilter: half of us are bad and should feel bad.
Metafilter: I've very upset that you're talking to me, a complete stranger on a message board, differently than you would to a close friend in person.
Metafilter: you will simply have to take my word for it
Metafilter: warned by officers to go home and stay there
Metafilter: data is a plural noun, dammit.
MetaFilter: ...Not Really
MetaFilter: MetaFilter
Metafilter: cheap and easily replaceable
Metafilter: often intentionally low resolution
Metafilter: Regardless of how you feel
Metafilter: And no, for the record, I don't work
Metafilter: It's pretty much a secondary source of income for some comics folks.
Metafilter: This thread is useless
MetaFilter: Perky doesn't work against perky.
Metafilter: foggy word salad and buzzwords, with no real opportunity for rebuttal.
Metafilter: Fuck off. Fuck off. It's your last fucking chance.
Metafilter: did a zookeeper nick the boy's laptop?
Metafilter: I'm pretty much sorry before I do this, but not sorry enough not to.
Metafilter: I for one welcome our arugula-inflating, octogenarian roommate espousing, obscure racist filmmaking overlords.
Metafilter: On soft gray mornings widows cry; the wise men share a joke.
MetaFilter: a folksy, friendly, non-threatening veneer covering up good-intentioned, but ultimately deplorable plans which are botched by dangerously nave unworldliness.
Metafilter: Really, is any description needed? [more inside]
Metafilter: The Angry Police Captain
Metafilter: Very, very scary and enlightening.
MetaFilter: pipe-wrench fight
Metafilter: scowly, self important twats with an overinflated sense of self-worth
Metafilter: A Paper Coup
Metafilter: I enjoy perusing their comments to attempt to keep track of their in-thread memes
Metafilter: A pack of dog-blocks.
Metafilter: Policy was proposed and debated. Sometimes people shouted at each other. Personal attacks were out of bounds, but questions and discussions could get pretty harsh. We were all 14-18 years old.
Metafilter: a think tank for deadly sins eight through fourteen.
MetaFilter: The Thomas Edison of handing a dude his ass!
MetaFilter: Your aunt's house has fruitflies.
Metafilter: an army of ex-kids who were always picked last for kickball.
MetaFilter: Community Weblog 8 Oct. 2008 &lt &gt ...That took me less than 5 minutes.
Metafilter: "I wouldn't do it if a poodle had a lid on."
Metafilter: Douche Borscht
Metafilter: It would be a much stronger and far more interesting site without the lame attempt at funny-snarky [comments].
Metafilter: pretty fascinating discussions with assholes.
Metafilter: It's pretty hilarious, as long as you don't take it too seriously.)
MetaFilter: Mostly on the municipal golf course.
Metafilter: pure chucked by the way.
Metafilter: Lame. Worse: a bit teenagerish.
Metafilter: We are all Malor now.
Metafilter: We are all Malor now.
Metafilter: too much toking on theHOPEium bong have driven you insane
Metafilter: ☃☃
Metafilter: Only let in with a bribe.
Metafilter: we actively discourage exactly this kind of analytical discourse
Metafilter: we actively discourage exactly this kind of anal
Metafilter: Imaginary records will haunt your sleep.
Metafilter: we act exactly kind of anal
Metafilter: Every ass-flap cuddles a special crustflake.
Metafilter: I might even forward this to my parents.
Metafilter: filling my brain with the opposite of sex.
MetaFilter: Apparently I'm declaring that I'm an idiot.
Metafilter: from Astro to Zombie
MetaFilter: "look at my kittens" sites
Metafilter: It would be easier if they used a pistol.
Metafilter: 29 Errors, 57 warning(s)
MetaFilter: taught me how to vomit at will
MetaFilter: crooked as a warped shillelagh
Metafilter: Man, this is my favorite subject to bitch about.
Metafilter: "Who wants to see a woman’s crotch....just...noooo!"
metafilter: a small ethical lapse
Metafilter: pure, unadulterated whackadoo
MetaFilter: pirate-robots dressed like witch-nuns that fight crime with their sh...
MetaFilter: Let's talk crap.
MetaFilter: disturbingly like burying your face in the open wound of a recently-felled antelope)
Metafilter: come for the naughty lady party, stay for the bible study!
MetaFilter: Too long by half, but not completely unclever.)
MetaFilter: Nipples are Satan's raisins!
Metafilter: where did the last hour go, and where are my clothes?
MetaFilter: I should masturbate my neighbor?
Metafilter: quick relief for earworms.
Metafilter: Oh, won't you please take me home.
Metafilter: Fuck you, abstraction of [user] for the purposes of this comment. Fuck you right in the ear.
Metafilter: a Chaotic Neutral Tiefling Barbarian/Monk/Rogue!
Metafilter: You know what? Forget it. Rocks fall, everyone dies.
Metafilter: Embracing the Meshugganah
Metafilter: labia to the left
Metafilter: haha beat downs
Metafilter: Still awesome, btw
Metafilter: because in many ways it acts as one supermegacomputer.
Metafilter: willing to take a stand against corporate corruption, ninjas and dangerous drugs such as Nuke.
Metafilter: 8 years after the fact
Metafilter: "I used to participate in a community weblog called Metafilter."
Metafilter: I judge the shit out of that
Metafilter: Barack's unicorn
MetaFilter: a suck-off
Metafilter: palin' around with terrorists.
Metafilter: it's an inadvisably fragile dildo you can lean on.
MetaFilter: nazis, quantum mechanics and nukes
Metafilter: a horror film in which nothing scary happens.
Metafilter: From conceptual flames to hardcover book.
Metafilter: just a vague theory
MetaFilter: Still Drawing A Blank
Metafilter: Out of candy, knock for vegetables.
Metafilter: what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps.
Metafilter: P.U.S.H.
Metafilter: What a sad, little life we lead.
MetaFilter: ass hair trimmer manufacturer who nobody appreciates
Metafilter: A pasty guy in a green sweater vest with Ira Glass frames skipping down Broadway and singing Leslie Gore tunes
Metafilter: making the world a little bit more scary, one phobia at a time.
Metafilter: sucking each others' popsicles
MetaFilter: not exactly cretaceous
Metafilter: Tough as a three-dollar steak.
Metafilter: You shall taste manflesh!
Metafilter: We could always store our chocolate and whiskey in you.
Metafilter: /I have a penis
MetaFilter: So long, "Triumph of the Human Spirit"
Metafilter: Are you even listening to me? (No)
Metafilter: obvious to anyone familiar with the state of the art
MetaFilter: too gleeful to be sympathetic.
MetaFilter: Perfect health - steady nerves - a good digestion.
MetaFilter: Some Kind of Special Mustache
MetaFilter: All American Politics, All The Time, FFS.
MetaFilter: All American Politics, All The Time, FFS.
MetaFilter: All American Politics, All The Time, FFS.
MetaFilter: All American Politics, All The Time, FFS.
MetaFilter: All American Politics, All The Time, FFS.
Metafilter: Change you can bereave in.
MetaFilter: the hammer of science)
MetaFilter: the hammer of science)
Metafilter: because I pretty much hate everything your folk produce
MetaFilter: I can understand how this might be attractive to tourists but has anyone considered the welfare of the crocodile?
MetaFilter: Headwinds are prevalent.
Metafilter: One drawer is labeled "Midol, Tampax, dental floss, Orajel." Another, rather cryptically, says, "meds."
Metafilter: The Reckoning because them's strong words.
Metafilter: a netherworld of whoredom.
MetaFilter: Blue Gold
Metafilter: Pregnant, stoned, and full of raw shellfish.
Metafilter: Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.
MetaFilter: Difficult to take its manifestations seriously
Metafilter: a well-oiled machine of lawful and competent evil.
MetaFilter: Light of my life, fire of my loins.
Metafilter: Carnival of Poor Sex Science
Metafilter: hehh... hope u guys lyk it!
Metafilter: Much cursing in English and various Scandinavian languages
Metafilter: brief image of copulating turtles
Metafilter: real meat guys. Like butchers-slash-guys who would eat a lot of meat.
Metafilter: Why do you hate us?
Metafilter: we've all just put tons more thought into this story than the author did.
MetaFilter: Snarking in the wrong direction.
Metafilter: For every snark, there is a meta-snark.
Metafilter: I love being in spaces that are clean and feel nice.
Metafilter: We are in pocket protector territory here.
Metafilter: I have found my soulmate (although not through this website)
Metafilter: That's dumb. I already have friends.
metafilter: Wow that's... totally pointless.
Metafilter: incredibly snarky and passive aggressive
Metafilter: Chilled fresh semen, the more the better
Metafilter: Where the poorly founded wild ideas of authors is only exceeded by the entirely unfounded wild snarks of their readers.
Metafilter: the kvetching it's OK to like.
metafilter: bleeding heart hate squad
Metafilter: There's something a little wrong in her soul.
MetaFilter: online, cowards have more courage to be the disgusting human beings they are
MetaFilter: kinda like cockroaches
Metafilter: I'm sure you could google for any of these and find it on some other site, if not many other sites.
Metafilter: I dropped out of Robotics and Theater.
Metafilter: by the magic.
MetaFilter: blind, brainless, and completely covered in mud.
Metafilter: Some kind of high-tech poops.
Metafilter: 6 knots per gallon of wind.
Metafilter: my little post-apocalypse fantasy world requires that those 99.9% go the way of the dodo
Metafilter: The Blue threads are divine.
Metafilter: Thick stripes on your chest. Like Zorro.
Metafilter: The petulant mewlings of a be-bunned marm
Metafilter: they are joyless, totalitarian and bossy.
MetaFilter: Where "Have you ever had your partner's penis up your rectum?" not only isn't NSFW, nobody even remarks on it.
MetaFilter: total fuckign assholes and take a lot of pride in it
MetaFilter: the minimum-wage pudding jugglers in there affect a superior attitude
MetaFilter: the minimum-wage pudding jugglers in there affect a superior attitude
MetaFilter: Your favorite cute thing is dumb.
MetaFilter: I do believe in Disney musicals, I do!
Metafilter: Ripping [you] away from the world of the living and bringing [you] into the realm of the undead.
MetaFilter: Then Boing Boing made me sad.
Metafilter: text text text link text text link text text text text text link link text pithy comment text text text link cleaver notation link text and then other people say things
Metafilter: love you so much they want to kill you.
Metafilter: lots of people will gleefully skewer you.
Metafilter: All those guys are fucking insane
Metafilter: If we can't find thinks that offend us, we'll make shit up.
Metafilter: Both weird and adorable at the same time
Metafilter: This isn't 'Nam. There are rules!
Metafilter: There is a single right answer
MetaFilter: just like communion, baptism or extreme unction.
MetaFilter: Your favorite lawsuit sucks.
Metafilter: Find it on them internets.
MetaFilter: Overthinking a plate of lasagna.
Metafilter: Chimpanzees are not the only primates.
Metafilter: Bespoke
MetaFilter: If this doesn't impress you, chances are you also think puppies are "poo machines" and rainbows are cloud vomit or something.
Metafilter: Overthinking a Plate o' Shrimp.
Metafilter: tiny gherkins!
MetaFilter: The current sign-up fee is $5 and is the only cost associated with using the site.
MetaFilter: As sweet as a lava lamp.
Metafilter: Entertainment News Filter
Metafilter: Fuck you, Jimmy Fallon.
Metafilter: has suggestions about your domestic felicity.
Metafilter: They absolutely cannot enlarge their scrotums.
MetaFilter: occupies that weird social networking niche between "Absolutely Vital" and "Hugely Pointless"
MetaFilter: If there was only something that monotonous, but happy!
Metafilter: OUTCOME: Pending.
Metafilter: I'm going to put on my foil hat and stop worrying about it.
Metafilter: rife with congressional pee and ding-dong jokes.
Metafilter: xenomorph marsupial bullshit
Metafilter: In court with an electric prosthetic penis and a declaration of independance making the relationship clear.
Metafilter: Let's play The Snarking.
Metafilter: people are odd
Metafilter: you're here for two things: to fucking ruin someone's shit, and to play a friendly game of make-believe.
MetaFilter: a compete and utter horseface momma douche in your mind
Metafilter: unsubscribe me from hip sumgsterism propogandironical shit I can't wait for the dealer to CALL BACK already OK what's the next post?
Metafilter: illogical excuses, hysteria, scaremongering and uninformed opinions
MetaFilter: "ow my ass" hysteria
Metafilter: Get a load of this douchebag.
Metafilter: Freedom includes the possibility that other people will make choices you find objectionable.
Metafilter: Freedom includes the possibility that other people will make choices you find objectionable.
Metafilter: Freedom includes the possibility that other people will make choices you find objectionable.
Metafilter: In America, in God's Country, you should be free to abuse your children mentally and physically, in person and by proxy, by naming your children after mass murderers.
Metafilter: A society can be judged by how it treats its least desirable members Shut up you fucking Nazis.
Metafilter: These posts always devolve into fanboy drivel
Metafilter: I'm left wondering if it's laziness, incompetence, or some sort of weird office politics that make no sense to me.
Metafilter: a boozy, smoke-gladdened mob of more than 3,000 young people
Metafilter: Spend twelve seconds watching a grainy video of something, snottily dismiss it, and explain how you would do it so much better. (or you could actually go to [real life] and experience it in person, and discover [it's] actually bloody good)
Metafilter: Just sayin'.
Metafilter: Just sayin'.
Metafilter: reading fucking books and sucking dicks when we were 12 years old
Metafilter: Edit in the first three two minutes.
Metafilter: We are all amateurs with no formal training.
Metafilter: have a bath, get a job and shut the fuck up.
Metafilter: bacon qua bacon.
Metafilter: the words "contrarian asshole" spring to mind.
Metafilter: an irredeemable honk of shit.
MetaFilter: throwing around a bunch of half-cocked science.
Metafilter: Talking about decanted phegm
MetaFilter: some jackass hayseeds with more ammo than brains.
Metafilter: an animal that has recently licked its own bits or heartily sniffed some shit putting its tongue on my face.
Metafilter: Not at all as misogynistic as feared.
Metafilter: not a pussy community.
Metafilter: not a pussy community.
Metafilter: Justifications for concealed estrus in humans
Metafilter: "somewhat random and tedious"
Metafilter: Best of your inbox?
Metafilter: That which does not burn me will only make me snarkier!
Metafilter: A Daring Combination of Traditional Finery and a Streak of Earthy Realism.
MetaFilter: acres and acres of meat
Metafilter: Awkwardly staring back at you while you take a quick peep.
Metafilter: vanity and narcissism. or, most likely, a combo platter of both
Metafilter: would you bother putting any effort into your appearance at all?
Metafilter: proving himself to asshole.
MetaFilter: You know all about the inches I'm seeing
Metafilter: Too many snake-hipped word-slingers don’t know what they’re talking about
Metafilter: pandering to liberal sensibilities while entertaining safe, middle-class distance.
MetaFilter: angry young women in duffel coats protested at cute young women in ball gowns.
MetaFilter: click click squee, clickity click squeeee whiiiirrrr click, squee.
MetaFilter: Your favorite bliss sucks.
Metafilter: So TV have asked me to do a Christmas message, and I chose for my topic "selflessness". Any thoughts on how to illustrate this? I was thinking of a cutaway to shots of Doctors Without Borders immunizing wretches in Burundi, but then I remembered Prince Harry had that chat to a wheelchair kid. Wondering if the latter won't look a bit, er, "selfish". Obviously i'd prefer to use it because it's better PR for the family.
Metafilter: Endless, unprovable debates
metafilter: Eat all the dicks.
Metafilter: I prefer to draw my own conclusions through life experience, and not endless, unprovable debates.
Metafilter: People who aren't likely to vote for Stalin.
MetaFilter: missed out on my Holocaust card.
Metafilter: the edgy, complex whine
Metafilter: Too meek, too asphalt-challenged to inherit the earth.
Metafilter: EGO-BOUND to the REALM of Cosmic NATURE.
Metafilter: You should've put a ring on it.
Metafilter: illuminating and depressing
MetaFilter: this remarkable combination of hubris, excitement, and staggering ignorance.
MetaFilter: part of a new trend known as micro-boredom.
MetaFilter: part of a new an established trend known as micro-boredom.
MetaFilter: As an American, I've never understood.
Metafilter: where beans and memes get overthunk.
MetaFilter: As an American, I've never understood.
Metafilter: Never-Ending Childhood
Metafilter: If it bleeds, it leads.
Metafilter: Ketamine and a shitload of tacos
MetaFilter: Vaguely misogynist cultural masturbation.
MetaFilter: The lights are blinking because they're (not) doing work.
Metafilter: some monumental fascist statement
metafilter: fixed that for you
MetaFilter: a dog's butt becomes abstract art.
Metafilter: if this comes off as defensive or boosterish, I'm going to apologize right from the start, feel free to skip to the end.
Metafilter: Incoherent lumps of random garbage, most of the time.
Metafilter: KIDS GET IN FOR JUST FIVE BUCKS! Plus adminstrative fee? Aww...
MetaFilter: room for lots of sociopaths
MetaFilter: Yay! Go feral beavers.
MetaFilter: the best fans a culture could hope to produce
Metafilter: "a nasty, knowing strain of abuse spreading like pinkeye through the national conversation."
MetaFilter: Snark
Metafilter: embracing ignorance is not a survival trait.
Metafilter: squat and wait.
MetaFilter: the Legion Of WTF
MetaFilter: Breast of the Web
Metafilter: so sombre an ambit
metafilter: we're uneducated, ignorant morans (sic)
metafilter: we're uneducated, ignorant morans -- but we have a highly developed sense of irony, apparently.
Metafilter: I like to think I’m a little more educated than some out there
metafilter: we're uneducated, ignorant morans (sic)”
Metafilter: goring your ox.
MetaFilter: Rather annoying and almost self-righteously dorky all at the same time.
MetaFilter: Pretty Blue Hate Machine.
MetaFilter: err on the side of not being all that impressed
metafilter: fuck your middle ground, you (select one) [commie/ fascist]!
MetaFilter: community weblog
Metafilter: I didn't like the art and the writing was just painfully twee.
Metafilter: Happy ========^=== Jazzy ========^===
Metafilter: I had no idea this was a Thing!
MetaFilter: Best of the Web."
Metafilter: stay up all night drinking and snorting ritalin, and listening to Journey and Ratt and Foreigner
MetaFilter: A bunch of diletantes overacting like idiots.
Metafilter: combine your trash to make more trash.
Metafilter: Raising our grandchildren not to like Jesus
metafilter: it launches cats that shoot lasers
Metafilter: filling a jar with eyes right now
Metafilter: some people can't help but put in their half-assed two cents worth
Metafilter: they can't all be the best live news blooper ever.
MetaFilter: very much like real-world communities that are comprised mostly of good people who are there for the right reasons.
Metafilter: arguing with each other despite being in agreement
MetaFilter: exactly one week away from an 11-inch jizz stick.
MetaFilter: think National Enquirer mixed the New York Post with healthy dollops of utter contempt for their audience and tits every day
Metafilter: no hard Ethernet ports, and it seems the kitchen staff didn't wash their hands after pooping.
Metafilter: "Hey, Obama's Charlie is Asian."
Metafilter: Stuff retold by people who haven't seen it.
Metafilter: Assbook, Elbowbook, Kidneybook, Toebook
MetaFilter: Tools of the Hipster Devils.
Metafilter: I've been drinking and have other reasons for being angry.
MetaFilter: I don't think I'm pervy enough for the internet.
Metafilter: Too cute by half, and far too pleased with itself
Metafilter: So we can just show our indignation over the underlying facts again.
MetaFilter: Nerdbots. Under their cold, hard exteriors, they're really quite loveable.
Metafilter: Everyone's an expert.
MetaFilter: Sounds great! Any way to watch outside of the U.S.?
Metafilter: roughly akin to Bob Novak trying to mimic Christopher Hitchens while passing a kidney stone
MetaFilter: to the internet as a goldfish bowl is to the ocean.
MetaFilter: We're bi-dialectic, amirite?
MetaFilter: I'd kill to look at the function calls and the variables stored in the objects used in the algorithms
Metafilter: That me and This me. Which one is the fake?
MetaFilter: because competent mating did not occur.
Metafilter: If it were me I would have let me in.
Metafilter: an exercise in pretension, but what do I know?
MetaFilter: Smash and kick your way forward
Metafilter: Pale white buttcheeks in my face
Metafilter: pitching to an outside googly.
Metafilter: Science, Diplomacy and Unbelievers
Metafilter: "on the tin"
Metafilter: wandering around brutally yanking on people's nutsacks.
Metafilter: "Some of my closest friends are white, and I'm fortunate to be able to be proud of almost all of them and how they comport themselves."
MetaFilter: A guy who's in love with a girl falls in love with someone who he thinks is right for him, but he realizes his mistake, only after the girl has decided to marry her perfect match [or so she thinks]
MetaFilter: Socialist but worth reading.
MetaFilter: Running Down the Road and Killing Monsters.
Metafilter: When Chickens Grow Teeth
MetaFilter: Like Forrest Gump, but without the AIDS.
Metafilter: fucking clown shoes!
Metafilter: niche competence distributed at scale.
MetaFilter: [ ]
MetaFilter: Your favorite blackface sucks.
Metafilter: the love lives of robots on the internet
Metafilter: arguing about the love lives of robots on the internet
MetaFilter: as many as 20% don't get engorged in predictable ways.
Metafilter: About 40% Hitler jokes
Metafilter: This weird moral dimension
MetaFilter: Desert with tomato and peas.
MetaFilter: Unfortunate comparisons to City of God.
metafilter: pre-op trannie dungeon masters with scores of illegitimate children who, naturally, they long to diddle.
Metafilter: clearly does not reflect a Christ-like and honorable approach
MetaFilter: a failure of sportsmanship
Metafilter: It's not very Christ-like.
MetaFilter: The clever ones can justify themselves with theory, but it all boils down to narcissism.
MetaFilter: Britannicaist deviations.
Metafilter: Embracing the Mingei
Metafilter: It can provide intense cleaning or an effective enema.
Metafilter: clearly does not reflect a Christ-like and honorable approach
MetaFilter: Seinfeld and Titanic combined
Metafilter: some of his writing comes off as stream of consciousness how many polysyllabic words can I string together contrived.
Metafilter: Its victims should be somewhat sympathized with and not pilloried
Metafilter: I fear you’re violating [our religion]ism’s doctrine.
metafilter: 20 lbs of chicken in the freezer
Metafilter: Thank you for not being that way, Metafilter.
MetaFilter: actually the same $X, only with bloodstains)
MetaFilter: nothing more than a shower scene and green goop in my memory banks.
Metafilter: bloated blue corpses every other week.
Metafilter: What do you think [it's] running on? Wishes and lemonade?
Metafilter: As much of a shithole as it was, it made me a stronger person. Plus the hookers were nice.
Metafilter: punching the indefensible nerdy kid right in the nose until a tooth came out.
Metafilter: I thought I was on Metafilter
MetaFilter:" on that.) Clay is an infinitely better medium of expression.
Metafilter: dissolving the body after you kill the cheater (which I think is quite legitimate).
Metafilter: Some butt kicking may well be in order.
Metafilter: the Mecca of Technical Perfection
MetaFilter: Uhhgggg.
Metafilter: dissolving the body after you kill the cheater (which I think is quite legitimate).
MetaFilter: taking the time to be chunky cocks.
Metafilter: Mmmmpphmmmph
Metafilter: I've apparently just created a snark magnet
Metafilter: Last weeks racist jokes, today.
Metafilter: “Just a frenzy! it’s weird.. weird”
MetaFilter: Everybody talks about waffles sometimes!
MetaFilter: flameouts from nobodies on the Internet)
MetaFilter: freewheeling dialogues on neo-hedonist mythology as it pertains to gay buttseks and the ladeez
Metafilter: 5$.
Metafilter: It's FUCKING distracting.
MetaFilter: There are white folks, and then there are ignorant mothafuckas like you.
Metafilter: {TRiPPiN BaLLS}
Metafilter: I'm gonna go have sex. With a LADY.
MetaFilter: strangling the idea gnome.
Metafilter: "throwing stones in their glass houses"
metafilter: bacon pieces always clogging up the nozzle
Metafilter: Open your mouth, expand your mind.
MetaFilter: Let's all take a five-minute break from linking to New York Times articles and bash the New York Times!
Metafilter: Invitations are checked and hats of ass given.
MetaFilter: Let's all take a five-minute break from linking to New York Times articles and bash the New York Times!...what's that say about us?
Metafilter: a waste of human potential and a form of slavery
Metafilter: causing the continuing downfall of the medium.
Metafilter: Some Sort of Nerd Version of Penthouse Forum
MetaFilter: a big satin cushion filled with bullshit.
Metafilter: We are sorry to have commercialized the site. We held off as long as we could.
Metafilter: Do unto others as others do unto others
MetaFilter: both ‘bear’ and simultaneously not ‘bear’.
metafilter: no crunch, no swallow.
MetaFilter: A Person Has To Participate
MetaFilter: Meta-advertising.
MetaFilter: Is this poisonous?
Metafilter: Do you know that you're strong on the inside, too?
Metafilter: Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions
metafilter: why is there hair?
MetaFilter: Again deleted again advisory.
Metafilter: tried that only but no if i try again metafilter again deleted again advisory
Metafilter: It couldn't hurt to try, but it'll hurt not to!
Metafilter: diligent comments rebutting mischaracterizations.
MetaFilter: Prostitution is down on Aisle 4.
Metafilter: blaming the victim and, most importantly, identifying sluts
MetaFilter: You're already overpaid! /ChristianBale
MetaFilter: 2.
MetaFilter: 2.
MetaFilter: 2.Those statements indicate the person is tired of hearing about Rihanna after two posts in day on completely different topics. That's beyond silly.
MetaFilter: 2.
MetaFilter: At least I can stop a YT video.
Metafilter: it relies on idealism and guilt and offers nothing new.
Metafilter: Precious talent like golden jism.
Metafilter: Urine doesn't actually do anything. Stick with the vinegar.
Metafilter: Is there any real need to read the whole article?
Metafilter: [Click.]
Metafilter: increasing your own sense of self-importance
Metafilter: The blurry cave dog shot could have been incredible.
metafilter: the old reddit.
metafilter: the old reddit.
Metafilter: inured to horking
metafilter: some crappy cartoonist used it as a bewildering punchline
MetaFilter: let's teach our children that it's cute to be an asshole
MetaFilter: POKE 53281,6
MetaFilter: Exploding Head Syndrome
MetaFilter: typically failed comedians who are particularly sensitive to jokes made at their expense.
Metafilter: The site has several characters, and I find many of the pages funny, but I'm not sure if that many of them are real.
Metafilter: This is a stupid rule, let's play basketbal and forget about it.
Metafilter: a billion-head herd of geek who all think they're being original or quirky or some such bullshit.™
MetaFilter: Just the place for a Snark!
Metafilter: pithily sarcastic
Metafilter: An emphasis on, and a commitment to, not losing billions of dollars in investments.
Metafilter: probably easier than ripping a human leg off.
MetaFilter: more than enough wannabe fancy lad, cultured up the frog pipe assholes!
MetaFilter: Aku tu tesat.
Metafilter: with that many users it must have something going for it.
metafilter: one can cannot take 20 Spanish college students and surmise things about the entirety of human existence.
Metafilter: a liquid shot in your ass that somehow makes you a god.
Metafilter: an Industrial Bluegrass/Experimental/Noise conceptual art Costume Rock band
Metafilter: it's going to be filled with masturbators.
Metafilter: Che:The Harry Potter Edition
Metafilter: It yiffs for Thee
MetaFilter: This short rant also applies to serious things
Metafilter: based off of boobs
Metafilter: Paul Graham recently wrote an essay.
Metafilter: beneath our clothing we are all naked.
Metafilter: before you know it you're ankle-deep in shit and can't smell death any more.
metafilter: "fuck anything that provokes thought"
metafilter: "fuck anything that provokes thought"
Metafilter: Butts, Crotches, and Judy Landers in Lingerie
Metafilter: That's what they got all cryfucky about?
MetaFilter: Oh My God—It's Full of Nerds!
Metafilter: stupid enough to pay for shit you can get for free.
Metafilter: full of brown oeioke
metafilter: A hint please? A clue?
MetaFilter: you could watch the penis moving in and out before eventually ejaculating on the camera.
MetaFilter: we now know there is a direct correlation between shark attacks and obesity.
Metafilter: less evolutionised creatures.
Metafilter: I think you'll like it.
MetaFilter: try to think a little more critically
Metafilter: I think you'll like it.
MetaFilter: Hilarious and disgusting.)
Metafilter: the toxic Internet art of constant callous one upsmanship
Metafilter: Calling out zits with red, inflamed glorious crowns which are beacons to VC snipers since 1999.
Metafilter: Even though I am open to joy, I did not find any here.
Metafilter: the homosexuals... the Russians... the single mothers. I mean, we all know that mathowie is sleeping with prostitutes, that's been going on forever. But won't somebody think of the children.
Metafilter: Hot pants.
MetaFilter: the ghost of done.
Metafilter: the enemy of strong societies.
Metafilter: doesn't come back from the dead and pee on your carpet.
Metafilter: the falsest cognate of all.
Metafilter: The X-Entertainment It's Okay To Like.
MetaFilter: Insane contraption.
MetaFilter: Heavy on the degeneracy, with a side of depravity.
Metafilter: Values working balls
Metafilter: the most densely nonsensical three-minute sequence
Metafilter: not necessarily hogging all the food; just the megapixels
MetaFilter: You know that odd dance that bees do when they find a good source of pollen and want to let the rest of the hive know?
MetaFilter: It's really really hard to avoid this crap on the Internet and this post is not helping.
Metafilter: a combination of commitment and insanity
Metafilter: your regularly scheduled misanthropic pile-on
MetaFilter: something that most people have seen before.
MetaFilter: Something With a Weak Pun and an Inaccuracy.
Metafilter: I think you're not getting the point of this at all.
MetaFilter: My sentences get longer and pile up more nested clauses the more annoyed I become.
MetaFilter: I can't defend slavery, except...
Metafilter: Having started reading the article, I find my early snark doesn't quite fit.
Metafilter: Barack Obama riding a t-rex and throwing candy to the crowd
Metafilter: thousands of inert loud mouth kooks
Metafilter: "A Bunch of Communists and Homosexuals looking to take our things"
Metafilter: I got a rock.
MetaFilter: Let's crank the [bacon?]
Metafilter: where the "winner" finds a 3 day old corpse hidden in a cave
Metafilter: violence punctuated by committee meetings
Metafilter: where the "winner" finds a 3 day old corpse hidden in a cave
Metafilter: Your favorite New Journalist sucks.
metafilter: your favorite drug sucks and you're an addict to it
Metafilter: a self-selecting bunch of inexplicably livid weirdos
MetaFilter: now with more racist overtones!
MetaFilter: Maybe Not Quite as Awesome as You Heard. Still Fairly Awesome, Though.
Metafilter: a fast, low-quality gangbang.
Metafilter: I thought you drowned out there, Snorkel Man.
Metafilter: Off with those pants.
Metafilter: On your first time, you will probably start coughing as your throat is not used to the powder. If you do it enough, you shall get used to it.
metafilter: tittie twister torment: trend or torture?
Metafilter: odd little gabs
metafilter:: While I agree there are many problems with his essay--most notably, the understated negative effects of letting the US economy just "die"--I agree with what I read as the overall gist: we need to use this as an opportunity to completely overhaul the 'system' in order to do away with 'systemic' problems.
Metafilter: The Fallacy Files
Metafilter: where cherished childhood myths go to die.
Metafilter: an almost nearly useless word.
Metafilter: horse-origin of the web.
MetaFilter: did you miss the part about how incredibly dense the population is there
Metafilter: This is just a very simple skecth only.
Metafilter: Jeez. Tough room.
Metafilter: You are making yourself look silly, trying to guess at what I know, when you don’t know, when you don’t even have the slightest idea what is in my head.
Metafilter: Don't call him "Mefi's Own".
Metafilter: The "best" possible outcome
Metafilter: If you can't sell your free product using naked women, you really have a problem.
Metafilter: full of geeks that would rather argue about software than look at boobs.
MetaFilter: the marmite of international politics
Metafilter: Scanning Your Testicles for Mini-Bombs
Metafilter: a Little Bit More than we need to know on the Wilmot Proviso
Metafilter: Why would I want that?
Metafilter: sugar plummed with anal sin.
Metafilter: lousy with dilettantes.
Metafilter: much changed and enfeebled
Metafilter: mediocre bird crushing.
MetaFilter: the savior of mankind thanks to the time traveling gun cow.
Metafilter: Ultimately I could do without the unnecessarily obfuscatory art-exhibit language. Still, pretty interesting.
Metafilter: Of course, you are into bears.
MetaFilter: Don't they deserve better?
Metafilter: What the fuck, Metafilter?
Metafilter: I tried to actually do this butt.
Metafilter: announcing that you're cool, or edgy, or smart, or funny.
Metafilter: It's not like we invented...
MetaFilter: Bugger off, the lot of you, and let people lead their own lives free of interference from hectoring, self-righteous busybodies.
Metafilter: we've got printers in the basement you can use.
MetaFilter: The most powerful exploding device known to man.
MetaFilter: The most powerful exploding device known to man.
Metafilter: Weblog as Board Game!
Metafilter:" treatment.
Metafilter: not sophisticated enough to use it.
MetaFilter: a mix of archival research, deduction and clairvoyance
MetaFilter: Like designing a Bentley with the exhaust pipe sticking out of the roof.
Metafilter: for all its pretensions, it is an extremely popular place
Metafilter: On the Incoherence of the Incoherence
MetaFilter: Blue slushies are for winners!
Metafilter: masking some deeper weirdness.
MetaFilter: You have to pretend you can't hear us.
MetaFilter: We're not talking about high school kids here. These are seven-year-olds.
Metafilter: lame people just make up some kind of falsehood to put online, and call it a day.
metafilter: this is the death of Metafilter
Metafilter: Green Death
MetaFilter: a sheaf of alfalfa or barley
Metafilter: Hot, careful winds.
Metafilter: It has the fragrance of a gibbous moon. And otters.
Metafilter: unoriginal, mindless work done by other people
Metafilter: unoriginal, mindless work done by other people
Metafilter: That stink is our nasty ho asses
MetaFilter: reaily excited about the prospects of the mid-90s community site-thing coming back.
Metafilter: Jesus decides to take the money from you now, and then he gives it to Octomom.
Metafilter: Ali G, Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen.
Metafilter: it's ok
MetaFilter: it's really not all that unfamiliar, exactly...
Metafilter: The front paws can be positioned for more adventure.
Metafilter: Those damn "@"s are a blight on the net.
Metafilter: Your mistakes will stand for all eternity.
Metafilter: So anal about presentation you can't pull a metaphorical straightpin out of its ass with a tractor.
Metafilter: Erasing the separation between wicked and awesome.
Metafilter: banal, wrapped in the possibilities of genius
Metafilter: an interesting cultural resource, but it makes me sad and frustrated.
MetaFilter: loathsome moral relativity
metafilter: living off feral goats on a deserted island.
Metafilter: But even with some slackening off in his quality in the past decade or so, he's still probably the funniest American writer of the last thirty years.
Metafilter: If each of these keystrokes causes a message to be sent which in return invokes instructions to our display station we will quickly become bored.
Metafilter: It's against all of the laws of mankind.
MetaFilter: He's telling you not to invade his space.
Metafilter: Unable to physically take the amount of drugs needed to enjoy this.
MetaFilter: confusion, ennui, frustration, isolation, boredom and failure
Metafilter: I sort of feel betrayed now. Heh.
Metafilter: the main conceit is stupid
MetaFilter: if you like robots, dinosaurs, lasers, roaring or jetpacks you will like this)
MetaFilter: if you like robots, dinosaurs, lasers, roaring or jetpacks you will like this)
Metafilter: Eww. Please don't do that.
Metafilter: Eww. Please don't do that.
Metafilter: Eww
Metafilter: [see above]
Metafilter: Nobody can derail better than we can.
MetaFilter: I just got in a big argument with my Constitutional historian spouse on this one.
MetaFilter: We want spittoons.
MetaFilter: My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.
MetaFilter: It's OK, but it's no Starlight Express.
Metafilter: Metafilter
Metafilter: snorting coke off a prostitute's erect penis with a rolled up $100 bill
Metafilter: the power of a simple technological object to create a complex network powered by human intelligence and asynchronous interactions.
Metafilter: 83% less pig anus
MetaFilter: You should wash your penis in {water, milk, acetone, sour cream}.
Metafilter: Beneath this idiotic outburst, I detect a cogent, well-designed site with a self-sustaining membership as opposed to simply being. I also detect that it has a professional white background and Twitter. Why, you're probably coding it up right now. I can't wait.
MetaFilter: You should wash your penis in {water, milk, acetone, sour cream}.
MetaFilter: You should wash your penis.
Metafilter: Mostly drug related but some violent stuff to.
Metafilter: Sweet Dreams, Greaser!
Metafilter: Do feel free to show where bitching in any thread has led to a solution.
Metafilter: None of our bitching has lead to a solution since 1999.
MetaFilter: I can't fault you for getting a piece of a weird ass pie like that.
Metafilter: the spreadsheet aspect is a feature, not a bug.
Metafilter: it totally allows for one to experience the fringes of all the politics without truly having to deal with the headaches.
Metafilter: there's that whole world out there and oh my god.
metafilter: i have very little idea of what is going one here. but i'm pretty enthralled. thanks!
Metafilter: I remember the days when "meme" meant more than just "in-joke that's been beaten to death all over the Internet."
Metafilter: Underachievers seek distractions by sharing links, and then mocking those links.
MetaFilter: Your Favorite Slightly Disabled Amateur Singer Sucks.
MetaFilter: An unplanned pregnancy leads to complications.
METAFILTER: most of you either don't get it, or aren't quite as clever as you think you are
Metafilter: Average citizens fib about doing their jobs to impress strangers doing the same. Meanwhile, world economy collapses.
Metafilter: a graunching, brass-on-brass friction fest
Metafilter: More cynical than Simon Cowell
metafilter: it's the ted mack amateur hour on steroids
MetaFilter: a relentless, ruthless maelstrom of cheese.
Metafilter: Patty-and-Selma types standing around in the dark talking about Britney Spears like she's MacGuyver
Metafilter: Hating America is our job!
Metafilter: "Is there a problem officer?"
MetaFilter: lively genital displays and noisy mating contests.
Metafilter: implies promiscuous and predatory. And yes, its all praise.
Metafilter: Who knew I'd find my answer in pants?
MetaFilter: Overthinking a plate of dots
MetaFilter: All the components that gave rise to human intelligence - it's just that they have never been assembled.
Metafilter: iTube
Metafilter: Makes the stationary nerds drool.
MetaFilter: a bit mean-spirited and unclever
MetaFilter: talking the Marxist jive these days.
Metafilter: here's my oppotunity to be shamelessly male in a womens' thread.
MetaFilter: I shaved my balls for this?
MetaFilter: Keep in mind the scanner and floppy drive are not musical instruments.
MetaFilter: a bunch of poorly documented legacy code.
Metafilter: Malcom Gladwell has, is, and always will be a colossal douche.
Metafilter: Doesn't produce a death ray as in SimCity.
Metafilter: Mefites think your favorite sport sucks.
Metafilter: the most superficial mass medium available
Metafilter: Your favorite deformed baby sucks.
MetaFilter: initial asshattery and the follow-up wishy-washy nonsense.
MetaFilter: Built to G.I. Joe standards.
Metafilter: it is not an exaggeration to say that true democracy is dead and a corporate financial state has now arrived
Metafilter: the revolution will not be linked on Metafilter.
metafilter: the post-jaded cro...wait. Why am I still doing this?
Metafilter: the revolution will not be linked on Metafilter.
Metafilter: Hey, fuck, do it with puppets!
Metafilter: AND SCENE
Metafilter: rotting our organization from within
Metafilter: All life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.
MetaFilter: I'm Pakistani, I'm allowed to make that joke.
Metafilter: Actually I haven't clicked yet; I just wanted to type that.
metafilter: It's like the federal witness-protection program, only with snarky faces.
Metafilter: wasted on science.
MetaFilter: Because if you don't have anything to say about the actual subject of the thread, there's always last year's blog wars to rehash.
Metafilter: quite the vicious pack of juvenile assholes.
Metafilter: All before the deletion.
Metafilter: Apres le deletion, le deluge.
Metafilter: How you gonna run out of chicken?
MetaFilter: Its like a punch line. But not funny.
MetaFilter: Rigorous mapping of ridiculous data.
Metafilter: We Repost, You Decide.
MetaFilter: We don't do that "your mom fucks farm animals" thing here.
MetaFilter: Overthinking a plate of license.
Metafilter: We don't give a fuck about your dietary habits.
Metafilter: Laughing at urination?
Metafilter: working out while you're sitting on 4chan eating bacon pickles watching anime.
MetaFilter: I coulda swore Kirk Cameron insisted there was no CrocoDuck.
Metafilter: that's why they swastikas bend the other way, yo.
Metafilter: it is FUCKING SHIT and if you like it you're a marketing victim.
Metafilter: I Ieacned ThLt I came aff a5 a dauchebag.
Metafilter: valorization of your own social ineptitude
MetaFilter: I know people are dying to snark here, but you might want to make sure your super-awesome jibe makes an iota of sense.
Metafilter: There are times when having a fully developed brain can almost seem like an impediment.
MetaFilter: intended to be malicious, but educational
Metafilter: Not a prude, and yet uncomfortable.
MetaFilter: Overthinking a plate of boy bands.
MetaFilter: Best Viewed in a Post-Masturbatory Haze.
Metafilter: they made absolutely sure that we all knew they had come specifically to fuck the daylights out of our wimmin.
MetaFilter: Plates of sexy boy beans.
Metafilter: It's anarchism for the budget-minded hooligan.
Metafilter: A bouquet of fleshy poly–
Metafilter: Let's fuck him with a huge Hague-shaped dildo.
Metafilter: demonstrate the occult basis of computer technology.
Metafilter: I'd rather be fucked in the ear by an orangutan
Metafilter: a penis that also acts as a primitive fluid-removal pump
metafilter: it had something to do with unfulfilled testicles.
Metafilter: You log in at 8:30 every morning, except you log in at 7:30 following a business holiday, unless it's a Monday, then you log in at 8 o'clock. Log in late and they dock you. Incoming FPPs get a voucher, comments to FPPs provide a voucher. Post any FPP without a voucher and they dock you. Ask Metafilter is the green page, MetaTalk is the grey page, projects is dark green. Wrong color page and they dock you! That is your user URL. It will not be repeated! Without your user URL you cannot make FPPs. MeFi Mail mail is code 37, your personal email address 37-3, emails to admins 3-37. Code it wrong and they dock you! This has been your orientation. Is there anything you do not understand, is there anything you understand only partially? If you have not been fully oriented, you must file a complaint with the mods. File a faulty complaint... and they dock you!
Metafilter: Spaced out, thinking about tits.
MetaFilter: a cthonic entity that has managed to breach the barrier between the depths of the nether reaches and the sun lit lands of happy 'normal' life.
Metafilter: I'm gonna rip off your head and shit down your throat.
Metafilter: it really sucke
Metafilter: striiiiiiiing theory!
Metafilter: Would you please pick up some toilet paper? I got the runs and we're almost out. I love you.
Metafilter: Because they don’t know what they want.
Metafilter: "nasty keyboard monkeys"
MetaFilter: a constant cycle of intimacy-awareness-homopanic-distancing-et cetera to cope with the absurd sexual stratification imposed on us by several generations of falsely-authoritative homo-lib-orthodoxy.
metafilter: graphic design makes information less boring.
Metafilter: hot, dangerous guys.
Metafilter: This is art for people who want their assumptions and empathy validated
Metafilter: soap box to express and broadcast smug self-satisfaction the way the newspaper industry does
MetaFilter: Dr. Manhattan's giant floppy blue penis
Metafilter: Dr. Manhattan's unprofessional blue penis
Metafilter: promoting quality insomnia since 1999.
Metafilter: We'll get them to kill each other.
Metafilter: I want some goddamn knobs on my computer.
Metafilter: I want some goddamn knobs on my computer.
Metafilter: I want some goddamn knobs on my computer.
Metafilter: Wow, there are so many typos in my last comment that I'm actually kind of impressed.
Metafilter: surprisingly small but furiously churning.
Metafilter: If we could just hate [fat people/cat declawers/circumcisionists/Xtians (choose one)] more furiously, maybe they would feel bad enough to change.
Metafilter: Why was this posted?
Metafilter: "To sit home, read one’s favorite paper. and scoff at the misdeeds of the men who do things is easy, but it is markedly ineffective. it is what evil men count upon the good men doing."
Metafilter: "To sit home, read one’s favorite paper. and scoff at the misdeeds of the men who do things is easy. Fun, too!"
metafilter: We're a bunch of pretentious music snobs!
Metafilter: We Are Smug
Metafilter: disambiguate at your own risk.
Metafilter: A pair of jaws and an amazing whang.
Metafilter: I can't believe people are still arguing about this.
MetaFilter: all pent-roofed or gable-peaked, heavy-caved, stub-chimneyed, narrow-latticed, awning-shuttered, stair-eased, post-buttressed, beam-crossed, dusky-red-roofed, dingy-white-walled and low under the overhanging vastness of the sky.
Metafilter: literary experimentation and virulent misogyny
Metafilter: Do you know how huge your balls have to be to wear one of our shirts.
Metafilter: Do you know how huge your balls have to be to wear one of our shirts.
Metafilter: Our Grandmothers Got - yeah, no, that won't work.
metafilter: written in ball point pen on the exposed arses and genitalia
Metafilter: It's like a linguistic wedgie.
Metafilter: It's like a descriptive linguistic wedgie.
Metafilter: a competition between a bunch of supermen with micropenises.
MetaFilter: This sucks and you suck
Metafilter: Remember, you're the King of your own little world.
MetaFilter: what it feels like to be in an Ayn Rand novel
MetaFilter: a race to the bottom
Metafilter: "What is this, Horseville? Cuz I am surrounded by naysayers. Wordplay!”
MetaFilter: Inducing the labile child brains into adult functional types for productive integration into the Institution through the forced memorization of abstract and phenomenologically meaningless symbols and disembodied concepts for hours per day where the human is forced to stare at books of these symbols wholly immobilized and locked indoors, because subjugated institutional living is of course the ideal and safest manner of existence.
MetaFilter: A lot of it is awkwardly written, but it's very interesting material.
Metafilter: i want you to make airplane noises while you do it.
Metafilter: It’s the thin edge of a dangerous wedge.
Metafilter: Reddit has pretty much already exposed this as a hoax.
Metafilter: All you _____ haterz can suck my balls.
Metafilter: intellectual property asshole competition
MetaFilter: who's the biggest asshole?
Metafilter: I can stop any time, I swear!
Metafilter: Angry Simon Pegg is the biggest asshole
MetaFilter: It's a sport, like baseball, only with more stabbing.
MetaFilter: Of course, we have our own issues with disappointment.
Metafilter: more lectures from smug donkeys with neither empathy nor wisdom
MetaFilter: EWVGL
MetaFilter: wtf deres nobody in da fukin video u stupid dikhedz
metafilter: masses of people who own the means of production work toward a common goal and share their products in common, when they contribute labor without wages and enjoy the fruits free of charge
metafilter: masses of people who own the means of production work toward a common goal and share their products in common, when they contribute labor without wages and enjoy the fruits for $5.
MetaFilter: the fact of the matter is I'm pretty drunk right now
Metafilter: the gore-gouting neckstump of your little cuddlebuddy.
MetaFilter: more odd than sickening.
Metafilter: a common human cognitive error in thinking of all "teenagers" as a homogeneous class of functionally identical entities.
Metafilter: nothing worth having can be gotten by beauty alone.
Metafilter: many suffer from low self-esteem, antisocial behaviour, poor social and anger management skills, fear of rejection, passivity, promiscuity, mental health problems, post-traumatic stress disorder and mood disorders.
metafilter: unfortunately does not discuss the details of injecting estrogen into a vagina with a syringe.
MetaFilter: In hindsight, getting laid probably would have been better
Metafilter: I actually know far more about this subject than I think you can imagine.
Metafilter: Whose name I insist on pronouncing as if it were that of a Mayan God
Metafilter: I'd just be very nervous about putting random things in it.
Metafilter: Coy new-age garbage
Metafilter: Entered your consciousness ass first.
Metafilter: A platform for opportunists.
Metafilter: Actual hormones that exist in your body naturally.
Metafilter: *
Metafilter: Let nature take care of ultimate placement.
Metafilter: By all means, please get more technical.
Metafilter: (stands up, shoots interviewer)
Metafilter: Not torque. Thrust.
Metafilter: The syringe in her chach.
Metafilter: If Suzanne Somers called herself a "transhumanist".
Metafilter: A lot of authorities more credible than you and your mom.
Metafilter: Not torque. Thrust.
metafilter: some of you guys on here really ruined what would have been several very interesting disucssions. Oh well.
Metafilter: particularly unimpressive.
Metafilter: I'm mostly here to bitch
MetaFilter: "i can't believe i paid 5$...on this."
Metafilter: although if he's real, so are these tears.
Metafilter: Whose name I insist on pronouncing as if it were that of a Mayan God:
MetaFilter: Put a bunch of stuff together, add in evolution, and stand back
Metafilter: Audience members got to discuss and debate, unvetted, their individual viewpoints. Housewives were empowered.
MetaFilter: "somewhere between the torso and the Bridge"
Metafilter: Audience members got to discuss and debate, unvetted, their individual viewpoints. Housewives were empowered.
Metafilter: I actually know far more about this subject than I think you can imagine.
Metafilter: Via Metafilter.
Metafilter: It's so important to be right that you have to be a dick about it
Metafilter: And they shouldn't fence at night, or they're gonna hurt the gymnasts.
Metafilter: Lets just hope his communistic plans dont take hold
Metafilter: I've Mostly Been Lit from Behind.
Metafilter: Those that don't towcow are bombed to little pieces or are puny baby-men.
Metafilter: it started out as Hogwarts now it's Lord of the Flies.
MetaFilter: When did America Know About the Holocaust?
MetaFilter: Definitively not the Best of the Web.
Metafilter: a thread that devolves into what is evidently a Canadian comedy routine
Metafilter: I'm not railing at anybody. I'm pointing out the obvious.
Metafilter: it doesn't start rocking until the Initiator Factor One shows up
MetaFilter: a My Little Pony having sex with a Care Bear smoking a crack pipe.
Metafilter: I can get a strap-on if it would help.
MetaFilter: I always say I'm not going to do this, and then I go ahead and do it
Metafilter: The survivors eventually fed on the dead passengers
Metafilter: has one joke. The ambush.
MetaFilter: poop falls from very high up and scatters when it lands.
MetaFilter: By the time we're done with this it will no longer be post-worthy
MetaFilter: Showing me something awesome and then pointing out how unawesome it is and how bad I should feel for liking it.
Metafilter: Many aspects suggest that it was inspired by Sol Bloom's hootchy kootchy dance.
Metafilter: I've only ever heard it sung by white people, actually.
MetaFilter: Replete with big-name stars and full orchestra.
MetaFilter: Showing me something awesome and then pointing out how unawesome it is and how bad I should feel for liking it.
Metafilter: Enjoying it for what it is, whining about what it isn't.
MetaFilter: Scary smart, like pet monkey smart
Metafilter: "...modernist melodramas with just the right crowd-friendly dash of old-fashioned grandiloquence." (fta)
Metafilter: The unregenerate hankered after beans, and sooner or later rebelled.
Metafilter: weakened under a fire of feminine raillery and sarcasm.
MetaFilter: jealous, envious and bitter.
MetaFilter: He writes like a crackhead four year old.
MetaFilter: Your favorite music sounds like a swarm of beetles nibbling my face off.
Metafilter: why people hunt the most dangerous game
Metafilter: ...something something something overthink Mr. Bean.
Metafilter: The opposite of hunting buffalo on the plains.
MetaFilter: it's a braniac buddy show with some nerd humor thrown in for good effect.
Metafilter: save for genitalia
Metafilter: save for genitalia
MetaFilter: it's mostly dorks, nerds, dweebs, and the occasional greaser.
Metafilter: Go outside and take a walk.
MetaFilter: The site where everything's made up, and the points don't matter.
Metafilter: There's no need to trumpet your disdain.
Metafilter: Okay, I'll talk.
MetaFilter: a problem that can be solved with some good old fashion ritual human sacrifice
Metafilter: can we quarantine this virus from the Rest of the World?
Metafilter: ILOLD
Metafilter: "Enjoy."
Metafilter: I got nothing bad to say
Metafilter: I was gonna come in here all smart-assed and knowledgeable, but found out that I did not know that I was talking about.
Metafilter: Passes for awesome now, really.
Metafilter: But these links look really interesting, so I'll shut up
Metafilter: Overthinking a plate of shit
Metafilter: forced to shower in cruel silence.
Metafilter: yeah baby fuck my ass ^
MetaFilter: The Best Art Is Antithetical to the Comfort of Your Buttocks.
Metafilter: Fisted so far the other person's hand comes out of their mouth like the thing in Alien.
Metafilter: (link)
Metafilter: $800 less that Elliott Spitzer paid HIS whore.
Metafilter: Our implementation of our methodology is pseudo-random, wearable, and collaborative.
Metafilter: Expect a fantastic Little Nemo in Slumberland post courtesy of Yours Truly sometime this week.
Metafilter: It made it on to the Internet, so I think we need to take it seriously.
MetaFilter: excerpts of bestiality
Metafilter: what I said about “Malcolm X”.
MetaFilter: while the idea seems good, the implementation is awful
Metafilter: I am programmed in a number of ... techniques.
MetaFilter: Knowing way better than those silly scientists since 1999.
Metafilter: hook it up to a fake internet
Metafilter: All the news that's blue.
Metafilter: This flies in the face of their Reagan-boners, but it's true.
Metafilter: I fixed Wikipedia
Metafilter: Dude, I'm not an old dude who wears his jeans up at his shoulders.
MetaFilter: (longer diatribe redacted)
MetaFilter: (longer diatribe redacted)
MetaFilter: the ancient dream of brides.
Metafilter: "Pay us money to give us content"
Metafilter: crucified on a derail of gold.
Metafilter: It's so plurgid it makes you think it was written with malcompetence aforethought.
Metafilter: jaunty, melancholy and terrifying all at once.
Metafilter: All squonk squonk kablatt etc.
Metafilter: it's hurting America.
Metafilter: Getting soft.
Metafilter: Getting soft.
MetaFilter:"t might get you a quick, cheap charge..."
MetaFilter:I have a box with a chastity belt on it
MetaFilter:Monks on Segways
Metafilter: I want to be able to enjoy this story without that reflexive mental sneer, and I can't.
Metafilter: more glib bullshit
MetaFilter: You're Unbelievable
MetaFilter: a load of old toot.
Metafilter:" gags.
Metafilter: variously described.
Metafilter: The Man, but wearing casual shoes.
Metafilter: bearing discursive resemblance to a facebiting parade
Metafilter: If the post was half as good at its mission as the poster was at self-promotion
Metafilter: Letting you know nightmares can come true!
MetaFilter:textbook ironic
MetaFilter: a race to come up with pithy comments
MetaFilter: constant cutting through the mopey
Metafilter: Reaching for my revolver since 1999.
MetaFilter: time out from reading Wittgenstein, drinking port and playing backgammon
Metafilter: We Report, You Decide Whether It Was Aliens Or Not
MetaFilter: time out from reading port, drinking backgammon, and playing Wittgenstein
MetaFilter: time out from reading port, drinking backgammon, and playing, Wittgenstein.
MetaFilter: a political nerd looking for the next great moment in history to be a part of so when he's older he can lean back, enjoy a good scotch, and tell a starstruck admirer "I was there you know. Right at my keyboard as it happened"
MetaFilter: crippity cripple crip crip
Metafilter: Desperate enough to sell its soul to the Devil.
Metafilter: limitless neuroses
MetaFilter: It's like an ignorance-and-naivete burrito, wrapped up so tightly together.
Metafilter: Can't we have just one nice thing on the internet instead of this shit?
Metafilter: we're a pro-leisure and anti-wage-slavery group of people dedicated to exploring the question: why work?
Metafilter: they think those giant fuzzy Slash hats are actually cool.
Metafilter: fhjg sdjfgsjhfg sjdf98798f7987s9f8798f7349759834759837594379876675&^%*&&^%&^)(*&^)^&%)&*^
Metafilter: Brown People are Scary
Metafilter: Where people parade their ignorance as sign of their own perceived coolness...
Metafilter: I feel somehow...let down
MetaFilter: Nobody really cares. You're not funny or insightful but your skin is thicker. The only people who make money are the bar owners.
Metafilter: MEANIES!
Metafilter: Disgustingly overproduced
Metafilter: on the internet, nobody gives a fuck.
Metafilter: Epcot-style detente.
MetaFilter: why we need librarians in the future
Metafilter: What a stupid concept.
MetaFilter: only slightly smarter than Tippi Hedren
Metafilter: Just like a Tom Davis to me...
Metafilter: panties would become the new drug underground.
Metafilter: pro-removal-of-panties
MetaFilter: Fuck it, it's better than the last three.
Metafilter: I just don't think anyone cares that much.
MetaFilter: You can both snark AND enjoy.
Metafilter: an exploding robotic boot stamping on a pair of exploding giant boobs, forever.
Metafilter: two blenders having non-consensual sex.
Metafilter: Beats the hell out of property law, I assure you.
MetaFilter: immoral, unnecessary, and doesn't work!
Metafilter: ..." comments. Then create a random-serving banner/header/tagline/whatever for the front page.
Metafilter: ..." comments. Then create a random-serving banner/header/tagline/whatever for the front page.
Metafilter: Shit piss fuck cocksucker asshole".
Metafilter: Shit piss fuck cocksucker asshole".
MetaFilter: just putting more personality in. I don't know if it's stereotypes.
MetaFilter: Don't Forget to Bring Your Johnston.
Metafilter: humiliation, correction, open late, sure to please.
Metafilter: Are you people illiterate, or just lazy?
Metafilter: Say whatever the fuck you want, no matter how batshit or offensive, and accuse anyone who calls you on it of getting "fighty".
Metafilter: Say whatever the fuck you want, no matter how batshit or offensive, and accuse anyone who calls you on it of getting "fighty".
Metafilter: vague, handwavy, half-assed description of papers that neither we nor the author understand.
Metafilter: I'm really embarrassed at what a yahoo it's turned me into.
Metafilter: Oh my god, I can't stop!
MetaFilter: ostensibly a satire of Western culture
Metafilter: Bitching about the good old days of MeFi where people were too snarky to indulge in nostalgia. November 18th, yo.
Metafilter: Grasp the sausage of information.
Metafilter: Having a psychotic break rather than just doing it for the lulz.
MetaFilter: the animals were allured by a sausage.
Metafilter: you name it, we'll hate on it.
MetaFilter: The 20th century's descent into the existential void in bold 2D.
Metafilter: Fuck yeah too much time on your hands.
Metafilter: four point five days until infection with two girls one cut video"*
Metafilter: the uncanny valley of language.
Metafilter: Giving Him That Grid From A Solved Cube.
metafilter: the description above the fold is a bit underwhelming...
Metafilter: You don’t want to fail, it is embarrassing.
MetaFilter: Reading it was perhaps the most terrifying thing that's ever happened to me and I have been to Missouri.
MetaFilter: Reading it was perhaps the most terrifying thing that's ever happened to me and I have been to Missouri.
Metafilter: It is entirely possible that I might have hit it.
MetaFilter: There are bunnies in your Weetabix.
Metafilter: to the front of that.
Metafilter: Good enough to place it in the realm of weird, inspired humor.
Metafilter: They're from England, and who gives a shit?
MetaFilter: a community weblog ...if you know what I mean.
MetaFilter: I SURE AM
MetaFilter: tough (yet penis-less)
Metafilter: making love to you was so beautiful I will remember it always.
MetaFilter: patience in the face of egomaniacal delusion.
Metafilter: My position is respectable, and I dislike your comment, sir.
MetaFilter: You respond, if you have an answer.
Metafilter: I will come and kill you for real and I am not kidding" I will come and kill you for real and I am not kidding
Metafilter: I will come and oh shit man OC I was just kiddin man put down the kniffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Metafilter: Just empty rhetoric that is a natural consequence of people being powerless to actually have any effect on the behavior of the people they are interacting with.
Metafilter: (slightly) assymetrical.
Metafilter: I guess some things are true, others not so much.
metafilter: Some Truth!
Metafilter: a lot of Jesus for one sitting.
Metafilter: Everytime it starts to get a little creepy, someone uses the term "FOCK" and then it gets kind of cute again.
Metafilter: a handjob with a veneer of respectability
Metafilter: And then the other 20% are chicks sticking their hands in their underwear.
Metafilter: I know you're bi-polar
MetaFilter: The cash gifting community that includes the components mentioned and is highly recommended for your review is Prosperity 2 People.
Metafilter: garden-variety American asshole.
Metafilter: People will want to make fund of them, but that is prety lame.
Metafilter: d
MetaFilter: Like a skit from MadTV, except I actually watched it
MetaFilter: a knob on your stereo
Metafilter: Face the rath
Metafilter: squid, squid, squid, squid, squid.
Metafilter: "Ze Frank--Hot or Not?"
Metafilter: "That's Not A Post"
Metafilter: like a mixture of the awesome father you didn't have and the awesome girlfriend you can't have sex with
Metafilter: freaked out, joined the army ... professional killer.
Metafilter: making all of my bans temporary instead of permanent.
Metafilter: Supply-side thermodynamics.
Metafilter: It's a swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever.
Metafilter: Absorbent and yellow and porous!
MetaFilter: “community” is {not} just a euphemism for lettings commentators run amuck and calling it progress.
Metafilter: Not . . . made of biting.
Metafilter: What he said. Also, you're insane!
Metafilter: blue. Krishna: blue. Synchronicity or Gopi conspiracy?
metafilter: I'm supposed to pay ~$5 to share my bookmarks? Fuck that.
Metafilter: Losing half its visitors and pissing off a lot of people for no good reason.
Metafilter: Losing half its visitors and pissing off a lot of people for no good reason.
Metafilter: The email from your psychotic ex that you just can't ignore.
Metafilter: Wroioarroaooo gaamuuauou rrauuuroouua waoooo haoaaiio!
Metafilter: great for kids learning the basic concepts, even though it lacks a few important ideas.
Metafilter: One extra tap could cost you quadrillions!
Metafilter: has been working with his own ejaculate a lot lately.
Metafilter: whining about whining about whining about hipsters.
Metafilter: "I am not immune to this stuff."
Metafilter: This is because of dialectics.
MetaFilter: sitting in on every lecture with straws rammed up their noses.
Metafilter: A forum to show you who the real bitch is.
Metafilter: there are at least two clear examples of mental illness in that list
Metafilter: between the goose carcass and the goo.
Metafilter: the absorption of a fraternal twin.
MetaFilter: it only works because you click it.
MetaFilter: taking the things I like and then destroying them.
Metafilter: the absolute quickest stoked-to-bummed turnaround
MetaFilter: it distracts me from the more important work of finding food and evading predators, let alone mating.
Metafilter: has nothing to do with time-machines-qua-time-machines at all.
Metafilter: Somewhere, somebody needs a wiener.
metafilter: Workplace Mobbing. Though the focus is "workplace," the phenomenon is broader.
Metafilter: Trust in the jujujive.”
Metafilter: you're assuming most of us are wearing any clothes at all.
Metafilter: oddly passionate
Metafilter: passionately odd.
Metafilter: the ideology of the normative primacy of that which is ethnically Han
MetaFilter: I'm looking at you, you smug dissolute hedonist asshole
Metafilter: On non-preview: oh, ok.
Metafilter: the karmic void from which nonhumour is drawn.
Metafilter: You bet your dick I'll have a glass of fucking Perrier.
Metafilter: If Stephen Hawking was shot dead by a SWAT team, would you wait for all the criminal appeals to settle before expressing an opinion?
Metafilter: The teeth are the seat of the soul.
Metafilter: Label me a humorless fool.
Metafilter: Anger and sexual frustration released in a cascade of scribbling.
Metafilter: very cool but completely useless. :)
MetaFilter: Common night walkers, common street walkers, both male and female, common railers and brawlers, persons who with offensive and disorderly acts or language accost or annoy persons of the opposite sex, lewd, wanton and lascivious persons in speech or behavior, idle and disorderly persons, disturbers of the peace, keepers of noisy and disorderly houses, and persons guilty of indecent exposure.
Metafilter: I know a fuckload about Christianity.
MetaFilter: full of festering bushels of dud coinages, Biblical bluster, and diarrheal sentences that do nothing but draw attention to their over-toasted ornamentation.
Metafilter: Nothing is funny anymore.
MetaFilter: like a god on pension
Metafilter: I know a fuckload about Christianity.
Metafilter: Helping make my travel plans since right fucking now.
Metafilter: I am unimpressed.
Metafilter: Separate evolutionary paths to round brown floatiness.
MetaFilter: like a god on pension
Metafilter: sick of all these people who think smart music is good music.
Metafilter: a bit fucked in the head, if you ask me.
Metafilter: Rethinking a can of beans.
Metafilter: Where's the beef?
Metafilter: more dangerous than cardiovascular diseases, infectious and parasitic diseases, ischemic heart disease, malignant neoplasms, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory infections, lower respiratory tract infections, HIV/AIDS , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, perinatal conditions, digestive diseases, diarrheal diseases, tuberculosis, malaria , lung cancers, road traffic accidents, childhood diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, diabetes mellitus, hypertensive heart disease, suicide, stomach cancer, diseases of the genitourinary system, cirrhosis of the liver, nephritis/nephropathy, colorectal cancer, liver cancer and measles and a cornered, wounded animal.
Metafilter: These People Can't Dance
Metafilter: We should begrudge his happiness.
Metafilter: proof that there are, in fact, people out there whose hearts are made of stone.
MetaFilter: untold amounts of glee.
Metafilter: Because babies are inherently delicious, or something.
Metafilter: tl:dr
Metafilter: Also Vanity's in it.
Metafilter: Wiener dogs on the roof.
MetaFilter: back in college, I had a Palestinian booty call
Metafilter: All-around also-rans and losers, living in the shadow of more talented acts such as Eminem and Kid Rock.
Metafilter: Move fast. Shoot smart. Watch your six.
MetaFilter: I'll just copy what I tweeted about
Metafilter: gay Harry Potter fanfic and the creation myths of the Navajo in the style of Chinese opera.
Metafilter: if this is the best of the web, I'm turning the web off.
Metafilter: Where is my Harper's?
Metafilter: Oops. That should have gone in the deleted thread.
Metafilter: your unknown blogging ass
Metafilter: All of human civilization is just a complicated attempt to get laid.
Metafilter: an exercise in overcoming a language barrier rather than a lack of smarts.
MetaFilter: I don't think they represent the majority of Americans
Metafilter: Art, no matter how savvy and nuanced, is ultimately about instant gratification.
Metafilter: Overthinking a pair of shoes.
Metafilter: Folks lend a hand in a hellhole.
MetaFilter: AS A TAXPAYER [...] !!!
Metafilter: don't just use it to throw spoons in your face.
Metafilter: trapped inside an electronic arena where love - and escape - do not compute.
MetaFilter: require you to go to a decomp autopsy.
Metafilter: Which is, in fact, gay.
MetaFilter: liberally coated in semen
Metafilter: anal harmonizers.
Metafilter: "I only recently discovered that little red button. Well, there went my hopes of getting to sleep at a decent time."
Metafilter: "That's crazy" or "You're disturbed"
Metafilter: Ugh. Another damn blog of people snarking at things.
Metafilter: It's your fault for not being intelligent enough to get it.
Metafilter: Doesn't it Split the Cheechakos from the Sourdoughs?
Metafilter: [after the farting] How 'bout some more beans, Mr. Taggart?
Metafilter: Your Worst Nightmare, Butthorn!
MetaFilter: Shut Fuck The Up. You know what I mena.
Metafilter: Buy the big chumpy
Metafilter: I saw my mom kind of nail this phenomenon on another message board.
Metafilter: someone should have advised Brian Eno against wearing such an unflattering chicken costume.
Metafilter: I don't actually believe it but it sounds vaguely plausible enough to fly by.
MetaFilter: The Internet PervertsTM
MetaFilter: for your boytaur clown needs.
Metafilter: it seems like Reddit is down now
Metafilter: *not a polyphenolist
Metafilter: the place to discuss the spelling of a word rather than the linked article.)
Metafilter: hipsters are destroying America, juggalos are virtuous and true. If only hipsters could be more down with the clown.
Metafilter: You have an optimistically consensual view of protohuman sexual relations.
Metafilter: let's temporarily suppose that 3+3+4 equals 11 instead of 12
Metafilter: odd, self absorbed and narrow
MetaFilter: Dock 48
Metafilter: "That would honk him off good."
Metafilter: Man Is Its Sushi
Metafilter: Liquid dogshit made out of poison.
metafilter: snark floating in formaldehyde.
Metafilter: Let's get all up in his areas.
Metafilter: dilettante crafters.
Metafilter: An evil older than time itself
MetaFilter: What's the point of looking at random shit like that?
Metafilter: UGH annoyingly middle class.
Metafilter: It took hours for someone to complain that the women weren't hot enough.
Metafilter: Not much reading required.
Metafilter: Overthinking a painting of a plate of beans.
MetaFilter: My Internet Friends calendar to raise money for .... some good cause.
MetaFilter: Able to generate more Juggalo sympathy in a person than you'd ever believe possible.
Metafilter: Maybe one could take liquid nitrogen and blow air over it on the thing you want to cool down. That would probably work.
Metafilter: Get excited by dipping your penis into another man's fresh semen.
MetaFilter: If my immediate neighbors ever saw what I have written, I would have to move for my own safety.
Metafilter: The rest of that internet is brill
Metafilter: rather beneath Metafilter.
Metafilter: You're not poor enough, your pictures suck, how dare you put words with pictures, how dare you continue to take pictures when the worst parts are happening and OMG WON'T ANYONE THINK OF THE DOGS.
Metafilter: I can be reasonably persuasive and seem to come across as potentially violently unhinged.
Metafilter: $25/hr To Follow My Wife SAIT.
Metafilter: Audio recordings of World Livestock Auctioneer Championship winners.
Metafilter: Vice 27
Metafilter: 0 days without an outrage!
MetaFilter: 0 days without a twitter hatefest
Metafilter: When I used to frequent Ren Faires...
Metafilter: Get off of my onion belt!
Metafilter: i can't believe white people in my pants!!
Metafilter: Can't get through the day without some outrage.
Metafilter: nugatory comprehension of the human condition.
MetaFilter: The difference between your cortex and mine
Metafilter: Demented and sad ... but social.
MetaFilter: The difference between your cortex and mine
MetaFilter: The difference between your cortex and ours
Metafilter: The Beginning of American Fascism.
MetaFilter: There's this large expanse of cortex
Metafilter: I haven't read this article yet.
Metafilter: It's like Groundhog Day, but with elephants dying by spikes.
Metafilter: There's a real point in these anecdotes.
MetaFilter: apparently some kind of hobo sex predator
Metafilter: any movie that has not one but two jokes around the stretchy nature of intestines is A-OK in my book.
MetaFilter: Extremely Curvy Superwomen.
MetaFilter: Like trying to punch your way out of a swarm of bees.
MetaFilter: like trying to punch your way out of a swarm of bees
Metafilter: comic relief, says black stuff.
MetaFilter: interesting, if flawed.
Metafilter: Pathetic creatures of meat and bone.
MetaFilter: the most splendid of animal sex!
Metafilter: the chorus is a kind of gibberish.
Metafilter: oh shit, the moose.
MetaFilter: its back end extends halfway to the orbit of uranus
Metafilter: a condition called micropenis
Metafilter: get the nutbars back on the space train to probeland.
MetaFilter: [REDACTED]
MetaFilter: For Nervous and Backward Children
Metafilter: chuckle-crammed, action-loaded.
MetaFilter: the everyday avocation of the dippy hipster known as Funnyman.
Metafilter: I shall destroy all the civilized planets!
Metafilter: I don't understand why stuff like this annoys people
MetaFilter: I'm not sure why everyone's being so .. knee-jerky
metafilter: full of awesome jews.
Metafilter: (phallocentric militarism?)
Metafilter: some *of* you people
Metafilter: monied rich people's pants
Metafilter: I might be wildly wrong, of course.
MetaFilter: cannot be made safe by cooking, canning, freezing, or any other processing.
Metafilter: The "does this milk smell funny to you?" of the web
Metafilter: there's always that guy who is going to push it - and then push it some more - and then a little more and when you come down on him for being a wanker, he's going to be all hurt victimy
Metafilter: Scientific Research or Sexual Hangup?
Metafilter: Tailor your snark to the facts.
Metafilter: this life of surfdom.
Metafilter: You had me at giant fake mustache.
Metafilter: Well lahdee frickin dah
Metafilter: I promise not to take away any of your freedoms as long as you promise to stop putting that in your mouth.
Metafilter: What we're probably looking at here is sex magick.
Metafilter: built-in derail
Metafilter: Palin in 2012 because we hate Obama because he doesn't have the God-like powers we thought he did and everything is all his fault.
MetaFilter: It's like the music is trapped inside those tubes just fighting to escape.
Metafilter: Defensive cynicism
Metafilter: Defensive cynicism.
MetaFilter: Many whose jokes were stolen are totally unaware of the infraction.
Metafilter: a landscape littered with discarded young'uns.
Metafilter: just assume that everyone around me is actively trying to kill me at all times
Metafilter: If it DOESN'T hurt, you're doing it WRONG.
Metafilter: not everyone is likable so this is a good alternative. Yay!
MetaFilter: "[perceiving] the Internet community as a positive social support"
Metafilter: wading in denial and mainlining the crazy.
MetaFilter: Best of the Web... coming later this week.
MetaFilter: a negotiation between the Scylla of pity and the Charybdis of self-loathing eunuchdom.
Metafilter: The internet's never ending town hall meeting.
MetaFilter: a dining room table.
MetaFilter: VERBAL ABUSE -- $5
Metafilter: Just Google It.
Metafilter: [adverb][color][sex organ]
Metafilter: [adverb][color][sex organ]
Metafilter: Dangerously Purple Taters
Metafilter: It involves slamming your crotch against a lump of wood.
Metafilter: Having external dangling bits changes things a bit.
Metafilter: chuckle-crammed, action-loaded."
Metafilter: Your actions throughout your career indicate that you are nothing more than an opportunistic weasel.
Metafilter: sometimes those guys are little assholes.
Metafilter: sometimes those guys are little assholes.
Metafilter: where everyone's a freak, and everyone's awesome.
Metafilter: We are the Falcons. We get to make the moves.
Metafilter: 164 comments about a teaser trailer.
Metafilter: My nipples are bleeding! Ahhhhh!
Metafilter: you really need to step away from the computer and chill out a bit.
Metafilter: wtf
Metafilter: Not the kind of place you think it is.
Metafilter: another cesspool of profanity
MetaFilter: 'course, I'm a sucker for meta shit like that, so.
Metafilter: You see how beautiful it can be?
Metafilter: swishing, flangey sibilants.
MetaFilter: That's where Xavier Justice came in!
Metafilter: tastes like elf ass"
Metafilter: like a peach crossed with a rectum.
Metafilter: I think that there could be less smugness
MetaFilter: a mythology that I've constructed around physiognomy
Metafilter: another "political correctness gone mad" myth embellished by the media
MetaFilter: To someone who is seriously fucked up on drugs, this is going to have about as much effect as a nice glass of water
Metafilter: This melon blows my tomato out of the water!
MetaFilter: a very thin window separating the dreamy state from the nonresponsive.
Metafilter: It's not a spaceship; it's a time machine.
Metafilter: having sex with children has many benefits for the adult involved
Metafilter: Wherever you look, there are people arguing about cock.
metafilter: we all have our own custom version of hell.
MetaFilter: I'll wanger that a lot
MetaFilter: picking the pull-quotes
Metafilter: over-thinking a plate of convenience stores.
MetaFilter: Premature grrr grrrness
Metafilter: Probably a waste of time though, those real people who sold their gold on TV seem happy enough.
Metafilter: mean little toughs
Metafilter: I'm not sure what it is I believe but I'm certain I'm right.
Metafilter: I'm not sure what it is I believe but I'm certain I'm right your wrong.
Metafilter: we have no idea what normal is any more.
MetaFilter: this is an instance in which "design" and actual usability diverge.
Metafilter: We pick up where gizmodo's header leaves off!
Metafilter: This is kinda low-hanging fruit.
Metafilter: seems decent if you spend several hours a day reading online.
MetaFilter: Some homeless guy making a tin can collection
Metafilter: No reasonable, knowledgeable person would ever take offense to its use under any circumstances.
MetaFilter: millions of tiny inflexible plastic cubes attached with little plastic nubbins.
Metafilter: constantly irritated and sometimes shocked.
Metafilter: this same thing has been written ad nauseum over the last 200 years by anti-capitalists.
Metafilter: Overthinking a [buttock] of potato chips.
Metafilter: Now, quit dying your hair black, grow out your beard, and come start a life with me, you crazy queer fool!
Metafilter: An empty vessel waiting to be filled with interests
Metafilter: 0 New Features
Metafilter: My orbital wait they can't peppermint th
Metafilter: I personally use the Dutch teletext system every day and still find it handy and quick.
Metafilter: I paid money to join
Metafilter: a doomed society of info-junkies looking for that next hit.
MetaFilter: a demonstration of collective boredom.
Metafilter: Come home and eat.
Metafilter: What you're seeing here isn't a meme, but loneliness
Metafilter: I'm just here to buy soy sauce.
Metafilter: Human flesh? It's what's for dinner.
MetaFilter: It sounds like a portmanteau of orgy, orgasm, and jism.
Metafilter: Tthere's someone out there who's ready to eagerly inform you that you're doing it wrong.
MetaFilter: It is merely here to fill up space.
Metafilter: this paragraph has absolutely nothing to do with anything
MetaFilter: If this website were a object it would be a little glass box that was lying under a table.
Metafilter: really hard on the Beaver last night.
Metafilter: It's my first link, and I'm trying to be interesting.
Metafilter: I'm trying to be interesting.
MetaFilter: I'm trying
MetaFilter: to see past the big rubber troll suit.
Metafilter: someone did fart
MetaFilter: It's thinking
Metafilter: Let's be existentialists this week
Metafilter: GGG
Metafilter: I didn't really RTFA that hard at all
Metafilter: Do you notice how sepulchral my voice is?
Metafilter: Having sex with whores and doing cocaine.
METAFILTER: this thread is getting a lot of comments that simply repeat something someone else has already pointed out upthread ...
Metafilter: Everyone loves Rorschach tests
metafilter: shit happens
Metafilter:" in front of that, jamstigator.
Metafilter: Improves Digestion, Reduces Fatigue, and Alleviates Stress and Insomnia; Calms the Brain, and Helps Relieve Stress, Stretches shoulders and Neck.
Metafilter: Push too hard and it'll be brinkmanship for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Metafilter: No one should have to read crap. Ever.
Metafilter: And, of course, Cardinal Richelieu is played by a hand puppet.
MetaFilter: I high-five my gay cat and off we go to the sequel
Metafilter: That, my friend, is the very definition of a dick move.
MetaFilter: Holy Shit, Mister Genius.
MetaFilter: Just here for the participatory hallucination.
METAFILTER: more than one asshole.
Metafilter: We will not _________ your fucking ________.
Metafilter: gateway to fascism?
MetaFilter: Pointless.
MetaFilter: the only place to run your fingers down is the screen
Metafilter: I couldn't make it through the whole dance; I had the volume muted.
MetaFilter: Turn off your brain!
Metafilter: It's only drawback is that it's cryptic.
Metafilter: It's always more comforting knowing you can "bail-out" any time you want.
Metafilter: Tasty, nutritious research
Metafilter: Errors of logic and reason are your own responsibility
Metafilter: Hero Rats.
Metafilter: the closest instrument of brain-smashing kill-sanity that he could find.
MetaFilter: his penis is 53 inches long.
metafilter: this old "People Who Died" thread was deleted for SLYT-iness but has some good comments, and lots of links to covers of Carroll's most famous song.
Metafilter: the tyranny of the disembodied penis
MetaFilter: just the best at cervix-ramming.
MetaFilter: Refined and barbaric at the same time.
MetaFilter: Laughing at your "hipster" ass.
MetaFilter: I rear back in horror as though shown a sperm-encrusted wack-off book.
MetaFilter: really, truly, I want to see those asses thrusting at THE EXACT SAME TIME.
MetaFilter: I'm even pissed at myself for typing this comment
MetaFilter: incidentally, only sounds like a crude euphemism for ejaculate.
MetaFilter: don't date my dad; I'll cut you
Metafilter: "I fucking downloaded it."
Metafilter: mixture of disgust and fascination is the feature here
Metafilter: I'm starting to think my script kinda sucked.
MetaFilter: All night, I haven't been able to sleep because I swear I felt it, and heard it, even, chewing on my head
Metafilter: most of these people could live in the community with some or all of the following things: meds, therapy, case management, and home aides.
MetaFilter: something holy which also has the quality of a chicken
MetaFilter: I LOLed while sitting in my Aeron chair
MetaFilter: an 'erudite' appeal
Metafilter: Totally A Booty Site
Metafilter: a community experience about communication with people I don't like.
Metafilter: Get $20 off your next aura piercing by telling em Tater over to the Journal sent you!
Metafilter: Are cell phones dangerous to babies?
Metafilter: GMH.
Metafilter: one user, and then a chorus of other uses dressing him down.
metafilter: like I stumbled into a smoke break for a House writers' meeting.
Metafilter: Brautwurst in your sauerkraut.
Metafilter: Neo-Classic Space
Metafilter: Dear God what a load of thundering dorks you all are.
Metafilter: Shit away!
MetaFilter: The other MetaFilter gang tatt... wait, no, that doesn't work.
MetaFilter: It's the typos that are making us look stupid, isn't it?
Metafilter: this started out as fun, amusing. and then went quickly downhill.
Metafilter: way fewer rape jokes.
Metafilter: the glitchcore remix of Snooker Loopy
Metafilter: [etc.]
Metafilter: I'm glad I went, but I sure as hell didn't buy a t-shirt.
Metafilter: Metaphorically fucking us more roughly than we like
MetaFilter: hopefully that makes sense; I'm a little drunk.
Metafilter: a total boner killer.
Metafilter: where the mole shouldered his clogged wheel
MetaFilter: yet another site where anonymous people twitter about cliched interpersonal situations.
Metafilter: the best of space is probably my favorite thing about you.
Metafilter: Tubes, tires and lube come from somewhere.
metafilter: I'm a bit morbidly fascinated
Metafilter: My ass isn't sitting on math.
MetaFilter: a smidge moldy by web 2.0 standards
Metafilter: Making the change happen.
MetaFilter: Reading this story made me want to drink seltzer
Metafilter: it may not be a shark in a tank of formaldehyde, but I like it.
Metafilter: Yes, the field F_q with q=p^n elements is a vector space over the field Z/pZ, while the additive group of Z/p^nZ is cyclic. The field F_q is actually (Z/pZ)[t]/(f(t)) for some monic irreducible polynomial f(t). Oh btw, the multiplicative group of F_p is actually cyclic.
MetaFilter: I'm not normally that insensitive, really.
Metafilter: a burlap sack full of dirty assholes.
MetaFilter: It's like an invisible crack alley full of junkies on the side of your house, but people only see it if they have magic glasses!
MetaFilter: It's like an invisible crack alley full of junkies on the side of your house, but people only see it if they have magic glasses!"
Metafilter: to have no energy whatsoever about the thing
Metafilter: there's something real fascinating going on here and the best you can do is try to one-up each other for internet points.
Metafilter: other people will do the more difficult work of rooting through this development and situating it historically/philosophically/etc.
MetaFilter: Standing over your shoulder in their charcoal pullovers, smirking with amusement at your hopelessly inferior OS
MetaFilter: like a plutonium-dusted squirrel on crystal meth
Metafilter: Minature wa... BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!
MetaFilter: get the fuck back to work.
Metafilter: like USENET with some web 2.0 and a limited user base.
Metafilter: a hazy, stankiferous hellpit
Metafilter: We are NOT a Mercenary Army.
MetaFilter: Is there anything the Wildlife Wrestling Federation CAN'T do?
Metafilter: the cheat code for the salami in that guy's pants
MetaFilter: stuff that you never thought you could possibly care about. Seriously.
MetaFilter: the shits of passing seagulls.
MetaFilter: eating a sandwich in Matt's office
Metafilter: This is why I grind my own meat.
Metafilter: When you've stopped eating meat, then you can call me about global warming.
Metafilter: The Venn diagram does not lie.
Metafilter: Move away from the eel to breathe in.
Metafilter: Can make even you feel like a Republican!
MetaFilter: you, sir, are a jackass
MetaFilter: I'm now aware of an entire class of objects of which I previously had no knowledge.
MetaFilter: I'm going to go and read the articles now, so perhaps my grumbly snarks are actually unfounded
Metafilter: tentatively using "Divine Guide" per talk page.
Metafilter: or ebaumsworld (radio button)
Metafilter: Sensual, but repulsive.
Metafilter: a nightmare about being attacked by the ghost of a gerbil.
MetaFilter: a mix of disgust, incandescent rage and utter despair
Metafilter: some demented burrito
MetaFilter: What?! Wait, wait, it's gotta be class, not race. Gotta be!
MetaFilter: a particular kind of debauched pseudo-intellectualism that once exemplified the American cultural vanguard.
Metafilter: I don't even know if its useful to comment at this point
MetaFilter: the purported topic is a vicious satire of a demagogue and half the posts are about configuring Apache servers.
Metafilter: GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
Metafilter: Looking back at relics like this, it's hard to believe anything good ever came of the World Wide Web.
Metafilter: like a first person version of Galaga. Only with divebombing guys, instead of space bees.
Metafilter: I've been in this thread too long. Sorry about the confusion.
Metafilter: I'm just old.
Metafilter: I wonder what language this was originally for, if not just a spambot gone bad?
metafilter: then watch the creep try to touch me, and just wither.
Metafilter: On account of elephants deserving-to-be-seen
Metafilter: all either pocket Machiavellis or clueless imbeciles
Metafilter: never so deep in the whole
metafilter: squinty little toady fucks. got anything else?
Metafilter: But the book ... my.
Metafilter: They'll fall easily into your crotch just following our easy steps.
Metafilter: Your favorite [pop culture unit] [pejoratives].
MetaFilter: not a joke
MetaFilter: an all inclusive neutering procedure
Metafilter: has no demonstrated neurotoxicity
metafilter: you also need the add-on kit that tears your perineum and makes you crap yourself.
Metafilter: that crappy boobless MMORPG.
MetaFilter: Brilliant is mixed with meh all the time.
Metafilter: testing the response of a simultaneous array of bees.
MetaFilter: It's a (etc).
Metafilter: It reads more like a 90's style conspiracy-theory fad revival, which is a shame, as there may be a story with real meat in there, but you can't pick it out from the kookiness.
Metafilter: cheesecake in a Wonderland setting...
Metafilter: immediately reaching for a brown note.
Metafilter: I have no real knowledge of either pole in this debate (which I've created)
MetaFilter: Dogs. In Snuggies. Playing backgammon.
Metafilter: tying a kite to the chickens or something
Metafilter: How many unsupervised six year olds would it take to sufficiently subdue a six-pound chicken in order to launch it into the sky with helium balloons?
Metafilter: more helpful to the generalized progress of human culture than one iota of thought about visitations from little green men.
MetaFilter: guaranteed to bring out ten kinds of stupid
Metafilter: Posse Activated
Metafilter: lefty homoerotic propaganda
Metafilter: Their psychopathic insensitivity to human suffering is now vindicated.
Metafilter: overthinking a plate of 15 minutes of fame.
Metafilter: overthinking a plate of 15 minutes of fame.
Metafilter: Mmmm.
MetaFilter: Nothing but 3 pages of smug referencing, and eventually some lesbian porn" but I'm not gonna.
Metafilter: forensic composting.
MetaFilter: a toothless self-policing body
Metafilter: Right up there with coming out of the shower, seeing your Doberman has piddled, then bopping him on the nose with your dick as punishment. It's not really called for and if it ends badly, nobody would have any sympathy for you.
Metafilter: They'll see me there pantsless and bloody-handed
Metafilter: I generally agree with you. But take it easy, man.
metafilter: a scrotum that’s a tasteful shade of blue
MetaFilter: I don't have MetaFilter.
Metafilter: a cube shaped house entirely covered in 300W and 70W solar panels
MetaFilter: are there still some clueless fucks out there that believe this bullshit story?
Metafilter: disappointed, but not surprised.
MetaFilter: 1 Angry Bees Lane" you kind of get that impression.
Metafilter: A fucking shithole... a fucking shithole.
Metafilter: Shame on TSA. Don't hurt the babies! / Xanax hysterics!
Metafilter: Shame on TSA. That's a power imbalance! / Fakey blogging liar suxors!
Metafilter: Shame on TSA. That's a power imbalance! / Fakey blogging liar suxors!
Metafilter: deeply into the post-competence era
Metafilter: unlikely to be an efficient use of limited federal resources.
MetaFilter: still relying on grad students running radioactive acrylamide slab gels.
MetaFilter: still relying on grad students running radioactive acrylamide slab gels.
MetaFilter: similar to meatloaf in texture, but has a wider variety of ingredients.
Metafilter: I enjoyed the kittens coming out of the speakers followed by fire
MetaFilter: pretentiously philosophical, embarrassingly vain, ridiculously romantic and insincere.
MetaFilter: When the Big Baloney Was Blue
MetaFilter: a well-known derailment occurred here
Metafilter: Granted, it’s highly addictive, and granted, it destroys people’s lives.
Metafilter: iykwimaityd
Metafilter: totally collectivist.
Metafilter: Stroking the wombat.
Metafilter: You had me at cubed feces.
Metafilter: Stroking the wombat waiting for the cubed feces. ?
Metafilter: people who pass by and bystanders are encouraged to step on random parts, introducing an element of chance.
MetaFilter: every single nasty, small-minded oaf whose human goodness has been leached out by years of coffee brandy and USA Gold cigarettes
Metafilter: Producing children of various shades
Metafilter: There are doofuses abound.
Metafilter: tastefully artistic goat boners.
Metafilter: new, sharper rocks in the hands of the same old monkeys
Metafilter: oh god oh god OH GOD I'M PINGIIIIING
Metafilter: For your homework, and not for that cyber net stuff.
Metafilter: Sometimes "you also want bacon for breakfast".
Metafilter: The best way to make yourself unpopular is to take a moral stance that fools will never understand
metafilter: an infoporn operation
Metafilter: Really needed to get the pig anus model just right.
Metafilter: a sad indicator of my nerdcore
Metafilter: Thanks for the best seven months ever.
Metafilter: Stop it, you elitist fuckwads!
MetaFilter: Home of the Violent Sociopath™
MetaFilter: I'm just commenting to annoy hifiparasol
Metafilter: making Pynchon that much more intimidating.
MetaFilter: We're feisty today.
Metafilter: Come in and have some coffee
Metafilter: this strange art project merits discussion
Metafilter: Are you happy with your wash?
Metafilter: strap match
Metafilter: Safer Communities Thermonuclear Pies Together
Metafilter: an infinite number of monkeys.
MetaFilter: Take a good look, America. TAKE A GOOD LOOK WORLD!
Metafilter: Can we know a cow's secret heart?
MetaFilter: I've Seen It All, I Was Here First
Metafilter: Is this where I get to shout my crazy assertion?
MetaFilter: defending rape jokes since 10539.
Metafilter: the constant back and forth across the entire universe gets dull
Metafilter: What is going to be discussed will be pretty boring to most of us.
MetaFilter: defending rape jokes since 10539.
MetaFilter: an expression of intense regret literally meaning "to commit suicide by squeezing one's testicles."
MetaFilter: place insert under canary sheet before writing
Metafilter: ignore punctuation, which is designed to confuse.
Metafilter: in fact, Spanish speakers do not go about routinely imagining tables as cooing in feminine tones.
Metafilter: some wanker has an art problem.
MetaFilter: a gruesome bundle of slowly-decomposing amputated hermaphrodite genitalia
MetaFilter: Hold the skinny end tight and grab the bigger bone.
MetaFilter: A nearly unobstructed meat cookie that I can bite straight through.
MetaFilter: extreme meatsuck power plus some kinky tounguework.
Metafilter: Put cooked food in mouth, mash with palate, spit out half a dozen tiny bones, ingest.
Metafilter: Normally, I think they're a bit immature, and the kind of thing I would have giggled at in late middle school.
metafilter: sort of like beer
MetaFilter: Sorry, J. Edgar Hoover.
MetaFilter: Makes anal retentives look like freewheeling slouches.
MetaFilter: Jesus, Al Roker looks great.
MetaFilter: Quieter and less pollutiony (except for the dung).
MetaFilter: It's like winning the chicken dismemberment lottery
Metafilter: masked cultists drinking blood and eating fetuses falls under the heading "Conventional explanations"
Metafilter: where it's always 1992
Metafilter: because all there is to happiness is the absence of intense pain.
Metafilter: hub of the UK Interwebs.
Metafilter: I left it running at home all day today and the high score was 23733.
Metafilter: I impressed your mom.
Metafilter: I wonder how they know this is really fellatio and not cunilingus....
MetaFilter: emotional porn
MetaFilter: If I were less drunk and more literate, I could probably come up with something better.
MetaFilter: If I were less drunk and more literate, I could probably come up with something better.
MetaFilter: If it would be boorish to say in real life in a diverse group of cordial, nice people, it's boorish to say in a comment.
Metafilter: you are going to get intellectually eviscerated.
Metafilter:References could be the URL for the fragment for the "references" section. Or whatever, each site could have its own convention for serving fragments. Also you could make some parsing kludge for importing a full HTML document inside another ("ignore all tags that don't make sense").
MetaFilter: one of the saddest things I've ever partially read.
Metafilter: I want to make babies so I can play legos with them.
metafilter: This is getting into stupid territory here.
Metafilter: what is with all the pearl-clutching?
Metafilter: Is it just me?
Metafilter: We have near zero facts.
Metafilter: We have near zero facts.
Metafilter: shit, doubleshit, and bullshit.
MetaFilter: The tasteful linkness of it...
MetaFilter: there is soooooooo much crap posted on the internet—how can they possibly monitor it all?
Metafilter: You are educated stupid.
Metafilter:The same one who made this lei made our freedom.
Metafilter: Ooh, do me next!
Metafilter: An invention of ivory tower eggheads in some zombified groupthink
Metafilter: like porn, except much more morally suspect and considerably less arousing.
MetaFilter: Usual gang of idiots
Metafilter: passing around false information to justify its relevance.
Metafilter: Forgive me, it's my first.
MetaFilter: One man's graffiti is another man's bombing.
Metafilter: a bunch of pedantic, calcified fools struggling to justify their flaccid existence
Metafilter: A tale of sock puppets and ancient sctrolls
MetaFilter: No Homo"
MetaFilter: Fuck. See a therapist.
Metafilter: it cuts as well as it binds.
MetaFilter: Blah, the whole idea.
MetaFilter: ~*~*~*we’re drowning in puppies and kittens and bunnies and cupcakes! *~*~*~*~*~*~
Metafilter: even more effete than arugula.
Metafilter: meep
MetaFilter: Pretty obnoxious way to communicate.
Metafilter: I was completely correct the whole time.
Metafilter: it's pretty safe to blame people who are a great deal like them.
Metafilter: enter-key humping, helter-skelter enjambment.
Metafilter: At Least It's Not A Bass Solo.
MetaFilter: I'd never heard of the Lincoln Sea (named after Robert Todd Lincoln). It sounds gorgeous up there.
Metafilter: you [unintelligible] dick [unintelligible] of a horse.
Metafilter: Why are humans so stupid?
MetaFilter: everyone is right, with enough caveats.
metafilter: During the smelting process there must have been too many women onlookers, with their filthy thoughts in mind, and so it ended this way.
Metafilter: dwarf hookers with machine guns.
Metafilter: It's all abooout ME!
Metafilter: "ethnic Dong."
METAFILTER: Spell out exactly how you disagree and then I'll show how you're wrong.
Metafilter: If I ate myself, would I become twice as big, or disappear completely?
MetaFilter: think ABBA with pork
Metafilter: they didn't know what to do... or even really understand what they could do... But they figured it out.
Metafilter: I linked to my blog.
Metafilter: Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!
MetaFilter: Siren of Salivary Sins' has a nice ring to it.
Metafilter: asparagus or rape
MetaFilter: It takes about a minute to get past "well, duh"
MetaFilter: even if you use product?
MetaFilter: some craptastic random-monkey typing experiment that some third-rate hack has been performing to ride on Dad's coattails.
Metafilter: strictly congruent with the fantasy of the nation-state.
Metafilter: "In other words, Catholics pose a serious threat to the fabric of society that affects all people. Maybe we should outlaw Catholicism."
Metafilter: The modern version allows tactics such as head-butting, punching, elbowing, and choking, but forbids sucker-punching and kicks to the head.
MetaFilter: All aboard The Last Express.
Metafilter: whenever I had free time I whacked away at it.
Metafilter: You stink, and you're not pretty when you cry.
Metafilter: The Argument from the Unreasonableness of Reason
Metafilter: A reasonable paragon set up against strawman Hitch and Dick.
Metafilter: As far as anyone can tell its all tub girl.
Metafilter: Side effects include horrible death by fire.
Metafilter: They know Zoopzoop when they see it
Metafilter: we don't play boobie bumper cars.
MetaFilter: It's like mocking a child for not knowing Big Bird isn't real.
METAFILTER: yes, I'm certain, even if I'm wrong. And I may be.
Metafilter: But have a fucking sense of humor about it, or you all turn into dicks.
Metafilter: is procrastination.
MetaFilter: the feelings of a bunch of ignorant besweatshirted Morlocks
Metafilter: Fuck you, recursion.
Metafilter: Metafilter
Metafilter: M
Metafilter: Unfortunately we are unable to accept drawings as payment.
Metafilter: Fuck you, recursion.
MetaFilter: I can't imagine someone would really be that much of a dick
Metafilter: down there I am still in mourning
metafilter: as if your average quadruped had impeccable table manners and a pension plan.
MetaFilter: It's like Twitter. Except we charge people to use it.
Metafilter: Even its vapour is full of darkness.
Metafilter: Now please kindly go fuck yourselves or each other
Metafilter: What a bunch of self-righteous nonsense.
Metafilter: Not a pleasant thing, I assure you.
Metafilter: All you angry people are so bored with your lives you need to feel connected through twitter, blogs and hate.
MetaFilter: This is sort of how I'd imagine how Klaus Kinski would run a restaurant.
MetaFilter: up to our knees in freezing cold, shitty, disease-ridden slop.
MetaFilter: too heavy with the footy top notes and no other aromas underneath.
Metafilter: Doesn't do much for morels.
Metafilter: Stalkers welcome.
Metafilter: With each hiss of hideous pucker the thing increased in size.
MetaFilter: a dark red blotch upon the face of the earth, blotching things up.
MetaFilter: far too late for now, anyway.
Metafilter: most people here turn out not to have ridiculous mustaches.
Metafilter: I'm a little confused here. It made me laugh and turned me on. I can't be the only one...
MetaFilter: one free Pele style whirling twirling butterfly kick right in your fucking balls
Metafilter: Best of the WorldWideInternetSuperHighway.
Metafilter: an elaborate hoax.
Metafilter: I'll be the bastard. I have love on my side.
Metafilter: Shave Your Brain
Metafilter: FLABLAMMO!
MetaFilter: a lot of things that it's everyone else's fault for not being successful.
MetaFilter: opinions differ on that.
Metafilter: There are too many people in the room. All you can do is watch.
Metafilter: Or decorate with nature!
MetaFilter: We're just slower than that.
MetaFilter: A Bunch of Women.
MetaFilter: There isn't a limited quantity of outrage.
Metafilter: When there seems to be a limited quantity of outrage, just wait a few more comments.
MetaFilter: That's what Vietnam did to me
Metafilter: Reality is irrelevant
Metafilter: I came in here to say exactly what Astro Zombie said.
Metafilter: Hipster, hipster.
Metafilter: a “culinary fraud upon the stomach”
Metafilter: The Fragrance?
Metafilter: The Fragrance?
Metafilter: The Fragrance?
Metafilter: The Fragrance?
MetaFilter: we smell pretty pagerank
Metafilter: The Fragrance?
MetaFilter: the pseudonymous “usernames,” the off-topic ranting, the preoccupation with pork fat.
MetaFilter: that "bean plating" metaphor one more time
MetaFilter: Pumping different crap into the atmosphere when we don't know quite what's going on.
Metafilter: nine great years of gravlax and self-congratulatory sex.
MetaFilter: For cheapness and simplicity it is far ahead of that abominable mixture Scrapple, and there is no danger of an attack of trichina after having partaken of it.
Metafilter: The Fragrance?
Metafilter: A collection of unintended indiscretions before computer and Internet protocol
MetaFilter: Epic Fail
Metafilter: this is wolverine semen we're talking about.
Metafilter: a disruptive penis
Metafilter: cheap seats into the upper atmosphere.
Metafilter: It's just a penis.
Metafilter: not so happy tonight. Unless ...
Metafilter: Just you and Winston and your death weed.
Metafilter: Has two, and they dangle nicely.
Metafilter: Meet Arlo Weiner, America's Most Stylish 8-Year-Old.
MetaFilter: regrettable with brief moments of entertainment.
Metafilter: Help; I'm drunk, I'm dumb, and I have too much money?
MetaFilter: There's something not right about that guy's banjo chords.
MetaFilter: Creepy have-it-both-ways satirical fascism
Metafilter: Lost in a wonderful fractal world of bullshit
Metafilter: a ship made of dingbats
Metafilter: boring yourself to death, the slow way.
Metafilter: I love airbrushed van art and Lady Gaga. I have no van. My birthday and Christmas are coming up. HINT HINT HINT
Metafilter: There is much mystery and woo.
Metafilter: Far-gone cats crazy for kicks tumbling down that golden highway toward the ocean and God knows what whiskey and revolver dreams of the open road and God's dark holy country most righteous groove into the black heart of that black-topped highway leading to the ends of the bounteous earth and her dark belly to hold dusty broken travellers tumbling that cold locomotive to death and infamy." that.
Metafilter: Please do not Metafilter.
Metafilter: does not have 1) beer 2) socks 3) a huge printer (like 20+ inches huge) 4) a million dollars
Metafilter: Somebody woke up cranky.
Metafilter: hardly anyone gets shot at the bullet factory
Metafilter: It's not as dirty as it sounds.
Metafilter: Aimed at stoners and young children
MetaFilter: This shit just became data.
Metafilter: not entirely kids who like pew pew pew lazerbeam
Metafilter: We're way past being bean-thinkers. Now we're the fun-vampires.
Metafilter: aren't you happy just to be alive?
Metafilter: My inbred hiney
Metafilter: Germany's Texas.
Metafilter: higher standards than MOMA.
Metafilter: It may just get you a striptease!
Metafilter: It may just get you a striptease!
Metafilter: We call it 'nookie', so to speak.
Metafilter: All you need is 5 dollars, a 12 pack of beer, a gram of coke, and ... a whip!
Metafilter: pure rump steak, a terrific meat supply for any predator.
Metafilter: Sometimes "fittest" is lazy and sluggish.
Metafilter: always twirling, twirling, twirling toward justice.
Metafilter: an infinite unicorn fucking loop
Metafilter: Pubic Cockade
MetaFilter: like throwing shoe goo at the hull of a sinking ocean liner.
Metafilter: For there are many rebellious people, mere talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision group.
MetaFilter: Where's the decapitated babies, the walls covered with blood and feces, the masturbating to pictures of Glenn Beck?
Metafilter: I have absolutely nothing to contribute to this thread.
Metafilter: **
Metafilter: Obsessed with shit, apparently.
Metafilter: I could go on. What the fuck, I will.
Metafilter: I question the seriousness with which you clean your ass.
Metafilter: Great minds, headless.
MetaFilter: My petri dish.
MetaFilter: "How does this affect me?"
Metafilter: setting trends for the rest of the Web since at least October 22, 2009.
Metafilter: we’re fucked, but we’re fucked together in our own way and we fucked ourselves.
Metafilter: When erect, they were pixilated.
Metafilter: you're being rather inconsiderate to the rest of the world, whom you are forcing to smell your efforts.
Metafilter: ...Must derive pleasure from being so willfully obtuse.
MetaFilter: A 200-foot Jesus lifting up the City of Faith to a height that made no business sense
MetaFilter: If you are not bleeding, you are not doing right!
MetaFilter: definitely poking fun at itself, still, but overall I think it's serious.
metafilter: a bunch of up-tight ninnies.
Metafilter: Wilfully minsunderstanding basic English for the sake of comedy since 1999.
Metafilter: a raffle to which the prize is mass bovicide.
Metafilter: enough cat anii to last a lifetime.
Metafilter: Anii!
Metafilter: There are cheaper ways to learn how to make maple syrup.
Metafilter: Anii!
Metafilter: Who the hell is this vapid ignoramus blogger
Metafilter: Mostly Foreign Trash.
Metafilter: My enjoyment of curly fries has been forever tainted.
Metafilter: understated yet very-present wackiness
metafilter: every character counts
MetaFilter: the results just look like refried shit anyway.
MetaFilter: weird scenes of these dragons jabbing their venom-laced tongues deep inside our heroine's special spot to show us how peasants are debased by their aristocratic overlords.
metafilter: technical ignorance combined with a broader mob mentality
MetaFilter: a universally reviled monument to perversity
Metafilter: impressively silly.
Metafilter: Constantly on the verge of failing.
Metafilter: a digital clock made of wood.
Metafilter: Who the fuck are these people and why should I care?
Metafilter: you could spend this half hour of your life doing something more rewarding...
MetaFilter: a base scale to measure web fatuousness.
Metafilter: We'd hit each other (with chairs)...
MetaFilter: Penis-in-rectum reductionism
MetaFilter: Oversensitive Because He Was Referencing My Genitalia
Metafilter: we're the Internet and we're pretty powerful, right? Right?
Metafilter: "it's a good thing this stick up my ass isn't a bomb"
Metafilter: A bunch of amusing random movement along with the occasional comely well endowed woman jiggling her breasts.
Metafilter: Your Favorite Band is a Construct
Metafilter: Fucking finally.
MetaFilter: The FLASHLIGHT of death.
Metafilter: the Latin nominative plural of "spicy meat tube".
Metafilter: random, but predictable.
Metafilter: the Coffee Table Book? How about if it was a stack of gay porn?
Metafilter: It's all we have!
Metafilter: Love it or leave it.
Metafilter: Rub it with a sclice of lemon or lime.
Metafilter: you're comparing apples to really violent oranges.
Metafilter: I haven't seen the show, but...
Metafilter: There's no use for it, apart from the conversations in daily life.
Metafilter: we are permitted to assert wildly without attribution!
Metafilter: this critical-thinking stuff is gobbledygook.
MetaFilter: almost like having a real Gallagher show
MetaFilter: I'm gonna stop complaining now and go do my homework."
Metafilter: Take Don Rickles, for example.
Metafilter: dissatisfied with the number of kittens in this package
Metafilter: small, childlike faces and huge melon heads ... I'm sorry!)
Metafilter: today's sidebar is about the G-spot, tomorrow's will be about Gallagher.
Metafilter: you've been stoned all your life and have just stopped
Metafilter: Funnier than I expected. And a little sad, too.
Metafilter: rubbing out the magic.
Metafilter: Sin we can believe in.
MetaFilter: your first thought is not "I wonder if they'll be my friend" but "I wonder what they are trying to sell".
MetaFilter: self-aggrandizing technohippies and Mondo 2000 washouts
Metafilter: We pontificate for free.
MetaFilter: "I am thinking of you, I care about you, I hope you are well."
MetaFilter: "I am NOT thinking of you, I DON'T care about you, but I also don't wish you any specific harm."
MetaFilter: "I AM thinking of you, I DO care about you, but I also DO wish you specific harm."
Metafilter: Paralysis by analysis
Metafilter: We pontificate for free.
Metafilter: if it takes a bronze wang to do it, I’m fine with that.
MetaFilter: A Strange Hill To Die On.
Metafilter: you don't realize it, but we're at dinner right now.
MetaFilter: armor with Anti-Fail equipped
MetaFilter: Puritan-influenced nutballs sticking their business into the rest of the world.
MetaFilter: by the time I had done all that somebody else had said it for me.
Metafilter: has anyone actually read the article? I mean, I haven't
MetaFilter: have I really had this tab open for 2 hours without reading it?
Metafilter: X" joke.
MetaFilter: 'we all gonna die. I like farmgirls. Cannibal Fruit Train!'
Metafilter: smug ultraliberal anger
MetaFilter: one absolutist extreme to another
Metafilter: has certain negative externalities.
Metafilter: quaint, vaguely twisted or both 50 years from now.
Metafilter: As long as the illusion of being a robot is maintained
Metafilter: Crap! "-able"
Metafilter: there is always innovative work to be done in the field of asshology.
Metafilter: Damn that dog feces
Metafilter: Priceless
Metafilter: DesignerWank!
Metafilter: Going into histrionics over an invented problem.
Metafilter: an incoherent rage when people input certain keywords
Metafilter: “I was actually quite surprised by this list, but then I read the article and thought they might have a point, so I decided to check out some new things that I’d not heard of before, so thanks for posting it!”
Metafilter: Puckishly fun, insightful and slightly condescending.
Metafilter: a false "down-homey" vibe that consciously tries to reject pretension.
Metafilter: also has a degree in engineering, a stunt player, does Parkour, and is a renown Thai boxing and Kali martial artist under the Inosanto lineage.
Metafilter: overcompensating for all the bright blue cock.
Metafilter: ftarf
MetaFilter: Damn, bitch, you ain't shit
MetaFilter: Damn, bitch, you ain't shit
Metafilter: like a nasty fuck with a stranger.
Metafilter: World class gurning.
MetaFilter: What a weird swerve this conversation has taken...
MetaFilter: Controlled by mouse.
MetaFilter: The gay version of People of Walmart.
MetaFilter: Do these people not have bosses that should be firing them around about now?
MetaFilter: People putting that much work into something weird and useless.
Metafilter: It's out of date, the layout wasn't that great, and private communities are at their best when they're small and growing.
MetaFilter: what a nasty-ass tube of brown
MetaFilter: like gay nerd Kevin Bacon
Metafilter: like a pack of wolves eating a fawn.
Metafilter: an assload of mud landing on your windshield.
Metafilter: where people often refuse to agree to disagree.
Metafilter: Please No Actual Horse Fucking.
Metafilter: some geezer going on and on in a vague fashion.
MetaFilter: we should regulate it, police it and insure that it's as safe as it can be. For everyone who's involved.
Metafilter: It's about acknowledging a certain inscrutable aspect of feminine culture that we have observed in life.
Metafilter: Take a couple of hours to indulge in this self-pity tinged with hysteria.
MetaFilter: sexually abused, desperate, mentally unbalanced alcoholics from broken homes
Metafilter: A bit of caramelization of the flesh adds a great deal of flavor.
Metafilter: At least we got to see exploding tentacle eggplant.
Metafilter: "The experience of exploration is sometimes nauseating and frustrating, why shouldn’t the record of it be as well?"
Metafilter: Again, though I can’t distill anything concrete from this definition, it paints a vivid picture in my mind.
Metafilter: Giving idiots airtime.
MetaFilter: "I'm a cleric."
MetaFilter: Pray Directly to the Tigers.
Metafilter: I think I just prismatic sprayed...
Metafilter: This comment doesn't even make sense.
Metafilter: where we plate the beans so thick, you'll never digest them.
Metafilter: has ruined more young minds than pinball and syphilis combined.
Metafilter: All the fucks below the fold.
Metafilter: This comment doesn't even make sense.
MetaFilter: Yes, it does!
MetaFilter: No, it doesn't!
Metafilter: You can pick up your head, engage the subject, and only occasionally have to check the monitor.
Metafilter: tapioca puddings and trips to K-Mart for underwear
Metafilter: No
Metafilter: BEEP BOOP BOP... GUILTY.
MetaFilter: much more tolerable than William Hung
MetaFilter: lowering the standard of discourse at Casa Fairytale since 2004.
Metafilter: Uery necessary for euery personne, and muche requisite to be had in the handes of al sortes, for their better instruction, preparacion and defence...
MetaFilter: "...has somehow endumbnificated me."
Metafilter: I'm going to create a fictional you who was definitely rude.
MetaFilter: almost literally transcribed from the book of the same name by Stephen King.
MetaFilter: this is a fun thing to read. Fucking nutty, but fun.
MetaFilter: Just looking at the layout and design of that site and I can take it seriously.
Metafilter: a bunch of angry young men offended that not everybody is as logical as they are
Metafilter: a bunch of angry young men offended that not everybody is as logical as they are
Metafilter: The snark, let me show you it.
Metafilter: Cough, cry, vomit.
Metafilter: cloud-sourced id
MetaFilter: more than 34,000 registered users, but the comment threads are dominated by the same two dozen or so names.
metafilter: Curse this cult of cleverness.
Metafilter: Prison isn't supposed to be fun.
MetaFilter: {0}", snark)
MetaFilter: Reading Neuromancer in the green glow of the Visor Deluxe in a goth club blasting VNV Nation
Metafilter: The best of all possible webs.
Metafilter: Enemas and interpretive dance.
Metafilter: The Terror of Pie!
Metafilter: we should put these heads on a stick and hide bombs in them.
Metafilter: If you're going to snark then wait till after Steve Jobs tells you how dumb you are.
Metafilter: decontextualized quote from link hopefully featuring reference to lasers.
MetaFilter: Engineers of eggs
Metafilter: In Joke.
Metafilter: stop before the awkward memories start flooding in.
Metafilter: Putting the "meta" in Metafilter.
Metafilter: Putting the "meta" in Metafilter.
Metafilter: Came for the links, stayed for the snark.
Metafilter: Forced and joyless
Metafilter: I always wanted to take LSD.
Metafilter: they're all on the blue team at the end of the day
MetaFilter: Information too cheap to meter.
Metafilter: bitch about it for a flat rate.
MetaFilter: Homo shit, hetero day.
metafilter: not quite a dog nor a bean, but a hybrid of both
Metafilter: inappropriate "political indoctrination" intended to encourage children to sympathize with the homeless.
MetaFilter: this post makes me cry
Metafilter: the dark arts of snark
Metafilter: I really need to pay more attention before commenting
Metafilter: Unfortunately, a wealth of further reading on this topic is only available offline
Metafilter: All up in the interweb, worldwide
Metafilter: some kind of demented Christmas carolling party.
Metafilter:And they do provide lots of non-crazy links. But yes, there is some crazy on there.
MetaFilter: clenching your ass appears to be the critical move
MetaFilter: Long discussion about Francis Bacon, touched off by Jed Perl's New Republic hit piece. I'll just say again what I said there: "Bacon's paintings are much smarter and deeper than was Bacon himself."
MetaFilter: that gurgling sound, which only real snot can make.
MetaFilter: on the way out in the same way as buggy ships
Metafilter: That's not awesome; this is awesome.
MetaFilter: I well sit back and be here to remind you about the idiots all the time.
Metafilter: The Continuation of the Scheme.
MetaFilter: a huge thing out of a minor cataloging issue.
Metafilter: The Continuation of the Scheme.
Metafilter: I'm really surprised at MeFites' main reaction to this story HAMBURGER
Metafilter: I'm really surprised at MeFites' main reaction to this story HAMBURGER FILET-O-FISH
MetaFilter: War, peace, peace, war, war, peace, war, war, war, peace, war, peace, war, war, war, peace, peace, peace, peace, war, war, peace, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, win!
Metafilter: Searching YouTube so you don't have to!
MetaFilter: jokes. They write themselves.
Metafilter: How to scald and butcher a chicken.
Metafilter: I've been to that sloth rescue center. It's a wonderful place.
Metafilter: a caffeine-loaded head-exploding disaster
Metafilter: while it can get rowdy, it gets regularly violent only when there's a mix of frustration and boredom.
MetaFilter: like someone condensed all of Mark Hamill's whining from Star Wars and put it into one puppet
MetaFilter: like Waiter Rant but with more corpses.
Metafilter: please shut up defending me. With supporters like you I don't need any enemies.
MetaFilter: I am brighter than I think you can imagine, and so are you.
Metafilter: a pillowcase full of tarantulas.
MetaFilter: I might choose to be thrown randomly into a pool of English-speaking thirtysomething non-masturbators who like to read poetry.
MetaFilter: the act of fornicating with a head of lettuce
MetaFilter: Doesn't this mostly lead to a...
Metafilter: what that man was doing to his anus.
MetaFilter: Pedobear Olympics.
Metafilter: People should get beat up for stating their beliefs.
Metafilter: Embrace hug love hug meow meow
Metafilter: People should get beat up for stating their beliefs.
Metafilter: I can not even imagine how lame a social life you would have to have for this to be an even remotely interesting activity.
MetaFilter: [about any random line from the first couple dozen comments]
MetaFilter: The sound of condiments dropping from your life . . . FOREVER!
Metafilter: goofin' with th' bees.
Metafilter: Look! A thing!
Metafilter: Shit! A thing!
Metafilter: all we can offer in return is this ugly insult.
Metafilter: Bellagio fountain of half-digested pizza rolls.
MetaFilter: Racism and Sexism in Just About Everything
Metafilter: Google's so big it's like signing out of the internet. Lots of things break when you sign out of your google account: I can't get my Google Reader, my GMail, my Web History, my notebook, my search suggestions.
Metafilter: stop being a sleepy, wet, stinky real baby and turn into the angelic baby
MetaFilter: some sort of weird alterna-US where Christians aren't privileged over people of every other (and no) religion
MetaFilter: playing doctor, making unsupported leaps of logic, and most of all using a healing tool as a cudgel.
MetaFilter: This is pretty interesting, though I don't know what to make of it.
MetaFilter: This is like something Caligula's idiot cousin would have eaten.
Metafilter: like something Caligula's idiot cousin would have eaten
Metafilter: thinking my thoughts before I thought to think them.
Metafilter: You might not understand why people take certain ideas so seriously.
Metafilter: It doesn't matter what the reality is or how it's presented.
Metafilter: mostly right and kind of makes sense
Metafilter: As if on direct dial.
Metafilter: I didn't get it when I was 13 and I'm not sure I get it now.
Metafilter: Of all the essence-draining voids I've used to rationally gratify my needs for pleasure, you're one of the least unbearable, Valentine.
Metafilter: a tiny bit academic and overwrought for a general audience.
MetaFilter: like a politicized version of the clementine
MetaFilter: like a politicized version of the clementine
Metafilter: You can't tagline your own comment.
Metafilter: keeping current on things.
Metafilter: Like two thirds of the snowman.
Metafilter: Apparently, eight beers isn't enough.
Metafilter: the particular part of their anatomy that can't be contained.
metafilter: your argume-
Metafilter: Formless Carbon Blobs
Metafilter: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called "life."
Metafilter: thank u 4 a funky time
Metafilter: A trousers down, six of the best situation
MetaFilter: I miss the vase filled with cocaine.
Metafilter: Raise Unread
Metafilter: Nice Choose.
Metafilter: Brusquely dismissed as ostentatious antennae.
Metafilter: offset by sharing a bed with 4 cats and a dog.
Metafilter: only interesting as a question of yeast management.
MetaFilter: I'm in bed right now!
Metafilter: Let's not confuse preference with empirical facts.
MetaFilter: A page only about porn, executions, and... ahh, forget it.
Metafilter: shit words that are written by feces golems and spray'd upon the piles of dung of the internet
Metafilter: I wish him nothing but failure.
Metafilter: Gives Cancer-Stricken Riger Ebert back his voice
Metafilter: smoking a joint while looking at porn.
Metafilter: MySpace of Sex
MetaFilter: So you linked to a one joke video? you really need to put on pants? Are you sure?
MetaFilter: dissonant crap, like someone hitting random notes
MetaFilter: dissonant crap, like someone hitting random notes
Metafilter: about how beautiful their dumps are, and how if you'd only do what they're doing, you could have sparkling clean shit too!
MetaFilter: A page only about porn, executions, and... ahh, forget it.
Metafilter: Shows me you never know how an FPP is going to go once it's released into the wild.
MetaFilter: the Internet has become a wasteland of unfiltered data
MetaFilter: a question of nose muscle control and delicate lacquering of the air with thought pellets.
Metafilter: the shit you know you don't know.
Metafilter: an online forum of anarchic hippie geniuses who will laugh at you.
Metafilter: we're just a culture of raving starfuckers
Metafilter: like watching Gallagher and believing that you must then find a mallet with which to smash all of your problems away.
Metafilter: bullshitters get on too well in life.
Metafilter: A hellish screeching Portu-- ah, nevermind.
MetaFilter: etc.)
Metafilter: Strictly disallowed, except for family members... and sexy turtles.
Metafilter: no idea how cats got in scanners, or why.
Metafilter: no idea how cats got in scanners, or why.
MetaFilter: "what the hell's "sorted by date" mean? I'm from Reddit"
Metafilter: Build that turtle fence!
Metafilter: the idiotic wang-centric id that most of us outgrow.
Metafilter: Entertaining, but not useful in the slightest", but dammit if I haven't gotten some useful info from Ask a few times.)
MetaFilter: Old funerals good. New funerals bad.
Metafilter: not spicynuts
Metafilter: I feel perfectly safe in ignoring anything you have to say on the matter. Forever.
Metafilter: cynical ber alles
Metafilter: The results hamburgers may surprise you.
MetaFilter: Post Comment For Review.
MetaFilter: No Beings Were, In Fact, Saved.
Metafilter: Cold, morbid objectivity, bleakly humorous detachment, or outright disgust
Metafilter: not a monophyletic clade.
Metafilter: creeping pestilence with a candy coating
Metafilter: Let's beanplate.
Metafilter: fighty, clever, and cute, and it's pretty annoying.
Metafilter: a room full of singing ninjas.
Metafilter: 90 minutes of carnage and irony.
Metafilter: gayer than Charles Nelson Reilly
MetaFilter: I couldn't help but wonder, if dots were self-aware
Metafilter: AfPak & ChiRan. I'm disappointed I wasn't able to get here first to make fun of him.
MetaFilter: there's enough of a correlation between verbosity and insanity that you've always got to worry a little
Metafilter: Can overthink a sidewalk of gum spots?
Metafilter: "sort of like message board except you have to dial into them on the telephone line" with "some kind of special hardware modem"
MetaFilter: The detritus of your fucked up lifestyle.
Metafilter: In the midst of the masturbators and wierdos
Metafilter: the best of BoingBoing?
Metafilter: the best of BoingBoing?
Metafilter: Pay $5 to register your subversive behavior
Metafilter: not legal advice, just rank speculation.
Metafilter: Imagine Nyarlathotep Hitler
MetaFilter: cynicism-bordering-on-nihilism on display
Metafilter: I wanted to write about orgasms today.
Metafilter: Is there a fetish audience for this kind of thing?
Metafilter: unexpected poignancy in the list of bitches.
Metafilter: unexpected poignancy in the list of bitches.
Metafilter: My apostrophe was ironic.
Metafilter: Sit on a phaser and die!
Metafilter: Please read what I said in its entirety.
Metafilter: "Somebody on the internet is wrong ..."
Metafilter: from nonsensical shit to just plain shit.
MetaFilter: "This bag of dicks sure is delicious!"
Metafilter: this uncircumcised Philostone
Metafilter: overthinking a plate of beans wheelchair accessible bacon.
Metafilter: They never told me about their blowjob machine
Metafilter: The circumcision machine is on the left.
Metafilter: Poking fun at old media types while you're currently just as clueless as they used to be
Metafilter: How Ads Really Work: Superfans and Noobs.
Metafilter: drives more people to use adblock than Ars.
Metafilter: Holy! Is it legal for -- etc.
MetaFilter: at-wall shit-flinging.
Metafilter: encourages needlessly wasted threads
MetaFilter: my scrotum isn't as covered with harsh metallic spines as everyone else's is.
Metafilter: one of the bigger things we've done together, other than get fat.
Metafilter: k-ing, w-ing or c-ing each other?
Metafilter: The kind of banal and decrepit writing that once got you knifed in the East Village.
Metafilter: Hitler blah blah blah...
Metafilter: Gleefully doing the homework they dodged in school.
Metafilter: like watching a jazz band riff on "Found a Peanut" or something
Metafilter: a huge udder of human waste
Metafilter: joking about something tragic
Metafilter: joking about something tragic - Mr. Anthropomorphism
Metafilter: NSFW and has a cartoon horse cock in it.
Metafilter: dammit
Metafilter: Remains hot for several seconds.
Metafilter: Like Anarchism while despising Anarchists?
Metafilter: Like Anarchism Socialism while despising Anarchists?.
Metafilter: someone who could be my neighbor naked and humping a stuffed raccoon
Metafilter: someone who could be my neighbor naked and humping a stuffed raccoon in (hilariously) Vladivostok
Metafilter: someone who could be my neighbor naked and humping a stuffed raccoon
MetaFilter: Close enough for chatroulette.
Metafilter: Salt of Many Lands
Metafilter: people get(ting) into the biggest froth about the most worthless, trivial things.
MetaFilter: Sometimes, if the woman is supposed to be smart, they'll describe her as wearing glasses. And if she is a bimbo, they'll describe her breasts.
MetaFilter: I'm not inclusive, I'm just a raging narcissist.
Metafilter: What a waste of talent, time and money.
Metafilter: We hate TEXAS
Metafilter: We hate TEXAS
Metafilter:The Movie right now.
Metafilter: How dare you suggest some hipsters may abuse food stamps. You right wing jerks!
Metafilter: all that dinosaur porn I keep forwarding
Metafilter: It's probably a "big problem," but no one knows it's a problem so it's not a problem.
Metafilter: feels so good in your mouth and so bad in your butt
MetaFilter: seriously, what on earth are you talking about?
MetaFilter: I'm capable of preparing you for sex.
Metafilter: It'll really leave your anus clean.
Metafilter: I have a spicy poo story.
MetaFilter: the anus trembles
MetaFilter: What is this, I never ate something green.
Metafilter: vaginally reconnecting you to old friends since 1999.
Metafilter: The more marginalized they get, the weirder they become.
Metafilter: never more than one moment of boredom from finding a knife handle sticking out of your back.
metafilter: Jane Hamsher, Howard Dean, and Joe Beese
metafilter: the enemy of the good.
MetaFilter: thawed Ragnarok in a can.
Metafilter: A device which turns energy into snark"
Metafilter: A device that turns-- I'm missing the point, aren't I?
Metafilter: I have never seen a man fail so thoroughly and just keep taking this kind of abuse.
Metafilter: we are all unconsciously holding our anus.
MetaFilter: I hope you realize how silly it all is before it takes up too much of your time.
Metafilter: I have never seen a man fail so thoroughly and just keep taking this kind of abuse.
Metafilter: an epic crescendo of truth and brilliance
Metafilter: very favorable aerial dissemination characteristics.
MetaFilter: Not Enough Acoustics"
Metafilter: A crazy bunch of blond-tipped wheat crackers.
MetaFilter: Please stop by and share or just to say Hi and ask "What for?"
Metafilter: I'll bet God really gives a shit.
Metafilter: Your favorite band's guitar sucks
MetaFilter: Molly LIves!
metafilter: A sword made of grandmothers
MetaFilter: a crock of shit
MetaFilter: you are all very funny but only very few comments address to the subject matter, come on metafites...
MetaFilter: Someone has to be able to say, "Luke Skywalker would not have that color of lightsaber."
Metafilter: are we preppers? It's preparing for something that flat out will happen, and it's damn near region-wide.
MetaFilter: great blue hole
MetaFilter: A Kind of Onion Manqu Run by the Swiss.
Metafilter: a simple muscular contraction, quite natural, nothing to be frightened of or made mysterious.
Metafilter: I can’t believe I am engaging in memesis. I am usually above that sort of thing.
Metafilter: For Time Travelers, By Time Travelers.
Metafilter: For Time Travelers, By Time Travelers.
Metafilter: the most cynical vortex of loathing and above-it-ness
MetaFilter: It's like olives, which I used to think were disgusting but now realize are quite tasty.
Metafilter: I beheld it, and I did lol.
Metafilter: rtfa b4 u rite
Metafilter: Peer reviewed research or GTFO.
Metafilter: Peer reviewed research of GTFO.
MetaFilter: Fruit so low-hanging it might as well be a potato.
Metafilter: it's difficult to keep up the warm feeling of superiority one gets when strolling through the more populous highways of the internet.
Metafilter: Sure, go ahead and be cool and liberate yourself, as long as you do not in any way resemble what we might think of as a hipster or else we'll assume you're doing this for purely ironic reasons or because you have a trust fund.
Metafilter: fight in the microwave with little toothpick swords and, if you are bored enough, tiny paper hats.
Metafilter: when I read this I actually imagine your corduroy and flared nostrils.
MetaFilter: needs breath marks
Metafilter: All you need is terracotta clay, a compliant cow and a match.
Metafilter: Get over yourself and eat some Blob Flakes.
Metafilter: 'When you have a bad day, it's just really fun to get an apple and start feeding a bunny.'
MetaFilter: extremely geomorphological.
Metafilter: Your art is junk.
Metafilter: Run on the pig shit of mindless distractions.
MetaFilter: na na nanana
MetaFilter: A mixture of water and chemicals called "mud".
MetaFilter: A mixture of water and chemicals called "mud".
Metafilter: This process is called "Tripping Pipe".
Metafilter: Perfing and Fracing
Metafilter: posting links to allegedly defamatory material
metafilter: the next ipad hangout...
MetaFilter: is this the thread where i get to act all offended?
Metafilter: Here come from the most famous artists in New York.
Metafilter: "Your prehensile spermatophore-depositing tube looks short."
Metafilter: wow, a bunch of really annoying people.
Metafilter: marketing, incest, addiction, gluttony, vanity, and so on.
Metafilter: Adding another delicious layer to this particular anxiety cake.
MetaFilter: a lot of you... should be a little bit ashamed
MetaFilter: All science mentioned is real science.
Metafilter: It is funny.
Metafilter: the infeasibly rich, almost chewable urine odour found towards the rear of the 86 to Piccadilly Gardens.
MetaFilter: Robot prostitutes.
metafilter: nano-bee assassins that can fly right up your nose
MetaFilter: A thread that starts by blaming the victim usually ends well.
MetaFilter: I'd buy that for five dollars.
Metafilter: self-indulgent posturing has some justification.
Metafilter: all warm and fuzzy and a little headbangy
MetaFilter: Also, I'm pretty drunk.
MetaFilter: Roman Polanski Daycare Centre.
Metafilter: I think stressing about it now causes my penis and testicles to be in an almost permanent shrunken state.
Metafilter: I don't even try to pretend this shit is productive.
Metafilter: Roman Polanski's Daycare"
Metafilter: Roman Polanski's Daycare"
MetaFilter: Complete and abundant enough for up to one year of autonomous, underground survival from virtually any threat nature or mankind can create.
MetaFilter: fucking stupid has no place here
Metafilter: Then at the end a naked red-headed man in a beret shouts “Nut…busted!”
MetaFilter: WTF LOL (OMFG)
Metafilter: Then at the end a naked red-headed man in a beret shouts “Nut…busted!”
Metafilter: I thought I was better than that.
MetaFilter: Relentless reporting on contaminated hamburger
Metafilter: All we do is poison.
Metafilter: You could stop at five or six sites (...)
Metafilter: Youtube Street Fighter.
Metafilter: like assembling your own heartbreaking clown car.
Metafilter: crowd sourced sweding at its best
Metafilter: "it was almost long enough to braid" (it was not)
MetaFilter: Forget I typed all that.
MetaFilter: bestmostly NSFW, all creepy as hell of the web.
MetaFilter: there is a lot of things going into people's butts here
Metafilter: blah blah blah blah" with too many fucking favorites.
Metafilter: blah blah blah blah" with too many fucking favorites.
Metafilter: am I the only one who wants to gouge his eyes out...?
Metafilter: sorry subaruwrx
Metafilter: Don't mention it on Reddit.
Metafilter: too cool for for its own in-jokes.
Metafilter: combining leftish ineffectualness with conservative malcompetence
Metafilter:" joke gets a plate of beans thrown at their head.
MetaFilter: Get a plate of beans thrown at your head.
Metafilter: where you can read about where you can read about nerdy rants and rant
Metafilter: where you can read about where you can read about nerdy rants and rant
Metafilter: Always the case that you tread into comments sections at your own peril.
Metafilter: nothing more than a system to reward people who goof off.
Metafilter: your thoughts have to be ticked out one at a time by a little dwarf pulling a lever.
Metafilter: It's cool to be a drug addict and eat food cooked in unregulated kitchens with unknown ingredients!
Metafilter: pause with me in this dark place, and then for bubble tea and panini sandwiches.
Metafilter: How the mean trundle ever onward without our guidance!
MetaFilter: We can comment on how that is weird and fucked up
MetaFilter: I Believe The Vomitor Was Wrong.
MetaFilter: I posted a comment I shouldn't have.
Metafilter: we can 403 your eruption.
Metafilter: There's enough overthinking in this one thread here for the whole year
Metafilter: Feel this teapot. Is it not beautifully warm? Yes, but there ain't going to be no tea.
MetaFilter: The universe doesn't owe us nice answers.
Metafilter: Everyone loves (x), right? Ho ho, not me!
Metafilter: a sturdy, resilient and slightly schizophrenic contraption capable of periods of brilliance, interspersed with the odd period of unsolicited autopilot.
Metafilter: The very pimple of the age's humbug.
Metafilter:Guys who just want to be kicked in the groin are so much easier to please.
Metafilter: once penis is fixed.
Metafilter: it's not just about sexuality or sensuality or dongs, but those are important elements
Metafilter: it IS just about sexuality or sensuality or dongs, as those are the most important elements.
Metafilter: ..." meme. I'm so honored!
Metafilter: Wow, I think that's the first time I've been quoted....
Metafilter: Also - DO IT TO JULIA!
MetaFilter: Can't you just set up a peer-moderated listserv or something?
Metafilter: Come the fuck in.
MetaFilter: Scott Baio has more class in his piss than all of you all!!!
metafilter: shitass!
Metafilter: do I care about all this meshugas?
Metafilter: supposed to be internally translated by the reader.
MetaFilter: anchovies, bloaters, brain cakes, caviare, cold tongue, devilled bones and dried sprats.
MetaFilter: that's just stunty bollocks.
Metafilter: A simple search through the internet will reveal that people not only mock Stephen, but mock God
Metafilter: the power of multitudes of penises pumping simultaneously
MetaFilter: has the stink of kookery all over it
metafilter: You tell us. And if you can't tell us, you're full of shit.
Metafilter: This is my first comment on MetaFilter
MetaFilter: We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet
Metafilter: Desperately witty comments.
Metafilter: i'm utterly without my own wit and can only repeat an unfunny line from above" comments?
Metafilter: i'm utterly without my own wit and can only repeat an unfunny line from above" comments?"
Metafilter: x" joke had a higher bar for execution. Sorry for the derail.
MetaFilter: I kinda miss the 70s.
Metafilter: I have a lovely Gruyere that would go very well with your Chardonnay
Metafilter: Nicknames from 'the NY Times bestseller'.
Metafilter: i'm utterly without my own wit and can only repeat an unfunny line from above" comments?
Metafilter: I don't get it
Metafilter: low hanging fruit, I know
MetaFilter: Art/Culture/Heritage, Nudity, Blogs/Wiki
Metafilter: Not the same links but the same bad idea.
Metafilter:What is that lion doing to that lady robot giant?
Metafilter: [insert funny here]
MetaFilter: Mostly political - some pandas.
Metafilter: no one fucking cares what kind of cheese you eat.
MetaFilter: a huge, sprawling, indecipherable mess.
MetaFilter: coming off as smug assholes
Metafilter: I can't shut up about Lady Gaga for five minutes.
Metafilter: A list of stupid words people have used because they were lazy, ignorant or both.
Metafilter: a pack of syphilitic, damply flatulent hyenas who would pimp out their grandparents to a mob of donkeys a for nickel bags of seeds and stems.
Metafilter: perhaps the next time we'll just spit and drool.
MetaFilter: I swear I've read this article every 18-24 months for the last decade or so.
Metafilter: reveals how much people are dissatisfied with their own failed lives.
Metafilter: Aren't there about a million other places on the internet to post this kind of dreck.
Metafilter: Look out, Robin. They've got nose-guns.
MetaFilter: my brain is not in my head as with you carbon people.
MetaFilter: a rather educated lot, may find it self-evident from just a few pieces of the puzzle, like Goodall's research. But that other group, they need more pieces of the puzzle to really get it - to get it deep enough that they may even be willing to consider being ethical with animals. I say give 'em as many pieces as they need!
Metafilter: wrapped up in blue-screen-Bildungsroman.
metafilter: are there any browsers that do not expose my browsing history to arbitrary web sites in this manner? How is this not a critical security issue?
Metafilter: Next comes some reordering of the Balkans
Metafilter: online all the time
Metafilter: Evidence that you take in food and expel waste is not lacking
Metafilter: a toilet world in which turkeys are their sewer servants.
MetaFilter: Keeping It Surreal
MetaFilter: Home of Lady DaDa
MetaFilter: Someone needs to sort this the fuck out. I want my turtle.
MetaFilter: Anyone else having issues?
Metafilter: Bring it on with the font and graphic design posts.
Metafilter: turning you into a billowing, greasy-faced entitlement-monkey, squatting on feces-specked haunches.
Metafilter: There may not be a pill for that.
Metafilter: It's meat. It's a rotting cadaver. The rottenness is contagious. It starts the moment your tongue touches putrefying flesh. It rots your teeth and gums, leading (according to a new study) to elderly dementia, endocarditis, and cancers up and down the whole digestive system. Your sweet soul that God put into your body to love and revere all creation is smothered beneath each new bolus of festering flesh that drops like a pre-fecalized turd into your gut, where it explodes like a decay bomb, releasing fat and bacteria into your abdomen that gathers around your internal organs and becomes a virtual gland, pumping toxins into your body, and turning you into a billowing, greasy-faced entitlement-monkey, squatting on feces-specked haunches, pounding your chest, and howling for the FDA to come and save you.
Metafilter: a roller coaster of natural talent, built like a high power pump, that sucks in, filters, and shoots out.
Metafilter: Heh. Typo from fifteen years ago. Never noticed that before.
Metafilter: King of (something I forget, not comedy)
MetaFilter: for unfathomable reasons
metafilter: Mara Rosario Pilar Martnez Molina Moquiere de les Esperades Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Najosa Rasten is Charo.
Metafilter: Most of us are capable of answering the phone while using a blanket or cutting a length of plastic wrap without bursting into tears.
Metafilter: Intelligently ignorant.
Metafilter: intelligently ignorant
Metafilter:" in front of it but I'm not going to be the one to go there by christ.
metafilter: Blue, the NSFW NC17 story of two minor male characters from the Babysitter's Club exploring their sexuality and one another's bodies.
Metafilter: Strangely, the silence was not that uncomfortable.
MetaFilter: the words "Amazon" and "bitch" are juxtaposed far more often than should be necessary, and I feel a little dead inside now.
MetaFilter: because you have a consistently weird authoritarian punishment fetish
metafilter: Blue."
MetaFilter: dunno if they're actually going to have any need for my skill set of choice
MetaFilter: still mostly only about partying until you puke up the worm.
Metafilter: It's probably a Federal offense.
Metafilter: large squads of banana sex workers
Metafilter: Our cats suspect interlopers
MetaFilter: Before you hold any opinions you need to be informed.
Metafilter: Don't steal Dave Coulier's sperm
MetaFilter: As long as you're facing canonical slow zombies, it should do nicely.
Metafilter: ...but that's with an R2 of 0.01!
Metafilter: It crashes less than Flash, and it does fun things.
MetaFilter: Whoever is ruining my giant spinning cock trap, you're a fucking asshole and I'd punch you in the face if I passed you in the street.
MetaFilter: an oozing, anything-goes fuckfest after-hours
MetaFilter: Look, if it's any consolation, we had this discussion in Holland ten years ago, and it didn't go any better.
MetaFilter: acceptance, love, unity and singing and dancing for all!
Metafilter: The red ball could be trying to push a vat of poison up into the city reservoir. Babies don't know any better.
Metafilter: We have to channel the torrent of exposed human freakiness with our bare hands.
METAFILTER: When pranks, mental instability, environmentally-conscious parlor tricks and falling journalistic standards collide...
Metafilter: Doing its part to kill children.
Metafilter: Had to kill it with a shovel. No, but seriously, I totally backed it up.
Metafilter: My god, it's full of prudes.
Metafilter: Number 2 happens all the time, to most of us.
Metafilter: In the self-link justice system, MeFites are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: the users who investigate posts, and the moderators, who ban the offenders. These are their stories.
Metafilter: Your favorite PiL lineup sucks
Metafilter: Dangerous Typist.
Metafilter: a gold mine of quotes if you are trying to sound like a pompous douchebag.
MetaFilter: Japanese style, with two hands and full eye contact.
MetaFilter: Denham's Dandy Dental Detergent.
Metafilter: The Oscars of perception.
MetaFilter: An infestation on a shag pile carpet on top of a compost heap.
MetaFilter: It's like a balloon, and... something bad happens!
MetaFilter: I'm having one of those things! A headache with pictures!
Metafilter: Did everything just taste purple blue for a second?
Metafilter: Did everything just taste purple blue for a second?"
MetaFilter: Whatever you do, don't let the rabbit touch the computer.
MetaFilter: It's like a balloon, and... something bad happens!
Metafilter: I'm literally angry with rage!
Metafilter: I'm literally angry with rage!
MetaFilter: More cake, more grog: growing confidence and esteem.
Metafilter: Tell them I hate them!
Metafilter: My God, this is an outrage! I was going to eat that mummy!
Metafilter: Connect with other blow job lovers!
MetaFilter: It's like O Henry's the Gift of the Magi, only with Furries.
Metafilter: Your FPP is bad, and you should feel bad!
metafilter: a soap bubble on the rim of a vast mathematical vortex, swirling down a drain into a void where effort is meaningless and no time ever actually passes.
MetaFilter: It's like some mass open-air Jungian shadow dance.
Metafilter: Interesting! No, wait—the other thing. Tedious.
Metafilter: constantly clutching the backs of their pants and whirling in circles
MetaFilter: a neighborhood faux-pas of epic proportions
MetaFilter: sententious, crypto-tendentious, slightly pedantic with a streak of contrarianism
MetaFilter: the teat of disdain?
metafilter: that weird potent caucus capable of both settling and prolonging any argument that comes to hand.
MetaFilter: please ignore the offensive/moronic text." Now, back to cool kitchens.
MetaFilter: Fashionably snarky.
Metafilter: Oh, such powerful pink blue puking!
Metafilter: Fo filter."
Metafilter: "For f***ing."
Metafilter: Oh, how I wish I could believe or understand that!
MetaFilter: All internal computers have key loggers on them (and they will report even draft copies of notes or IMs containing key words to internal investigators)
Metafilter: Nobody scores!
MetaFilter: we were laughing so hard as to be snotting ourselves.
MetaFilter: The weather is fine, but I hear tomorrow's going to be Hitler.
MetaFilter: The unforgettable taste of honey, cheese, cream, beebeans and jar.
Metafilter: I Can See A Lady In The Clouds Because Of Special Tablets
Metafilter: We've put wind in the sails of a whole new generation of third-rate Adbusters manques.
MetaFilter: Yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap YAp bock bock yap yap hee haw zzzzzzzz
Metafilter: What if hipsters show up?
MetaFilter: really cool to watch. From a distance.
MetaFilter: the ghost of Susan B. Anthony telling you to wake the fuck up already
Metafilter: more threatening than a squad of thugs with ak-47s.
Metafilter: tuckamil, tucken-more, tuckermel, tuckermill, tuckermore
Metafilter: more holly then thou
MetaFilter: Bland with a disturbing texture, somewhere between a solid and a mush.
Metafilter: A acid doodie boy done crapped the lawn!
MetaFilter: Your favorite band form of Memorial Day Tribute sucks!
Metafilter: The site that doesn't condone cool videos of toddlers smoking.
MetaFilter: satisfying in a way that pushing electrons and rearranging magnetic fields is not.
Metafilter: a Cache 22 where if you say something about silent you are now no longer silent
Metafilter: One wonders why we leave our houses at all.
Metafilter: My genitals retracted into my body and had to be coaxed out with a heating pad and porn.
Metafilter: where the text quality of a message gets progressively worse.
Metafilter: taken over by little dictators more interested in petty squabbling than improving the site.
Metafilter: Moleskin notebooks, straight and safety razors, or fountain pens.
MetaFilter: a huge lopsided pile of fanboy obsessions that make bukkake look like a healthy interest
Metafilter: rat-fucking at the hands of fate.
MetaFilter: If you look at the comments, they're snark. I mean, everybody just writes mean shit to everything!
metafilter: well, you know, that's your opinion, man.
Metafilter: mild distaste.
MetaFilter: I have more than a decade of experience interacting with these pasty unicorns
Metafilter: Cranky people are cranky. Fucking whatever.
Metafilter: Yes, Rocky Horror is one big Jeff Foxworthy joke.
MetaFilter: Limp, white and mushy are the norm
Metafilter: a blurry, psychedelic take on the original
Metafilter: Gandhi not found in Israel or Palestine
Metafilter: Infinitely Meta
Metafilter: undermined by bursts of information.
Metafilter: this isn't Vietnam. This is debate. There are rules.
Metafilter: I'd feel much better about this if the study had confirmed my initial belief
Metafilter: I just expected Hitler to be there.
Metafilter: Canonical Fun Expungency
metafilter: this is important, it's for an internet discussion.
Metafilter: always reminding us - too late - of those wonderful personalities we haven't thought of for thirty years.
Metafilter: Does this have any implications whatsoever for anything?
MetaFilter: I ask to be compensated for lost income, medical expenses, lost opportunities, lost business, loss of reputation and professional good will, loss of productive use of time, humiliation, mental distress, career disruption, substantial loss in salary, prestige, and other fringe benefits, as well as inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of family and business relationships, emotional pain, suffering and mental anguish, all in an amount which cannot be ascertained precisely at this time.
MetaFilter: I have now determined that my claims were untrue.
Metafilter: Like Cooley, some of the biggest law schools in the country are also some of the largest.
MetaFilter: Wow, a lot of creepy people here.
Metafilter: Somebody else will probably do it for me.
Metafilter: I B DOIN IT RONG
Metafilter: More blah-blah about Gaga's dada.
MetaFilter: You can check out any time, but you can never leave.
Metafilter: it looks like his sick caterpillar threw up.
Metafilter: "a non-linear Matroshka doll filled with other countries"
Metafilter: people who value the meta aspects of these things but still unwittingly propagate them.
Metafilter: perhaps history's most inefficient means of production
Metafilter: Goodbye Teddy.
MetaFilter: It even mostly works.
Metafilter: a giant parody of biological life with a massive wang cannon
Metafilter: Now, any old cretinous numbskull can vomit his hateful and narrow opinions out onto the ether.
Metafilter: colour tomorrow morning's bowel movement black
Metafilter: Sorry I'm standing in the way of your minimalist Bauhaus-esque fascist snoozefest.
Metafilter: pretty sweet
METAFILTER: Marginally amusing, totally brain-numbing.
Metafilter: typographic clusterfuckery
MetaFilter: kills the soul and leaves you with those cold, dead eyes of a zombie.
MetaFilter: I'm honestly not sure I'll enjoy it.
Metafilter: You cannot fight them, using the American language.
Metafilter: the 15 minutes we spent on the concept and proper pronounciation of "motherfucker" was amazing.
MetaFilter: completely unaffected by any natural disaster or terrorist threat save black flies.
Metafilter: home for the jaded.
Metafilter: Slogans: not just for breakfast anymore.
Metafilter: Slogans: The breakfast of the jaded.
Metafilter: hissily attacking the band, not following them." But no.
MetaFilter: Ai! The GRAR inspired by your HAMBUORQUET has ruined my schmoopy SAIT hope me HURF DURF plate of beans you owe me a new keyboard pantfish Todd Lokken.
MetaFilter: if I could smurf my own smurf I'd never use the Internet again.
Metafilter: haunts better.
metafilter: swim kid and don't poop in the pool while you're at it.
metafilter: Last week's Digg and reddit.
MetaFilter: MelonFarmer.
Metafilter: blowing what is left of my very tiny mind
MetaFilter: you're not qualified to agree or disagree
MetaFilter: "Congratulations. You did a thing, I guess."
Metafilter: time wasted over deciding exactly which carbon structures you're going to turn into feces
MetaFilter: The point is these "helpful" people should just fuck entirely off
Metafilter: one-page lesbian tap-dance fetish piece submitted as a full-length play.
Metafilter: I have no idea what went on in her little walnut brain to deem this kitten a thread
Metafilter: "It’s fucking gay."
MetaFilter: just as good and bad as any other blog
MetaFilter: an unnatural and potentially dangerous activity that can have bad consequences for others if engaged in improperly or without regard for the safety of others.
Metafilter: They just long to be released and to go back home. Possibly via the bathroom.
MetaFilter: like fellow coworkers at some assy low wage job
MetaFilter: Sheep brains? Anyone? Anyone?
Metafilter: Do you all need hugs or something?
MetaFilter: voicing outloud of the horrible things you think
Metafilter: I can't wait to go shit all over whatever thread comes up next that i don't like!!!
Metafilter: This is just dumb.
MetaFilter: a third-grader in mind.
Metafilter: better ...
Metafilter: No need to be all Metafiltery about it.
MetaFilter: A pomological version of Gresham's law.
Metafilter: perfect for about three minutes, and then completely rotten.
Metafilter: I see those smiling, plastic faces and it's all I can do to not grab my keys and head straight for the liquor store.
MetaFilter: An idiot in a hurry.
Metafilter:] uncomfortable poses with endlessly repetitive thrusting. There's a cool non sex cameo from the Hedgehog, which got a laugh.
Metafilter: I mostly just quietly gawk.
Metafilter: masturbators and liars
MetaFilter: all iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple and Lady Gaga every day of the year.
Metafilter: get nerfed
MetaFilter: A fairly robust mix of . . . feminine hygiene and liquor ads.
MetaFilter: the gender normative roles jump out at me more disturbingly than the dogs having hands.
MetaFilter: High-minded assclownery.
Metafilter: Oh, joy, sign me up! I can't wait to spend $5 in order to not-do the same stuff I can do on Freecycle!
Metafilter: The writings of angry children
Metafilter: Like a beautiful gilt frame for a steaming pile.
MetaFilter: like complaining that the afternoon tea doesn't have enough flour in it
Metafilter: just another goober in the queue
MetaFilter: 95% Subway and 5% lawnmower.
Metafilter: Well, I suppose I should say in the US.
Metafilter: are there any masturbation experts who can comment?
Metafilter: I guess it's not technically tessellating, because I cut the cheese.
Metafilter: some dude in Santa Barbara.
Metafilter: some dude in Santa Barbara.
Metafilter: it is so Cruel
MetaFilter: Leaving aside the horror.
MetaFilter: throwing up in my head a little bit.
Metafilter: The Movie.
MetaFilter: a chaotic blob that quivers all over a 50mx100m area for 90 minutes and produces a few random goals at the end
Metafilter: The movie.
metafilter: a pinball machine of factoids
MetaFilter: Choose almost any race or character you wish and a suitable line of talk to carry out the part will make the act go.1
MetaFilter: Your favorite artist sucks. Remind me not to go to museums with you guys.
Metafilter: Full On Double Rainbow.
Metafilter: Scooped by my dumb fucking friends on Facebook a month and a half ago.
MetaFilter: a combination of mild medication, feminist revelations, redefining success, and making friends.
Metafilter: I would add it to my playlist if I had one.
Metafilter: the most distinctive UFO religion in the Czech Republic
Metafilter: many posts on these sites this site aren't consciously written with the twisted mess of intentions I just described.
MetaFilter: What does it mean?
Metafilter: I do it for the annoyance factor.
MetaFilter: prodigiously gifted but egocentric twats
Metafilter: keeping the closet racism and jealousy of anti-athletic vitriol alive since 2000.
Metafilter: To read it is to have yourself taken apart, undone, touched at the place of your own essence; it is to be turned back, as if after a long absence, into a human being.
Metafilter: both
MetaFilter: a little like stepping in front of an uncontainable firehose of liquid spleen.
Metafilter: they creep people out with the weird stuff they say and the weirder things they probably think and do when they're alone.
MetaFilter: Richer, fatter, living longer, more indebted, drunker, better connected, politically disillusioned.
MetaFilter: A Safe Haven for People Who Have Trouble Comprehending the Feelings of Other People.
MetaFilter: Richer, fatter, living longer, more indebted, drunker, better connected, politically disillusioned.
Metafilter: Fuck, they just fucking fucked us over. Somebody fucked us over.
Metafilter: Motherfucking MONGOLS
MetaFilter: My psychopath can kill and eat your honor roll student
Metafilter: They make poops the size of grown man poops.
Metafilter: can be turned into Dan Brown with a mere 18 tunas.
Metafilter: Let's all over analyse the joke!
Metafilter: I know my woo-woo.
MetaFilter: Did I mention that he jerks it to Batman?
Metafilter: Cry of existential despair and regret shortened a bit.
Metafilter: Ka-b-b-balah, b-bah-b-balah, b-dang-a-dang-ding-dong.
Metafilter: bringing you the good parts of the internet for almost over eleven years.
MetaFilter: a guy wearing no clothes, shivering, playing the flute.
Metafilter: Metafilter.
MetaFilter: Watch for the authentic, subliminal peen.
Metafilter: 20 hogsheads in Metric Canadians.
Metafilter: speaks less to the heart and more to the sphincter.
Metafilter: fitted with other currency signs but lacked imagination.
Metafilter: the blind leading the blind. :D
Metafilter: Ah, but my penis just might! Let the experiments begin!
Metafilter: vocalizing hype, just to feel part of it.
Metafilter: You Think You're Better Than Me?
MetaFilter: Some sort of magical place where connections are arranged by HTML coding unicorns.
Metafilter: The Internet's Accuracie's Project's.
Metafilter: fucking stupidest bullshit on the web, apparently.
MetaFilter: ’a chemical cocktail of poisons.’
Metafilter: still trying to work out if the first comment was an insult or if it was an attempt at a compliment. More later.
Metafilter: You goddamn strap hangers are ruining Mrs Crane's beverage service
MetaFilter: Curiously, it was only some quality time with Kierkegaard's Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing that turned on the lightbulb for me
MetaFilter: We'll leave our driveway and pay you $5.
Metafilter: I guess I'm using it wrong, because it's not ruining my life, getting me fired or arrested, or anything else bad.
Metafilter: giant piles of dog feces floating silently in the air and rotating slowly
Metafilter: that was aweful
Metafilter: Any chatter about what it "means" is trivial compared to the experience of looking at it.
Metafilter: It might be a good idea to cancel that meat party.
MetaFilter: A Library Made Of Bacon.
MetaFilter: Community Weblog Powered By Librarians
MetaFilter: BWAAAUGH!
Metafilter: meatfilter.
Metafilter: Coming to regulate ninjas.
Metafilter: 5-120 min after copulation as a relatively discrete event over a period of 1-2 min
Metafilter: soon eclipsed in favour of vicks vapour rub and a healthy dose of denial in the evenings
Metafilter: You don't have to be a lesbian, a pirate or a space alien to read this weblog, but it helps.
Metafilter: Maybe it is a special needs dolphin.
Metafilter: well known on mefi?
Metafilter: I wanted to stir up some shit
MetaFilter: It's like watching prairie dogs scurry around a trash dump.
Metafilter: expressing a cynicism so generalised as to be unhelpful.
Metafilter: It's Digestible
MetaFilter: I was under the impression they had gotten rid of it, on account of all the murders.
Metafilter: A metric shit-ton of crap with beagles on it.
MetaFilter: gonadal inhibition.
MEtaFilter: you are not so smrt
MetaFilter: Random factors accumulate and influence how swarming locusts collectively decide to change course.
MetaFilter: enragingly jaunty
MetaFilter: Everybody knows you’re not supposed to antagonize stingrays.
MetaFilter: cartoon pedant
Metafilter: I mostly read the topics but don't comment much.
MetaFilter: basically a facehugger waiting to happen.
metafilter: would never ever sit still long enough to wear one of those
MetaFilter: ultimately just an emergent result of too-available resources, sexual preening and tribal morality
METAFILTER: woo-wooing willy-nilly off into the dark night of some handwavy holographic universe
Metafilter: How do I rid myself of the lingering disinfectant odor that comes from repeatedly bathing my entire body in Lysol?
Metafilter: try it if you want, but you're probably going to get a rubber glove up your bum
Metafilter: when your outrage is that predictable why bother?
MetaFilter: a tragic subtext of misdirected self-loathing.
MetaFilter: do they match up with this sneak pee?
MetaFilter: Yeah, right, like I want more surgery on my nuts.
MetaFilter: You Are Not Alone
metafilter: "You never know when you’re going to get beat up. You never get laid. You have to work a lot harder for food.”
Metafilter: "???"
Metafilter: don't kid yourself by saying "I won't bend over"
MetaFilter: we should not be trying to walk the line, but flee from it.
MetaFilter: On the other hand, Lady Gaga
Metafilter: Consequence-blind techno-frottage/the most greenhouse-gas-belching piece of machinery that humankind has ever tried to kill itself with.
MetaFilter: A turkey baster for injecting content into the user’s brain.
Metafilter: You use and put water on the bird, which is in the oven, to keep from dry when you cook.
MetaFilter: You think you are clever but you are not.
Metafilter: Some sort of eye-damaging photon beam?
Metafilter: a lot of people with cheap ass phones out there....
Metafilter: raped by the space-warping, weirdly angled and tentacled vagina of Tori Spelling.
MetaFilter: the sort of the trouble you’d expect after half a dozen pints, several Pina Coladas and a curry at four o’clock that morning
Metafilter: Only mildly grammatical and completely devoid of meaning.
Metafilter: You're letting all the party out of here.
Metafilter: a side-dish eating mother fucker.
MetaFilter: It ignores everyone who's not online
MetaFilter: as-homogoneous-as-possible echo chambers echo chambers echo chambers echo chambers echo chambers
MetaFilter: one grim, joyless, miserable second in the company of finger-wagging, judgemental, neo-puritan douche-baggery
Metafilter: another healthy boy is crippled for life.
Metafilter: Talk about shooting yourself in the dick.
MetaFilter: it's okay to get inside a refrigerator.
metafilter: It's funny because it's Haiti!
MetaFilter: I'm super drunk, this is my first post, and I'm sort of a dumb fuck with computers
Metafilter: taking a dump on the priest's shoes
Metafilter: poo-pooing him behind his back
Metafilter: Still working. Still working. Dead.
Metafilter: I'm not entirely sure where that came from, but it was from somewhere dark and unpleasant.
MetaFilter: I have built up a huge tolerance to marijuana from smoking it so frequently.
Metafilter: Must...think...before...posting...aaaarrgghh.
Metafilter: aaaarrgghh"?
Metafilter: Most links stolen from Fark
Metafilter: ..."
Metafilter: drink every time someone uses "This" as a complete sentence.
Metafilter: ..."
Metafilter: drink every time someone uses "This" as a complete sentence.
Metafilter: THIS!
Metafilter: It's a matter of survival.
MetaFilter: suggest that you too might enjoy little spanking, you should try.
Metafilter: Can be 100% accurate.
Metafilter: a mean or Internet kind of trend.
Metafilter: The School Time Jet-Powered School Bus
Metafilter: What... what a strange thing I just said.
Metafilter: the same textbook nonpology you always see trotted out by the borderline sociopathic.
Metafilter: the question is often asked, "How long can life be supported by rectal feeding?"
Metafilter: It's completely free of Ewoks
Metafilter: the question is often asked, "How long can life be supported by rectal feeding?""
Metafilter: The question is often asked: Is our rectums feeding?
Metafilter: Emits such bilge as would gag a Hottentot.
Metafilter: (something)” bits just write themselves these days.
Metafilter: a terrifying multi-colored dodecahedron covered with numbers.
Metafilter: These new fangled Guttenberg presses are silly. Where is the craftsmanship? Where are the personal touches and idiosyncratic spelling mistakes? Where is the giant chain to keep make sure no one steals the book?
Metafilter: then the snakes came...
MetaFilter: "hey here is blurry picture of my ass in a thong."
Metafilter: He was shooting at me. He shouldn't have done that.
metafilter: enlightening (though perhaps not transformative)
MetaFilter: We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall bite in France, we shall bite on the seas and the oceans, we shall bite with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall bite on the beaches, we shall bite on the landing grounds, we shall bite in the fields and in the streets, we shall bite in the hills; we shall never surrender.
Metafilter: Did you miss the samurai troll with a chaingun?
Metafilter: a pure beam of blistering Fuckpower
MetaFilter: the controlled, martial-arts type anger of the dedicated Badass.
Metafilter: the robotic Richard Simmons.
Metafilter: we did not expect such a Viral effect of this network
MetaFilter: You are wrong and you are fucked untilyou realize that.
MetaFilter: You are wrong and you are fucked untilyou realize that.
Metafilter: the Best of the RedFlagDeals.
Metafilter: tuck your lower intestine back in place with three trembly fingertips
Metafilter: go straight up my ass.
Metafilter: big supercool magnets
MetaFilter: We can hate Facebook because you don't know our real names.
Metafilter: nothing but a huge human centipede of middlemen
Metafilter: Bruising Thumps
Metafilter: I didn't like it initially, but I forced myself to keep going. I didn't like the rest of it either.
Metafilter: more ready for action and less ready for "action".
MetaFilter: It's not a penis, but...
Metafilter: Where one goes to find out definitively what the preferred terms are and which ones are considered racist.
MetaFilter: Does this really merit a metafilter post?
Metafilter: it's just two people dressed up like tronguy dry-humping for 3 minutes.
Metafilter: like a Mount Rushmore of incompetence.
MetaFilter: We're probably learning more in general, but it's a broader, shallower knowledge.
Metafilter: the Worst of the Web
Metafilter: minus insightful comments and professional background
Metafilter: decapitated, mangled, pulverized, and wrapped in twine.
MetaFilter: between menace and utility
Metafilter: walk out...into the fresh air and look at the sky and buy an apple and sigh for our civilization.
MetaFilter: the icing on the cake of tragedy
MetaFilter: Not only was thon grammatically incorrect, but se sounded like a slut!
MetaFilter: a corner of the Internet where hyper-liberals can be dicks to everybody who doesn't subscribe to 100% of their views.
Metafilter: Nobody understands us.
Metafilter: Your favorite band's interactive HTML5-based music video sucks.
Metafilter: Relatively little supernatural activity, aside from the occasional berserker or shapeshifter.
Metafilter: not even a sense of place other than the disembodied bouncy castle of basic human manic experience.
Metafilter: I was wondering how long it would take you to say the word "hipster".
MetaFilter: this is the kind of thing you will like, if you like this kind of thing.
Metafilter: jesus christ i have no idea
Metafilter: like a Beefeater guard listening to a Haitian radio station
Metafilter: In the meantime, it's 13 years later, and I still need a girlfriend.
MetaFilter: making nasty assumptions about your fellow MeFites
MetaFilter: insufferable elitist douchebags
Metafilter: A jollification.
Metafilter: You will take due notice thereof and govern yourself accordingly.
Metafilter: Delusional mentally-ill people are the best grist for snark!
Metafilter: You will take due notice thereof and govern yourself accordingly
METAFILTER: one monolithic bloc that has to ridicule the very idea of dissenting points of view
Metafilter: rendered as a man-hater, a tease, a virago, a shrill harpy, a henpecker, a golddigger, or otherwise an emasculator.
MetaFilter: a wonderful convergence of design, language, pragmatics, semiotics, culture, gender, sex, sexuality and sociology. And a splash of the scatological to boot!
Metafilter: You don't need to understand language, just watch the video.
MetaFilter: Have you been drinking?
Metafilter: my own dirty infectious homoerotic little secret
MetaFilter: a sad and moldering strangeness lies beneath (not really, but I really like that line)
Metafilter: why not add a pom-pom?
Metafilter: Duke Nukems Death Notice
Metafilter: There is no pony, and you're covered in shit.
Metafilter: Someone doesn't shoot a guy playing a trumpet
MetaFilter: one has problems commenting intelligently about anything.
Metafilter: nothing new
Metafilter: It is not anticipated that there will be another one of those people who are not interested in them and they are nothing but another form of therapy.
MetaFilter: To be fair, the Democrats started it.
Metafilter: It is not possible for them to be the most popular site in Dayton, Ohio.
metafilter: The level of fail can't be expressed, even in Caps Lock.
Metafilter: arguing about what to do with the small girl that wandered in their home.
Metafilter: in a quantum superposition of two piece type states: a primary type and a secondary type.
Metafilter: just need a good costumed roughing up.
MetaFilter: How heh is your heh?
Metafilter: an endless line of talentless smut merchants
Metafilter: the source for pig vs. shark death
Metafilter: Love It or Leave It
MetaFilter: Really?
Metafilter: how many is illrelevant (sic).
MetaFilter: what is the purpose of your visit?
Metafilter: I had parsed the author as William Gibson
MetaFilter: All of you need to go outside and get a life.
Metafilter: July 10, 2009 7:17 PM
MetaFilter: lazy, thoughtless snark about how great civilization is.
Metafilter: stop calling each other assholes.
MetaFilter: It doesn't taste nearly as good as Mexican coke!
Metafilter: long, thin, clearly erect penis
Metafilter: the friend drive the jeep off the ramp into the helicopter.
Metafilter: It's like Al Qaeda's Tiger Beat
Metafilter: pajamas with holes cut out for the nipples
Metafilter: Everything you saw on Reddit last week
Metafilter: Too angry for Stewart, wrong polarity for Colbert.
Metafilter: when you get told to shut up in an organization that's already filled with loons, you know you've really got something.
MetaFilter: Why does anyone think this shit won't be noticed and ridiculed?
Metafilter: it was meant a condemnation of society.
Metafilter: let's put some hoes!
Metafilter: mildly fascist elements and weird genetic exceptionalism
MetaFilter: I saw this on reddit earlier.
Metafilter: Well put, weirdo.
MetaFilter: thread is now about bloody nipples.*
MetaFilter: I didn't realize how firmly this thing had captured my mind until I went down into the basement to fetch something...
Metafilter: A tangible, heavy, wonderful thing to swing around at dinner parties.
Metafilter: We'll be lucky if its laced with weed.
Metafilter: You aren't rich.
Metafilter: an orgy of exciting new wants and needs that are apparently absolutely crucial
MetaFilter: This stuff is so fucked.
Metafilter: /* WHY THE FUCK DOESN'T THIS WORK??????? */
Metafilter: // crap from marketing
Metafilter: funky doubly linked list shit.
MetaFilter: ≠ the Mona Lisa
MetaFilter: What Europeans think of Each Other from the Exile.
Metafilter: Your place for hot Joe-on-joe action.
Metafilter: just use your rational brain instead of your crazy drama brain for a second
MetaFilter: IANAE: I Am Not An Entomologist.
Metafilter: Fixer-upper relationships with infuriating manchildren.
Metafilter: Stacks of weird grandma shit all over the place
Metafilter: Much better to live in shit than have the world see us work a shovel.
MetaFilter: Pissing on their graves.
Metafilter: the hope that something amusing or with incite/insight has been posted
metafilter: watching monkeys fisting donkeys
Metafilter: I would probably more impressed if I were high.
MetaFilter: driven purely by the power of smug atheists patting themselves on the back.
MetaFilter: driven purely by the power of smug atheists patting themselves on the back.
MetaFilter: driven purely by the power of smug atheists patting themselves on the back.
Metafilter: Where does bacon come from?
Metafilter: God in the hands of angry sinners
Metafilter: backdoor harrassment
metafilter: snort! (dammit)
Metafilter: I gloat internally.
Metafilter: a nine-legged semi-automatic groove machine
MetaFilter: the reason I don't have my own blog.
Metafilter: For those who don't know, here are some examples of weed
MetaFilter: It gave LeVar Burton superpowers!
Metafilter: Sociopathic idealized nerds collapse society because they don’t get enough hugs.
Metafilter: transphobe defends transphobia and the community shake their clue sticks.
Metafilter: rape by engraved invitation
Metafilter: in that case you are a moron.
Metafilter: the same things while wearing bunny ears.
Metafilter: unfuck the status quo.
Metafilter: a sloppily tossed together list.
Metafilter: Everyone manages to be so remarkably full of themselves, while simultaneously being wrong and missing the point.
Metafilter: killing lots of people is ok because we can make witty witticisms.
Metafilter: sweat your piskelekh.
Metafilter: Global headquarters of Crazy Manifesto printing and binding.
Metafilter: The arsonist that will wake you the fuck up.
MetaFilter: You Know Full Well How Are Between Tree!
Metafilter: just kind of bad cliches and catchphrases strung together
Metafilter: very, very sad.
MetaFilter: does nothing but convince us of our own already formed biases.
Metafilter: slightly larger than Free Republic on a cartoon map.
Metafilter: I like it and it doesn't look cheap, you fuckfaces.
Metafilter: a multitude of people who could not discern between shit and Shinola.
metafilter: i snark in yr general direction.
MetaFilter: Two 'shit's, no 'fuck's, three 'Jesus Christ's.
MetaFilter: opportunistic new media douchebags with an agenda and a lust for controversy
MetaFilter: On to the zinfandels!
Metafilter: Sorry for the typo's.
MetaFilter: finish my nerdpole.
Metafilter: Sorry for the typo's what?
Metafilter: swimmin' hole jackassery
metafilter: aggressively cutesy
Metafilter: fuck you! I like to believe it was something out of this world.
Metafilter: Shmetafilter
Metafilter: sardonically deplorable conditions
MetaFilter: a bunch of very extreme-type people in bikini-type outfits grinding at each other and doing these gyrations.
MetaFilter: Not 100% certain she's not talking about anal.
MetaFilter: my Mac basically shit the bed.
MetaFilter: read ALL the links, butthead
Metafilter: The double-slit experiment watching a hapless lab-partner on a wheelie-chair diffract off a pair of doorways.
Metafilter: Social and Economic World Maps.
Metafilter: It's more like that guy in the corner playing a horribly out of tune guitar that only sounds pleasing to himself.
Metafilter: indignant fapping is the appropriate reaction
Metafilter: enough information to wonder but not enough to formulate a final explanation.
MetaFilter: stuck here about an hour and I only came out to buy a pint of milk.
MetaFilter: one giant horrible fart
Metafilter: Why the dearth of female philosophers?
MetaFilter: Sorry for the Dutch language
METAFILTER: the unhappy performance of restraint
Metafilter: You shouldn't be in such a hurry to be the first person to vocalize the joke literally EVERYONE thought of.
Metafilter: obviously US-centric but featuring some good choices.
Metafilter: </incoherent statement about something or other>
MetaFilter: a worldly and progressive pissing match
MetaFilter: Much better at penetrating walls and buildings.
MetaFilter: learn how to rub responsibly.
Metafilter: more references to sexual relations with the opponents mother
Metafilter: more poop and less Thomas Dolby
MetaFilter: A Critical Examination of The Tea Party Movement
Metafilter: an armless refugee drinking dysentary-laden water and subsisting on plumpy'nut.
Metafilter: an armless refugee drinking dysentary-laden water and subsisting on plumpy'nut.
Metafilter: tl;dr is totally appropriate, but why add two more random memes
Metafilter: Nanook Rockwell
MetaFilter: Don't forget to smell Emma.
Metafilter: less HA-HA and more heh-heh.
Metafilter: Wikipedia totally says I'm right.
Metafilter: Definitely Muslim, and a lover of the fedora.
MetaFilter: Jawdropping stress and exasperation over tiny, tiny details, massive drama over the misunderstanding of completely artificial rules and a complete inability to find someone interested in it outside of the community.
Metafilter: A Metric Fucktonne Of Awkward.
Metafilter: A bunch of people who don't know what they're talking about dismissing the work of an expert in his field because they disagree with the gloss of his work they haven't really read. This seems to happen most often (on Metafilter) with people and views that challenge the idea that natural science/Richard Feynman can explain all that needs to be explained about human existence. (Which is not at all the same thing as suggesting that religion is necessary to explain the human experience.)
Metafilter: you make things clearer than they actually are
Metafilter: I can think of at least a thousand more offensive people.
Metafilter: Expert Mediated Curation.
Metafilter: A bunch of people who don't know what they're talking about dismissing the work of an expert in his field
Metafilter: Try to imagine that your mother had written a book about your 5-year-old cross-dressing habits, and that this was publicly accessible knowledge. Would your life have been better, or worse?
MetaFilter: a new cinnamon pastry at Burger King, named after the sound you make after you digest it.
Metafilter: read into statements implications that only exist in our heads
Metafilter: a frantic, Hieronymus Bosch–like dystopia
MetaFilter: you are all bastard swine
MetaFilter: Germs of anger and hatred will breed and drip from the tips of your penises.
MetaFilter: all the teepees and none of the smallpox blankets.
Metafilter: I, for one, welcome our new android overlords.
Metafilter: where one would feign a coughing spell and blurt "bullshit!" into your hand.
MetaFilter: Nothing but vague and ambiguous bullshit catchphrases
Metafilter: old, b..." - oh, I see you've seen that joke.)
Metafilter: a Christmas bobus.
Metafilter: the porn version
METAFILTER: random people ask to look at porn with you
Metafilter: Hatchet Faced Nutmeg Dealers
Metafilter: the problem you have been looking for.
Metafilter: without a trace of self-awareness or anything.
Metafilter: ill-conceived, self-absorbed, ultimately stupid.
Metafilter: speaking your language.
Metafilter: My soap box is soapier than yours! ]
MetaFilter: How dare you assume that I agree with my link, or even understand it.
Metafilter: On the Blue? Hooray Booze!; On the Green? You're an alcoholic who needs counseling.
Metafilter: powerful and arrogant like Jupiter.
Metafilter: Blows your tiny little mind.
Metafilter: Nukes are surprisngly weak.
Metafilter: Your dad. Daily.
Metafilter: Here we see the suspect driving a stolen tank into a house full of puppies
Metafilter:When I finally saw the flying saucer, I was relieved.
Metafilter: I'll probably regret that post in the morning.
Metafilter: ignorant fools who use the sacred beat to spew more ignorance.
MetaFilter: where you could vote, smoke, drink coffee, and shoot the shit with people.
Metafilter: Music from Jamaica! Number stations! White Snake!
Metafilter: a mass of slime and your body wriggling wildly
MetaFilter: I missed the stripper AND the penis.
Metafilter: Tell us of your personal grooming habits!
MetaFilter: the subset of Aversion therapy that may not be a phenomenally terrible idea.
Metafilter: as I've sighed numerous times already
MetaFilter: the original article gets the flour all wrong.
Metafilter: Fap it and move on.
Metafilter: Ew, it's like...all fuzzy and outgassing.
Metafilter: it's mastur... no! I can't do it! I HATE that meme!
Metafilter: Making Britain colourful, one chewed-up and spat-out detritus at a time.
MetaFilter: It's extraordinarily clear that you have no idea what you're talking about.
MetaFilter: It's nice to know there are other weirdos out that think that sort of shit's funny.
Metafilter: eating poop for Tibet
Metafilter: I concede that I'm not as up on my shoggoths as I probably should have been to make that comment
Metafilter: HAGAR! when she's amused.
Metafilter: Men from Toronto are just as cold as you or I
Metafilter: I HATE that meme!
Metafilter: Miscarried fetus in a jar???? WTF?!!!
MetaFilter: beef fat
MetaFilter: We don't EVER let the "Preview" function get in the way of our urgent rush to drop a one-liner! We tell the same joke over and over for maximum impact!
Metafilter: Serves you right for writing about loofahs all the time.
Metafilter: You can usually get away with squeezing a guy's nuts in the pile, too.
MetaFilter: is this good MetaFilter?
MetaFilter: eating Otter Pops on Grandma Shirley's davenport.
Metafilter: I have a elite cadre of Canadian IT professionals
MetaFilter: raped by a fairy.
Metafilter: all of these losers waste all their time in virtual spaces obsessing over imaginary characters!
MetaFilter: *Assert you.
Metafilter: Fuck all irregular verbs.
Metafilter: Fuck you or I'll take away your teddy-bear.
Metafilter: Not Safe For Work
Metafilter: F$$$ your contract, we pay more!
MetaFilter: Propositiones ad Acuendos Juvenes
MetaFilter: "you people."
MetaFilter: how much useless junk can you fit on one frickin' web page (answer: a lot)
MetaFilter: way more in common with Daniel Radcliffe than I would have thought possible.
MetaFilter: Just a full minute of cowboys eating beans and lifting their legs, in absolute silence.
Metafilter: Bdkdosldkd a plate of adkdkkdkk
Metafilter: One big issue is lack of finger identification and how that prevents you from doing a lot of interesting stuff.
MetaFilter: Learning just how uninterested someone is in something.
Metafilter: Voyeurs of Esoterica
MetaFilter: Some kind of personality disorder where you think other people will respond positively to your deranged obsessions.
Metafilter: is that a fucking rhinoceros?
Metafilter: At the forefront of kids needing to get off our lawns
Metafilter: You need to listen to the nice characters, a